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Instaswifttrade does not disclose any information about the company’s registration, location, and owners. In addition, the project does not have a license permitting financial activity. As for the history and development plans of the platform, the administration reports only about its “exciting roadmap”, but does not indicate any specific dates, including the firm’s founding. It is worth noting that the domain was registered in May 2023.

How reliable is this company? We will check the terms of cooperation with the financial service and determine whether you can trust it with your money.

Investment Conditions

InstaSwiftTrade offers its clients to engage in cryptocurrency mining and digital asset trading. The company provides a variety of trading functions, including placing orders and transactions with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

InstaSwiftTrade tokens are central to this platform. Users can use these tokens to access premium features, pay transaction fees, and participate in promotions and exclusive events. However, the company does not provide information about the price and other features on its own digital money.

You can use your mobile device or PC to work. The main advantages that the owners of the service emphasize to the visitors of the site:

  • No transaction fees when purchasing cryptocurrencies.
  • Protection of users’ personal data from leakage threats.
  • High level of security and client control over money.

You can use market analysis tools and various trading pairs presented in InstaSwiftTrade. News is published on the company’s social media accounts X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram. Technical support works via feedback form and live chat on the website.


Would investing in Instaswifttrade offer the best returns?

You are more likely to suffer financial losses rather than earn profits by mining unknown crypto assets. This is risky cryptocurrency trading on an unstable platform run by anonymous owners.

Does Instaswifttrade carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis of customer reviews showed that there is a risk of withdrawal denial and financial losses are very likely on this platform. You can write your comments with all the pros and cons of this service if you already have experience of cooperation with it.

May I be scammed on

The risk of fraud is high, as there are many alarming signals on this site. The financial company has no license and regulation, it is unclear in which jurisdiction it is located, besides, here is a very cheap website and a fresh domain.

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Leverage: Not indicated
Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies

13 reviews about Instaswifttrade

  1. Paul Hipkins
    January 30
    What's up with the warranties around here?
    Hi everyone! I would like to know about the security of InstaSwiftTrade tokens so that I don't have 16 thousand dollars missing. I earned this money quite a long time ago, probably half a year ago, when the instability in the markets started, and when I was trading some other assets, and now I decided to increase my capital with long-term investments in this cryptocurrency (sorry for such a maybe wrong text). That is why I would like to understand that my money will not be stolen by anyone on this platform. I know that compensation is provided here, but are there any pitfalls? And what about the license from government agencies? This is the information that I would like to clarify before starting to work with this company.
  2. Kollinz
    January 24
    Terrible stress, not trading!
    I tried to make money on the site, however, all my attempts failed and I failed to get at least a few dollars. That's why I decided to share with you a negative opinion about this site, where I was drained €2K in a week, even though I have experience trading crypto. I recommend you to bypass instaswifttrade. No crypto trading works here, all my efforts were wasted.
  3. Rassel
    January 23
    The result made me sad
    I decided to calculate how much money I earned last month as a result of interacting with different trading platforms. And I have quite a few accounts on different sites, including this platform. Instaswifttrade showed such a blatant negative result that I couldn't compensate it with profit on all other resources :( I lost five thousand dollars here in twenty trading days - this is a terrible result. I've been familiar with Bitcoin cryptocurrency for more than four years, and I know very well how this digital asset behaves. I have used the same tools on other platforms that offer instaswifttrade. However, if in other services I got a stable profit, here there was a total constant drain of my balance :( There's order cheating on this platform and fake prices. The administration of the service does whatever it wants to make the trader's money disappear from the balance. Even though the commissions here are low, I still can't earn anything to get the result that I originally hoped for.
  4. vipstar
    January 22
    I lost my entire deposit
    I had a task to make money, as I know how to trade crypto. However, I left about 3 thousand euros on instaswifttrade, because I didn't check the security of the terminal and entrusted my capital to scammers 😡 This platform seemed good to me, convenient in terms of functionality, and supported the necessary cryptocurrencies, but I was canceled several orders for ETH/USD and the money started to disappear from the balance ☹️ I started to panic, and tried to withdraw the remaining funds, but the manager blocked my account!
  5. Valery Tricon
    January 13
    My negative experience of cooperation
    It took me more than 24 hours to register instead of the stated 5 minutes. Then I had a problem with depositing. It took too long to transfer money to my account, and I checked the blockchain and saw that the transaction was confirmed 3 times, but the money appeared on my instaswifttrade account after 2 days, and that was after I flooded the online support with requests about such a long transaction. Then the operators demanded KYC from me and verified my details for over two weeks, I spent a lot of nerves to get started. I sent 0.2 bitcoin to this platform to test the trading process, which is a lot of money for me, over $6,000. I agonized with all the initial operations Shorter, about a month, but still, I was able to start trading, and then came the unpleasant signals. The first is the huge commissions and terrible conditions to reduce these commissions. Secondly, small listing and low liquidity. How do thousands of users trade here?! - I don't understand it. The platform lags terribly, trading is often impossible. Program crashes occur not only during pump/dump on this platform, this can also be found on a quiet market, much more often than on other similar platforms. I thought, where does such a problem come from when the market is standing still?! There are problems opening orders. I really regretted that I believed the information on, in the end, the terminal was not suitable for trading at all. I am only glad that the administrators withdrew the money on my request, but no longer 0.2 bitcoin, but 0.16 bitcoin, as I lost a lot of money on commissions and on the terrible execution of orders. It is impossible to trade here!
  6. Alexandr
    January 6
    My account was debited
    I've been working with Instaswifttrade for more than 4 months and I was about to write a good review until this outrage happened. Namely, 0.5 bitcoin was debited from my account, I thought that this happens only in my worst dreams. And then I carefully read the terms and conditions of the user agreement, and I saw that it was written in plain text that this company can manipulate my account at its discretion. In general, the administrator just wrote off 1.5 thousand dollars supposedly for some maintenance of my account. That's my whole story.
  7. adway
    December 27
    This is a promising site
    Yes, it's a small platform, but only because the owners don't have multi-million dollar budgets to advertise their resource in various top media. A good, little-known cryptocurrency service Instaswifttrade is quietly surviving the current bear market. I think this site will gain high rankings and grow strongly in the next bull market.
  8. Evg
    December 15
    SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!
    The broker took my deposit, blocked trading, and citing the fact that I have several accounts !!! Tech support started to ignore my requests. I liked the site instaswifttrade, but in the end, it is a SCAM !!!
  9. Robert Peterson
    December 14
    Money is withdrawn promptly
    I incredibly liked the fact that the administration very quickly transfers funds from my personal account directly to other crypto wallets and payment systems. I withdrew some of the profits earned in mid-January very quickly. I ordered 825 dollars and this amount was transferred to me very quickly. The money was transferred very quickly to my crypto wallet, I received it within 1 hour, I have not seen such speed anywhere yet, and I am very happy that the administration responds so clearly to customer requests. So the site has good prospects, I wish all managers also good profits!!!
  10. ips69
    December 9
    You shouldn't hoard funds in a fraudulent resource
    I decided to buy cryptocurrency, and I did it on the first platform I came across, without even reading what it was. I had no sense of self-preservation and soon my deposit of £1,700 was stolen on instaswifttrade. I was unable to withdraw the cryptocurrency, I exchanged it back into pounds sterling, but the money remained in the system of this site. This is a regular cautionary tale for all of you not to believe the scammers.
  11. drag
    December 2
    I wouldn't recommend it
    I have had financial losses here a few times, mostly when I was just starting to get into the essence of the platform, to understand the functionality. The manager claimed once that there was a glitch in the system and promised to refund me. No one returned me even 1 dollar after that. That's why I don't recommend instaswifttrade.
  12. Travis
    December 1
    Crypto business is not my thing
    I had a liquidation of a whole series of orders placed for growth in instaswifttrade, I can't understand why this happened. The administrators of the service may just want to profit from people, they have no money to pay out these amounts! Is that why they did it? I advise you not to get involved with sites that don't have a good reputation on the Internet. You can lose your investment, as it happened to me, my loss will be $948, and this is only in January!
  13. Mary Popins
    November 28
    I made good money on Bitcoin
    My $12,000 turned into $17,000 in less than 2 months! The trading tools I had at helped me understand the essence of making money on cryptocurrency assets very quickly. I successfully consolidated my position by capitalizing on the excellent asset price fluctuations I was seeing almost constantly. Bitcoin was particularly active.It has risen several times against the dollar if at the beginning of my trading, one BTC was worth $35 thousand, now it has risen to $47 thousand, even more was a little on some days, but for me taking profits was more important than constant calculations of the growth of the asset, I paid constant attention to the income. It is very good that such platforms are available to traders. Adequate functionality gives excellent opportunities for each client, in this case you can earn every day.

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