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High BTC Stock positions itself as a certified trading platform. The company also claims that it is registered in the UK, and it states the address of its office in London. In spite of this, there is no confirmation of the broker’s registration on the official website. In addition, it does not disclose the date of creation of the project and talks about its “many years of experience”. As for the domain, it was registered only in July 2023. It’s worth noting that the platform’s Terms of Use states that the materials on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution International License. However, the firm is not regulated in any jurisdiction and does not have a mandatory UK brokerage license, which it promises to place in the footer of every page of the website. Finally, the interface supports 8 languages, including Spanish and Korean.

Can you safely invest your funds in this service? How profitable is trading on this platform? We will analyze the technical and legal aspects of this brokerage company and provide you with our competent opinion about it.

Trading Conditions

High BTC Stock offers CFD trading to clients, promising fast trade execution and competitive rates. After registering, you will receive tighter spreads, which contribute to a higher return on your investment in this project. Trading online on this platform is attractive to traders for the following reasons:

  • There is no need to download software. Access is directly through the website.
  • Web trading is compatible with all types of operating systems and devices, including cell phones.
  • Manual updates are eliminated as the platform is updated automatically in real time.
  • The basic trading account assumes a minimum deposit of 250 dollars to start the client’s work on the terminal.

The trading service offers users 7 types of tariff plans structured by the minimum investment amount. You can open a personal account with suitable trading conditions with a deposit size ranging from 10,000 euros to 1,000,000 euros. In addition, an Islamic account with social trading and regular spreads is available to you. After selecting the account type, you need to register and provide the firm with your personal information.

The broker states that it may share customers’ personal data with any third parties, including information about EU citizens. You must submit an application to High BTC Stock to prohibit such action. However, if you have provided personal data before the time of your application, or you are not an EU citizen, then the ban on such transfer of information does not apply. 

A minimum deposit of $250 is only possible if you use a bank card to make the deposit. The broker will require you to deposit a larger initial amount if you pay by another payment method. You will be awarded bonuses according to the loyalty program, which depends on your account status. However, you will have to trade with a certain amount of funds before you can withdraw the prize money and its equivalent deposit amount.

There’s also a High BTC Stock blog on the site, but it was empty at the time of our research. For analytics, there is a ticker for the TradingView platform. Beginners will be provided with educational materials such as videos and e-books. Clients can participate in customized training sessions with experts and joint webinars.


Would investing in High BTC Stock offer the best returns?

You are unlikely to make a profit with this broker. There are many alarming signals on the site about its unsafe work – there is risky CFD trading, an unstable platform, and unknown trading conditions.

Does High BTC Stock carry out withdrawals?

The anonymous broker will not provide you with reliable withdrawals. It has no trading authority and provides services that are based on deception. This is what many traders are talking about in their comments. You, too, can share your opinion about this platform in a review.

May I be scammed on highbtcstock.com?

Such template websites are widely known for fraudulent schemes. The company has no certificate of incorporation and no brokerage license. Besides, the domain is new-registered. This is an unregulated forex broker that you will be dangerous to cooperate with.

What's the best way to share my experience with High BTC Stock?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if highbtcstock.com is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Assets: Forex, CFD

16 reviews about High BTC Stock

  1. Tomy
    April 11
    Dear pople,
    This Team of scammers will take you money and you will NEVER withdraw you money!!!!!
    Scam scam scam!!!!!
  2. PRIMO
    February 27
    mi experiencia empezó muy bien. Broker muy amable y cercano. todo parecia que iban a ser beneficios... empece con los 250€ y pronto me dijeron de ivertir 3000€ mas para ganar mas capital.... seguidamente, me dijeron que habia una oportunidad unica, que pagando un porcentaje de bitcoin ( unos 13000€ ) la empresa te daria un bono para poder comprar un bitcoin completo, por lo que el beneficio seria muy alto ya que el bitcoin estaba subiendo de manera exagerada.... asi lo hice y los beneficios ascendieron a unos 100000€. una vez quise hacer el retiro, mandamos el dinero a la plataforma coinbase wallet,( que por cierto, esta cuenta tras meterla en etherscan, es una cuenta " fake phishing " ) donde me pidieron una cantidad para la legalizacion del capital, otra para la tributacion, y cuando parecia que ya estaba todo, ahora me piden otra de comision de retiro, ademas de decirme que estoy siendo investigado por AML.. en fin. al final solo que aportar y aportar y no he podido retirar nada....
    un desastre .
    espero que nadie mas caiga en esta estafa, ya que puede suponer la ruina de cualquiera....
  3. ACP
    December 11
    Authentic SCAMMERS
    Authentic SCAMMERS, with everything very well organized. They call you to supposedly explain how it works, but it's all a lie, they create an account for you and sell you that you do nothing but make profits, while you continue contributing capital and making income until you say enough is enough. Then when you try to get the money they first ask for proof of funds, which is nothing more than another income for them, and then a settlement agreement, another income. When you have done that and only their part is missing, they put obstacles in your way, in my case I am in an investigation and the capital that has to be paid to me is withheld, and they even threaten you if you do not follow their guidelines. I have already put the complaint for SCAM in the hands of the Civil Guard. Reporting is the only thing we have left. Don't let it occur to anyone that you work with these scamming pirates.
  4. Alibaba
    October 8
    Right away, the cheap interface caught my eye
    This is a crookedly made site for 30 dollars. Apparently the company decided not to put a lot of money into the site or they found a bad developer. It may seem that I am picky, but I do not understand how a broker's(!) site can look like a one-page selling cheap Chinese toys! The broker obviously does not withdraw money to the interbank, and that is why I consider this terminal dangerous. This is based on my little experience, I am in trading only six months, during which I still saw different brokers, and I immediately see which of them offers contractual terms aimed at deceiving the client, and those who made the firm "one-day" to quickly collect money and get out of the game. I can only advise you not to trust anyone from the new brokerage firms with cheap websites.
  5. Yamakasi
    October 4
    It is a fraud and theft
    I decided to try and invest $500 in one of the tariff plans of this company. In the first few days, my trading went well and I saw my balance grow by almost 10% per day. But when I wanted to withdraw my profit, I faced problems. The manager required me to pay various fees and taxes before withdrawal. I paid, but then the administrators came up with even more conditions and requirements. I realized that they just want to swindle all my money from me and will never pay me anything.
    1. leonardo
      November 21
      Hola Igualmente he invertido 250 euros y cuando quise retirar me dicden que un Manager se pondraen contacto conmigo, y cuando lo hace solo me trata de animar para seguir invirtiendo. Son unos malditos ladrones de la red. Una pregunta ¿Con que gerente te comunicastes tienes su numero?
  6. escoba
    October 3
    I am not saying anything bad about this site. The developers have created a clear and convenient interface. You can contact support and get an answer in a short period of time. And you know why? The broker is waiting for your questions in order to advise you on additional deposits:( I deposited €300 and was wondering how much money to add to my account to make my trading more profitable. I was advised to deposit at least €10,000. There is no advice on other questions in technical support. There is no answer to the following question: When will I see my profit withdrawal? Never!!! They simply do not approve my application for various reasons:(
  7. Serhio
    September 27
    It was the worst experience of my life
    I invested 10,000 euros in High BTC Stock hoping to make a good profit. The broker's website said that they guaranteed high profits and that my investment was protected. However, after a few days, I was unable to log in to my account. My login and password did not work. I tried to contact the broker's support, but no one answered my calls. I realized that I was a victim of scammers and that I had lost all my money.
  8. goldearn
    September 25
    It is a pity that such standard scams appear on the forex market
    They only spoil the general impression of CFD trading in general, although this type of trading is not favored by professionals. But when there are such similar scam projects every day, it scares people away from trading even more.
  9. Amon
    August 25
    This broker is a brazen cheat
    I deposited $300 in my account without any bonuses, for two months increased my deposit to $1654 and only a small part withdrew, and then High BTC Stock just in my personal cabinet blocked all ways of withdrawal:(
  10. jurgen
    August 23
    Scammers! My minimum deposit here was quickly taken into their hands!
    The broker didn't give me any chance. I didn't even trade much. They drained my deposit on the first night. I was caught by a network of scammers on their bonus, and the point of it, when I was robbed on the first day? I'd rather not get anything from the broker and trade quietly on a reliable terminal! Highbtcstock, burn in hell with your bonuses!!!
  11. jekario
    August 20
    You should be more careful
    The site highbtcstock.com gives the impression of a promising resource, but once you study the terms and conditions of the broker, you will realize that it is just aimed at collecting money from gullible people.
  12. Benz
    August 14
    About the trading itself
    The situation with High BTC Stock is as follows: quotes, swaps, platform. All this is characterized by a mediocre level. Specialists are not competent, from time to time I had to hear stupid things from them.
  13. Nat
    August 14
    Think about it, why would you want to cooperate with these thieves?
    Scammers continue to clone their false brokerage projects, not even bothering to change the history of fresh fraud or change the design of the site, trading conditions.
  14. yuna
    August 6
    I want to praise my first forex site
    Hi guys!!! I was stuck on my way to investing as I didn't understand the essence of cryptocurrency trading well. However, I was attracted by the terms of cooperation with High BTC Stock, where there is a lot of help for beginners. I also found low commissions here, both for orders and withdrawal of funds:) orders are executed instantly. Spreads are narrow. There are many cryptocurrency pairs. There is something to trade. There are classic digital coins Bitcoin or Ethereum, and new Bitcoin Cash or Ripple. The broker offers favorable trading conditions for both the inexperienced investor and the professional trader. Why don't you make sure of that? I think it is probably one of the most reliable forex platforms, as the broker fulfills its conditions. It not only gives easy trading but also pays out your profits. I was convinced of this in my experience - I deposited small amounts up to 500 dollars and eventually came out in the plus. But there are some disadvantages, such as complicated bonus terms and rather mediocre general webinars. I recommend trading with a personal analyst.
  15. Fortuna
    August 1
    My personal analysis of the scam
    I will write in a simplified version of my trading experience to make it easier for you to understand the essence of the scam.
    1 - The first deposit of $300 + tradable bonus (which is involved in the transaction) in the amount of $150 - all this was lost by me.
    2 - The second and third deposit was similar.
    3 - At the third deposit (300$ + 150$ ), already after my successful trading, I received 750 $ on my account. According to the conditions of the bonus program (if I refuse the bonus), I can withdraw 300$ of my money and 300$ of my earnings. Broker takes back 150$, as I have not traded them.
    4 - The manager of this company said that I can not withdraw in !!!! FULL !!! volume of my earned 300$, because I have two more unearned bonuses for !!!! FIRST TWO FULL !!! in the amount of 300$ dollars. That is, in fact, my profit of $ 300$ dollars is their money?!!!. Although in the terms of the program, it is clearly written that everything that you earned above your deposit funds (excluding the bonus) is withdrawn by you in full.
    5 - I asked tech support to show the clause in the terms of the promotion, according to which bonuses are summarized and in subsequent replenishments are withheld when withdrawing funds (if not traded). There is no such clause :((
    So it turns out that if you took a bonus, you automatically get into the debtors in the next replenishments if you do not trade them away!

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