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A Lithuanian private company Stormbenda operates the platform under the brand name Genesis. The organization is registered in Vilnius. It is regulated by Crypto Company, which complies with Lithuanian law, according to the website’s owners. ‌The cryptocurrency exchange services provided by Genesis Exchange are certified within the legal framework of the European Union. There is no confirmation of this fact. The domain was registered in March 2022.

Investment Conditions

The cryptocurrency platform supports more than 20 tokens popular in international markets. Genesis Exchange offers customers its own online wallet program, for exchanging different digital coins between them.

The customer agreement states that the site owner has no control over and is not responsible for the user’s transactions. All legal actions between the client and Genesis can only be settled in Vilnius District Court. The company’s liability is limited to an amount of €100.

Genesis Exchange invites customers to participate in an affiliate program:

  • A remuneration of 10% of the referral order is paid
  • The amount is deposited to the partner’s cryptocurrency wallet once a month
  • Withdrawal of the sum is possible in amounts not less than 100 euro.
  • Program terms and conditions may vary personally for any partner

To get started with Genesis Exchange, you need to register an account and have your personal details verified. Once your application is approved, you can start trading with the available cryptocurrency.


Would investing in Genesis Exchange offer the best returns?

If you work with a little-known platform, you will expose yourself to greater risks. There may be fraud or loss of funds from hacking into the wallet software.

Does Genesis Exchange carry out withdrawals?

The company does not have a good reputation. You may be misled and not get your deposit back. Investors write about this possibility of losing money in reviews.

May I be scammed on

The company does not have a license. It does not operate for long, so the risk of fraud is quite high.

What's the best way to share my experience with Genesis Exchange?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Genesis Exchange is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2022
Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Affiliate program: Referral
Leverage: Not indicated
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Wire/bank transfers, Cryptocurrencies

20 reviews about Genesis Exchange

  1. reload
    July 13
    Don't believe, you will be scammed
    I understand that besides me, there are many more people trapped with this wallet. I lost a little, but still hurt.
  2. million
    July 4
    They are trying to scam us
    The website is offering us a safe cryptocurrency exchange. This is just cheap advertising. It's just a good fake, ordinary users can't tell a scam wallet from a real one. Genesis Exchange owners, don't try to deceive your potential customers.
  3. Alma
    July 3
    How you get scammed - I know
    The scam scheme is as follows: you download the wallet to your device and quietly use it. If the crypto exchange amounts are small - you won't be cheated. But when the amount reaches a high amount, it disappears from the Genesis exchange wallet. The way to combat this is simple: use cryptocurrency wallets from a trusted crypto-maker.
  4. Netizen
    June 30
    Big risk
    I once fell into the trap of a fraudulent cryptocurrency wallet, after which I lost my money. And the lesson I remembered for life. So I'm not even considering this service, which isn't responsible for my losses.
  5. Annette G
    June 29
    My first experience with crypto turned out to be with such a scammer! I was promised that I could buy and store crypto profitably here. In fact, after I funded my account, my money disappeared immediately and support stopped contacting me. I can't log in to my account anymore, apparently, they blocked me, the bastards...
  6. S-Sheriff
    June 28
    Note the disadvantages
    The wallet doesn't have normal fiat and crypto conversions and there are high fees. And there's a huge risk of not getting anything in the referral program.
  7. Mine
    June 28
    I recommend this wallet
    A great platform for cryptocurrency transactions. Genesis exchange offers a lot of tokens as well as bitcoin, etherium. Prices are updated constantly so I always get accurate information in real time.
  8. Mr-farmers
    June 10
    Don't believe a word these scammers say! They don't even have a license. It is not clear where the data in the advertisement indicated on their website is taken from. If you check it, it's just a set of some numbers. Everyone wants to have crypto, that's what ‌scammers take advantage of. promising much more attractive conditions for buying digital money to scam naive users big time.
  9. MattRichards
    June 4
    I was scammed, do not believe the scammers
    I can't go to my profile and check the amount of money in my account. They don't have a phone number and no one is answering by email. I can't find Genesis Exchange Trade. I guess I will never get my money.
  10. Jhonny D
    May 18
    Do not trust this firm
    I had great confidence that I would be able to make money on this investment project. I believed in the honesty of the owners of the platform, but my hopes were not justified because no one in Genesis was going to fulfill their promises. I fell for such traps not the first time, I don't know why. Perhaps I am too bad at analyzing my mistakes and they don't teach me anything. ‌It is possible that I am not teachable, and every time the scammers deceive me again and I just lose my money. I thought Genesis was a decent firm that I saw had a nice website. At first, everything was great, managers answered my questions quickly, and there were no delays with the withdrawal of money. But as soon as I deposited $500, they started offering to deposit more. I was told that it would be better for me, but in the end, I was just cheated. As soon as I had more than 1000 dollars in my account, my account was blocked. If you also fall for the tricks of scammers, then know that you can not deal with companies that do not have a license from the regulator, the probability that such firms will cheat you - is 99.9%. Yes, there are exceptions, but these are very rare cases. Sometimes everything seems perfect at first glance, but when I study the documents of the organizers a little, I can see a lot of signs of fraud, and they almost do not hide it. I regret that I started to pay attention to legal issues only after I had already been blocked. I do not advise you all to go to this site and deposit money. You will be scammed very quickly, you won't be able to get anything back.
  11. Kevin Myers
    May 15
    Be careful
    The cryptocurrency wallet is very dubious and seems to be aimed at newbies. There is no information available, I haven't risked investing my money there.
  12. SkY
    May 12
    Crypto wallet I recommend to everyone
    Easy to use a cryptocurrency wallet. You can exchange fiat with Genesis Exchange for any level of user. It is very easy to understand how the program works, it fulfills all my needs every month. There are transfer delays, but it's not the platform's fault.
  13. David
    May 3
    Excessive requirements for clients
    I am satisfied with the set of all popular cryptocurrencies and simple clear website. The only thing I don't understand at all, why verification is needed here. There are many similar brokers where only cryptocurrency is accepted. Very rarely verification is needed there. Here you will have to spend your time.
  14. ply
    May 2
    You won't get a large sum of money back
    I created a wallet on the platform in 2022. To deposit money for the purpose of cryptocurrency exchange you can, and the manager will send you the promised amount at once :))) But as soon as I deposited the money and left for safekeeping, - then my account was blocked after a short time :((( My queries are not answered by tech support. ‌These scammers have stolen $3500 from me!!!!. I don't know where the owners of the genesis site are and where I can get help.
  15. Beth
    April 23
    A convenient cryptocurrency wallet with protection
    If you want to exchange cryptocurrency, this platform is a great option. Genesis is a secure wallet. It has many features to protect your account from hackers. I've been using it for a year now and it always works almost seamlessly.
  16. Ksenom
    April 23
    I appeal to newbies
    I want to advise if you are going to cooperate with any cryptocurrency. Before you start working with it, check if it is not fraudulent. Because I can say from personal experience, that one time I believed in the crypto wallet's terms and conditions and I really regretted it. As soon as I topped up my balance, I lost access to the wallet.
  17. nina
    April 14
    Stay away from this site
    If you don't want to give your money to an unknown person, then don't register with these scammers. No exchange you will not see here. And you will never be able to withdraw your crypto from Genesis Exchange. All that will actually happen here: you will be filling the pockets of the scammers. And then they'll get tired of keeping your money and they'll block you!
  18. spkandrat
    April 13
    It's not secure
    The platform offers a rather controversial solution. As far as cryptocurrency storage is concerned, I don't recommend using a hot wallet. Especially when the maker of the program is not known.
  19. Stasy
    April 4
    This is a standard scam
    A project I would never trust with my money. I didn't see any guarantees clearly spelled out in the terms and conditions. Genesis only took care of its security and is responsible with a sum of 100 euro! To all customers!!! I will not cooperate without proof of safe transfer and storage of the client's money.
  20. Buz
    April 3
    It's impossible to make money here
    I belong to a group of people who are looking for an easy way to make money! But I was simply cheated on this service, I could not withdraw my money. How much anger I had at that time, I can't tell you!! I wrote to tech support, but I didn't get any answer :((((

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