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Greid exchange is operated by the owner “CRYPTO ARBY TRADE LIMITED” which is based in London, England. Meanwhile, the company does not disclose its history and start date, and its User Agreement was updated on May 19, 2021. As for the domain, it was registered in 2008 and renewed in December 2023. It is worth noting that customer disputes are subject to the law of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

However, before you decide to entrust this crypto exchange with your funds and personal data, you should read our review. We will conduct a thorough analysis of the reliability and legality of its activities.

Investment Conditions

Greid allows users to register an account on this site, where they can track transaction history and balance figures. The project has the following products – P2P trading, spot, futures, options, and instant digital coin exchange.

You can use your cryptocurrency wallet, Greid Visa card, trading bots, or trading on a demo account on the platform. You can deposit crypto coins (Bitcoin, Lightcoin, Ethereum) and withdraw them from your wallet. The exchange provides customers with a large set of services, some of them are:

  1. Copy trading – automatic option to replicate the strategies of the best traders
  2. Launch Panel – access to new crypto projects at the first stage of their implementation
  3. ETH Staking 2.0 – income of 5-20% on blockchain funds for a certain period
  4. Listing of tokens on the exchange – the offer is published within 48 hours
  5. Greid Ventures – a fund of crypto projects with great potential

Customers can buy cryptocurrency on the platform using Greid cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. The referral system and “Reward for mistakes” program give all advanced users an opportunity for additional earnings.

The owner of the site has the right to unilaterally change the cost and types of services at any time, without notice to customers. CRYPTO ARBY TRADE LIMITED may block ‌access to your account without explanation.

Users risk losing a balance of more than $500 if they do not activate a premium account, the essence of which does not apply to the exchange. The 24-hour support chat specified in the list of services is unavailable. The project has its own accounts on social network X and a Telegram channel.


Would investing in Greid offer the best returns?

Cooperating with this service can lead to financial losses and disappointment. Non-transparent trading services make it an unreliable investment partner.

Does Greid carry out withdrawals?

The company can deny clients' withdrawals without a reason, as stated in the User Agreement. Negative user reviews confirm the withdrawal problem. You can share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The site raises serious doubts about the reliability and legitimacy of its owner. The absence of licenses, registration certificates, and a very cheap interface are a warning about possible fraud on the part of this company.

What's the best way to share my experience with Greid?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Affiliate program: Referral
Leverage: Not indicated
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Cryptocurrencies

15 reviews about Greid

  1. uralam
    January 9
    Not an exchange, but a fraudulent company
    Managers do everything possible to drain the money of customers that was deposited in the account of the exchange. I’ve never seen such big requotes (5-10 minutes each!) anywhere, even on the worst so-called forex resources. I deposited a small amount of money on greid (less than 800 dollars) and more than half of this deposit that I put in my account on this exchange, I ended up draining. The good thing is that the managers let me withdraw a small balance, and the good thing is that I deposited an insignificant amount of money with this fraudulent company. Believe me, it will be better for you to start trading on the most famous TOP exchanges than to take risks on unknown projects.
  2. milka5
    December 30
    SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!!
    This is not an exchange or investment company with access to the world's trading floors, but a banal scam, in which I lost 3 thousand dollars.
  3. SWEETY2626
    December 25
    A lot of options that I find difficult to use
    This crypto exchange demonstrates the very example when the owner of the platform wants to make money on everything, but can not provide high-quality functionality. Cryptocurrency exchange Greid has added everything to the site that can be added to the interface and to the terminal 👎 actually a lot of buttons - P2P trading, spot trading, futures trading, binary options, crypto accounts - but all this is not translated into any language, and even in English everything is written incomprehensibly. I know what all this is done for, but if there is such a multifunctional service, it should be developed efficiently, if a developer is trying for clients, first of all. Accounts of the exchange in social networks are scrambled by bots, and in fact, there are no real clients here, except for three crazy traders who trade here.
  4. korboffos
    December 22
    I am researching this project
    Unfortunately, there's an awfully large percentage when buying, selling, exchanging, and withdrawing money on the platform. If greid will reduce the interests for all services, all users will be happy. My opinion is this - an exchange should make a profit, but at the same time and clients must be satisfied, otherwise over time we'll all move to other exchanges.
  5. amik
    December 21
    I did not like the support service
    The exchange has good functionality, but you need to ask for help periodically, but tech support can't tell you anything, there are a bunch of nuances in crypto, customers have a bunch of problems and they get long answers, and sometimes - consultants are not able to help you. This immediately reduces the level of greid, even if I previously considered this exchange to be quality and reliable, it doesn’t matter, I can't recommend it, since there is no normal support here.
  6. al5487
    December 15
    Multifunctional platform for working with crypto
    An interesting platform that combines cryptocurrency wallet, crypto exchange, exchanger, payment system and other services. I like such projects, if a person is interested in crypto, then he won't have to look for where to buy it, where to store, where to exchange coins, where to earn on the rate, etc. Everything is in one place. The only problem may be only that it is not always profitable. For example, as an exchanger greid does not always offers a favorable rate. Sometimes it’s easier for me to find another online converter, exchange money there, and then transfer it to greid. I'm satisfied with this platform as a wallet for everything. The wallet doesn't force you to use the automatically selected commission. You can reduce or increase it so that the crypto is transferred to the recipient slower or faster. Depending on the network load at the time of sending, the system shows how long the transfer will take approximately at the selected commission. Figures, of course, ‌are very approximate, but you can estimate the time. You can also make money with some new coins. In general, a convenient wallet, which is no worse than analogs. It supports all major coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum with its tokens, etc.
  7. Leccy
    December 7
    Lots of services doesn't mean they're good
    I used this exchange a couple of times - I bought BTC here. I wasn't really interested in other products like wallet, card, trading, etc. Besides, they aren't available for all countries. I don't have much confidence in the reliability of Greid. The thing is that this project was managed for many years by one team, which quickly phased out the service in 2016, failing to fulfill obligations to some clients. Such a stain on ‌one’s reputation speaks volumes... I won't trust my money to such projects. In addition, the owners of the site can't concentrate on one thing, and try to develop all the directions that are in cryptocurrency at once. And they don't always do this well. On the other hand, I'm ready to use the site as an exchange service - I have no complaints about this area of business. I exchanged BTC at a favorable rate and got much more money than it would have been on other exchangers. Buying crypto in Greid is quite simple, it takes only a few minutes. This exchange charges a high transaction fee when sending BTC to a client, so you don't have to wait 24 hours for your money. Other services may work just as well, but I haven't tested them yet.
    November 18
    Terrible service
    I constantly see web-terminal freezing, every time I withdraw funds, require me to reload the documents to confirm my identity, which makes me nervous, because the security service check them at least a day and then I have to wait for withdrawal of funds at least two to three days.
  9. vidfg
    November 9
    I have not been able to evaluate the trade
    The site is very bad. I couldn't even register as everything freezes and disconnects. What kind of work can we talk about here: you don't close a trade in time, you close it when you don't have to. I'm leaving this hopeless business...
  10. khss
    October 15
    You are better off choosing another crypto exchange
    Greid has a lot of flaws. You should not trade here, otherwise, be prepared to face a lot of problems. Fees and commissions everywhere are big and of different kinds. The delays with transfers are colossal! Delays with purchases for several hours! I lost more than 300$ just from crypto transfers and 150$ from managers not being able to handle buying and selling crypto assets efficiently.
  11. grab81
    September 20
    I have been waiting for my money for more than four days
    I have never seen such a long withdrawal as on this crypto exchange :( I need to withdraw all my money from here and move to some more adequate exchange, because greid is getting worse and worse.
  12. Pohol
    September 9
    My account was blocked
    I deposited a small amount into my wallet, less than £200, but soon my greid account was blocked. Managers took the money and tech support doesn't answer :( So, I don't recommend this company, I even think they are scammers and blocked my wallet on purpose.
  13. yuvel
    September 2
    Good wallet
    The service at is very cool because everything is at your fingertips, in one place. That is, you don't have to waste time, which we all don't have much of anyway, searching for good exchanges, wallets, payment systems, etc. Here's one of the best crypto wallets. Fast withdrawal of coins makes me very happy, and the most important thing is that the commission for withdrawal you can choose yourself. The service will also accrue you a reward for staking bitcoin. In general, this service is great and I like it.
  14. irc-set
    August 13
    Another cryptocurrency dump
    The owners of the site have one goal - to attract as many traders as possible and cheat them. I don't consider myself a beginner in crypto coins, but I fell into their fraudulent scheme like a child. I was confused when registering that first you need to make an account, and only then you can find out the terms of the resource. I decided to use a crypto wallet, which was issued by the system, and deposited the equivalent to 200 euros in bitcoins, as a result, all the money was withdrawn from my account by unknown person, and the letter came to my e-mail that the account was hacked due to the unreliability of the password. You need to guard your capital from greid if you don't want to get into the same story as me.
  15. Mischen
    August 4
    I waited 20 days for verification!!!
    I do not recommend this service to anyone, because you just get tired of waiting for verification. Tech support responds with banal answers saying "wait", it's better to choose some other exchange, the first impression is already spoiled, and unknown how the exchange works with withdrawal... So think for yourself, I wouldn't recommend it!

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