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FxCape is owned and operated by Yuan Pay Group LTD, registered in the Republic of Marshall Islands and headquartered is in the United Kingdom. According to the information in the Terms and Conditions section, the company trading under the name “FxCape” is licensed in Australia. It is worth noting that the owners of the business say that it has been operating for more than 9 years and that more than 3K active users trade on this platform every month. As for the domain, it was only registered in October 2023. Is this broker reliable? Will trading on this terminal bring you profit? We will make our conclusions about the safety of the service after we investigate its functionality and legal aspects.

Trading Conditions

FxCape claims to have 4 offices worldwide and provides a platform with over 200 assets to trade. The broker allows clients to trade commodities, equities, cryptocurrency, forex, indices, ETFs, and NFT. You can choose your trading account from 6 options, including those with Islamic tradition. The following plans are available on the FxCape website:

  1. Basic, from $250 – No deposit fee, Spread starts at 0.9 pips, Minimum volume 0.01 lots, Commission $5, Access to the FX market.
  2. ABM, from $10,000 – No deposit fee, Spread starts from 0.3 pips, Commission $2, Islamic account option without swap, Minimum volume 0.01 lot, Weekly market review and live stream, No limit on number of open orders, Dedicated account manager, Trading webinar.
  3. Gold from $25,000 – Minimum volume 0.01 lots, Spread starts at 0.1 pip, Bonus up to 25%, Commission 0.0, Islamic account option with no swap, No deposit fee, Daily market overview and market signals, Personal Portfolio Manager, No limit on open orders, Weekly live trading webinar, In-depth research, Daily one-on-one with analyst, Access to 5 markets, Portfolio.
  4. Platinum, from $50,000 – Bonus up to 50%, Spread starts at 0.00 pip, Minimum volume 0.01 lot, Commission 0.0, Islamic account option with no swap, No deposit fee, Daily market overview and market signals, In-depth research, Managed portfolio, Invitations to personalized trading events, Personalized education, Access to 5 markets, Professionally managed account membership, Daily one-on-one meetings with a top analyst.
  5. Diamond, from $100,000, Bonus up to 75%, Spread starts from 0.00 pip, Minimum volume 0.01 lot, Commission 0.0, Islamic account option with no swap, No deposit fee, Daily market overview, and market signals, Risk-free trades, Access to special trading events, Higher payouts, Managed portfolio, Super-tight spreads, Access to 5 markets, Professionally managed account membership.
  6. VIP, from $250,000 – Terms are available upon request.

All FxCape clients do not have to pay withdrawal fees. The broker limits the minimum withdrawal amount to $50.

Fxcape will deduct your commission after 3 consecutive months of account inactivity. The inactivity fee is: USD 25/€20/16£, these fees may change from time to time.

Analytics are provided on the FxCape website by the platform’s ticker TradingView. The Education section has pages with topics including trading, CFD trading, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and risk management. You can quickly contact technical support via the online form.


Would investing in FxCape offer the best returns?

You are unlikely to make a profit in risky CFD trading on a platform owned by an anonymous owner. The Managed Portfolio service essentially authorizes the broker to do any manipulation with your account. All of your funds can be gone in an instant.

Does FxCape carry out withdrawals?

We came to the conclusion that the company may refuse to withdraw your funds after analyzing the trading conditions on the site and feedback from former clients. Almost all traders complain about the inability to withdraw their money from this broker. Share your experience in the comments section.

May I be scammed on fxcape.com?

Yes, the probability of fraud here is high. Most likely, this is an unregulated forex broker that does not provide copies of registration certificates and licenses. The site's fresh domain contradicts the broker's claim of 9 years of experience. The number of clients listed on the website seems falsified to us.

What's the best way to share my experience with FxCape?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if fxcape.com is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: ASIC
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: STP
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

13 reviews about FxCape

  1. Shikha Chopra
    February 26
    Beware of FXcape
    This is a fake site. My money is at stake . The moment I asked for withdrawal, they made few tradings and brought my amount to zero. Pls create lot of awareness on the online platform because there is dearth of information.
    I have burnt my hands and don’t want anyone else to be duped
  2. Shamsudeen on Jan.2024
    January 19
    Scam and fraud people be cautious stay away all
    Fxcape completely scam and fraud people purposefully looting from innocent people hard earned money ,withdrawal will be never approval and no response at all.Dont trust this platform stay away from it. I am from India mvk no 91+859388****.
  3. Sunil
    December 12
    I am trading with this company since 2019 and never seen any wrong or scam behavior, i have attended last year anniversary in London with the VIP clients. I think you're seeking some funds out of this share.
  4. Ginia
    December 2
    Have you read the rules?
    Clients irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Australian New South Wales, the broker writes. Today FxCape have blocked my account with £23,000 and what should I do??! Looking for scammers in Australia?
  5. klavis
    November 28
    This is a casino, scam, and fraud
    Can Forex trading be so unprofitable? FxCape reminds me of roulette, and with a small chance of winning something, these are very similar methods! I deposited $400 and started trading. But I got a feeling that I felt as if I had spun roulette and didn't get any winnings. It seems to me that the broker did not put the trades on the market, although I tried to analyze the precious metals market first and I made a seemingly normal forecast. My conclusion about the broker is scam and casino!
  6. teren
    November 27
    The hope for profit was in vain
    I invested $12,000 hoping to make a profit, but only my money the broker started draining almost immediately despite all my precautions. I traded in pairs with the dollar first for 30% of the deposit and drained everything, and then I still tried to make money on profitable crypto trades on fxcape.com, I tried several times at the beginning of this month and got still minus in the amount of $1,320, it is clear to me that I should stop working with such a broker.
  7. Stars
    November 12
    A small review
    I've been trading on this platform for a very long time and I'm doing great now. The conditions are suitable, there are a lot of different assets to trade and a lot of additional options too, even with a surplus. The terminal is reliable and proven. By and large, I have no complaints. Once I had an unpleasant experience, I was trading from my laptop on a trip and noticed at that moment a little lags, but then I found out that it was because I was distributing internet from my mobile phone and the connection was weak. So you need to keep this nuance in mind. I would like to recommend FxCape to everyone, the platform is perfectly fine.
  8. drhluse
    November 12
    Good and favorable conditions
    I like everything here, everything is so simple: from the very beginning with registration, to the withdrawal of profits. The developers of the platform have tried and done well just for us Pakistani citizens. I think that this labor is worthy of respect. The company did not go only to the western market, it did not forget about its numerous potential clients in the east and gives good opportunities to earn on Forex. I am satisfied with this terminal, and responsive tech support. I write often to ‌operators because I need advice. The consultants always answer me politely. I am very grateful to all of them for their help. FxCape terminal is very convenient, basically everything is clear to me almost always from the first time. The size of deposits there is average, currency pairs are distributed by profitability and the broker gives the right to choose from a huge number of instruments. I have everything working stably on my mobile phone, but I have not used it much so far, however, it is good that there is such an opportunity. I earn a little bit here so far, 50-60 dollars a week, because I am afraid to get into excitement and I am still learning to control myself. I do everything the way the great traders bequeathed - I keep a diary, work according to the rules and do training with a dedicated manager👍 So far I'm doing well on FxCape, I'm not losing my balance, although I haven't managed to make a big profit yet. I withdraw money approximately every 10 days a little bit at a time. I have no problems with this process at all. I give a good rating to the broker.
  9. but
    November 10
    This is a fraudulent resource
    The site fxcape.com is not a brokerage platform and has nothing to do with global trading. All transactions are spun here inside the platform, in one place. Traders lose money competing with each other, while these scammers stay ‌in a big plus. I learned everything about this fake broker when I, like a complete idiot, left more than 2 thousand euros here. Scammers trained me and I started to work with great diligence. Bottom line: I trained, invested money, and got scammed!!! I closed my first deal with a big minus under the guidance of my personal manager...
  10. vcotta
    November 9
    Hypocritical crooks
    I still decided to deposit despite the offshore registration of this company, as I saw a license from the financial regulator on their website. However, my trading did not turn out to be as profitable as it could have been, and in fact, I lost my $250 in 2 trading sessions on FxCape. Firstly, the broker did not have the promised 1:500 leverage, and secondly, there is a terribly long order execution. It will be impossible for you to make money on FxCape, it is a loss-making project that was created to deceive naive beginners.
  11. Murat Kniaz
    November 8
    Completely inconvenient service
    FxCape has bad trading conditions and incompetent managers. I was interested in the wide range of features - automatic leverage selection, availability of an Expert Advisor. These features could make trading much easier and give me a good profit. Auto leverage selection is set on the terminal to 1:500 and that's all😡 The platform has no other values. The advisor represents a person without a mind. I communicated with him in the format of email correspondence, and I even thought I was dealing with a robot. A human being cannot be so incompetent 👎 I had the impression that the company hired the first online job seeker without checking his intelligence and the managers made this fool as a counselor. I asked the administration to replace my analyst and I got the service of another consultant, but there was the same situation with his knowledge of trading strategies. These analysts know how to offer deposit replenishment, they persuade me to add more money to my account, and they want to lure you out to at least $100 more. Their advice is formulaic, which does not fit the real situation on Forex.
  12. Victo
    October 23
    The company gives a good education
    I realized that I was very lucky to have a broker that has education and I learned a lot about trading on FxCape. I have been trading on my own recently and have come up with a small income so far, in the range of $800-$1200 per month, this is much more than I imagined in the minimum program.
  13. group
    October 9
    Withdrawal of money is not working
    I've been unable to withdraw about €3k from my account for a month now. I am not able to make any withdrawals from this site at all. Unfortunately, I have not been able to make a single withdrawal. My withdrawal orders are not being processed, I have already made 5 requests but none of them have been approved by the broker. The staff requires from me then new data, then I have to take a picture of my bank card again, then I need to send the documents of registration at my place of residence, then I have to wait for security check :( So I am constantly in correspondence with technical support, but every time the operators come up with some nonsense on my request to withdraw my deposit. I can't drop €3,000, it's a big amount for me, I need to withdraw them. I have contacted the administration of the company and they have not answered me anything. Reputation is not important, apparently, for these guys, and I am under terrible stress.

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