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The website is owned and operated by Grossfield Limited, which claims to be registered in the UK and lists an office address in London. Besides, in the “Who We Are” section, the company mentions decades of history without providing any facts to back it up. It’s worth noting that the domain was only created in October 2023. Meanwhile, the project does not have a license for financial activity. Finally, the interface supports English (by default), Russian, and Italian, although the Terms and Conditions are shown in English only.

Can this company fulfill its attractive promises of exceptional liquidity and favorable trading conditions? Do its managers really have unique experience and have been providing stable earnings to their clients for decades? We will understand the technical and legal aspects and draw conclusions on these issues.

Trading Conditions

Grossfield Limited offers trading CFD on different asset groups. Traders have access to intelligent leverage options, fast execution, and low spreads. In addition, the broker is ready to process all types of trading orders, including market, pending, trailing, and stop orders. However, despite the high entry threshold of €2,000, the project does not have a demo account.

There are 4 account types available for clients, which are structured by minimum deposit amount. You can choose an account from the following offers:

  1. BRONZA from €2,000 – Typical spreads from 0.8 pips, Leverage 1:100, Min. Trade Size 0.01, Access to Forex, Low Commission, Personal Manager.
  2. Silver from €5,000 – Typical spreads from 0.6 pips, Leverage 1:100, Min. Trade Size 0.01, Access to Forex and Commodities, Low Commission, Personal Manager, Access to Collective Webinars.
  3. GOLD from €20,000 – Typical spreads from 0.5 pips, Leverage 1:200, Min. Trade Size 0.01, No commission, Personal Manager and Analyst, Access to Forex, Commodities, Indices.
  4. VIP from €100,000 – Typical spreads from 0.4pips, Leverage 1:200, Min. Trade Size 0.01, No commission, Personal Manager, Analyst, Signals, Access to Forex, Commodities, Metals, Stocks, and Indices.

The affiliate program of Grossfield Limited includes offers for regular traders and introducing brokers. The company does not provide other additional services, or at least does not describe them on the official website.

The security service regularly checks clients’ personal data. However, the legal owners of the platform hide information about themselves and do not show copies of their legal documents on the site. 

Payments are made using bank cards and e-wallets, including cryptocurrency ones. The broker promises to provide internal technical support in “many languages,” but does not specify which ones. There are no educational services on the website, but there is a description of the trading process on the platform and a section with news on global financial markets.


Would investing in Grossfield Limited offer the best returns?

Cooperation with this broker is more likely to result in a loss of funds for you. Risky CFD trading is prohibited in the USA, while European regulators allow leverage of no more than 1:30. The terms and conditions of this company are against the interests of users' safety.

Does Grossfield Limited carry out withdrawals?

You are likely to encounter problems. Customer reviews about the company indicate difficulties with the withdrawal procedure. If you have already cooperated with this broker, then leave your comments, and share with us what pros and cons you found.

May I be scammed on

There is no information on the website about the company's history, license, or regulator, which is a classic sign of a fraudulent broker. In addition, the interface design is very cheap and the project has a fresh domain, which contradicts the claim of decades of work of the firm.

What's the best way to share my experience with Grossfield Limited?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Introducing Broker
Minimum deposit: 2140$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

12 reviews about Grossfield Limited

  1. Ilona Scusja
    February 1
    Grossfield Limited e una truffa organizzata, e un shou,mai riceve soldi indietro.Это одна из многих преступных организаций онлайн.вложите деньги,вам будут показывать как вы много зарабатываете,но как только вы захотите снять деньги,никто вам их не отдаст.они уже не ваши.
  2. scam
    December 12
    100% scam
    Dont even try to put your money in!!! I I left a request and on next day someone called me from their company(named Alexander), he explained me during 1 hour how to register(registration is simple with no authentication) and asked to put money on website. I denied his request, said that i will do it next time and he and he began annoyingly asking me to deposit money, I hung up and he started calling me several times and over the next few days they also called, telling me to deposit money on their website. Its definitely a scam, because they do not enter into any contracts, the site itself is cheap without any functionality, and registration does not require any authentication.
  3. lexlex
    November 8
    Do not put your investment in this imitation terminal
    If you invest your money here, you will never get it back again. When you register here, you don't even have to confirm your name, and when you want to withdraw your funds, you will be checked with unprecedented enthusiasm, demanding all new documents! The 1:200 leverage hints with great certainty that there is no regulation. And so it is in fact, in front of you is an illegal broker, which does not have any license. Besides, I will also tell you about the fact that this is a B-book forex scheme, where the platform itself processes traders' trades internally, rather than transferring them to a liquidity provider or ECN. This is a conflict of interest. Grossfield company is interested in traders' losses, as it is its bread. The platform here is the most primitive. It cannot even be called a terminal, it is just an imitation of a platform. In fact, the whole site is an imitation of the broker. So I advise you to stay away, then you will not lose a lot of money in the most stupid way!!!
  4. uzodamun
    November 6
    I believed the rascals in vain...
    Hello friends! You should not believe in the advertisements of such pseudo-brokers... I wish I had known about the existence of such scammers in the Italian internet space, I thought their sites were blocked and I wish there had been a professional around to tell me that a week ago when I invested here €24,000 to do forex trading.... now I can't get my money back because it turned out not to be a broker but a scam that finds fools like me and steals our money... I feel bad and can not trust anyone...
  5. nordgar
    November 6
    My positive feedback
    For me trading on is quite comfortable and profitable, except that the demo version is lacking and the minimum deposit amount is high. But there is a good affiliate program, there is a personal analyst and manager, and there is help from the broker. Withdrawal of funds is made quickly, and the platform is lag-free, I have enough assets and tools for trading. I do not notice any disadvantages of the service.
  6. shumar
    November 6
    Fraudulent classic way to deceive customers
    I always check unfamiliar brokerage companies. It is not difficult to do so. "The website is operated by Grossfield Limited, which has with registration number 01611036" is the information you can find in the footer of this fraudulent website. If you try to search for this organization using the given registration number, the UK registry will indeed give you a company with this name, but this company has a different registered office and its founding date is 1982. These are the things that tell you that is a fraudulent site created using someone else's name for the sake of attracting gullible people. A common move by con artists to steal your money. Such an example will serve you to expose other fraudulent sites. By the way, this is the reason why I always double-check every detail, every piece of information, every fact, so that it is true. And there are so many such fake brokers on the internet.
  7. Maxximus
    November 3
    The broker has an obviously high threshold for entry
    Maybe for British traders to start from a few thousand dollars - it is normal practice, but not for residents of Eastern Europe. The amount is too large for risk. I personally am not ready to test the work of the site with such a large amount. Especially since there is very little information about the company and it can not be determined for sure - whether it is reliable or not.
  8. trasterko
    November 3
    Swindlers and crooks!!! SCAM!!! DON'T TRUST THEM!!!
    SCAMMERS!!! WARNING!!! This is another site of the same crooks and scammers. Do not believe them. I have fallen into their fraudulent networks before and lost more than 12 thousand euros - DO NOT BELIEVE IT!!
  9. foxerg
    November 1
    I can't get my deposit back, what should I do?
    I invested 3,200 euros here and I did it in vain. First of all, the promised services are never provided to me. Where is my personal manager?! I do not know that. Spreads here are at least from 3 points, I have not met lower. And clients have to pay an additional commission. In the end, it turns out that it is very expensive to trade here, and you will face very high costs. I have little experience, but I still see that it is not profitable here, because I have traded with another broker before, where I spent 3-4 times less on costs. Secondly, the platform of Grossfield Limited is weak. I thought that maybe I would get used to it or that the developers would improve it. But no, there is little functionality as well as trading assets. For example, you can't upload your own indicators, you can't upload your own customization templates. The platform is only in the web browser, there is no special program for PC. But the terminal has other problems in its poor and terrible performance: the site is constantly freezing and lagging, and the speed of order execution is simply the slowest I've seen. Meanwhile, there are still problems: I have been waiting for several days for my withdrawal request to be processed. I got tired of trading here and put all the remaining money, about 4 thousand dollars, for withdrawal. I emailed Grossfield Limited 3 days later to inquire about the status of my application, but I still haven't received a response. I am almost 100% sure that my money was stolen by these scammers. And that this is not a broker at all, but an ordinary scam that I should not have invested in. Does anyone else have the same problems with the withdrawal of money? Give me an answer please, I want to know what I should do.
  10. pall24
    October 20
    The platform raises doubts about its reliability
    I was interested in the project Grossfield Limited, but when studying the site in detail, I have a number of questions. First of all, there are doubts about the age of the company. If it really has been operating for a long time, why can't I find any information about it on the web? There is no huge amount reviews on English and Italian traders' forums. I have the impression that the authors of the project are not quite honest with potential clients, and I am always very alarmed by such moments.
  11. center
    October 19
    I earn good money
    The broker gives a good opportunity for profit. It offers small spreads, but the commission is also low. The company does not interfere in the trading process. Be 100 percent sure that none of the managers will bother you with phone calls. No one will persuade you to replenish your deposit and will not impose anything on you, no one will steal money from you. There is simply no negativity on, the administration does not need any tricks. I realized that this is a serious organization, which earns its profits on commissions from the transactions of clients👍The shareholders of the company do not need any attempts to misappropriate your funds. This is an honest broker, where I have long been trading more often in the plus and earn good money, where I can withdraw profits unhindered, without long waiting for the approval of transfer requests.
  12. konstant
    October 18
    Why I will not trade here
    The platform has a very high threshold for entry, there is no demo version of the trading terminal on the site, there is also no application for mobile devices, and the broker does not offer training. In short, this is not the most suitable resource for me. Of course, I admit that trading on this site is super profitable, but you still need to check it, risking to lose 2 thousand euros. British Grossfield Limited is not included in the register of the FCA?! Don't you think that's strange? I can't find any reviews on the net confirming the reliability of the broker and its high profitability. Although to be fair, it should be noted that there is no hype demand for the services of this company at all.

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