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The website is operated by Glofen Limited, which claims to have its office in Cyprus. In addition, fiat transactions on the platform are conducted in Lithuania by Glofen DIGITAL. It is worth noting that the broker is regulated by the UK and Cypriot government (FAQ section), while customer complaints are handled by Swiss arbitration (Terms of Use). As for the history of the project, it allegedly launched the trading sphere in 2019. In addition, the domain was registered in October 2019 and renewed in December 2023.

How safe is it for you to invest in this company? We will review this platform to check its reliability.

Investment Conditions

Glofen has positioned itself as the world’s largest forex and CFD provider with more than 200 thousand active clients. Customers can use more than 2250 tradable instruments. The company invests and trades cryptocurrencies, binary options, CBD, and earns capital by mining, insurance, and investments in real estate, oil, and pharmaceuticals. Before trading, users should deposit digital coins into their account, and withdrawals are also made in cryptocurrency.

Glofen presents 5 tariff plans structured by minimum deposit amount and earnings. You can choose and register an account from the following account types:

  • Silver from $500 – ROI (Daily) 1.5%
  • Gold from $5,000 – ROI (Daily) 2.0%
  • Platinum from $10,000 – ROI (Daily) 4.0%
  • Platinum Pro from $20,000 – ROI (Daily) 4.5%
  • Diamond/Prf from $100,000 – ROI (Daily) 5.0%

The company offers investors a Glofen Savings service where they can earn money from cannabidiol oil production with a 50% profitability at the end of 60 days or 60% at the end of 85 days. You can use bitcoins or Ethereum to invest.

Glofen does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or performance of its platform. However, the firm is not liable to clients for any damages caused by the use of its services, information on trading and other terms and conditions may be changed by the broker without prior notice. 

Glofen offers credit to clients. The site provides analytical materials on digital asset quotes. Technical support is available via online chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Would investing in Glofen offer the best returns?

Partnering with this company is most likely to lead you to financial losses. It would be helpful if you understood the high risks of investing with an anonymous firm on an unstable platform. Unfavorable results are more likely when interacting with HYIPs and highly volatile digital assets.

Does Glofen carry out withdrawals?

By examining documents and reviews from users of the platform, we found that this company may refuse clients to withdraw funds or block their accounts. If you had a negative or positive experience, let us know about it in the comments.

May I be scammed on

Yes, there is a big risk when investing in this resource with a questionable company location. As for the license, we followed the link on the site to the register of regulated companies in Sweden and did not find this organization there. In addition, communication with the site is constantly interrupted, and new information appears that has nothing to do with asset trading.

What's the best way to share my experience with

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How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2019
Minimum deposit: 500$
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies
Yield: 5%
Legend: real estate, mining, cryptocurrency, binary options, Forex, CBD
Investment term: mid
Payment period: daily
Automatic reinvestment: No

12 reviews (+8 fake) about Glofen

  1. Collins
    April 12
    Easy use, most of the biggest companies already on the platform. Free money it’s always Welcome and transparent system.
    Fake comment
  2. Robert
    February 29
    Good project
    I’ve recently discovered Cannabis and CFDs Cash, which are part of an emerging global company that seems promising. Like many, I've lost a significant amount of money in the volatile crypto industry. Nevertheless, I've become more discerning in avoiding scams, and I now have confidence in, believing that it will protect my investments.
    Fake comment
  3. Mike
    February 28
    I have a friend who recently signed up and is currently exploring the platform. I prefer to fully understand the process before actively pursuing affiliate building. Also, be sure to explore the other investment options available—they offer some intriguing programs.
    Fake comment
  4. Danny Rochester
    February 20
    Innovative Least-efforts Investing
    Glofen excels in many areas. The platform is user-friendly and offers a broad selection of assets and ETFs. Additionally, transferring funds to and from a dollar bank account is free of charge. As a Platinum+ member, you might receive complimentary invites to exclusive sports events and gain free access to The Economist. Their support team has consistently been helpful and responsive to inquiries related to account or tax matters.

    I am satisfied with the platform's innovative investment solutions, such as Smart Folio and Copy Trader. I also appreciate the expertise and service provided by my account manager, William H., who is very knowledgeable.
    Fake comment
  5. Manny C
    February 20
    Glofen is probably the best multi asset…
    Glofen stands out as an exceptional multi-asset platform that's user-friendly and offers a range of practical features.

    Their club features are impressive, but the highlight for me is the access to a dedicated relationship manager (RM). I can contact my RM, George, via call, WhatsApp, or email, which is a significant convenience. He has been incredibly responsive and helpful in guiding me through the Glofen processes and has even assisted with setting up accounts for my family. This personalized support is invaluable, making it the most important aspect of the service for me.
    Fake comment
  6. Rolf
    February 20
    Awesome opportunity
    These programs often seem like scams, but offers the visibility and accessibility I trust, which is why I'm comfortable recommending it. My motivation isn't commission-based; I only promote it when approached.

    I joined Glofen because of my 15-year friendship with Wayne; we've experienced both successes and failures together. Although my other program might appear more dubious, my strategy to retrieve my initial investment within 30 to 40 days has usually worked, allowing me to enjoy subsequent profits risk-free. I've successfully repeated this process and hope to continue growing my earnings. 😉
    Fake comment
  7. Brian Herzog
    February 20
    Great experience with
    I decided to invest with my upline's company after observing their performance. Currently, I've invested under $3,000 but plan to add an additional $3,000 to $4,000 this month. Their 120-day program, offering daily returns of 1.5 to 5 percent, appeals to me despite the waiting period due to its potential for growth. Having experienced losses in other ventures, I'm eager to recoup those funds quickly.

    I'm satisfied with Glofen and am not seeking alternative investment opportunities at the moment. However, I'm open to exploring other options if my situation changes.

    Glofen provides exceptional service and optimal investment options, particularly for those in the United States. They offer reassurance to those who have incurred losses in other programs and are committed to providing excellent customer support and financial control over your investments. Great project
    Fake comment
  8. Rose
    February 20
    Glofen GFT Project is committed to delivering excellent service since its inception. The company has a dedicated team that provides timely and effective customer support, which is commendable. They ensure their products meet high-quality standards to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty, employing strategic measures to enhance performance. The website's user-friendly design facilitates easy navigation, even for those unfamiliar with online shopping. prioritizes secure payment methods to safeguard customer financial information and aligns with business objectives for seamless transactions. Additionally, they offer fast and reliable transaction options, ensuring customers quickly receive their withdrawal orders from their preferred exchanges..
    overall, it’s kinda impressive to most of us here in Japan.
    Fake comment
  9. Marius
    February 16
    Great improvement.
    Most of you may not be familiar with this business, but it's important to recognize the ambitious goals of this project. Governments worldwide are experimenting with Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), with some already in circulation. The Glofen system aims to offer an alternative, prioritizing privacy and safeguarding individual freedoms, which some fear may be compromised by CBDCs.

    Developing such a comprehensive ecosystem is a significant undertaking given its complexity, but progress is being made, and the system has been functioning effectively around the globe. It's now our opportunity to realize the potential of this alternative investment. Many may question its merits, but it is distinct from most other options available.
  10. Val Glitcher
    February 7
    Cheaters and Thieves!
    Investors, do not believe in this HYIP. How can traders invest $500 in this scam, because there are trustworthy proven brokers! I specially pretended to the managers that I was ready to work for and played a show in front of them for a couple of days that I did not want to deposit a large amount at once and categorically refuse to work with cryptocurrency. They sent me a contract, according to which I have to transfer my $500 to the account of their other company in Lithuania. I can't meet with them as they have no office, no certificates, nothing. Glofen company is engaged in deception. I assume that managers of this company earn interest from clients' money - the more money they persuade you to transfer, the more money you will lose. Accordingly, then the fake company and their fraudulent managers will earn more. I recommend you, before opening an account here, ask for the broker's documents and check the copies for photomontage, read reviews and testimonials not on their website, but on independent sites.
    1. Ted Goldsmith DPC
      February 16
      Dedicated to be my favorite.
      Yes, they're truly impressive—I have no complaints. Additionally, I can reinvest my profits after each investment cycle concludes. I typically reinvest to boost my account, accelerating weekly growth and increasing my daily earnings.
      The future of Glofen is becoming more interesting than expected and hopes for the success.
  11. goodscore
    February 3
    My conclusion
    The site does not inspire confidence, the design is cheesy, and the pages constantly disappear and reappear. I believe that if the site is bad, it means that its owner has no money for a normal designer or no desire to invest in the development of the company. However, if glofen do not invest money in the development of the project, it means that they are not going to work for a long time, which means that the "false one-day broker" will make money quickly on inexperienced beginners and disappear.
  12. A_T_V
    January 28
    I don't want that kind of profit
    The company promises significant profits. The site has suggestions for those who want to start investing but still feel very unsure. Yes, you won't learn trading from books, you need to practice with real money. It may seem like a great idea to you to invest your capital in a platform that guarantees a profit of 5% per day. However, glofen can hardly be called not only a good but even just a broker, as there is no copy of the financial activity license, and most likely this Cypriot broker is not regulated in Switzerland or any other country. I am not against CFD trading, but I absolutely do not want to make money on marijuana or its derivatives. I am against the promotion of any drug products, regardless of the possibility of huge profits, these are my beliefs. I am not imposing my opinion on you on this matter.
  13. Star
    January 20
    Are these licenses real?
    I never realized whether this company is legally operating or not? Withdrawals take a long time on glofen and you can only order small amounts. I worked successfully in December and until the middle of January, and then I started to drain the whole account (more than 5 thousand dollars). I don't know what to do now.
  14. Flash
    January 18
    Excellent automated trading
    I trade on Diamond tariff with over $100,000 in balance. The broker offers me customized trading conditions which are very convenient. Automatic trading shows great results, at the end of the month, I see great progress on my account 👍 The principle of earning is as follows: Glofen calculates each day the interest balance, subtracting interest or incomplete transactions and all repaid credit lines. This net balance is multiplied by a daily rate of 5%. The accrued interest is totaled weekly and then added to my account balance. I can get additional benefits with this amount of deposit transfers per month, in the form of reinvestment. Managers and consultants are very friendly and competent 😀 they tell me how to react to some important factors, prompt me about the consequences of some events, in general, they follow the market well. I recommend you to try attractive conditions on, the broker has quite adequate margin requirements - it is one of the best services in the network of all that I have seen.
  15. Ferud Isak
    January 14
    No deposit withdrawal
    I've been trying to get my $500 refund for a month now, I earned this money honestly. My initial deposit was $3000, and what's left of it is a trifle:( But the broker didn't approve any applications for me!!! You must draw your own conclusions about the reliability of the company, and I have no desire to argue with them, let my money stay with the crooks, and I'd rather find a normal broker, it will be better than working with this fake company glofen!
  16. DevilDiablo
    January 8
    The truth about this company is hidden very deep from the customers and it is impossible for an ordinary person like me and you to know it! Unless of course you come across honest reviews about this company. I lost €62,000, I had to mortgage my apartment to apply for a loan and still have a bunch of debts from loans. But this is not the end of my nightmare, I have been contacted by "pseudo" law firms who have collected a total of €8,500 from me, I thought I would never pay off these debts. I hope that at least someone from the future victims of glofen will read my review and will not give money to scammers! I have all the evidence that they are fraudsters and they are located offshore! I have bank statements confirming my transactions to their account in Lithuania, I have scans of correspondence with employees, audio recordings, and trading history.
  17. NoComm
    January 8
    There are significant risks
    This platform, at first glance, seems to be a promising intermediary with a reliable capital custody system. Clients sometimes write that the broker is one of the fastest growing, and also that it is attentive to each investor. I don't believe it yet, I haven't experienced all these advantages, because I am very much confused by glofen's lack of a package of necessary documents. The broker needs to get the licenses it talks about, otherwise the financial activities of the organization will be illegal, and therefore, users will have much more risks than when cooperating with trusted brands.
  18. Valery
    December 25
    I don't understand the reasons for the failures
    I don't know whether it's a ridiculous coincidence or a competent fraudulent idea, but I started to have big problems with the terminal operation. Due to constant slippages and requotes, my $2,500 balance is down to less than half!
  19. sdf
    December 23
    Test the terminal first
    I have withdrawn funds already 2 times, there were no delays and new checks, and the money reached within an hour. However, there are problems in the work of the platform, and if you are not sure about its settings, then try a demo account first, and you will understand whether you are ready to trade here or not.

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