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The site is operated by a company registered in Switzerland and operates under the brand name Integra Financial Solutions International under Swiss law. Accordingly, the broker’s headquarters are located in Geneva. In addition, the owner states in the description of the project history that the company IFS-lmtd was founded 12 years ago. As for the domain, it was only registered in May 2023 in the UK with a Singapore registrar. Finally, the broker says that it is licensed and has clients in over 100 countries. However, this is not supported by documentation.

Can we trust that the platform is run by a trustworthy company? Is it safe to cooperate with it? We will give answers to these questions after analyzing the legal documentation and checking the technical capabilities of the terminal.

Trading Conditions

A client can trade at Integra Financial Solutions after downloading the MT5 platform on their device. However, the company will open a trading account for you only after receiving an impressive set of identity documents. You need to provide personal details which include name, home address, phone number, and email address. You are also required to provide the broker with your financial information. After registration, you will get access to 1500 global stocks, Forex and cryptocurrency markets, and other instruments.

The broker has prepared 4 tariff plans, which differ in the amount of the minimum deposit. You can choose from the following sets of services:

  1. SILVER, investments from $25,000 – private meetings with a personal analyst, market reviews every week, and financial research.
  2. GOLD, investment from $50,000 – personal analyst, money management plan, welcome bonus up to 10%.
  3. PLATINA, investment from $100,000 – direct line with account analyst, financial plan , and up to 5 protected trades from analyst, as well as bonus on first deposit up to 20%.
  4. FIXED INCOME PORTFOLIOS, the minimum amount to be discussed with the account manager – you will use a dedicated financial advisor with a fee of 0.5% – 0.90% and receive a customized bond portfolio.

Leverage choices range from 1:1 to 400:1, the amount depending on the type of account. The company can change this parameter at its discretion, up to a maximum of 1:500.

The client must provide confirmed data about their finances, such as the size of equity capital, estimated annual income, and bank statements. In addition, a copy of the bank card that will be used for making a deposit (front and back side with closed CVV) is required for account verification.

Investment advisory services are available to all registered users of Integra Financial Solutions. The website has a ticker with real-time asset values. Clicking on the asset symbol will take you to the terminal of the cloud-based TradingView trading platform, which provides analytics and charts. In the Careers section, the broker posts a list of vacancies in the company.


Would investing in Integra Financial Solutions offer the best returns?

You are likely to have a higher probability of losing all the funds you deposit into the broker's account. Because you will not be able to earn profits in risky CFD trading with a company operating illegally without the required financial authorization.

Does Integra Financial Solutions carry out withdrawals?

You may have problems with the withdrawal of funds, this is evidenced by the excessive requirements of the broker to the client in providing information for account verification. Traders' reviews confirm this risk. We offer you to share your own experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The website of any reliable broker has information about the licenses of the countries where they operate, but here they are absent. Also, the management company, which claims to have been started for more than 12 years, has a fresh domain, and the website design is too primitive. Therefore, the risk of fraud is high.

What's the best way to share my experience with Integra Financial Solutions?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Integra Financial Solutions is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 25000$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5
Assets: Forex, CFD

11 reviews about Integra Financial Solutions

  1. Tarvan
    September 1
    My account was blocked
    I wanted to withdraw not even the amount I invested, but much less, only 6000 dollars, because the rest of the deposit I had already drained on unfavorable trading in Integra Financial Solutions. Do not trust this company!!!
  2. Mr Grey
    August 31
    It is a pity to disappoint traders...
    I will now have to disappoint everyone who plans to register and work with this brokerage service Integra Financial Solutions. The company is completely illegal, I cannot vouch for the integrity of the services provided. I would not recommend you to trade here! Everything written on the website is just an advertisement to attract attention. If they get your phone number, expect trouble. The company will offer you, let's say, individual conditions that imply the possibility to trade with a smaller initial payment. I understood from the communication with the consultant that the main thing for the broker is to get at least something from you for the deposit. And it will be impossible to withdraw money, I am sure of it.
  3. Osja
    August 25
    Withdrawal of funds does not work for me
    What can I say about this broker? I was scammed is what can be said. I entrusted 26 thousand euros to these scammers. The company turned out to be fake, with fake legal data. The whole trick is that I cannot get back my invested money and now I am starting to investigate.
  4. Andy Dr
    August 24
    There are both positive and negative sides to this firm
    The broker is individual, it will not suit everyone, it has both pros and cons, and it the approximately in the same proportional ratio. For example, the obvious pluses of "integra financial solutions" include the jurisdiction of Switzerland, a huge number of auxiliary tools and resources. The negative ones, for example, include the high deposit size. Nevertheless, some traders think the opposite and take it as a positive fact, speaking about the solid level of the company. Because they do not want to trade on 100 dollars, because on such a small deposit you can not earn anything from trading, as you need an average amount. Again, on the other hand, to deposit a very large amount of money to risk capital is incomprehensible to me - for what? I would say that this is such an individual broker. It is necessary to consider the needs of each trader separately, but for the majority of clients this company is not suitable, that's for sure. Both traders with a small budget and those who have a huge amount of money.
  5. Gladiator
    August 11
    Well so far I'm doing well...
    Nothing bad so far, for two weeks of trading... well, yes, the period is certainly small to make any findings and conclusions... but, I like working here... managers of Integra Financial Solutions have never called me without a reason, except after registration they called me and asked me: if I need any instructions, help, I said that I am an experienced trader, I will figure it out myself... so they never called me again... you can refuse the bonus... spreads are really low... I first thought that this is typical advertising and that in fact spreads are much higher, but no, it turned out that it is not so, they are really low... Technical execution is also super... thanks to this platform I have already made a profit of more than 4 thousand pounds... the only important function that I have not yet tested is the withdrawal of funds... as soon as I withdraw the profit, I will write a new review, if I do not forget, of course: )
  6. Sh-a-d-y
    August 5
    How secretive they are!
    I wanted to initially open the "Fixed Income Portfolios" tariff, try the broker's capabilities, and work like that for about a month. If everything was to my liking, I would gladly move to the next tariff, or even to the "Platinum" tariff. However I did not manage to find out anything about the company's regulations, and I was not given any copies of documents upon request. Naturally, I do not intend to contact them again.
  7. softfo
    August 2
    This company is better than all those where I have traded before
    I compare this company with other firms where I traded, well, just at different levels. The execution here is faster, the conditions are better, and there are more interesting additional services than in other firms. For example, managers here are real professionals, always help and advise, do not hide anything, and do not avoid questions.
  8. Avemore
    July 30
    Scammers who rely on newbies
    This fake site will never work for experienced traders, so scammers count on either beginners or those who can be easily persuaded to invest by the lure of sweet profits in a short period of time and without effort.
  9. marco
    July 17
    And where is the demo account?
    The broker doesn't even have a demo account unless you count the link to TradingView, which can be installed on the resource by anyone absolutely free of charge and trade there on demo, so I don't even know why you should open an account here and risk so much. After all, you need to deposit $25,000 just to start trading and then safely say goodbye to it.
  10. sparta
    June 17
    Only con artists do this
    Template site, absolutely template conditions, and rendering services according to the following algorithm - you transfer money, forget about them, and the so-called broker puts your money in its pocket.
  11. Elena
    June 6
    Analysts are as sticky as cactus thorns
    Before opening a deposit with a large amount of money, I contacted Integra Financial Solutions phone support service, and then something unimaginable began! They started to persuade me to open Platinum tariff at once, offered me different options of discounts, and additional services, and even offered me a huge bonus from the company, with which I would have to trade later, and of course, I could not withdraw my deposit back so easily. You know, I did not like this approach to talking to the client at all. Even though I specifically described my situation and my preferences. Managers don't just convince you, they put pressure on you, start manipulating, and switch you from the first manager to the second, from the second to the third. And so on until my nervous exhaustion is complete. That is, there is a department of persuasion here, not consulting support :( After they called me several times in two days with inquiries about my capital, asking if I am ready to just register for now even without a deposit, I couldn't stand it and blocked this broker!

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