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The website is operated by Finance Me Consultancy Limited, which claims to be registered in the UK with FCA number: 971205. There is indeed an entity with a similar name on the register. However, the listed company’s activities are classified as a non-trading company, which is not authorized by the FCA. The administration of FIMEC Limited talks about 25 years of experience in the industry. This information is not factually corroborated.

Investment Conditions

Finance Me Consultancy Limited is a digital and traditional asset management firm. It offers growth investment opportunities in Forex, Crypto, and global markets. Investor wealth management is based on FIMEC Limited’s proprietary software.

Customers can choose an offer from four account types. The minimum deposit is $270, and the maximum is $27,000. The conditions for the VIP account are not described and it is an individual offer.

The conditions and procedures for providing services for arranging currency and arbitrage transactions are determined in the Client Agreement. In the process of trading, customers’ investments are allocated into several asset classes.

The WebTrader platform allows Finance Me Consultancy to make transactions on the market without the participation of clients. The company’s specialists control all transactions by themselves.

The profits earned by the company’s traders are distributed once a week to customers’ accounts. The more money you deposit, the more profit you will earn. You can get in touch with the technical support team on the website through online chat.


Would investing in FIMEC Limited offer the best returns?

The activity is more like an HYIP than a serious investment company. At FIMEC Limited, you are not offered to trade on your own. You can't make any money here.

Does Finance Me Consultancy carry out withdrawals?

There is no doubt that it is difficult to get your money's worth from this company. You will find this out from the testimonials of FIMEC Limited customers who share their experiences in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The website does not provide any proof that the interest on your investment will actually be earned in the markets. There is a high risk of fraud here.

What's the best way to share my experience with FIMEC Limited?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Finance Me Consultancy is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 1998
Minimum deposit: 270$
Affiliate program: Referral
Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies
Legend: cryptocurrency, commodity trading, gold, real estate
Investment term: mid
Payment period: weekly
Automatic reinvestment: No

19 reviews about FIMEC Limited

  1. MEGA
    June 22
    The project is not credible
    To find out about the terms and conditions of a VIP account, you have to contact the manager of Finance Me Consultancy. But he won't say anything specific, only persuade you to deposit a large amount. I don’t know what assets and what place in brings 7% profit per day. I don't believe it.
  2. biz1501
    June 20
    Communication is prompt
    My call was answered quickly and solved the withdrawal problem very efficiently. The manager spoke very clearly and was well-trained in the necessary processes.
  3. good4all
    June 15
    This is a good company
    I have been trading for 1.5 months now, and I have added some interest to my deposit. I have already made some profit here.
  4. m2v
    June 15
    I was misled
    I don't usually write reviews, but in this case, I am not at all happy with the situation that happened to me. FIMEC Limited forced me to tell you about my experience. ‌Before I deposited my money, a week in advance, I contacted the manager and explained that I wanted to talk about my earning conditions. That is, I was interested in investing. The consultant told me he was very happy and he could meet me in London. When I arrived at the registration address given on the website, I could not find the business. I did not get where the financial advice I was looking for was supposed to take place. I had sincere intentions of investing in FIMEC Limited. But I was misled and am not prepared to invest in virtual companies. An investment company can be real, with large amounts of working capital, but I only invest with funds that I can interview face to face! I would also like to add my doubts about great profitability. I'm wondering why there isn't a single positive review from the others English. After all, we could all be rich in 12 months. I wonder why!
  5. Maya
    June 14
    It's not a broker, it's an HYIP
    It is clear and obvious from the terms and conditions that FIMEC Limited is a poor option for opening a brokerage account. No trading on this platform. 1) Firstly, an obscure platform that doesn't even have a demo account. And ok it would be a MetaTrader that everyone knows about and knows how to use. But they have some cheap platform that I personally, as a trader with 10 years of experience, see for the first time. 2) Secondly, huge minimum deposit. 270$ is a high amount, especially if you compare it with what other brokers have minimums - there are only 1-10 dollars. Besides, as I already wrote, there is no demo version on the site. With such a high deposit there should always be a demo, but for some reason, they doesn't have it. It seems that the scammers immediately want people to deposit money and lose it, rather than taking resources and scammers' attention to demo trading. 3) The leverage, the size of the spreads, the specification of the contracts, which includes the size of swaps, rollover, the mode of markets - all this is hidden behind a veil of secrecy, and you can not find out freely, without registering on the website. 4) Some unclear conditions on the types of accounts. There are only 9 assets on the first tariff, and they gradually increase on the following tariffs. Some kind of nonsense, to be honest. And that's before I even considered the lack of guarantees and poor security at FIMEC Limited.
  6. Nova
    June 12
    I think the most important downside is that withdrawals don't work. That is, Finance Me Consultancy is a blatant scam
  7. Watch
    June 11
    A good site to invest in...
    I just invested in this company and am enjoying my life. You can make money with it very easily. It is so awesome. Lots of methods to manage our deposits and make high profits. Withdrawals are very fast too. I am so excited about this investment site. They also have good customer service. Very impressive...
  8. Rain
    June 8
    I like the company
    As soon as I contacted the Finance Me Consultancy support team to find out about the company, I got a call from the manager in about 3 minutes. He told me what I can do now to make trading more comfortable in the future so nothing will distract my attention.
  9. AgentGT
    June 4
    I was cheated for 1000$, I can't withdraw anything, FIMEC Limited support does not respond, and the manager disappeared. This is a scam!
  10. Engineer-bbj
    June 3
    This is a fake and a fraud
    The scheme of swindling by FIMEC Limited is old. They are not the first scam they have created, these swindlers.
  11. edme
    May 29
    I am amazed at the insolence of the organizers
    FIMEC Limited's terms and conditions are a complete scam: unclear and obscure platform, no demo mode, no important terms specified, and silly account types.
  12. Elena
    May 28
    Basically, it's a regular HYIP
    The interest rates are also very high. As you have already guessed, FIMEC Limited earns them from trading. However, they don't reveal the identity of the traders who supposedly can earn 35% in 7 days. And they don't provide any proof that this money is actually earned in the markets.
  13. Soulseller
    May 25
    Avoid this site
    FIMEC Limited is a scam. Finally, HYIPs in general are considered high-risk investments as they often rely on unsustainable business models and can collapse at any time, leaving investors with significant losses. I, therefore, wish everyone to avoid investing in HYIPs.
  14. Paul
    May 25
    The usual Ponzi scheme
    They scammed me for 270$. It's good that the amount is minimal, otherwise, it would have been a pity to lose 500-1000$. And that is the amount I wanted to throw initially, but I changed my mind in time. I should not have risked a large amount, I thought it would be better to train on a low account level. Well, the scam here is simple, the most commonplace: it's not working withdrawal and complete ignorance of the representatives of FIMEC Limited. Withdrawal of the deposit is not processed and you can't get your money back, not even a part of the invested funds.
  15. investor
    May 24
    Very negative experience
    The broker helps me to earn money. But on the withdrawal of the deposit, it was like I made a mistake which cost me 2400$ extra. I believed that was the case, invested this amount, but I was not helped. Then the manager demanded more money. I stopped. My lawyer found that the money was already in some cryptocurrency account. They also demanded me to open my wallet and deposit the amount of 10-15% of the total amount, supposedly only then they would be able to transfer money to my account. Besides,they required me to open a bank account in my name. Scammers! I was scammed by FIMEC Limited out of 4,500$. For nothing. Scammers!!!!!!
  16. AlexBur
    May 20
    Fun with their security
    They only need a phone number and a password. Not even an email notification from FIMEC Limited, no need to confirm identity. Withdraw cryptocurrency immediately without confirmation if you want. I'm not talking about Google's double authentication at all, as well as phone binding. Nothing to trade here, especially since the reviews are totally negative online about this company too.
  17. June
    May 20
    I do not recommend investing any money in this company
    Also, Finance Me Consultancy is not authorized by the FCA, which means it is not allowed to accept and hold client funds. This suggests that the fraudsters behind this company are probably posing as a legitimate entity in an attempt to defraud investors.
  18. FireHawK
    May 16
    You won't make any money here
    Hi! There's nothing to think about. FIMEC Limited is illegal, fraudulent, and has nothing to do with an ordinary broker. So don't even try it! don't think you will make any profit here. No, you won't make any profit here, you will be cheated.
  19. Rimoti
    May 8
    Amazing service! I like this platform.

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