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The platform is owned and operated by FxPro UK Ltd (fxpooptions), whose client office is located in London. The creators of the trading business claim that the company is registered in the UK, but they do not provide legal documents about this fact and do not disclose any information about the history of the project and the date of its launch. As for the domain, it was registered in April 2023. Meanwhile, the firm is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and the site owner also indicates the license numbers of regulators FSCA (South Africa) and SCB (Bahamas). Finally, FXPOptions provides services in almost all countries, including 24 US states, but CFD trading is not available to residents of jurisdictions such as Canada, the USA, and Iran.

How safe is the trading platform? Will you profit from working with this broker? We will understand the legal aspects of the company and the technical capabilities of the terminal and then make a conclusion about its reliability.

Trading Conditions

FXPOptions offers trading via website, WebSocket, mobile app, and REST API. The FIX API platform is provided for institutional traders. The variety of trading instruments includes more than 70 types of assets. Margin trading in FXPOptions is represented by 1:2 and 1:3 leverage. The service has guaranteed deposit protection funds. Traders can trade all year-round in 24/7/365 mode. To fund your account, you can use Visa, MasterCard, cryptocurrency, or bank transfer (SWIFT, SEPA).

You will find 5 types of accounts on the site. The tariff plans differ in the size of the deposit. Each subsequent level of the trading account includes all the services of the previous level. You can choose from the following options:

  1. GREEN, deposit from £10,000 to £50,000 – Access to ICO, Minimum bet: £25, Secure wallet, Full trading tools, Personalized trading, Guaranteed return: 2%, ISO account, Monthly crypto signals, Fully managed account
  2. SILVER, deposit from £50,000 to £100,000 – Personalized Expert Broker, Insurance Indemnity, Personal Accountant.
  3. GOLD, deposit from £100,000 to £250,000 – Access to DAV project, Personal Financial Advisor
  4. VIP, deposit from £250,000 – VIP Transactions, Events, Ethereum Packages
  5. 1 Million Club, deposit from £1,000,000 – Bitcoin Packages

FXPOptions promotional program offers bonuses and one-time trading credits to its clients. You must trade 10 times for the $1 dividend in order to withdraw the prize funds.

You agree at account registration that FXPOptions may terminate your access to services without notice. The broker may close any of your transactions and delete any information.

Withdrawals are subject to a withdrawal fee of up to 20% of the withdrawal amount and transaction fees of up to £50.00. Payment processing fees of up to £25.00, and other fees. The minimum withdrawal amount for bank transfers is £100/£250, depending on the type of payment processor. You will receive your funds within up to 21 days of submitting your withdrawal request. You will be able to withdraw your profits once every 3 months.

On the FXPOptions website, you will get an overview of cryptocurrency markets, charts, and prices. In the trading tools section, you can check out Market Capitalization, BitCoin ATM Service Finder, Bitcoin Converter, and ICO Performance Tracker.


Would investing in FXPOptions offer the best returns?

It is quite likely that you will not only fail to earn profits but also lose the money you invested. You should not invest your capital in unreliable CFD trading on an unknown platform but rather use the services of trusted companies.

Does FXPOptions carry out withdrawals?

You run the risk of not receiving the transfer of the declared amount of funds. Feedback from traders indicates that the company may refuse to withdraw the client's funds without explaining the reasons. You, too, can share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on fxpoptions.com?

There are signs that prove that the risk of fraud is high. The broker offers conditions under which it can block the client's account at any time at its discretion. It does not have a license to work in the UK, and the licenses from offshore jurisdictions indicated on the website are not a reliable protection for the trader.

What's the best way to share my experience with FXPOptions?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if fxpoptions.com is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:5
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 12200$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

14 reviews about FXPOptions

  1. Alex Maslov
    October 15
    Can not withdraw money
    I applied for a profit withdrawal a month ago, and the money was debited from my balance in fxpoptions, but it has not arrived on my bank card. Tech support doesn't answer:((
  2. jus
    August 10
    I am confident in earning profits
    I could earn more on this platform, but for now, I'm satisfied with an income of around £2,000 per month. The bottom line is that I want to turn off my computer and go to bed as soon as possible because I'm already spending 7 hours trading on FXPOptions. And for more substantial earnings, I need to look for new strategies, apply something new in trading, and so on. I won't say that I have enough money for all my needs. It's just extra work. I do quite well with these instruments called CFDs. I'm just overly cautious, although maybe for nothing:)) but no, for me the risks are important. I pay full attention to them.
  3. Qwert
    August 10
    Fraudulent organization
    I traded with this forex broker about four months ago. I started trading with 25,000 USDT. After a month, I had 31,000 USDT in my account. I transferred 10,000 USDT to another account to secure these funds. I was trading on the news about crypto. Then there was strong news about a new asset, and that's where my problems started. The news came out perfect for my trade and the deposit should have gone over 40,000 USDT. But the broker brazenly canceled my order, opened an order in the opposite direction, and froze my trades for 8!!! minutes. Thus, it made my account worth -6,000 USDT. Thus, 25 thousand USDT was stolen from me. I am not even talking about lost profit. Technical support postponed the consideration of my claim 4 times and then simply stopped responding. The manager did the same. I should note right away that from this platform came the results of trading operations. And they had all the quotes! In fact, this company is a fraudulent organization. Serious traders should not trade here!!! By the way, this broker stole in a similar way my 10,000 USDT, which I transferred here to another account. My trades were simply opened by the broker in a different direction and it temporarily blocked my account management. No, SSL is not working. I recommend you withdraw all the money you have here.
  4. eoll
    July 26
    Support answers very badly!
    I made a request for company documents. It is worth noting that the broker operates only under the control of offshore regulators. Although the headquarters of the office is registered in England, it has no regulation from the British Financial Commission. I tried to find out from tech support information about the legal entities listed in excessive numbers on the site. However, fxpoptions.com did not provide me with any copies of certificates.
  5. osa
    July 23
    Disgusting broker with high spreads and commissions
    Impossible to trade Fxpoptions on smaller time frames. No necessary information in the terminal, and poor functionality does not allow me to realize the strategic potential. The withdrawal of money is possible only with a certain balance and after three months! To summarize: you should trade with brokers with access to trading exchanges that have adequate commissions.
  6. luigkoti
    July 15
    The service is not as good as I want it to be
    I opened an account for 13,000$. The amount confused me a bit. The minimum deposit is too large, but orders are executed quickly. Slippages are minimal, and there are no hidden commissions. Although the amount of fees here is higher than the average for forex. I get profit regularly, although a couple of times there were some glitches and problems with access. The broker needs to improve the level of service.
  7. laso
    July 9
    My review is positive
    I have used the FXPOptions platform many times and I can say with confidence that it is a reliable broker. The spread is very narrow. Order execution is also very fast, and the trading terminal is very professional. In addition, the broker withdraws money quickly in accordance with the regulations.
  8. alshm
    June 18
    Guys don't trust scammers
    I invested money in trading on fxpoptions.com, but I don't know how to withdraw it - my account is blocked by the broker, and technical support doesn't answer. I have 18,000 dollars in my account. This site is just a scam.
  9. atka
    June 7
    Total customer deception
    I ordered a withdrawal and I'm waiting for the result for 3 weeks! Tech support answers to my requests with the same thing: "you have to wait"....
  10. Glory
    June 3
    The broker is VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY BAD!!!
    It is IMPOSSIBLE to go to the site at the time you need it. The application works disgustingly, often it can hang, and sometimes it can work stably, but if you need to urgently conduct a transaction, it will not always work! I do not advise you to contact this broker! It is not reliable!
  11. dmknz
    June 2
    I was hoping for a successful trade, but it turned out differently
    I created an account two weeks ago on fxpoptions, I was attracted by the trading conditions, but the broker started to aggressively drain 200$ already 3 days after I started trading. What do you call it?!! I call it by the usual word - "stealing".
  12. Volgim
    June 1
    Good analytics, forecasts, and news
    I use information from the analytical portal all the time. FXPOptions provides everything I need for trading. There is a good stock calculator and signals. Managers post very accurate forecasts and reviews on the site! I have never been let down by this information. Apparently, there are good specialists working here, high-level pro-analysts.
  13. humort
    May 28
    I do not know what to do
    Hello, I contacted this company on my own and now I regret it. I got a call from a manager in the UK promising me a lot of profit. I deposited €50,000, and they let me earn and withdraw €1,500 in a month. Then I traded some more and when I wanted to withdraw again, the manager told me that I had to pay €4,900 tax first, so I had to transfer the tax amount to my account and then they would withdraw the profit. I replied that such a procedure is not provided in the Rules and ordered to withdraw the whole deposit. But so far I have not received the money. It's been more than two weeks. I can not even withdraw my deposit. What should I do?
  14. Miami-HOLLY
    May 18
    Haven't you realized yet that this is cheating?
    I am frustrated by those people who naively believe that it is possible to earn huge money by simply guessing the direction of price movement on an asset. If you are not Nostradamus and nevertheless decided to experiment and check the movement of quotes in USD/GBP, EUR/CHF, EUR/AUD, or any other pair, it is an extremely bad idea. Nothing good will come from it, except the loss of time, money, and nerves. And the creators of the Fxpoptions scam will only profit from you. No one will compensate you for your losses. Fraudsters are not responsible for the loss of your funds as a result of trading.

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