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FrostWin is owned and operated by Modus Marketing LLC, which is registered in Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. However, the company does not disclose the date when the project was created. As for the domain, it was registered in 2017 and renewed in January 2023. It’s worth noting that the site owners claim that the service is reliable and that the clients’ money is kept in regulated banks on independent trust accounts. However, the broker has no license, and clients can protect their rights in disputable situations only in the courts of the Republic of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Finally, the bilingual site supports Spanish, but some of the Rules are shown only in the English version.

Is this company really reliable? How safe can you trade on this platform? We will review the technical and legal aspects of the project and try to answer these questions.

Trading Conditions

FrostWin offers traders more than 300 CFD financial instruments as their main products. In addition, clients have access to assets such as stocks, indices, and commodities. The site offers MetaTrader4 trading terminals and its own WebTrader development. You can work on a mobile device and on a PC.

FrostWin has developed tariffs for its services in 3 variants. The company does not specify the size of the minimum deposit and other important parameters. Trading accounts include the following services:

  1. STANDARD – Floating Spread, Flexible Leverage up to 1:30, Min Lot Size 0.1.
  2. PREMIUM – Floating Spread, Flexible leverage with individual size, No commission, Min Lot Size 0,01.
  3. VIP – Spread 1.4, Flexible leverage with individual size, No commission, Min Lot Size 0.01.

Investors can sign a PAMM account agreement with FrostWin. Each user is provided with the services of a manager who is on call 24/5. The base currency for transactions is euros and pounds sterling.

The broker can switch leverage every Friday within an hour before the end of the trading session. The maximum size is up to 1:100 for all spot metals and Forex currency pairs. The leverage will be reset to the original value at the opening of the next trading session.

FrostWin provides traders with educational services in its Trading School. The customer support hotline is a live chat service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Would investing in FrostWin offer the best returns?

Cooperation with this offshore broker is unlikely to bring you any profit. On the contrary, you can easily lose even your funds in risky CFD trading on an unknown platform with unclear trading conditions.

Does FrostWin carry out withdrawals?

The company may refuse your application and even block your account at its own discretion. According to customer comments, you may have problems with withdrawals. If you have experience with this site, share it in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The information about the history and services of this broker is not transparent. The most alarming fact about this service is that it operates without a license and is regulated offshore. It is possible that the platform belongs to fraudsters who will misappropriate your capital and you will not be able to count on the protection of your rights.

What's the best way to share my experience with FrostWin?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:100
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Trading platform: MetaTrader 4, WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about FrostWin

  1. baga
    November 8
    I checked the information
    The site owners lie about absolutely everything, both about the patented Frostwin technology and about segregated accounts. This terminal is a crude offshore scheme B-book, and the organizers do not lie only in the fact that their office is the only one, in the Grenadines, and that is opened remotely, they have no real branch. In the Rules in Spanish, only the headings - the scammers were even too lazy to make a normal translation, obviously believing that users will not read the documents. I recommend you do not go to this site, do not believe in scam :( do not try to do something, if you have already opened an account here - you will not get your money back.
  2. kos2a
    November 8
    My money disappeared
    I tried to withdraw a large sum of money to my card from my Frostwin investment account. The money in the amount of 12 thousand pounds was debited from the account with the broker 4 days ago, but the money has not arrived on my bank card. My appeal was ignored by tech support. Today I am waiting for the last day and tomorrow I will start to take action. I will spoil your holiday if you do not return my funds to me!!!
  3. Glodius
    November 5
    There are problems since the beginning of account registration
    Negative reactions appeared to me already at the stage of account creation. For example, I was constantly getting errors in the filled-in fields, although everything was written correctly. And to solve this problem, I needed to contact support. On the other hand, Frostwin has quite a lot of assets, it is possible to work‌ with.‌
  4. Anny
    November 2
    My dream of earning money turned into losses
    I persuaded my husband that I tried myself in trading, and he gave me 700 dollars, I invested in a PAMM account and began to wait for profits. In three months I added another 120 dollars to my deposit. Then I made a request for withdrawal, but the money is not withdrawn... The consultants say about problems with the bank, but everything is normal there. The broker asked me for a ton of documents, I prepared them, but still my money is not withdrawn. I've been waiting for two weeks already... But I feel that most likely I won't get anything back, frostwin is a scam! However, I still have a little hope...
  5. Cool
    October 31
    The minimum deposit at this broker is 1,000 euros! I transferred to the account more than 3 thousand euros, traded for 2 months, and decided to withdraw already with a profit of 4 thousand ... however, I am not allowed to do this, the operators explain the refusal by the fact that I entered the profile from another device, although I did not, I was trading from a PC, and the application was submitted from the same one! I even specially connected two-stage authentication, so that the broker could not accuse me of negligence, but managers do not answer my demands, I believe that my funds are no longer on! Do NOT contact this SCAM ever! I believed in a beautiful wrapper, in the form of advertising self-presentation, and in the end, I got cooperation with thieves!
  6. Alex Lawer
    October 29
    I do not recommend it
    Spreads reach 15 pips, when usually this figure varies between 3-4. The site hangs all the time.
  7. Tom Spacey
    October 29
    I became disgusted with working on this site
    I opened an account on this site and became disillusioned with the site. I simply lost the desire to trade on frostwin, and now I am trying to withdraw the remaining money, but so far without success. Spreads are different from those stated initially. The terminal slows down, and in the mobile version almost does not work at all. On the demo account, everything looked different, there were no problems, and apparently, there everything works perfectly well in order to lure the client. The analytics here is disgusting. Weather forecasters nowadays are much more accurate in predicting the weather than local analysts of changes in quote rates, although the former have never been very accurate, unlike the latter. The broker promised training, in theory, there should be daily webinars and master classes from the best experts. In the end, there is none of this. It is practically impossible for traders to withdraw money from the account. In any case, I have not managed to do it yet. I have not achieved much success on frostwin after three weeks of work and completing trades in plus or minus. The profit on my account amounted to $35, with an initial balance of $800. I decided to take my money and created a withdrawal request. However, it turned out that I could withdraw no more than $100 on the first request. Then the company demanded from me to provide a huge number of documents and my photos with a bank card, and some robot constantly writes: "your photo quality is bad, you have not been verified", although I send photos from different devices...
  8. Bond
    October 14
    The reputation of the site is not good
    I thought to try to invest money on an investment PAMM account and trade here, I even worked on a demo account, but no... It's a terrible platform, although it seems to be young, but the organizers have already managed to ruin their reputation. There is no regulator, many traders write on social networks that they can not withdraw money from Just ask yourself a question - well, why would you risk choosing a scam when there are many decent brokerage companies?
  9. serg
    October 8
    It is impossible to make a profit
    Self-respecting traders will not trade on frostwin. Besides the fact that the broker helps clients to drain their deposits, it also prevents them from withdrawing money! I tried trading here for several weeks and I always ended up with minuses. I had the feeling that managers just closed profitable trades on purpose. I drained about 600 euros here, but the most interesting thing is when I made a request to withdraw the rest of the deposit, at that moment the site started to hang and glitch.
  10. Paul-hunter
    September 17
    I consider CFD trading to be risky
    I haven't read anything too critical about this broker on the net. Traders complain about occasional hiccups like everyone else. However, I didn't register at, because it's better for beginners like me to look at new platforms and trade with less risky assets than CFDs.
  11. webinfo
    September 5
    I wanted to try legal trading for a long time
    I often came across scam brokers with robotic terminals. I decided to trade myself. I have been working at frostwin for about half a year now and have been able to increase my deposit well. I initially deposited 2,000 pounds, which I have already raised almost 3 times. Withdrawal of profits here is done quickly. The service is excellent and I am not ashamed to recommend this site to all traders.....
  12. elymo
    September 3
    A great broker I can trust
    Personally, I have not found anything bad in cooperation with this company for a whole year of active trading. The broker as before withdrew my profits steadily before, and continues to withdraw now, although during this time of what happened in the world, many forex brokers went bankrupt. However, Frostwin continues to work normally and withdraws my money. For this year I have withdrawn 18,000$ net profit, and all transactions went through easily. A good resource has minimal costs. Yes, there is a commission on transfers, but it is canceled if you activate a cooler tariff plan. In terms of spreads, the terminal is even slightly better than the market average.
  13. htu
    August 31
    I was blocked from withdrawing funds
    It always seemed to me that this broker is quite reliable and stable, and I decided to start trading for large sums. But, unfortunately, the presence of reputation and a large number of clients do not prevent the company to block accounts at their discretion and demand from clients non-existent documents for the withdrawal of funds 👎 I have more than 4 thousand dollars left on my balance there ☹️ withdrawal blocked...
  14. TDP
    August 25
    In general, I am satisfied
    Broker works great 👍 but the deposit and withdrawal of money is very slow and communication with the support team is sometimes not very effective.
  15. corner_h
    August 16
    Very bad service, the owners lie about everything
    I have traded a bit with dealing companies. They are not bad, although all offshore. So I decided that it is also possible to earn here, but it turned out that it is difficult to trade on this terminal. I found bad services on this platform - slippages, connection failures, and delay in order execution. And when I couldn't withdraw my remaining money from here, about 320 euros, I started to figure out why it could be like that! I realized that this site is brand new, it was opened in 2023, the scammers just bought an old domain, they have no licenses, and the offshore registry statement belongs to another company whose name the scammers use. All in all, my collaboration venture didn't turn out to be the best. Therefore, I will not recommend working with these scammers to anyone, as you will be left without money. Remember: you will not be able to withdraw your funds...

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