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GoldNRise is the Forex and CFD broker founded in late 2022. In addition to trading, users have access to additional features such as investing, currency exchange, bitcoin duplicating, and analytics. The official website lists the office address in the UK and a phone number from the US. However, there is no information on where the company is legally registered. The company does not have a license for broker activities.

Trading Conditions

GoldNRise offers five trading accounts to choose from:

  • Entry
  • Basic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

The minimum deposit is $500. Additional services available include access to analysts, bonuses, account insurance, and 24/5 technical support. Customers can trade independently or under the guidance of an experienced trader.

The trading platform used is FxPro MT5, and users can trade CFDs on cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and indices. Multiple deposit methods are available, including bank cards, payment systems (such as Webmoney, and PayPal), and a cryptocurrency wallet.

During registration, users can enter a promo code, indicating that GoldNRise has a partnership program, although the full terms of it are unknown to us.


Would investing in GoldNRise offer the best returns?

CFD trading carries a high risk of loss, so it is not advisable to rely too heavily on making a profit.

Does GoldNRise carry out withdrawals?

We don't know. There are few reviews about the project because it appeared recently. Write us your opinion about the broker.

May I be scammed on

This is an unregistered and unlicensed company, so the risk of fraud is high.

What's the best way to share my experience with GoldNRise?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if GoldNRise is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

14 reviews about GoldNRise

  1. FAER666
    June 10
    Everything's good, no complaints
    GoldNRise is a good broker. Yes, it's a young company, and some documents are still missing, but everything's ahead. The most important thing is that the firm provides all the conditions for trading. The platform is good and well-known, transactions go quickly, and spreads are also comfortable. And most importantly, the money arrived in the account on the same day the application was processed. What else do you need for comfortable trading?
  2. vtar
    June 8
    I don't trust it.
    Is it worth expecting quality broker services here? Definitely not. The company GoldNRise can't even properly indicate their legal address and doesn't even get me started on licenses. The broker doesn't seem like a trustworthy company.
  3. Sam
    June 8
    Is the platform definitely related to MetaTrader?
    I opened the GoldNRise trading platform and didn't find anything related to MetaTrader. I regularly trade on this platform, so I know what I'm talking about. It seems like this newly created fraudulent company has made its own proprietary and confusing trading terminal and is offering users to trade on it. And transactions on such fake platforms, by the way, are not withdrawn to the external market. I'm sure these scammers are simply drawing charts.
  4. skv-nev
    June 6
    Tell me about the partnership program
    Strangely, you can register with GoldNRise using a promo code, but there are no conditions for participating in the referral program in the personal account. There's verification and profile editing, but there are no terms of the referral program. Why doesn't the broker want to tell its customers more about additional ways of earning? Maybe someone among the users knows something?
  5. 2009
    June 5
    GoldNRise blocked my acc
    I deposited the money, and my profile got blocked right away! I'm in a panic. Who do I call, who do I write to?
  6. RockMan
    June 1
    Another Forex kitchen, it's already laughable.
    So what do these GoldNRise guys offer? That's right, another platform for trading CFDs! They promise to "make your future golden" and help you start trading. But in reality, on every page of this site, there's a mention that the risk of losing your funds is very high. And in the document, it's even stated that the scammers are not responsible for losses. Are you aware that the company exists for only a few months and can go out of business at any time with your money?
  7. Gamer
    May 25
    Listen to me, I am an experienced trader
    So, now I will list the reasons why you should not trust GoldNRise.
    1. Short lifespan. You should trade with companies that were founded at least 10 years ago, and preferably more. Do you know when GoldNRise appeared? In December 2022! Can you guarantee that the firm will not close tomorrow? There are no guarantees.
    2. No license. With such trading conditions, no regulator will give this broker any license. High leverage, some huge bonuses — it is obvious that no regulator will approve of this.
    3. The registration address is not specified. I heard somewhere that the broker belongs to a company registered in Belize, but this still does not say anything because Belize is an offshore zone.
    4. The trading platform has nothing to do with MetaTrader! This is their proprietary terminal with a similar name.

    In short, my verdict is that this is an unequivocal scam.
  8. Ivo77760
    May 24
    Be careful, folks!
    GoldNRise has some strange conditions. They offer users some huge bonuses. I was suspicious when I saw this because a no-name company cannot suddenly come up with so much money. I looked into it, and I found out that this bonus needs to be worked off multiple times. In other words, no one will give it to you just like that. Moreover, given that trading on such platforms often leads to losses, there is a high chance that you will also be in debt to these scammers. In their user agreement, it is explicitly stated that you may end up in a situation where you will be compensating them for their losses. Don't fall for it, guys.
  9. okykyo
    May 8
    They never responded to my messages
    I did not see anything good in GoldNRise. I tried to get in touch with their managers, but they never responded to my messages. It is too risky to register there.
  10. valut
    May 7
    My rating is 5 stars
    The broker GoldNRise is not that bad, and all the negative reviews are obviously fake.
  11. steve3
    May 4
    I don't like the platform.
    Despite the variety of different instruments, I didn't like the platform from GoldNRise. It's not even MetaTrader. It's some kind of proprietary trading terminal. The spreads there are huge and trades are executed slowly. With such trading, you can lose all your money…
  12. IGZARM
    April 27
    Do they keep calling you too?
    I don't know about you, but I'm tired of receiving daily calls from GoldNRise. I have told them several times that I'm not interested in their offers, but they keep calling! Even at night, they are shameless! And I can't block them because they call from different numbers. Initially, I tried to talk to them politely, but now I curse at them. And to think that they don't work well or honestly based on the reviews and fail to return the money. It's no surprise, really, since they have no reason to be calling strangers otherwise.
  13. PeaceY
    April 24
    GoldNRise — scammers!!!
    Criminals, return the money!!! Granny gave you the money she was saving up for medical treatment, and she can't withdraw it from your platform! We will find ways to get what's ours back if you don't process the withdrawal request right now!!!!
  14. Lana
    April 21
    Well, I was a fool to believe them.
    I wasn't even planning to do trading, but GoldNRise found me and called me. I liked the fact that the broker offered support from an analyst at every stage since I am a beginner. I started with the minimum amount, which was $500. However, the analyst's advice was useless, and my account balance kept decreasing.

    I found a traders' chat, and everyone there told me that I was a fool. Apparently, I had started working with an unlicensed, illegal broker. Broker had no positive reputation and could not have one as the company was founded only last year (someone told me how to check this). Having little hope, I decided to withdraw my money, and I have been waiting for three weeks now. They say that it is useless to sue the company because it is operating illegally.

    The only conclusion here is to thoroughly check the information about brokers on the internet to avoid coming across types like GoldNRise.

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