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Henderson Palmer does not disclose any legal information about the company or the date of its incorporation. In addition, the website lists an office address in Singapore and telephone numbers for contact in the UK and Australia. However, the issue of regulating client disputes with the broker is not addressed in the Terms and Conditions. As for the domain, it was only registered in February 2023 in the Netherlands.

Should we trust our money to this company? Could it be a fake terminal masquerading as a legitimate platform in front of us? We will investigate the offers and documents presented on the website and give our opinion on the broker’s work.

Trading Conditions

A potential client undergoes registration and very strict verification in order to start trading on the site. According to AML Policy, the security service checks the residential address and source of income of citizens, as well as all legal and economic documentation of companies. Among the asset classes available on Henderson Palmer are forex, commodities, CFDs, stocks, stock indices, and cryptocurrencies.

The broker offers 7 types of accounts sorted by minimum amount, commission fees, and number of services offered. You can choose the option that suits you from the following:

  1. Micro £5,000 – 5% commission
  2. Basic £10,000 – 4.5% commission, loyalty points
  3. Advanced £25,000 – 4% commission, personal manager
  4. Premium £50,000 – 3.5% commission, extended CDCs
  5. Silver £100,000 – 3% commission, trading signals
  6. Gold £250,000 – 2.5% commission, trade reports
  7. Platinum, Upon request – 2% commission, dedicated analyst

VIP clients with accounts of 500,000 pounds and above receive maximum benefits. You can find out the details of the program from the company manager.

There is no Islamic account available on the site. Henderson Palmer does not accept US citizens and clients, individuals or companies, from countries that have restrictions or sanctions. 

You can read information on the specifics of trading each asset class in the “Articles” section of the site. In addition, free training is available for clients with a Level 2 (Basic) account and above.


Would investing in Henderson Palmer offer the best returns?

Here you can very easily lose your money rather than make a profit. Risky CFD trading on an unknown platform usually ends with this result.

Does Henderson Palmer carry out withdrawals?

Your deposit withdrawal request may not be fulfilled by the broker. Honest feedback from traders about this platform is mostly negative. If you have already accepted the broker's offer, then please leave a comment about your experience.

May I be scammed on hendersonpalmer.com?

This is a very dangerous site with a high risk of scams. We have already noted that there is a fresh domain and the broker is operating without a license from the regulators. This means that you won't get protection in any jurisdiction if your account is blocked.

What's the best way to share my experience with Henderson Palmer?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Henderson Palmer is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 6450$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

17 reviews about Henderson Palmer

  1. Ann Rowe
    December 16
    I lost so much money I am now broke thanks to the thieves. They appeared so helpful and legit yet it was all a big fat scam.
  2. Michael Scott
    October 27
    This is a SCAM site.
    Avoid this site or you will lose money. I speak from experience. I hope you heed this warning.
  3. G Smith
    October 20
    Absolute Scam. Should have knowing straight from the divert message when trying to apply online and someone called me straight away. made a profit but never seen any of it. Stay away from any fake AI adverts on X or any other platform.
  4. N Martin
    September 18
    Big risks
    Thought I would take a chance and was always sceptical and proved right unfortunately Amy was very plausible chatting and taking money but now no contact and money gone
  5. nii
    August 2
    Very large deposit amount
    I need training as a beginner. Although, it is not very clear how beginners can immediately decide to invest the amount from $6,450. And judging by the types of accounts, this is what the creators of this company assume. I did not decide to make a deposit, and I decided not to download the platform, as it seems to me, this service is only for experienced clients.
  6. Terry Rune
    August 2
    Non-transparent scam
    The company is as opaque as possible. Some incomprehensible people created this incomprehensible brokerage company incomprehensibly when. Anonymity is just about Henderson Palmer. As you know, in the brokerage business, anonymity is always a negative factor that you should definitely take into consideration. There is no specific legal information on the site, absolutely. The same can be said about everything else. The broker offers "open a free account and try it", but can't I just do a Demo account, why do I have to give information about myself? "Loyalty points" - what are they? If you start asking such questions, it is most likely that you will not be answered with anything specific. So I understood perfectly well that the creators of the company, who are completely anonymous, just want to swindle people out of their money.
  7. Allex Rush
    August 2
    Complete feeling that they are scammers
    I've been trading forex for a long time, but I stopped being satisfied with the broker where I've been trading lately. The company, of course, was reliable and trusted by me, but over time the spreads and commissions increased, reaching the level of unacceptable. Besides, I wanted more trading instruments. I closed my account and decided to go to another broker. I came to Henderson Palmer and started working. But trading on this platform was not so profitable. Every now and then deals were closed in minus. I started to understand what was happening. I noticed that orders were often executed with a big delay. At first, I wrote it all off to my Internet provider. I decided to try to work with another Internet provider, I have two of them. The result was the same. In general, it is very difficult to work under these conditions. I decided to withdraw the money I had left on my account, albeit with a negative result (I had invested £10,000 and had less than £4,000 left on deposit). I created a withdrawal request but the money from Henderson Palmer did not arrive. I have written to support but no reply, I don't understand anything but it feels like I have been scammed.
  8. yuzikb
    August 2
    I got a good start on forex
    When I registered on this platform, my trading experience was meager. And I say thank you to Henderson Palmer for the fact that the managers did not leave me alone with all the current financial and technical issues. Support solves all problems promptly, I am provided with useful consultations. Just a couple of days ago I withdrew almost $3,000 profit :)
  9. Ri R-boy
    August 1
    This is the most common fraud on the Internet
    Scammers have created a fake site, supposedly providing brokerage services, on Henderson Palmere offer various benefits, but in fact, they lie, and do it for the sake of attracting gullible people with money who will fall for it.
  10. nikksu
    July 31
    The broker has changed
    I traded here for a few months, but now it has become a completely different service. I am no longer completely satisfied with the results of cooperation.
  11. talian
    July 26
    You can't invest even 1 dollar here
    You need to understand that the broker has created account types in such a way that the higher the deposit, the more privileges are available. Thus, scammers are trying to lure foolish and rich traders who are ready to invest large sums in an unknown platform.
  12. GameBoss
    July 25
    Bastards who cheat people out of their money!!! I can't say it any other way....
  13. posttt
    July 23
    I lost faith in truthful comments
    I had to come to terms with my loss of money with this broker. There are scammers working here and I have seen it from my own experience. I have read a lot of fake reviews on the internet about Henderson Palmer, positive ones, where they tell what a cool broker it is, and how much you can earn here. That's why you can't read positive reviews because 100% of them are fake. Any positive review written about this firm is fake. No doubt about it. And also, scammers love to delete negative reviews because negative reviews tell the TRUTH about being thieves, scammers, and the like. I wouldn't be surprised if my comments get deleted after a while too.
  14. reload
    July 15
    I am doing well, the site is great
    With the help of this broker, I started earning well and steadily. Crypto trading was nothing more than a hobby or entertainment for me just another year ago. Now it is my main source of income. I started trading professionally when I started working with Henderson Palmer :))). My perception of forex trading has changed a bit, even though I'm new here, I'm already making great progress!
  15. Ross
    July 8
    I am getting a definite impression
    Initially, I was not always promptly provided with counseling. However, it was possible to make money with Henderson Palmer. I think that with time, the company has a chance to get to the top. The platform needs to update the software and needs to get a brokerage license, this takes time and user credit.
  16. Drednout
    July 5
    You will be left without a deposit
    Do not take risks, and do not feed scammers with money. They exist only at your expense, thanks to your gullibility:(
  17. Zein
    July 2
    The broker fully satisfy my trading needs
    I don't like to work on one asset all the time, that's why I make money on it. And there are a lot of good offers here. Withdrawal of deposit Henderson Palmer never delays, from creating a request to receiving funds, it takes a little more than 2-3 hours. I can boast that my last withdrawal was $950, I earned it in two days! Small disadvantages are also there, as well as in other brokers. For example, the trader has to give a lot of documentation to confirm personal details.

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