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FMASTERS does not provide registration and authorization documents. In addition, the jurisdiction of the company’s location is not specified. Judging by the technical support phone number, the operator code belongs to the UK. As for the history of the project, the broker claims that it has been “providing access to the Forex market since 2009”. However, its domain was registered only in October 2023. It’s worth noting that the site has information about more than 500 thousand traders who use this platform all over the world, but this is not confirmed by anything. Finally, all users accessing the platform are required to familiarize themselves with Estonian law, as stated in the Terms and Conditions of the company, which does not provide a legal address or license.

Trading Conditions

FMASTERS offers its clients author’s trading software, which is designed for beginners and based on the most advanced algorithms. The terminal works via the Internet, so it is necessary to download and install it on your PC or mobile device. You can use such instruments as

currency pairs, stocks, indices, digital coins, and commodities.

The broker has developed 4 tariff plans, which are sorted by the amount of the minimum deposit. Traders are offered the following conditions:

  • Bronze, from $250 – Leverage 1:30, Spreads from 1.3, Commissions 0.0, Stop Out Level 40%.
  • Gold, from $2,500 – Leverage 1:100, Spreads from 1.3, Commissions only for Forex and metals, Stop Out Level 50%.
  • Black, from $25,000 – Leverage 1:300, Spreads from 1.3, Commissions on all Instruments, Stop Out Level 50%.
  • Platinum $100,000 – Leverage 1:500, Spreads from 0, Commissions 2%, Stop Out Level 50 with no restrictions.

You can deposit and withdraw profits by bank transfer, Visa/MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, FasaPay, and other methods.

FMASTERS promises in its advertising information to process withdrawal requests within one hour. However, in the Terms and Conditions, the company indicates that the average processing time of a request is within 5 working days from the moment of its submission. After that, the transfer process can take more than 14 business days.

FMASTERS states that it can disable its website “at any time and at its sole discretion”. The company will not be liable to customers in this case.

Analytical information is provided on the site by the TradingView platform tracker. Users have access to: Forex Market Hours,

Trading Breaks, Calendar of National Holidays. The support service works in 24/5 mode, and consulting hours of Back Office employees are GMT, 09:00 – 19:00. In the advertisement, the broker claims “Online video chat support 24/7”, which actually does not exist.


Would investing in FMASTERS offer the best returns?

You are unlikely to profit on this platform because of the high risk of financial losses on CFD trading. This is an unstable platform and the broker offers you to agree to cooperate when registering an account on the terms that it can shut down the terminal at any time.

Does FMASTERS carry out withdrawals?

The analysis of the service's work showed that the company could make the withdrawal process infinitely long or deny access to the account altogether without explaining the reasons. Customers complain about the service in their comments. You can also leave your feedback if you have experience working with this broker.

May I be scammed on

There is a great risk for a client to become a victim of fraud on this site. Signs of being scammed by the broker include lack of license and regulation, as well as opaque trading conditions. The fresh domain contradicts the start of the project in 2009, and the number of specified users of 500 thousand people raises big doubts about the broker's honesty.

What's the best way to share my experience with FMASTERS?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

9 reviews about FMASTERS

  1. David
    November 24
    FMasters had fooled me into thinking they were interested in getting me the best returns, a dedicated account manager calling and updating on transactions, providing live visual tracking of your money and following market trends.
    They were however, continually pushing for additional investment with hot tips on market movement and return potentials. I was not happy with investing further than my initial 250USD until I could see and access some of my funds back first.
    This never happened as, as soon as I tried to withdraw some of my account funds, communication stopped and no withdrawal was issued.
    It has been over 4 weeks with no response or money returned.

  2. manak
    October 27
    You will say goodbye to your deposit very quickly
    The situation with this scam is clear to me as a very experienced trader. You will be scammed at fmasters immediately. Swindlers will not work with you for a long time: you deposit - that's it, you lost your money! When you send funds supposedly to your balance in this firm, you just send money immediately to scammers. Unknown people founded this firm, they did not disclose information about themselves, there are no details of the legal entity on the site, you will never know who owns fmasters and you do not know who manages this company at the moment, which means that you sent money to some scammers, so it will be impossible to return them. There is a very cheap, one-page website. I can see from the interface design that the scammers spent no more than 30 minutes of time to create this resource, and its cost is no more than 10 dollars. The owners of the site demonstrate their disdainful attitude to visitors with this wretched resource. They are not interested in the profit of the clients themselves, from whom they steal money. The site lacks licenses, legal and financial documents, reports, bank details of the legal entity, and data of managers. Fraudsters were too lazy to specify even a false address. All that you see on the site, all these figures about the huge number of users - it's all invented as bait for beginners, it's a fake. Training, analytics, and multiple assets are the only known data regarding trading conditions. You open the website of any licensed, well-known broker and see how it is made. You will find ‌clear information on the size of commissions, what interest rate will be on the use of borrowed funds, what spreads, their type, types of fees, what is paid for, and so on. This fraudulent resource does not and will not have any of this. It's just a cheap one-page site with advertising and zero information. How can you trade on fmasters??!!
  3. Kutin
    December 24
    Do not trust your finances to this company
    It's tough for me to understand what kind of traders the scammers from the Fmasters project are trying to lure, their site can't stand even the most minimal test of honesty. Judging by the description on the official website of the company, it tries to inspire trust in us, it was founded back in 2009 and immediately started providing crypto trading services. But the first Bitcoin exchange was launched in March 2010. The broker supposedly has a solid client base, more than 500 thousand clients, that's a lot! Companies that are included in the lists of TOP-10 best brokers in the world, have a much smaller number of users, and I did not find Fmasters in any of the ratings. The website itself is a blank and template layout of a forex broker whose domain only appeared in October 2023. My inspection shows that all the information here is falsified from beginning to end, the whole story of the project is just fiction with clear signs of fraud. You should not trust your money to a company that lies at every step, you will definitely not have any good trading here. The broker does not even have a license on the official website, and it is unclear where the company is registered. If the service has been working for more than 10 years and everything is so transparent, why hide this information?!! Of course, you have to decide for yourself who will be beneficial for you to cooperate with, but if I were you, I would check any company 100 times before trusting them with your finances.
  4. leminhdang
    March 11
    I will only trade here
    This is one of the few brokerage firms that I have complete confidence in. It was easy for me to start cooperation with Fmasters, the consultants explained everything to me and answered all my questions. There are no hidden commissions here, leverage always varies under my capabilities, and managers are always on the phone, and at any minute they will advise and prompt me. I stay trading only here.
  5. BTR
    December 6
    Broker does not fulfill obligations
    fmasters administration interfered in my trading, as a result of which I lost 250 euros :( I stopped working with this scam, I understood everything.
  6. vedun
    June 11
    Long service life means nothing
    Many analysts will be outraged when they read my review, but in fact, all the information about being stable for more than 10 years is just bait for newbies. Traders should not expect profits from a site that offers such a large margin gift of 1:500 for certain assets. This cool resource easily misappropriated my 2,500$, I think other users have already many stories with larger losses...
  7. Spec
    August 22
    Advertisements and no specific information
    This company is quite questionable. On its website, there is no useful information that could convince us to choose this particular service. There is only some nonsense about an exorbitant number of clients and note that all of them are only satisfied. Fmasters does not allow its clients to make sure of its legality and reliability in absolutely no way, because it has not presented a single full-fledged relevant document👎at least the broker should provide its clients with a certificate or license, which I personally did not find on their website. I advise everyone that before entrusting money to this broker, you need to check everything, but I see that it has no special reliability.
  8. Hodor
    April 8
    Keep your assets tight!
    Do not dare to invest in such platforms! Otherwise, there is a huge chance to drain all your investments quickly, and I already realized it myself, because I lost about 600$ in crypto on fmasters in a week! I traded certain digital assets, bought shares of several companies from the S&P index, and then wanted to sell, but I did not succeed, as this transaction was canceled by the platform itself!
  9. Alexa
    December 29
    I earn steadily
    I trade stocks and earn money more or less regularly, especially when the market situation is relatively stable, i.e. there are no all these price hikes up or collapses down. I can trade securities everywhere, even in a car traffic jam :) or during my lunch break. I devote about 2 hours of free time daily to trading on FMASTERS, and I am very happy that I earn on fluctuations of General Motors, BMW, Ferrari, and other automobile companies from $30, the maximum profit was $220 per day. My husband often advises me, he is more knowledgeable in this matter, so I am more successful.

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