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FxRevenues is managed and owned by VHNX Ltd, registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Meanwhile, the company does not disclose information about the availability of a license, project founders, managers, and its start date. However, the site shows awards dating back to 2021. As for the domain, it was registered in April 2022. Finally, the broker provides clients with standard security measures such as authentication and encryption.

How reliable is this platform? We will research the quality of services provided and answer this question.

Trading Conditions

FxRevenues offers traders to register an account, then undergo KYC verification, make a deposit, and start trading on the platform. Clients can access over 1,500 trading instruments, including commodities, forex, metals, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. You can use a robo-advisor that buys and sells assets for you.

FxRevenues has developed 7 traditional types of trading plans that differ in the amount of minimum deposit. You can choose a suitable one from the following options:

  • Registration from $250 – Educational Session with a Mentor, Basic training.
  • Beginners from $2,500 – Full Training, Basic Strategies Session, Dedicated Mentor.
  • Intermediate from $20,000 – Advanced Strategies Session.
  • Advanced from $50,000 – Commodities Special Training, Basic Market Events, Currencies Special Training.
  • Professional from $100,000 – Private Strategy, Extra Market Events.
  • Premium from $500,000 – Indices Special Training, Crypto Special Training, Stocks Special Training, Premium Market Events.
  • VIP Club from $1,000,000 – Exclusive Features.

Each subsequent account level includes all the functionality of the previous one. In addition, FxRevenues offers an Islamic account for traders practicing this religion.

The broker promises tight spreads on all types of tariffs, but it does not disclose specific figures. Symbols of three social networks, which are listed on the site, are not active.

You can improve your trading knowledge on the following pages: Market Calendar, Fibonacci Calculation, Pivot Calculation, Currency Forecast, Trading Glossary, Market News, Video Academy, Market Overview, E-book Collection, Financial News. FxRevenues live chat functions around the clock, providing technical support to clients. The broker’s services are unavailable to citizens of the United States, North Korea, and Iraq.


Would investing in FxRevenues offer the best returns?

Cooperation with an offshore service will turn out to be a loss of money rather than a profit. This is a risky CFD trading with unclear trading conditions realized on an unstable platform.

Does FxRevenues carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis of the website and customer reviews showed that you have a high probability of withdrawal denial by this broker. The company often violates the promised maximum transaction time of 5 days. You can share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on fxrevenues.com?

We cannot state with certainty that this broker is illegitimate. However, the risk of fraud is indicated by the lack of license data and the discrepancy between the domain registration date and the date of awards. In addition, the site has an inferior design and the platform does not open in some browsers, such as Google Chrome.

What's the best way to share my experience with FxRevenues?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

14 reviews about FxRevenues

  1. serb
    January 12
    My not very good experience
    I traded with this broker for less than a year, I had both profit and loss, and I often used technical support, consultants always gave me advice, their advice sometimes turned out to be successful. I had no need to withdraw money, so the broker seemed adequate to me. Meanwhile, when I needed to withdraw 18 thousand dollars, it turned out that I had to wait for 15 working days before crediting. And this was not a problem either. But the worst thing was that the money "freezes" in the status of "processing the application" for three months, and then they are credited back to the account. That is, you are not deceived in fxrevenues, but they do not let you withdraw money. The brokerage company delays the withdrawal process and discourages the desire to work with it. I think that the service is unreliable, I do not like this attitude towards clients.
  2. Andy
    January 10
    My profits are growing
    I manage to earn about 3-5% of the total deposit amount every day, and I do not trade with all the money, I try to leave a small amount on the balance, so that in case I have to cover possible losses. I want to say that I am completely satisfied with my choice of broker. The site fxrevenues.com does not need advertising, it is already widely known in the network. If you do not want to trade yourself, then entrust your money to an advisor, who will manage it competently. I entrusted part of my funds to the robot, and so far everything is okay :) the profit is more or less regular. Although I do not forget to trade by myself :)
  3. Fidel Ibrahim
    January 9
    I am a beginner and my impressions are negative
    I was disappointed with the conditions offered by the broker. The spread is too wide, despite the opposite promises. Moreover, I realized this despite my little experience, even for a person like me, who does not yet understand too much about forex and knows few brokers. I do not advise you to trade on the news, you should not try to make money, you will only lose your deposit The terminal can glitch. Support is slow to respond to complaints. However, when you are just thinking about starting on fxrevenues and trying to just learn about the functions of the trading platform, you will be consulted here thoroughly. As a result, I drained my small deposit of 370 euros instantly and didn't even have time to find out anything about withdrawal.
  4. Du3x
    January 5
    My experience of interaction
    I deposited $250 into my account and everything seemed great to me - both the efficiency and functionality of the broker. I added the amount and my deposit became over $20,000. However, I started having problems as soon as it was time to withdraw my funds. Technical support did not respond to requests, the broker did not process the withdrawal request... In the end, my account with fxrevenues was simply blocked, and the broker accused me of violating some regulations. It was stressful for me! Be careful and check the integrity of the company before investing!!!
  5. Paul Rowling
    December 29
    I am satisfied with the terminal
    There are a lot of financial instruments and good analytics on the platform - this is a plus. I can attribute to the minuses of Fxrevenues frequent delays with the withdrawal of money. In general, the broker is good.
  6. dapoh
    December 28
    I could not win the dispute
    My account was locked for some unknown reason and I had a balance of almost €900 at the time. I couldn't prove anything to the fxrevenues staff, instead I just wasted a lot of time arguing that I didn’t break some unspoken rules because I never found what I was charged with. All I got was silence in response to a request to tech support to give me the page number and the rule point I violated. My conclusion is simple: the broker will misappropriate your funds by any means and if you are too persistent and brave, your account will simply be blocked like mine. This is definitely a scam!
  7. Tata Sham
    December 28
    This is undoubtedly a scam
    Greetings to all traders! I decided to share with you my experience of trading at fxrevenues. In the beginning, the managers told me about the incredible possibilities of the platform, all their arguments in favor of this broker looked promising: they talked about cool features, persuaded me to deposit money, and even imitated profitable trading with Expert Advisors. I succumbed to the entreaties and added my funds to the deposit more than once, hoping for huge earnings. But I didn't get any profit in the end, I only lost $8,500. When I decided to withdraw the remaining money, I started to have problems. My account was simply blocked, accusing me of violating the contract. And all this situation happened after I had already invested almost 11 thousand dollars.
  8. figor
    November 25
    They ruined my mood when withdrawing money
    I’ve been cooperating with this company for several months and until recently I almost never had any serious problems with withdrawals. But when I made a request to withdraw 1,650 dollars a week ago, Fxrevenues employees asked me to send a scanned copy of the front side of my Mastercard card. I had already withdrawn money to this card several times, and for some reason they never asked me for a scan until. In the end, of course, I made a scan and sent it, but the withdrawal process was delayed for 2 weeks. The money was credited to the card quite safely, but I was left with a certain unpleasant feeling :(
  9. ahsan rajpoot
    November 24
    There are NO withdrawals
    You will be able to withdraw small amounts of 100 or 200 dollars if fxrevenues managers feel you can still fund your account. Otherwise, when you want to withdraw your entire deposit and leave this site forever, they won't withdraw anything!!
  10. Lidia
    November 19
    I have lost a substantial amount of money here
    The broker offers many prizes to customers, such as smartphones, and excellent leverage, which gives you the opportunity to easily and simply increase your profits several times. But you should not put much trust in the generosity of this company, you should also always look at what constructive critical reviews there are about the finance company, and only then can you decide to cooperate. I made a wrong decision about opening an account with fxrevenues and then I paid for my haste for a long time. Although at first trading on this platform went more than well for me, because I traded in USD/GBP and AUD/CAD pairs and my balance gradually increased. The amount on my account grew so fast that in 2 weeks I almost doubled my initial deposit of $2,500, but soon the practice common for unscrupulous platforms started, i.e. canceling orders and not executing them. In the end, I lost all the profit and my $1,800 here. I wanted to withdraw the remaining funds, but it turned out to be impossible. I can't do anything...
  11. Nicolas
    November 15
    Cooperation with the company is fruitful
    I'm very pleased with the broker, and how could it be otherwise, if yesterday I withdrew another large sum to my bank card?! I received 2,200 euros, and promptly, just a few minutes after creating a withdrawal request. I won't tell you about all the charms and advantages of fxrevenues.com, starting from the variety of trading instruments and functionality, because it is already clear. You can't only trade fiat money on Forex but also shares of famous companies, precious metals, and so on. A long-established firm that deserves attention and trust.
  12. siz17
    November 4
    I did not like the service
    Terminal malfunctions are very often. Withdrawal to a bank card takes a long time in Fxrevenues and the commission is huge!
  13. Carla Mint
    October 1
    High fees
    Broker is generally not bad, but I strongly advise you not to trade currency pairs at fxrevenues. Firstly, very high, absolutely inadequate spreads. And secondly, swaps eat up a part of income. In general, I made trading in the red, for a week I drained 654 dollars :( I regret that I decided to try this terminal for the sake of variety, now I just have to put up with the losses :( Before that I traded mainly on the most popular platforms, I won't say that everything was perfect, but at least the profit was, and quite good, at least 50-80 dollars a week. Therefore, if you have a desire to experiment in terms of changing a trading platform, I advise you to first think hard - do you need it?!!
  14. HaMLeTT
    September 28
    Do not even waste your time
    In front of you, there are the usual scammers. The amount of €3,650 disappeared from my account. In fxrevenues no one knows anything, everyone accuses me of poor account protection!

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