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The Website is owned and operated by InsideTheFund Management Ltd, which has an office in the United Kingdom, in London. However, the company states in the Client Agreement that it is governed by the laws applicable in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and arbitration is conducted in the courts of this jurisdiction. In addition, the broker claims that the platform has won many awards, the interface is translated into 31 languages, and more than 100 thousand clients use it. As for the start of the project, the company was registered in 2023, and the domain was registered in November 2023.

Can you trust the investments of this platform? We will find out how reliable it is after checking the terminal functions and the company’s legal documents.

Trading Conditions

InsideTheFund provides clients with an MT5 platform that you can download from the app store and work on your smartphone or trade directly in your PC’s web browser. This company offers access to over 300 cryptocurrencies and over 200 traditional instruments – Forex, stocks, and commodities. InsideTheFund promises traders efficient trading with ultra-low spreads and lightning-fast trade execution. Users can take advantage of insurance services.

The company has developed 7 types of trading plans, differing in the deposit amount and set of services. You can open an account by choosing one of the following options:

  • BRONZE from $10,000 – Basic Market Training.
  • SILVER from $25,000 – Personalized trading alerts.
  • GOLD from $50,000 – Risk-free trades.
  • PREMIUM from $100,000 – Managed InsideTheFund account.
  • PLATINUM from $250,000 – Higher leverage.
  • VIP from $500,000 – Access to a special Telegram group.
  • VIP+ from $1,000,000 – 30-day trial version.

InsideTheFund may offer you bonuses, but withdrawals are not allowed without meeting the “Trade Requirement” of 1 lot of the bonus amount. It can take up to 3 business days to process your withdrawal request, if approved, the broker will still take 5 days to process the transaction.

The company may change the Trading Terms and Conditions at any time. InsideTheFund does not guarantee the timeliness, accuracy, or correct sequence of financial information.

Minimum withdrawal amounts from an account with InsideTheFund are $100 or equivalent in other currencies, including crypto coins. Trading services of this broker are prohibited in the USA, Japan, and sanctioned countries. The analytics are provided by the TradingView ticker. There is a blog on the website, but it is not yet filled with content. Support is available to you via an online form.


Would investing in InsideTheFund offer the best returns?

Anonymous and unregulated by European authorities, this forex broker offers you risky CFD trading with huge leverage. It is likely that you will lose your capital here and hardly make a profit.  

Does InsideTheFund carry out withdrawals?

You can't be sure of receiving your funds, as the company's documents stipulate unfavorable conditions for clients. The broker may not approve your request and refuse to return your funds, and traders also write about it in reviews. You can leave your comments about the work of this platform.

May I be scammed on

Yes, there is a high risk of fraud here. This is indicated by the fresh domain, as well as the inconsistency of information on awards and the number of clients with the fact that the site's lifespan is very short.

What's the best way to share my experience with InsideTheFund?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 10000$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5
Assets: Forex, CFD

13 reviews about InsideTheFund

  1. Julia
    May 4
    Scam artists

    My mom started trading on this platform some time ago. Luckily, she doesn't have much money.

    However, her personal manager (he calls himself Michael Kreid but I'm sure it's a maiden mame) have been trying to find out if her relatives had any. And when he found it they had, he tried to use the standard scam technique:

    - promise of big money
    - "only today"
    - "only for you because you are so special"

    He claimed they he had some profits (around 37K) which would be lost if he didn't deposit them to an investor's account. He said that first he would deposit 13,800 USD to her account, and these funds would be blocked unless she would transfer her own 13800 USD to a crypto wallet of his choice. After what the rest of the 37K would be transfeted to her account, and she could start investing them.

    They even sent her an "official" letter with "conditions" (there were not any explaining the scheme). And now the funniest thing: the letter was signed by Mark Baum (from the famous The Big Short). And she was ready to sign it.

    It took us a while to hold her back.

    They play on people's inner insecurities, so that evening that Michael called my mom and said that its "her relatives who hold her back", and that he found a client who was "ready to become successful" (it's a quote).
  2. Greet
    March 5
    A company untrustfull
    Investing my money, I want to withdrawal.
    I must pay the fee apart 10% and 5% assurance. The don't want it minus it amount. I ask to give my investment 9250 back and keep all the rest for themselves 90.000. They don't want to do that. BIG RED FLAGS. Don't invest in this company. And they treaten me with the court, because I go to the autorities. SCAM!
    I just discover they taken my money of the account and leave 100.
  3. Dippy dave
    February 25
    They bombard you with phone calls and squeeze every penny out of you even offering credit. Stay clear of them
  4. William Mcarthur
    January 5
    I “strongly” advise you to keep your money “safe” in the bank of your choice. When I responded to an advertisement on you tube by quantum AI . I was contacted by someone who said he represented smt capital. When I asked if they ( smt capital ) were licenced by a govt authority ?. The phone rep got very evasisive. He wouldn’t give me a straight answer to my questions. Which leads me to strongly suspect that smt capital may be a very dangerous ‼️⚠️ place to put your hard earned 💴 💰money. My advice to you. Exercise extreme caution. ⚠️ !. Keep your capital safe in a nice comefy bank of your choice. Better to get a 3 % return on a “GUARANTEED “ investment like a term deposit. Then get a 100 % return on zero, zilch ,nothing. !.
    I’m mighty glad I stayed away !.
  5. Kira Feracci
    January 1
    Be careful!!!
    These are scammers!!! I can't withdraw more than $28,000 from Inside The Fund - neither my deposit nor earned profits!!!
  6. darka7
    December 26
    Reliable platform
    I trade cryptocurrency at InsideTheFund. I was cautious about the company at the beginning and immediately withdrew all the profits, but now I'm convinced that the terminal works stably, the broker fulfills its obligations 100%, and now I'm already trading on a GOLD account, as I fully trust the managers. I can assure you that everything is honest here!
  7. Vedel
    December 23
    My experience is positive
    I looked at broker options for a long time and finally settled on InsideTheFund. This is a solid company that has created all the conditions for active trading. Their activity is regulated, conditions are constantly improving, and traders are provided with many popular assets. I prefer to trade from my mobile device, and I have not encountered any difficulties or crashes of the app during my time. I can watch at any time when an order triggers at the right price, I always feel good about it because the profit is put in my pocket at that moment. I have never noticed any serious problems with InsideTheFund broker, I have not had any reason to make any claims to this company. I trade and withdraw profits without any problems. I had only two delays with payments for the whole time of using the terminal, but both situations were quickly resolved. I give a positive evaluation!
  8. shabanw
    December 21
    My story
    I wanted to change jobs and posted my resume online - I was looking for an open position with a financial company. My trading on this platform started when a representative of this company called me and offered me a job. He told me that this firm needed a finance specialist and offered me a very good salary. I was happy, but too early...the main condition to start working in their company was the so-called trial trading on their platform. Allegedly, I had to familiarize myself with all the nuances to help future traders. I opened a minimum account BRONZA and traded on it for a week. The balance was increasing, I could not believe my eyes. And then the manager offered me to deposit another 15 thousand dollars, which I could double in a couple of weeks. Allegedly, the promotion was held at that moment on the site and the broker offered participation in it only to selected clients. I listened to them and deposited. I don't understand now why I deposited such a big money for me, probably the manager turned out to be a good psychologist :(and he manipulated my actions. In the end, my account on was blocked :( and I couldn't withdraw money or perform any other operation. That's how they got me on the hook from looking for extra work online, and when I took the bait, no one talked to me about the vacancy anymore....
  9. srss
    December 17
    Thieves and brazen scum!
    Scammers convinced my sister to deposit 30 thousand dollars into the account, and when they realized that she had no more money, immediately blocked access.
  10. avvpm
    December 13
    The most common scam!
    I just left the InsideTheFund site, as soon as I realized that I'd better stay away from these scammers. For example, at least take the leverage up to 1:500. Have you seen such a figure in any licensed and honest operating company? I haven't seen it once, it's illegal, in Europe it's allowed no more than 1:30, and no reliable jurisdiction will take such a huge risk with an incredible leverage value. I'm not talking about the license... it's all clear with it in general, the fact is that there is no license of course. These thieves listed a whole ton of documents, and they don't have a scanned copy of any of them ☹️ I want to ask them - where is the documentary evidence? Obvious lies!
  11. Enter
    November 18
    Don't invest your money here
    Initially I believed in honest service and treated Insidethefund company very well, as in this brokerage organization I was promised insurance against negative balance and assistance of a personal manager. This option suited me, considering that I have no experience of trading on financial markets at all. However, it turned out that the broker deceives inexperienced traders. I started here with 10 thousand dollars on deposit, but then these scammers took another 20 thousand dollars out of my wallet. I was never able to get back a dime of my investment in I decided to share my story with you to warn you about the dangers of cooperating with this pseudo broker...
  12. vo17
    November 17
    The activity of this company is illegal
    I talked to the manager of this company yesterday, he told me everything clearly about the conditions of forex trading. However, I didn't get clear answers to my questions regarding the authorization documentation for brokerage activity in the UK. The representative of InsideTheFund told me that the broker is going to get a license from the FCA shortly, but when exactly it will be is unclear to me...
  13. empty
    November 15
    This is a fraudulent site
    This company is unreliable, and offshore. I deposited over £12k into an account at to trade cryptocurrency, but my entire deposit was drained in two weeks due to the "help" of the site owners. I appealed to the UK regulator to help me with the financial conflicts that arose. However, the only response I got to my request was that the regulator can blacklist this company. Given that the brand is fake, there's no legal leverage against it. It turns out that I have gifted my funds to these scam artists...

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