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The owner of Foxqa is “CRYPTO ARBY TRADE LIMITED”, which positions its resource as a crypto exchange. It should be noted that the company that manages this site, reports the address of registration of its office in London, England, but does not confirm this information with documents. In addition, the firm does not disclose the presence of a license for financial activity, its history, the names of managers, and the date of foundation of the project. As for the domain, it was registered in 2011 and renewed in September 2023.

How reliable is this crypto exchange? We decided to study all its technical and legal aspects in detail to answer this question.

Investment Conditions

Foxqa has organized spot trading via a web platform. Users can enter the market, limit, and stop-limit orders. In addition, the company offers clients investments and staking. The owners of the site promote a proprietary wallet for storing cryptocurrency.

You can earn in Foxqa additionally on the following programs:

  • P2P exchange.
  • Social trading.
  • Bounty token distribution.
  • Referral system.

If you invest passively, placing cryptocurrency in Foxqa for 1 week will bring you a profit of 10%. However, the yield calculator, through which you can select the amount of investment, did not respond to changes in the term at the time of our inspection.

Foxqa promises its clients up to 200,000 USD. You need to sign more than 60 perpetual contracts and use the Top Trader beta program.

The FAQ section contains three questions: Foxqa security, minimum deposit, and limits. However, the buttons with answers are not clickable. The educational content is represented only in a block with information about cryptocurrency.


Would investing in Foxqa offer the best returns?

You are more likely to incur losses when cooperating, as according to the "Terms of Service" you only pay for the subscription. The company is not responsible for your loss of money resulting from your use of an unstable platform.

Does Foxqa carry out withdrawals?

Having studied the official website and reviews posted on third-party sites, we concluded that the owners of the platform are only waiting for deposits from their clients, not planning to return their funds to them. Write a comment about your experience.

May I be scammed on

We are not saying that the company is fraudulent, but many signs indicate a high risk. For example, the firm has no license, no clear terms of trade, no company registration certificates, and a very poor website design.

What's the best way to share my experience with Foxqa?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Affiliate program: Referral
Leverage: Not indicated
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Cryptocurrencies

11 reviews about Foxqa

  1. masa lex
    January 19
    My deposit was drained instantly
    I bought XRP at $0.67 for 1 coin, but foxqa didn't let me sell them, simply limiting the selling process. The same thing happened in the BTC/USDT pair. Am I surprised by such impudence of the site owners? No, I have already seen this from other scammers once before.
  2. Stenley Crew
    September 6
    Everything is great!
    Exchanges there are very fast, cryptocurrency is sent immediately, further you only need to wait for processing in the blockchain. Cryptocurrency is transferred clean, without any dirt👍 Foxqa tech support responds quickly. There are a lot of exchange options, but I would like more😀 although the most basic crypto coins are available, they are enough for me so far. I can not say anything bad about this resource.
  3. Rori Kuler
    August 12
    Another scam
    The resource is created for stupid people, nothing more. I also include myself in this category, as I couldn't get back my 0.1 bitcoin, which I transferred here to exchange for ethereum to test the work of the exchange. I wouldn't advise you to experiment with these small exchanges.
  4. pionto
    August 6
    I am not allowed to withdraw money
    For the sake of interest and testing, I transferred 120 USDT to this platform, then made several transfers, and then left a withdrawal request - they ask me for KYC and constantly refuse to verify my docs under various pretexts, although the remaining amount is only about 50 dollars, it's not even 1000$ and especially not 10-100k dollars to verify so biasedly.
  5. kimsu
    May 27
    Bad cooperation
    I have about 540 dollars missing from my balance, which have never been returned to me, and foxqa admins don't want to admit that they disposed of my money at their own discretion. Or maybe hackers leaked onto the site? I could not get an answer to all these questions. And then why do I need such cooperation!!!?
  6. Rocker
    May 25
    Fake platform
    Everything you see on the official website of the foxqa pseudo-exchange is a scam and a fake. There is no trading here, but only a scam and a Ponzi scheme rolled into one. If it was a real cryptocurrency exchange, it would have: listing on crypto monitoring DeFi Lama, Coinmarketcap, Coingecko etc; social networks with subscribers - new clients cannot be attracted today without this marketing, any crypto project has social networks, and they are active and with subscribers. But foxqa does not have any of the above and is unlikely to be, so this exchange is a scam. I do not think it will be a good idea for you to use this service. By the way, staking, farming, p2p, instant swap and other services and features are fake, I checked it on a small amount.
  7. sentrope
    April 19
    100% scam scheme, where the sent money cannot be returned
    If someone advised you to deposit money to this "cryptocurrency exchange" and promised super-favorable rates for cryptocurrency arbitrage, then you need to immediately block this person's contacts. Look at the analytics on and you will see that the rates of bitcoin and ethereum are overpriced, about +10% to the real prices. These are fictitious quotes, that are not real but just drawn on this fraudulent site I will reveal to you the scheme of deception. I am writing this for beginners so that they will not be tempted to deposit money on such a scam, as it will be 100% lost money. You need to know in advance where and how you can be cheated. Here's the gist of it: scammers create one-size-fits-all one-day exchanges. They bought a domain and updated it by putting in a crypto platform interface, and this is how the Foxqa exchange or trading platform turned out. This is a fake, there are no services here, and everything you see from them is a moulage. Do not believe it! There are a lot of similar sites on the network, scammers copy them one by one, changing domains and names, doing nothing else.There's no copy trading, PAMM, financing of traders, and other opportunities here and will not be. But there are drawn quotes and scammers who are looking for victims on social networks to swindle them out of their money by promising them easy money. For example, a scammer writes to you and offers you to buy bitcoin for $39,000 on some exchange, such as Binance, and sell it on Foxqa for $43,000, promising a profit of $4,000 if you buy and sell exactly one coin. This operation lasts for 30-60 minutes while the transaction is in progress. But you are in for a surprise, which consists of the fact that you transfer the money, ostensibly to the address of the exchange, but in fact they are sent to the pockets of fraudsters, who then transfer this crypto to themselves and cash it out. Naturally, you will not be able to return the money, it is not possible. You will have nowhere to turn, the police will be powerless. You understand that in cryptocurrency it is impossible to cancel the transaction. That's the whole scheme of the scam. I hope that I helped at least someone to save money, thanks to this review. I am outraged by the fact that the brazenness of the scammers has gone beyond all reasonable limits.
  8. DudeDenny
    March 22
    High risk
    The site was purchased and updated only in September 2023, there are very few reviews online, and foxqa has no license. Also, this site is some kind of HYIP, judging by the online calculator that calculates fake income. The time frame for the foundation of the exchange is not specified, and the legal data of the company is also absent. Documents are available only for created accounts.
  9. energy
    March 19
    Higher commissions for services
    Commissions are very high by default, 0.3% will be deducted from your account and the administrators do not care whether you are makers or takers, you have to trade with such a commission for the first month and only then you get reduced commissions depending on how much volume you have traded. It seems to me that all modern exchanges have long gone away from this model of commissions. It's worth noting that ‌default commissions have never been higher than 0.15%, maximum 0.2%, and here it's 0.3% :(
    On the other hand, the exchange are commission-free on internal trades. So for those who trade long only and without leverage - it's even great :) And futures traders will have to increase volumes on Foxqa and maintain them constantly. Listing is usual, the terminal is standard, and all methods of account protection are available to you. In general, all conditions are acceptable, except for commissions. I do not know how you look at it, but I did not trade here.
  10. Sergio
    March 12
    Withdrawals are processed quickly here
    I learned about the project not so long ago, but I have already withdrawn a lot of money, and the administrators of the platform have never asked any strange questions or demanded unnecessary documents. Foxqa always provides fast processing of withdrawal requests. Of course, I had to go through KYC, providing proof of identity and residential address, but this is a common situation on every platform. I would also note the work of tech support, it works quickly and promptly solves all customer problems. I once had a problem with access to my personal cabinet. I wrote to the support, and they quickly solved the problem, very quickly, within an hour, I was even surprised. The only thing that worries me a little is that the crypto exchange is little known, so there is a small risk of scam, but I do not deposit a lot of money.
  11. FunkyBear
    January 25
    The exchange of digital coins led to losses
    I sent USDT crypto coins, and specified a receiving address to have BTC transferred to me, meaning I was exchanging USDT for BTC. I sent my crypto, and didn't receive the bitcoin I ordered :( I looked at the transaction history and saw that my 965 USDT went to the foxqa exchange and then their trail got lost. Nothing came to my wallet. I wrote to tech support, but it had no effect, probably the operators never read my message, and now my account has already been deleted. I lost almost a thousand dollars:(

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