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FlareGain claims to be registered in the UK and to be working with clients in Singapore and Austria, but there are no supporting certificates on its website. In addition, the firm does not disclose the history of the project or its launch date. As for the domain, it was only registered in September 2023. It’s worth noting that the broker has no license, and its activities are not regulated by official financial authorities. However, the firm promises to settle disputes with clients out of court in a private organization Crypto Service Authority.

Can you make money trading forex on this platform? Is it reliable? We will investigate the capabilities of the terminal and study the broker’s documents, after which we will make a conclusion about the safety of this service.

Trading Conditions

FlareGain provides clients with access to trading from the author’s terminal. You can work on a PC or a smartphone. The platform offers various instruments including indices, currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and stocks. According to the Terms, you can trade with a minimum deposit starting from $200.

The broker has developed 7 tariff plans that include trading with leverage, but its size is not specified in terms of account opening. The tariffs are structured by the minimum deposit size. You can choose a suitable one from the following options:

  • STANDARD from $250 – Personal Account Coach, Official Platform Presentation.
  • BROWN from $3,500 – Personalized trading coach, Training materials for beginners, 1 Trade with insurance, Trading bonus.
  • SILVER from $10,000 – Personal Financial Strategy, Training Materials, 4 Trades with Insurance, Trading Bonus.
  • GOLD from $25,000 – Senior Personal Finance Coach, 8 trades with insurance, Trading Bonus.
  • PLATINA from $50,000 – Extended platform financing, 16 trades with insurance, Trade alerts for orders, Signals for trading, Ordering trading contracts, Access to mutual investing.
  • PRO from $100,000 – Premium Trading Bonus, Signals with daily updates, Premium Customer Support.
  • VIP from $250,000 – Strategy customized for VIP clients, Personalized specialist for trading, and additional information.

FlareGain runs promotions and gives bonuses to members. You will be able to withdraw bonus funds from your account after meeting the minimum trading volume requirement, which is equal to bonus amount *7 lots.

FlareGain may charge a commission on any transactions made by the client from their account. You will have to provide additional documents when withdrawing funds, which will be required by the broker at its discretion.

You can use bank cards or transfers, as well as e-wallets, and change your payment method anytime. The site contains a ticker with currency pair prices, a glossary of key terms, and economic news.


Would investing in FlareGain offer the best returns?

Cooperation with an anonymous broker is more likely to result in a loss of money for you rather than earnings. The activity of this company is illegal, as it is carried out without the control of the British regulator FCA, and its trading conditions are not specified in full. Finally, CFD trading is a risky instrument that more often leads to losses.

Does FlareGain carry out withdrawals?

This is an unregulated forex broker that can refuse to withdraw your funds and with impunity without giving a reason. Former clients of the company complain about unreasonable blocking and difficulties in withdrawing money. Please share your trading experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on flaregain.com?

The owners of the site have no license or regulator and pass off some private company Crypto Service Authority as an arbitrage organization. These are signs of a fraudulent platform, as is the cheap interface, and very fresh domain.

What's the best way to share my experience with FlareGain?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if flaregain.com is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 200$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

29 reviews about FlareGain

  1. Corbel
    February 26

    I'm 47 years old and I've never been scammed before. This is my story. You are attracted by the Flaregain site which offers a new way of wining good and fast money (using AI, leverage process, personalised welcome, etc.). Flaregain quickly gets you making money in passive investments and once you're baited, they offer you more profitable "active" cryptocurrency projects via the Singapore exchange. Briefly you invest in a sum and they add one to create a leverage effect.
    Everything's going well so far because the profits can be up to 70% of the amount invested (in my case I put in 4,400 euros to have 12,500 euros after 2 months). You even get a personal adviser who accompanies you throughout the process (with name and e-mail address, website). It gets more complicated when you want to withdraw your money ... you already have to pay 10% of the amount earned to take the money out of the stock market and put it in a secure account. Bizarre ... in short you continue at this stage of the game. Once the money is out, of course it arrives in your Flaregain account. You ask to withdraw it but there's another complication... You have to send it to a completely anonymous crypto wallet (named Guarda). You create an account and send the whole amount to your wallet, hoping to finally get your money back. And there's another problem... you have to pay another €1,500 in ETH to be able to make the transfer of your money in USDC token to your own wallet (Bitget in my case). You start to complain, but they tell you that this is the procedure and that the money is still in "your personal 'wallet', so there's not much risk. Once the new deposit has been made (that's already 2 deposits more than expected) you have to redirect the funds in USDC and ETH to your Bitget account to withdraw euros. And this is the highlight of the show because when you transfer the money to your wallet by copying and pasting your address, it is changed to another (probably with the help of a mower-type malware) and your money is transferred to an unknown wallet. You receive a fake message from blockchain saying that you have to pay a fee of 1,500 euros to release all the funds. After contacting blockchain about this, they confirmed that they would never ask you to pay a fee to withdraw money! Now you know you've been a victim of a SCAM!!!!


  2. Darina Bírová
    February 16
    Veľmi zlá skúsenosť.
  3. Darina Bírová
    February 16
    Mám nepríjemnú skúsenosť. Do času, kým som chcela urobiť výber, to fungovalo v poriadku. Finančný poradca ma pravidelne kontaktoval, uzatváral obchody. Avšak keď som zadala prvú žiadosť o výber, odmlčal sa. Nereagoval na správy, maily, telefonáty rušil. Obrátila som sa mailom na podporu, odpoveď bola posunutie na iný odbor. A tak čakám, odpoveď žiadna, žiadosť o výber síce na platforme vyskakuje, ale už týždeň je stav nezmenený ,prostriedky neodpísané z účtu. Takže neodporúčam, ak nechcete prísť o nervy.
  4. Pedro Oliveira
    February 15
    Recuperar o meu dinheiro
    Quero o meu dinheiro de volta !!!
  5. Jacob Hartz
    February 13
    It is impossible to close your Accuont, and you get no help at all.
  6. Nicole Gafanhão
    February 13
    Bom dia

    Um tal chamado de Sr. Roger disse me que me devolvia o dinheiro que investi (250€)
    Começou a ter desculpas e mais desculpas pra não me devolver o dinheiro.

    Agora simplesmente desapareceu do mapa.
    Não existe nenhum Roger e ninguém me devolve o meu dinheiro

    É uma empresa claramente fraudulenta, nada séria e andam a roubar as pessoas.

    Eu gostava de ter o meu dinheiro que me roubaram.
  7. bart bakker
    February 11
    I dont hear anyting anymore , I can not send an email anymore, not good
  8. Ward Ashley
    February 10
    I am concerned that my withdrawal request has been Twarted completely. I havevbeen unable to contact Sophia or my broker Mark since my Withdrawal request was placed. Does anyone know how I can get this resolved? Thanks. Ward Ashley
  9. Jakub
    February 1
    Total scam.
    Don't fall for it like I did.
  10. Petr
    January 19
    Pozor!!!! Je to velký podvod. Budou po Vás chtít neustále nové platby kvůli projektům. Jakmile budete s něčím nespokojeni, nebo budete chtít finance vybrat, nastane problém. Pošlou Vám fake tokeny s 0 hodnotou. Přijdete o všechny svoje peníze - Fake USDT cannot be sold or exchanged as their value is 0. Pozor na ně!!!!!!!!!!
  11. mm
    January 16
    Total scam!
    Flaregain is a total scam. It looks nice at the beginning, but finally, you lose all you have. They can even reach your crypto wallet using fake token. When you try to exchange your real tokens with this one, you lose everything.
  12. bart bakker
    January 5
    I invested 650 euro in the system , but when I want to take my mony nobody calls me back , I am very disapointed
  13. Zlacik
    January 4
    Betrug!!! Du zahlst einfach das Geld ein ... Später darfst du eine kleine Auszahlung vornehmen, den Gewinn wirst du nie abheben dürfen ... Am Ende wurde mein Konto gekündigt und ich zahlte nicht!!!
  14. Ron
    December 30
    My broker wants me to pay the UK taxes up front, is this normal from Flaregain?
  15. Ver
    December 27
    They deceived me and I invested Eur 6555. They show you big profits on the platform but when you ask them to withdraw your money you can't and they disappear with your money!
  16. Ver
    December 27
    I read a post on Instagram promoting crypto coin trading via an automated trading platform called “Immediate Eurax 360 Ai”. I downloaded the iPhone application where it asked me to enter my first name, last name, telephone number and an email and, I did so, after a few minutes I was called from a number in London and they asked me what language I spoke and that I would be contacted by one of their brokers who identified himself with a personal security number and that to start I had to pay Eur 250. On the same day I was called by their Italian-speaking broker who introduced himself as Alessio Cardillo who told me that the platform it was regulated with all the authorizations and that I could have access to my funds at any time, he sent me the link to the FLAREGAIN.COM website and access to the trading platform by email (everything seemed to be done well so I trusted it). He told me that he would invest my CHF in EUR 250 in forex LTC-USD and if the results were sufficient for me we would also make other investments. In the days that followed, the platform showed good performance and Cardillo called me every day with exciting messages about the excellent performance, so he immediately proposed that I participate in a closed-number contract of ETH-USD operations with an investment of EUR 6500 and since ETH was rising in those days I accepted and from there I paid the crypto I had. The thing that had made me a little suspicious was that he made me do everything in crypto and not in FIAT via bank transfer. In 20 days the platform indicated a profit of almost Eur 3000 for which it then proposed that I make another investment for which I had to pay another Eur 10,540 and that they would advance the sum on my behalf. At this point I became more suspicious and asked to withdraw what I had already paid and earned with the previous operation i.e. Eur 10'460 and they with a series of excuses refused to give me the withdrawal so I had confirmation that this is a scam. Since then they no longer respond to my emails, the phone they call from is a number that doesn't exist and I have lost over Eur 6555
  17. dashboard
    November 30
    I am confident in my choice
    My first impression of the broker was: WOW THIS IS FANTASTIC! There are over 100 cryptocurrency pairs on FlareGain, the site is simple and technologically advanced. You can customize not only the charts but also the time intervals on them, nothing freezes, trades can be closed in a second. The interface is understandable even to a beginner. I didn’t find any drawbacks during my work because flaregain is loyalty to traders, and the support is in a hurry to help you if you can't navigate in some new options.
  18. Atlant
    November 29
    I can not withdraw money for 1,5 months!
    I keep getting some ridiculous messages from the broker! Or my documents are wrong, or some certificate is missing. The probability that I will get my 13 thousand euros is tending to zero in flaregain!
  19. Rengil
    November 28
    I read the Rules late
    The broker charged me an inflated transaction fee. When I withdrew small amounts, everything was fine, but as soon as I decided to withdraw 3,250 dollars, I was charged $320 for some reason. That's almost 10%, why such a big commission?! At first, there was no such thing, in general I did not notice anything bad for Flaregain, the withdrawal was always timely and without problems. I wrote to the support service, but the consultants did not help in any way, as if it was my fault, no explanation, and answered laconically: "read the terms and conditions". Yes, I read :( indeed, the broker can set any commission whenever it wants!!! After that, I withdrew the remaining funds and will never trade here again :(
  20. polis
    November 23
    There are big disadvantages
    I was disappointed with the service, although the broker fulfills its obligations, in any case, it withdraws money, traders' accounts are not blocked, as in many other fly-by-night companies. The set of instruments is quite wide, the minimum deposit is acceptable. I deposited 300 usdt and tested flaregain. The pluses, perhaps, are the integration of the terminal on the website and on the phone, you can open it on any device. I will move on to the cons: terrible customer service department, no demo accounts, and no passive earnings through referral programs. Crypto assets are not encrypted, no insurance in case of a company's bankruptcy, no materials and analytics for users from major exchanges, and no broker accounts on any social network. And most importantly, this firm has no license or regulator in any jurisdiction! Surely is it registered in London?!! I doubt it very much...
  21. Maryika
    November 18
    This is a scam project!
    I deposited 310 dollars to my account to check the work of the terminal. I was able to deposit, but not to withdraw. This company with unclear legality...15 days have passed since I submitted my application for withdrawal to flaregain, and there is no money. Scam!!!
  22. snmax
    November 18
    The trap of naive beginners
    An experienced trader will never go to flaregain.com, but beginners are caught by scammers perfectly. I got caught on the drain of my deposit in the amount of 300$ with the help of charts drawn by fraudsters. I realize now that I opened an account here for nothing, this fake brokerage company does not even have a regulator! I do not despair, and even in this situation I found a positive: this experience will be a good lesson for me in the future, especially since I found a great firm, and I checked all its documents!
  23. Bizd
    November 17
    Withdrawal problems
    If you choose Flaregain, then be aware that there are problems with the withdrawal of money: I was returned several times without any reason👎 The representatives of the platform explain it as problems with the server, but why is it so badly working??! I have no complaints about other issues, as the resource in general is suitable for successful trading.
  24. OmaR
    October 20
    European reliable broker
    I have been investing in stocks for a long time and a considerable amount of money. When I saw this site, I was immediately interested and called, I was answered by a competent manager who helped me to register. FlareGain is first of all a reliable broker. The process of registration and the first deposit on this platform was quite easy:) For all the time of cooperation with this company I have almost no censures: there are no delays on the terminal, no bugs - everything works almost perfectly. I reduced my evaluation by one point for long withdrawal of funds (5 days). The broker should try to speed up these processes for VIP clients :)
  25. senjulia
    October 18
    Quite a decent platform for trading
    The company gives access to trading quite a few trading pairs. The broker is doing well with liquidity. The terminal never lags. Technical support responds to requests quickly. I am new to trading with FlareGain, but I trust the broker and keep a fairly large amount on deposit, over $100k. I have never been refused to withdraw profit from the deposit.
  26. System
    October 17
    I am not satisfied with the terminal
    I tried trading on flaregain.com, but I did not like it very much, as the trading terminal is quite primitive and it is impossible to work on it with profit. It was inconvenient for me to set stop loss and take profit, which in my opinion is one of the main, but not the only disadvantages of this broker. Although I withdrew my deposit without any problems and without delays.
  27. titbit01
    October 16
    I do not recommend, you will be cheated
    If you get a call from representatives of this company and they offer you cooperation, you should never agree. In my gullibility, I opened an account and deposited about 4,000 dollars and lost it a month later. The broker began to brazenly drain my money from the first trading sessions. When I decided to stop and return the balance to my card, about 700 dollars, there was a new problem: my application has been in processing for more than a month! I called and wrote to support, but the operators ignored me. Do not agree to the entreaties! This is a scam!
  28. Tanus
    October 16
    I caught the service on deception
    I have absolutely no trust in this project, no matter how you look at it, it’s lies everywhere. flaregain has no license, and in the Terms and Conditions for the client the company writes about CSA regulation, what does this have to do with crypto, if I trade indices! Ok, I decided to work on trust. However, my money was disappearing from my account, and several times it was deducted a little bit at a time, 20-30 euros. I contacted the support service, the operator began to talk nonsense about some charges for using the platform, absolutely inarticulate. Although, when I just started working with flaregain, - everything was fine here. There were enough trading instruments, the minimum deposit was not very high. But it turned out that the broker cheats beginners. You will not see here the promised personalized trading training. I will say for the sake of justice that there are brokers that work much worse than this one, but I need good service, not mediocre.
  29. weran
    October 7
    Inadequate commissions
    I will tell you what I think about this broker, I have something to compare with. This company treats its clients badly. At first, managers changed the leverage, and only then they notified me about it (I began to receive notifications about the lack of funds on the account already at a drawdown of 1-2% ). The most important thing you will learn in the process of withdrawal. I sent a small amount of 100 USD by regular bank transfer for the first time to familiarize myself with the withdrawal procedure on this platform. The amount came without any fees or deductions. I waited until the next month to avoid paying the 10 USD commission for repeated withdrawal within one month and sent the main part of the profit of 870 USD. The broker charged me a commission of almost 7%. What is this nonsense? Flaregain refers to the fact that they are not responsible for the intermediaries through which the transfers are made. But I know that it is the employee of the company that makes payments who chooses the bank, the method, and everything else, how the money will go. But in this case, the bank is not to blame, the deductions were made by the employees of the brokerage company on purpose. They withdraw small amounts without fees, and large amounts are already withdrawn with their own commissions and receive additional interest while referring to the work of payment systems. I will say a few words about the work at this broker: delays in opening and closing orders are average, quotes are better than at other new companies, and there are increased spreads on some pairs compared to other brokers.

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