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The company displays its certificate of incorporation in England. A link to the registrar’s register is shown on the website. The company number is 14566258, with a foundation date of 3 January 2023. Insured Investment Limited’s capital of £50bn as of 03 January 2023 is listed. The administration of the network project claims that the platform was developed by SeSo Group, a UK-based investment fund. Participating businesses are shifting their financial activities from a traditional model to a smart model.

Investment Conditions

This is a networking project that deals with Crowdfunding. That is, it attracts investments for the development of new innovative ideas directly, without the involvement of banks and other financial intermediaries.

The client agreement contains the following clause: “We reserve the right to terminate your access to Insured Investment Limited for any reason and at our sole discretion. Insured Investment Limited is in no way responsible for any losses you may suffer.”

You can deposit from $10 for fiat and $100 for cryptocurrency. The maximum amount is limited to $100,000, depending on the investment plan you choose. The minimum amount to withdraw is $0.1 or digital coins equivalent to $50.

Every user can choose several investment plans from the four options offered. Interest on deposits ranging from 100.09% to 1299,99%, is accrued depending on the amount and duration of the investment. You can invest for 1 day and longer periods. Interest is calculated every hour.

You can use the profit calculator on the website. The partner system of Insured Investment Limited offers bonuses of up to 3-20% of your friend’s deposit.


Would investing in Insured Investment Limited offer the best returns?

The company does not meet the standards and requirements of financial regulation. It is an HYIP where you risk losing all your money.

Does Insured Investment Limited carry out withdrawals?

You must sign an agreement under which your account can be blocked. The company explicitly states that they do not guarantee customers a return on their investment.

May I be scammed on

The company does not have any licenses obligatory for financial institutions. Therefore, its activities are not legal.

What's the best way to share my experience with Insured Investment Limited?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Insured Investment Limited is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2023
Minimum deposit: 10$
Affiliate program: Referral
Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies, Payment systems
Yield: 30$
Legend: cryptocurrency
Investment term: short
Payment period: daily
Automatic reinvestment: Yes

25 reviews about Insured Investment Limited

  1. Maches
    June 26
    Scam, don't believe it
    You will encounter fake documents and lies here. I don't even know who in their right mind would go into this swamp.
  2. Ivn
    June 26
    Looking for a good platform
    Another scammer. Maybe you can tell me where there is a good broker?
  3. bond312
    June 25
    Damned HYIP
    In the fraudulent project, I only lost 20 thousand dollars in Insured Investment Limited. I also made a max deposit, I invested so much to earn more...
  4. bersen
    June 21
    I recommend it
    Insured Investment Limited is the best I have ever found. If your budget allows for it, I advise you to try working with them on a large scale.
  5. tntuha
    June 21
    It's a scam!
    If you want to save your money and your health, do not mess with Insured Investment Limited. This project is dangerous and deceptive.
  6. Flexi
    June 20
    A business I don't understand
    Insured Investment Limited project proves once again that the longer and unclear the company's name, the more likely it is to be a scam.
  7. NewNova
    June 19
    They are powerful guys
    I thought it was impossible to earn at all on HYIPs after everything was going on in the market. I already said goodbye to hundreds of dollars in a week. But the next day I got a reply from Insured Investment Limited asking for confirmation of my crypto wallet address and in half an hour they were able to send me ten dollars, I was really surprised. Just because they were able to work so honestly. Also, employees of the project wrote to me themselves to clarify my details.
  8. CuteLu
    June 18
    Scammers who do not refund deposits
    Minus 300 dollars in 2 days - the result of my work. In my personal account, they made a fake report, as if I almost made a million, but in fact - zero. It is impossible to withdraw the money. There is no support with a consultant. I will try to make a chargeback to get my honestly earned money back.
  9. Ewald
    June 14
    I lost my investment
    I decided to try investing my savings in the project as they promised very high returns. In the beginning, it seemed tempting and I decided to invest even more money. However, when I tried to withdraw my funds from Insured Investment Limited, I encountered difficulties. The company kept finding reasons for delaying the withdrawal and demanding additional investments. I ended up losing all my money and my attempts to contact them were unsuccessful.
  10. fresh-k
    June 10
    Do not believe the empty promises.
    This is an HYIP. When will people realize that there is no such manna from heaven anywhere....
  11. Sakura
    June 9
    Fake crypto project
    Insured Investment Limited is a good example of a fake crypto project that aims to deceive and rob people of their money. The anonymity, lack of licensing and regulation, and fraudulent methods used by this company indicate that it is an unreliable and unsafe place to invest.
  12. Center
    June 8
    Very good company
    I like them, I have been working with Insured Investment Limited for less than one month but I am more than happy with the result.
  13. Regi
    June 8
    withdrawal problem
    I had a problem withdrawing money to my cryptocurrency. Insured Investment Limited tech support promises to solve the problem. I have been waiting 2 days.
  14. Light
    June 7
    My bad experience
    I decided to add Insured Investment Limited to my portfolio as I often work with pyramid schemes. I threw in 150 dollars for the test, I did not get any profit. No support answers, no way to contact administration - the company did not give me a phone number initially. I wonder if the company returned the deposit to someone or never paid anything.
  15. Marmel
    June 7
    I lost all my savings
    I believed in their promises of high returns and invested all my savings in their platform. They showed me fake returns reports and I was sure I was making the right choice. However, when I tried to withdraw my money, they simply refused me without any explanation. I was told by Insured Investment Limited tech support that it was their legal right to refuse to refund my crypto assets. I lost all my savings and am now facing financial hardship. I wish more people are aware of this scam so that they don't fall into the trap.
  16. Vladne
    June 6
    Ponzi scheme
    The platform offered to us by Insured Investment Limited is another scam project created by online scammers.
  17. Azarat
    June 6
    The usual scam
    Insured Investment Limited is positioning itself as an investment platform. At first, they let you see profits and even withdraw them, but after that, it is much more problematic. As soon as more serious amounts are deposited, the attitude of the scammers immediately changes. And as soon as I decided to withdraw the money, the contacts were cut off altogether. I have been trying to get in touch with the company for some time now but without success. Now it is clear what this company is - a usual scam. It is only a shame that I was so foolish to fall for it...
  18. Alen212
    June 5
    I was scammed
    I myself fell for this trap 2 weeks ago, now I'm working with a lawyer, I want to get back my investment in this project.
  19. nev1d
    June 3
    I am disappointed
    After initially getting a few thousand dollars on my first trade with Insured Investment Limited, I ended up losing almost 150,000. Naturally, no profit is out of the question here. This first payment is made only to get the client excited about investing and wanting to invest larger amounts. Fraudsters give hope of an equally high and quick return. And it is this state of excitement that HYIPs are taking advantage of by encouraging clients to invest more and more
  20. Susi
    June 3
    My account is blocked
    I was sure that Insured Investment Limited was a reliable broker as I saw many positive reviews about them online. I invested a significant amount of money and hoped for a good return. However, when I decided to withdraw my investment, the company just blocked my account. My emails and calls went unanswered and I realised that I had been cheated. This was my first experience with investments and I am very disappointed.
  21. Gully
    June 2
    This is a fraudulent platform
    There's some old-world wisdom at work here. Experience is the teacher of fools ))
    Scammers are especially waiting for those who don't know anything about cryptocurrency at all.
  22. Chillenix
    June 1
    Obvious scam
    They write nice words on the website and show us some numbers of the robot updates. Am I supposed to take Insured Investment Limited at its word? What can we even talk about if the administration hasn't even tried to come up with a plausible legend??? The only thing these crooks are good at is lying. Technical support is a funny thing. They only answer questions about making a deposit. They are not interested in all the rest.
  23. Trap
    May 31
    The ordinary scammers
    Developing new tokens and even more so about making money in the case of Insured Investment Limited is silly to talk about at all. They are scammers, that much is obvious.
  24. wrangler
    May 31
    The insured Investment Limited project is a pure lie. Never transfer your money to them and don't believe their promises. They brazenly lie to people to earn their trust.
  25. chemo
    May 30
    I work with the project, but I don't trust
    You can only trust yourself and Insured Investment Limited can be trusted with small amounts. I am still working with caution. I do not transfer 100 thousand dollars. It may be a big risk with HYIP, but 20-30 dollars daily is a good way to work until they cheat.

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