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The site belongs to Finkea, whose WebTrader terminal is based in Eastern Europe in the time zone (EEST) or GMT+3. It should be noted that the brokerage firm declares that ensuring safe trading for its clients is the main priority in its activities. Accordingly, the company chooses only top-level financial organizations as partners. How reliable is this platform? We will conduct our own research on the broker’s capabilities and determine how favorable it is for you to trade here.

Trading Conditions

Finkea offers a cloud-based platform where traders can work in Google, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari from mobile and desktop devices. The broker accepts all types of orders, including limit, stop, market, and entry orders. You can trade without requotes, with zero slippage and instant execution even during major news events.

Finkea users can trade energy CFDs, highly leveraged currency pairs, and other assets 24 hours a day. The company promises 24/7 crypto trading with no commission on all digital instruments. 

Finkea has developed 5 types of trading plans, which differ in the amount of minimum deposit and other parameters. When choosing an account, be guided by the following characteristics:

  • Beginner from €5,000 – Leverage 1:10.
  • Trader from €10,000 – Leverage 1:20.
  • Expert from €25,000 – Trading signals, Leverage 1:30.
  • VIP from €50,000 – Trading signals, Leverage 1:40.
  • Exclusive from €100,000 – Trading signals, Leverage 1:50.

The platform uses such deposit methods as bank transfers or e-wallets, from which cryptocurrency is deposited to your account instantly. All clients’ requests for payments are processed on the day they are received. Customer data is securely encrypted when trading.

Analytics is presented on the official Finkea website in 6 sections including cryptocurrencies with quotes for the 480 most popular pairs of digital coins. You can view stock tickers, market quotes, and technical analysis pages that are customized by the reputable social trading platform TradingView.


Would investing in Finkea offer the best returns?

You can invest in a variety of financial instruments and make a profit. However, if you do not understand the risks of CFD trading, your money may be lost as a result of wrong trades, and the company does not offer any guarantees for the safety and growth of your funds.

Does Finkea carry out withdrawals?

According to the analysis of the website in terms of withdrawals and customer reviews, we did not find any problems with the procedure. You can share your own experience in the comments regarding the speed of transaction processing if you have already worked with this broker.

May I be scammed on

We have not detected any obvious signs of scamming on this site. The developers have created several programs with transparent trading conditions. The offers are unique: a large selection of assets, a modern platform, and there is reliable protection of clients' funds.

What's the best way to share my experience with Finkea?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:50
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Introducing Broker
Minimum deposit: 5500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

11 reviews about Finkea

  1. greatbetter
    January 7
    I started trading here recently and I have already made some profit
    I have a good opinion about this brokerage company, as its employees work professionally. Trading conditions here are the best, there are low commissions, spreads are also low, in general, only pluses, I have not encountered anything critical so far. I withdraw profits not less than 600 euros every week, so recently trading with the subsequent earnings on it has become my main source of income, although I have not left my main job yet, it's just a minimum insurance for me. Are there any threats to the deposit? This is the market, friends, difficulties can arise on, you can't do without it. But I always consider the risks and understand what's involved.
  2. Impcat
    January 7
    The platform is profitable!
    Oil made me very happy today 🙂 I didn't realize that my sell orders worked so quickly and then the profit of 368$ was fixed. Such a profitable cooperation with finkea👏 I do this always, i.e. I find the optimal moment to enter an asset, then I place pending orders at a given price, buy the asset, and then sell it, also setting the price accordingly. In the case of oil, I traded CFD at 55$, then waited a bit and sold it at 64$. I made a very good profit, thanks to the broker for a good terminal!
  3. Cliper
    December 29
    What are the differences from others?
    This company is very decent, for beginners there are analytics, news, and supposed forecasts, which may be worth relying on if you don't know another source of information. I believe this is the kind of interactive brokerage firm that would suit every trader. The guys at Finkea excel at everything they do and stand out from their direct competitors. I can tell you what you will like first of all on the Finkea site is the low commission rate on any instruments, at least stocks, at least indices, at least currencies, the rate is unified, and there's no difference by assets. The price gap is quite benevolent, I haven't seen wide candles in almost all the time of use. Trading volumes and quotes aren't inflated at this broker, I compared charts with a reliable source, and that's no fraud this team is not engaged in.
  4. Harry Wield
    December 29
    I advise you to get an account
    If you are interested in a reliable forex company, I can recommend finkea based on personal experience and security considerations. There are quite favorable trading conditions for many assets and, accordingly, many trading plans. The commission rate is the lowest I have seen. This is not a bad company for permanent work. For 2 months of work, my net profit is already more than my initial deposit of 6 thousand euros, and I regularly withdraw this money, can there be fraud on the part of the company?!! They give me a quick withdrawal of money, and also help me to earn profit 👍 And all because it is profitable for the broker to make clients earn: the more you earn, the more the company will earn on the commission!
  5. miaizzzi
    December 17
    My experience
    I decided to trade in small amounts and I was successful, the processing of withdrawal of money on is fast, and I also liked the trading for its simplicity.
  6. Mily1164
    November 20
    Excellent service
    I can only speak well of this brokerage company because there are excellent conditions, there is a decent choice of assets. Trading is not bad, as the spread is low, you can trade crypto perfectly :) Not only crypto traders feel confident on finkea, but forex traders and fans of other instruments also receive the highest quality services and friendly consultants :) So, for example, the company helps clients to build a proper portfolio and earn on different trading strategies.
  7. fdff fdsdf
    November 17
    Prompt transactions
    Withdrawal of money is relatively fast: I received funds to my bank card in a maximum of two hours from finkea.
  8. Tortoise
    November 9
    Good broker, I like it
    There are no problems with verification on this site, everything is simple and fast. Tech support works great. The tools as well as trading are enough for me. I easily earn up to €2,000 per week with the help of this broker's team, Finkea made everything as comfortable as possible, and very convenient. There are no slippages on WebTrader, orders are executed quickly, and spreads are also satisfactory to me. The main thing is that the result is good! You can rise in a short period from a minimum deposit of €5,000 to the Expert level, the main thing is not to forget to trade every day, give enough time to work, and follow the quotes and news. In many ways it all depends on the trader, the broker gives you an excellent platform for trading - use it! The platform is 100 times better and more convenient than any other, all traders who trade here know it.
  9. Aco
    November 7
    My first impression
    I liked the terminal, it has a lot of functionality and the appearance is nice, but this is just my opinion. Finkea's website looks interesting, the interface disposes to trading, and the technical support is on the level. The high entry threshold does not quite suit the average trader, so I reduced the score by 1 point.
  10. Helen
    November 6
    I appreciated the individual approach to users
    The broker perfectly shows its strengths. I will note two things that I remember from the first days - the company's analysts have helped me a lot and now I can implement everything that I studied with them, and the firm also withdraws my earnings very quickly. I say thank you to the entire finkea team for the training and help and thank you for your honest work!
  11. Ron1509
    November 1
    Professional assistance to newcomers
    My registration was very simple, as a newbie, the manager immediately offered me clear instructions on how to work and also explained how each trading account differs from others. I made a minimum deposit, earned a little in a week, and then tested the withdrawal of money, I left a request for 1.5 thousand dollars in USDT to a digital wallet. The money came within 6 hours, further withdrawals happen within an hour. There is a professional team of analysts in finkea, this is a guarantee of honest and mutually beneficial cooperation between traders and the company.

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