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The broker operates in the European Economic Area under the Global ICM brand name. The company claims to be registered in Switzerland, with its head office in Geneva, but there is no confirmation of this. In addition, there is no information on the website about the date of its creation. As for the domain, it was not registered until August 2023. Finally, US citizens cannot use the platform’s services.

Is it safe to trade here? Can funds be trusted to this company? We will check the technical capabilities of the terminal and the legal aspects of the company’s work to make sure that the international broker is reliable and the quality of its services.

Trading Conditions

Global ICM platforms provide clients with access to all popular markets and hundreds of assets. The list includes metals, futures, cryptocurrencies, and other assets. The broker offers trading interactive charts with more than 80 indicators to choose from for order customization. The affiliate program guarantees members rewards of up to $1,000 per client.

Five account types are structured by minimum deposit amount and leverage. All plans include negative balance protection and advanced charts. You can choose an offer from the following options:

  • Bronze, from $250 – leverage 1:100.
  • Silver, from $3,000 – leverage 1:200.
  • Gold, from $10,000 – leverage 1:300.
  • Platinum, from $50,000 – leverage 1:400.
  • VIP from $100,000 – leverage 1:500.

The number of additional services offering increases with each account level. For example, you can consult with a personal manager, participate in webinars, and get a personal business plan.

Global ICM receives a fee of 5% of the amount of each withdrawal from the client’s account as a broker’s profit. This fee contains 1% – for transaction processing and 4% – brokerage commission.

Educational materials for traders are available to users. Unregistered clients can also use stock tickers. The site provides an economic calendar and market quotes for all assets and separately for cryptocurrency. You can ask a question in the online chat, which is available on the site for contacting tech support.


Would investing in Global ICM offer the best returns?

Clients here have a chance to lose their funds rather than earn a profit. Because cooperation loses all sense because of the risks of CFD trading and terminal instability. 

Does Global ICM carry out withdrawals?

You may not be able to wait for the withdrawal of funds, the company's clients talk about this in their reviews. The experience of the company's users is mostly negative. Share your opinion in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The terms of trade provide for leverage up to 1:500, as stated on the website of this supposedly European broker. Although the regulator ESMA has set a limit on the maximum leverage up to 1:30 for Forex products, and even less for CFDs and commodities. Therefore, this company, which does not have a license, may be fraudulent.

What's the best way to share my experience with Global ICM?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Global ICM is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

16 reviews about Global ICM

  1. Mike
    February 13
    Global ICM (website is fake and scam. Don’t invest here or you will lose everthing. I lost about 24000€ in 2 months. I was scammed by Andrew Livine, probably a fake name. It is impossible to withdraw you funds and they even steal more money by asking to pay taxes to do so.
  2. Joan
    January 31
  3. Jeff
    December 29
    invested not to much about 300, but when I wanted to withdraw nobody answered.
    Its a scam.
  4. Alois
    November 10
    Grootste dievenbende die er is. Ga niet met hen in zee
    Je bent al je geld kwijt het is SCAM
  5. Jarden Dirckx
    November 10

    I cannot withdraw my money. I deposited 250euro with my creditcard to start with, the broker (Andrew) was very pushy that I need to deposit more. Eventually I did deposit 250 again, then he asked for more and start talking about some 100% bonus if I deposit 1000euro immediately. I did not do this, I wanted to withdraw my money. When in the procedure for the withdrawal he said I need to instal This app makes him take control over your machine if you accept, which seems really sketchy to me. I declined and now I am being ignored. Luckily I did not invest much.

    I recommend to stay away from global-icm.
  6. sya pr
    September 25
    I recommend the mobile platform
    For those who trade from an iPhone or any other mobile device, I advise you to use the Global ICM platform, for Android it is just very convenient! It's complete freedom to act on all markets from your pocket. I don't see any radical differences or disadvantages compared to any other terminal. Absolute access to the whole range of possibilities. The broker provides a full set of technical analysis tools, trading statistics, price alerts and a large number of settings that will make your trading fast and convenient. There are a lot of useful features here, which makes me very happy! At first there were some difficulties on the platform with hanging trades, but this is in the past. Now in the terminal both spreads and execution speed are optimal for manual trading. Of course, not all conflict situations, if they arise, can be resolved in your favor. But there was not a single case in my professional trading, when this broker refused to consider my claim on these or those trades. The support department is always available and if there is a failure or error, they will help you in the end. But if you yourself trade badly, draining your deposit, and blame the broker, you are unlikely to get support.
  7. qugtugrll
    September 24
    No complaints yet
    I have only been working in this terminal for two weeks, but I am satisfied with my decision to open a brokerage account with this Swiss firm. So far, I personally have nothing to complain about, I even tried to withdraw money once. I invested a little bit, 570 euros, and as soon as I earned 250 euros, I immediately made a withdrawal, the funds came into my account in a day. I think it's very fast, in the bank I have transfers go at least 3 days. KYC check here is also fast. The Global ICM platform is not very cool, but it has all the essentials. The working conditions on the site are great too.
  8. mmgp-subscribe
    September 16
    The broker drained my deposit
    I decided to test the forex broker on a small amount before transferring big money. I deposited 350$ into my account to start with. I opened a deal on cryptocurrency, but the next day Global ICM changed trading conditions and they forced me to take a profit. I called to ask about the change in trading conditions, and they tell me in support that all cryptocurrency trades opened after September 15 are forcibly closed. The deal was closed to me at a minus. I got a lesson for 350$, it's good that I did not transfer big money here, I break all relations with this company. I will not even look in their direction anymore :( On my appeal the employees said that they sent a notice, and they were not obliged to consult me on the phone about closing positions forced, although it is a change in trading conditions, and I called them the day before about it. Please do not open an account here, the attitude to the client will be equally indifferent and with large sums, just you will lose your money, and you and spit in the back. What can I say in the end? I am guilty ‌I believed in advertising, and the broker is certainly "good", and drains the client's deposit professionally, theoretically it is difficult to pick on it. It turns out that I drained the deposit, as a beginner, and my years of work on Forex did not teach me anything. It turns out that the broker is a pro, and you are nothing :(
  9. hot2b
    September 12
    I was not even credited crypto to my account!
    I decided to change the broker, to start trading on another platform, I liked the Global ICM terminal, but even here at once nothing worked out. I made a registration, understood the terms and conditions, started to deposit my account with a crypto wallet. My bitcoins were successfully transferred to the specified account. I went into the terminal, and there was zero! I was shocked! How zero!? Why? I contacted the support service, and a day later they sent me an e-mail reply that I did not pass the verification of the account. And how can I pass it if nowhere in the settings there is no function "account verification"? It turns out that I transferred the money to the wrong place. I called the given number, scanned my documents and sent them. Now I am waiting for an answer, as I was informed that two days maximum verification takes place. What if I don't pass the verification? My ID is a bit contaminated, so what, the bitcoins will remain unknown? I have reason to be nervous :(
  10. Leila
    September 11
    There are a lot of promises on the website
    The broker creates a very positive first impression. And in fact - the first time I was easily allowed to withdraw a small amount of money in 260 pounds (to build confidence and further investment), and then managers stopped talking to me when I applied for withdrawal of 7,850 pounds. Tech support does not respond to any emails. Be careful!
  11. richangel
    September 2
    I did not notice something unique about this terminal
    What do traders find in this company that such large funds are transferred to the deposit?!! No, I don't want to say that this is a 100% fraudster, I don't know how things really work here, maybe the broker withdraws money, maybe not... However, I just don't see any real reason to open a brokerage account with this company, and not with brokers, which, for example, are in the forex ratings and occupy the first lines of these very ratings. Global ICM does not have any unique trading offers. I do not consider seminars and training as something cool, everyone has it, and you can easily train yourself. And there is actually nothing original. Exactly the same conditions are in all other brokerage companies, but there are some additional options. Think about what it is worth trading and risking here for!
  12. SammY
    September 2
    Dangerous company
    This terminal is unstable, and constantly there are strange situations when trading, and my trades are disrupted, as if Global ICM is set up on purpose. The broker too often has technical works, some other incomprehensible problems, and nobody reimburses me for losses due to its fault....
  13. Val Tornado
    August 30
    Scammers, it is impossible to make a withdrawal!
    Know that these are scammers, as soon as you get a call and say that they are representatives of the company Global ICM, immediately hang up! I can prove to you with my example, at the moment I have a balance of 2,786 dollars, but it is impossible to make a withdrawal!
  14. Derijor
    August 27
    My experience of cooperation is negative
    I recently traded on Global ICM, unfortunately I lost money. The company offered attractive conditions. The amount I lost was small for me - only 1100 USD, but I am very offended that it was not my fault.
  15. Kliper
    August 25
    Suspicious commissions on transactions
    I trade Forex for additional income and it seems to me that on Globalicm I became a victim of scammers. I registered with this broker but did not check it beforehand. Functional trading terminal, favorable conditions, etc. attracted me. However, already after the first 3 trades, I found that spreads suspiciously increased by the time of closing. So the broker appropriated my entire deposit of 348 euros on "commissions", in just a week.
  16. Ola
    August 21
    Managers "work" specifically to deceive newcomers
    On the phone, managers persuade inexperienced traders to deposit large sums, show them that it is possible to earn, and then slowly or quickly drain the accounts, and leave everyone in a fool, and accuse that you do not know how to trade, and that to lose in the forex market is the same as to earn. It's just as likely one of the two. I have reason to believe that no money is being withdrawn to any inter bank!

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