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FX Genius is owned and operated by H1 TECH SOLUTIONS LLC, which is regulated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. However, the site owner does not disclose any information about the history of the project or the date of its creation. As for the domain, it was registered in 2010 in Reykjavik, with a registrar from Iceland. Meanwhile, the broker does not specify the data on licensing, although it emphasizes on legal work. In addition, the site supports 4 languages – English, Danish, Arabic, and Dutch. Finally, the broker’s offices work in the UK and Austria, and phone numbers for contacting clients are registered in Australia, UAE, UK.

Is it possible to trade here profitably and safely? How reliable is the company? We will conduct our own research of the broker’s capabilities and its legality, draw conclusions about the reliability of the platform, and tell you about the results of the analysis.

Trading Conditions

The broker offers clients to trade on its own CFD WebTrader platform, which works without downloading to a device. You can register an account and test the FX Genius terminal with zero deposit. The website is adapted to the browsers of all types of smartphones and other mobile devices. The traded assets include forex, indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

There are 4 types of accounts available on the website, which are structured by a set of services tied to the size of the client’s initial deposit. Their basic parameters are:

  1. Basic, from $1,000 – spread from 1.5 pips, leverage 1:200.
  2. Silver $10,000 – spread from 1.5 points, leverage 1:300.
  3. Gold $50,000 – spread from 0.8 pips, leverage 1:400, Bonus 10%.
  4. Platinum $250,000 – spread from 0.8 pips, leverage 1:400, Bonus 20%.

At the first basic account level, the broker provides access to a Forex course for beginners, while at the fourth level, the broker offers portfolio management and exclusive trading strategies. Deposit methods include bank transfers, popular e-wallets, and credit/debit cards.

When registering, you must confirm that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and other key information documents. However, we did not find any of the mentioned documents on the website.

Traders receive comprehensive educational resources and tools from FX Genius. The site has ticker analytics with asset value information from the TradingView cloud terminal. Tech support is available 24/5, to ask for help, you need to fill out a special form and send a message with a question.


Would investing in FX Genius offer the best returns?

It is unlikely that you will be able to make money with an offshore broker on CFD trading, as this type of financial activity is associated with a high level of risk. It is prohibited in countries where there is strict state regulation of similar companies.

Does FX Genius carry out withdrawals?

Judging by the numerous reviews of traders, it is difficult to get your money from the broker, as withdrawal requests are not executed. The company has a low level of trust, it cannot prove that it provides honest services. You can share your own trading experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on fxgenius.com?

The risk of fraud on this site is high: the broker does not have authorization from state authorities to provide financial services in each country, and its employees constantly call potential clients. This is not how real brokerage services operate.

What's the best way to share my experience with FX Genius?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if FX Genius is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

12 reviews about FX Genius

    August 17
    Beginners should not start learning to trade here
    You only need to look at such facts as lack of license, reputation, unclear term of operation, and you can guess that at least there are brokerage companies much better than FX Genius. So my advice to all newbies, if you are reading this review - look at the broker, and compare it with the top ones. You can find them in any popular forex rating, those brokers have a tenure of 10-20 years, have real offices and branches, have dozens of licenses or at least from several regulators. FX Genius does not look like a top company at all. That's why it's dangerous to trade here. And why trade where there is no way to make money?
  2. Aerton
    August 14
    There is no trader protection here
    It was immediately clear to me, there is no state control from the FCA, and you can forget about the safety of your deposits on FX Genius:(
  3. servalsto
    August 2
    Fake site
    There is no regulation, which this fake could boast of. Of course, what regulator would issue a license to a lottery and a non-existent broker!!!
  4. globint
    August 1
    These devils practically scammed me!!!
    They promised me fast payouts and stable earnings, but in reality everything turned out completely different. I traded myself, but the manager, an annoying creature, constantly imposed his strategies on me, but I did not listen to him, so all my trades were closed mostly with profit. And so I tried to withdraw half of my account, at that time I had about 870 dollars on deposit with FX Genius, but I was refused to transfer the money to the bank, I was told that I had violated the user agreement, and then I was banned.
  5. Forexandr
    July 28
    Why would you even trade with a broker that does not withdraw money?
    That's right, there is absolutely no point. Even though FX Genius may have narrow spreads, and there may be zero commission or some of the most favorable conditions, but it all doesn't matter when you can't withdraw money back to your wallet or card. And I couldn't withdraw the balance of 88 dollars because I was blocked for a reason unknown to me.
  6. Andy Torn
    July 27
    Bad customer support
    The broker promises free training to all traders, but they don't work with novice clients, they only know how to persuade you to deposit, nothing more. You are always left alone with your problems at FX Genius, the support managers can write you an answer for a whole week.
  7. Lidy Sots
    July 22
    I was deceived as the last fool
    I deposited 2500$ into my account, as instructed by my analyst, and I lost the money within a week... I had to deposit again and the situation was repeated... Of course, I had questions for my mentors at FX Genius, but they again assured me that everything would be fine and I believed them again. I deposited my account again without enthusiasm and continued trading, and according to my analyst's instructions, all my money was drained again.... I realized that I was being fooled and just left the platform.
  8. Bartonfly
    July 22
    This company is a total scam
    Managers tell you one thing over the phone, but in fact it turns out to be something else entirely. I am disappointed, FX Genius is just a scam. I lost about 11,000 dollars here. My manager lied to me for 3 weeks, told me that he had a super strategy, and then at some point all the money from my balance miraculously evaporated!!!!!
  9. Generator
    July 14
    Unreliable service
    Trading is supposed to be great and profitable, but just depositing money and losing it is not something anyone would like. The broker on the site fxgenius.com is one of such unreliable services, which despite many years of work in the market, and which already has regular clients, makes drains new traders. This is the kind of black earnings this old broker has - some clients here give honest work and they leave good reviews, and if a new and inexperienced person came, they have to let them go through the so-called system of taking money and remove their entire deposit, I realized this when I lost more than 3 thousand euros here and began to communicate with the same as me simpletons in social networks.
  10. Soccer
    July 6
    Started trading here recently and I get nice bonuses
    As for trading, the platform at FX Genius is quite normal and does not hang :) I like the fast execution of orders and the fact that the chat answers all the questions I ask.
  11. STG821
    June 29
    I do not believe the promises of this "best" broker
    Well, it is obvious that this dishonest broker clearly belongs to the list of those scammers, which have been mentioned many times in all kinds of lawyer exposés and negative comments, and which are also unable to fully provide their traders with the necessary protection to allow them to achieve the trading results they initially expect.
  12. Serj Crewder
    June 27
    This is my favorite
    I have been trading with FX Genius for many years and I will say that the company works honestly, and you have no barriers to trade here with profit.

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