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Hudson Trust claims to be registered in Switzerland and headquartered in Zurich. According to information on the website, the company provides services in more than 100 countries. Also, the owner of the resource indicates that the firm was founded in 2006. As for the domain, it was registered only in September 2023. In addition, the project does not have a license for financial activity. Finally, access to this website is restricted in some jurisdictions, for example, in Canada.

Can this company be trusted? How safe is this platform? We will study the broker’s capabilities and its legal documents, after which we will make a conclusion about the reliability of the service.

Trading Conditions

Hudson Trust offers registered clients to invest funds for trading and savings under different programs. You can quickly open an account to start learning how to trade or explore the terminal’s capabilities on the demo version, without depositing any money. To do this, you must provide your personal data, phone number, and Email.

The company does not provide a phone number for communication. However, the manager of Hudson Trust can contact you by the number specified during registration or by email.

You can trade on the platform stocks, forex, bonds, ETFs, options, commodities, and cryptocurrency. Hudson Trust offers 6 account options:

  1. Trial – the ability to use the service’s features in testing on a Demo account
  2. Term Deposit – a certain amount of trader’s money is blocked for an agreed period of time, after which a guaranteed interest rate for keeping the funds is charged.
  3. Savings Plan – investing in the assets of the company’s fund, which the broker uses for trading on the money market, stocks, bonds, or real estate.
  4. Tax Free Account – savings for clients with a Social Security Number (SIN) without paying income tax
  5. Trust Account – a legal agreement in which funds or assets are transferred to a trustee for the benefit of a beneficiary
  6. Retirement Account – investing to increase retirement savings

Hudson Trust is ready to provide investors and traders with additional information about opportunities to earn with the company on CFD and Forex trading. In addition, managers can contact you to inform you about promotional offers. If you wish, you can undergo training and get investment recommendations. The broker guarantees users specialized trading support and “the highest return on investment”.


Would investing in Hudson Trust offer the best returns?

If you believe in the promises of high returns and quick riches and start cooperating with this company, you are more likely to lose your deposit rather than earn profits. In fact, the broker offers you risky CFD trading on incomprehensible trading conditions.

Does Hudson Trust carry out withdrawals?

You are unlikely to be able to withdraw money that you agree to block on an account with an anonymous broker. According to traders' reviews, site owners often refuse to withdraw clients' funds. Please share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The lack of a brokerage license indicates a high risk of fraud. In addition, the broker uses prohibited advertising, guaranteeing investors high returns. Most likely, the term of operation of the firm indicated on the website does not correspond to the actual one, as the domain is very fresh and there are no company registration documents.

What's the best way to share my experience with Hudson Trust?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

18 reviews about Hudson Trust

  1. Em J
    April 1
    Do not believe a word they say. As soon as I wanted to withdraw my money, they ignored me and lied to me numerous times. First they said someone had contacted me and I didn’t answer my phone. Got told to be more vigilant with my phone. I said I didn’t have any missed calls. Numerous emails and phone calls and now been ignored. They lie and take your money.
  2. Jon Steinar Eide
    February 29
    After having invested 95.250K Euro, Hudson trust dumped me, and they have done a fraud. After trying to get in contact with them 200 times, I don't hide that this is scammers and thieves. Stay away from. This Firm should be closed down.
  3. Jens
    January 12
    Criminal Company
    In addition to what I have already written, the police in Schwitz inform me that the company does not exist at the given address. The law firm in Zurich that they state as a notary has told me that they know nothing about the Hudson Trust and the person they use "Adrian" does not exist in the firm.
    I have additional information which I will come forward with as soon as it is tested and if it leads to an arrest of the woman. She has blocked me on both mail and whats app.
  4. Jens
    January 12
    Criminal Company
    You can tell everyone that this is a purely criminal enterprise and that it is a fraud from end to end. I trusted a woman called Zoe (definitely a cover name) and she defrauded and stole more than 240,000 euros from me. She covers herself up as best friends with someone, but underneath lies a cynical and evil person who has ruined my life. She is cold as ice. Unfortunately, in me she has defrauded a criminal police officer and with the help of Interpool we have come a long way in the investigation. She has left traces which will certainly lead us to her. If she sees this, she must look over her shoulder every day - one day I will find you
  5. Max Pedersen
    December 6
    It seems that withdrawal of your initial deposit is impossiple. They also claim to be registered in Switzerland. ( everyone can be registered in Switzerland). But still: They are not licensed anywhere and even if they promise you a healty profit, it will always be an absolute and very professional set up SCAM
  6. Ken Jacobsen
    November 15
    profits not that much like in other platforms but still good company, helpful people. fast deposit fast withdrawal. Definitely recommend Mike Hansen.
  7. Jei collie
    November 9
    Stop Talking about them
    The best Broker in Switzerland. I have been trading with several companies and this is the best one I have found so far
  8. Mervyn Coxon
    November 9
    Hudson trust will not allow me to withdraw funds Mr Jamie Johnson said he would help me with it but when you put the price in to withdraw it doesn’t allow you to apply for it
    I will make sure we find him what ever his real name is
  9. aseli
    October 18
    The broker assures that it is registered in Switzerland. Only these words have absolutely nothing to do with reality. The register of the Swiss regulator is open data, where you can get information about all companies under its control. And this company is not listed there. This gives us the opportunity to come to a simple and obvious conclusion - the site is fake. The company has no registration, and its creators are engaged in pure fraud.
  10. Tim
    October 17
    It is clear to me that these are scammers
    Initially, when I first found out about hudson trust, I even wanted to try working with the company. I can honestly say that I don't have any experience in trading, but this company markets itself very well. I mean their advertising, not only as a broker but also as an investment company where you can just save money and get high interest, tax-free. It sounds tempting. But before I started cooperating with the company, I consulted a lawyer. He explained to me all the risks and I realized that they were scammers who were located unknown.
  11. ka0
    October 8
    Things are very bad here
    I really regret registering on this trading platform. The work here is terrible. This concerns, first of all, the work of the terminal. But I also noticed that their quotes are wrong. In general, I realized the fraudulent nature of the site only at the moment when I had already invested 2 thousand dollars. I tried to solve this issue with technical support, but there I got an inarticulate answer. The broker has incompetent operators. I tried to withdraw funds - but my request was rejected. I contacted the support again, and they started to give me different advice, which I did not ask for, and all these consultants did only to make me change my mind about withdrawing my funds. This company is fraudulent.
  12. steps
    October 6
    I can't believe these are scammers!
    I have not been able to withdraw my funds for two weeks now! I urgently needed money for medical treatment and applied for a refund of the 3 thousand euros I invested. Technical support says that the transactions are done and I have to wait for credit in the bank, but in the end, there is still no money:( I will wait for more, hoping for the best!
  13. Crypto
    October 1
    Everything was fine while I was trading on a demo account
    The terminal worked stable. Trades were executed clearly. Then I decided to transfer to a deposit 400$. The operator explained to me how I could do it. 2-3 days after the funds were credited to the account orders started to close with time delay. The support service stopped answering me. The broker should provide a stable terminal and fast access to forex. As a result, I drained my deposit in a week.
  14. Spredy
    September 30
    There are problems and there are pros
    All trading conditions are laid out in the regulations that you will see after registration. And the managers of Hudson trust comply with them. I won't say that they have everything perfect. No, it is not so. There are problems on the site - it slows down and trades are not closed in time. And this entails losses. On the other hand, here you can practice well before the "big game".
  15. ava
    September 28
    The broker gives an opportunity to earn on passive instruments
    When I choose between trading and investments, I usually choose in favor of the latter. I find it easiest to put my money into some investment, into a project, so that it will pay off and make a profit. In particular, I invest in securities, and Hudson Trust helps me with this. Here I was able to invest in shares of the world's leading companies, as well as in the most profitable foreign bonds. And all of this is now earning me excellent passive income. When my friends ask me for advice related to investments, I immediately send them here. This company really helps to invest effectively with a wide variety of tools.
  16. dovo
    September 24
    This is the best place you can lose your money
    I am horrified at the way modern scammers work nowadays! How quickly they spread their nefarious ideas of making a quick buck with absolutely no action from you, and call it investing. Hudson Trust is just another anonymous scam company. Any firm working in the market of providing services in the field of trading and investment must have all the relevant documents, license, and must be regulated. If a company does not have any of these things, it is a scammer. This is what I can confidently say about this company. Believe me, I have been trading on the forex market for many years. The broker does not present any legal information about itself. According to the creators of this service, people should trust anonymous owners and carry money to them. Of course, the world of the Internet is great and scammers will find their victims. But I appeal to inexperienced people, especially the elderly and young, unsophisticated in investing and trading: know a simple truth, if a company does not show any legal information, any documents - it means that it simply does not have them! This is the truth, and you should always remember it! And if there are no documents, it has no right to conduct brokerage or investment activities, so you are being deceived. Do not believe in sweet promises!
  17. DoubleSH
    September 18
    Anonymous does not deserve any trust
    Sure, the owners of this site say they represent a cool international brokerage company, but they don't give any confirmation of that. The site does not indicate at all who the company belongs to, who is its owner, what official documents it has, etc. Apparently, we are dealing with an obscure anonymous platform, which in addition, offers to send money to it. Oh, no. There are thousands of such pseudo-brokers trying to trade air on the Internet. I have well studied their methods of scamming people. This site repeats 100 times the mantra about the company's years of service, and there is not a single document to prove it! If I say I am 150 years old and repeat it 150 times, will you believe me? Don't believe these fantasists either. You should not do business with such liars under any circumstances, much less send them money supposedly to improve their terms of trade and save for retirement. Only the owners of the site, not gullible customers, will receive money effortlessly.
  18. level
    September 18
    I got into an unpleasant situation
    So far I have the following story: I invested €12,000, received 4 payouts of about €290 from the company and that's it! Next, hudson trust started having problems... There are more than 3 months left until the end of the investment period. It seems to me that the company is having financial difficulties. I hope that I will get back at least my deposit.

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