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According to the platform owner, the site is operated by Interac-Investor LLC, which is regulated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. However, InteracInvestor does not disclose data about its legal address, the project’s history, or its managers. According to ‌information in the site’s footer, the copyright holder has owned the site since 2013. However, as for the domain, it was registered only in November 2023. Finally, the Trading Rules are not available to customers via the link provided in the account registration form. How reliable is this intermediary? We will analyze the legal and technical aspects and conclude whether this company can be trusted.

Trading Conditions

InteracInvestor reports that the broker serves clients in more than 170 countries by providing them with a proprietary online terminal for trading. In addition, traders can download the MT5 platform or the InteracInvestor mobile app. The software allows you to earn on several global markets of stocks, currencies, futures, digital assets, and options, as well as exchange more than 200 types of cryptocurrencies for fiat.

Registered customers can choose the appropriate tariff from the 5 options available on the website. Trading plans are structured by minimum deposit and types of services. The following features are available to users:

  • Interac Standard from $500 – One trading signal per week, Leverage 1:100.
  • Interac+ from $25,000 – Exchange at a discount of up to 10%, One trading signal per week, Leverage 1:200.
  • Interac Gold from $50,000 – Gold spreads, Swap discount up to 25%, Five trading signals per week, Leverage 1:400.
  • Interac Expert from $100,000 – Insurance, Swap with up to 50% discount, Five trading signals per week, Leverage 1:400.
  • Interac Platinum – Minimum deposit upon request, Direct line with InteracInvestor trading room, Five trading signals per week, Leverage 1:600.

InteracInvestor provides each client with the services of a specialized manager. The broker does not disclose specific amounts of commissions, swaps, and spreads.

InteracInvestor can change the client agreement terms at any time. Traders are prohibited from using scalping, autotrading, hedging, bots, and some other strategies in trading. Citizens of the USA and other countries where cryptocurrency transactions are prohibited are not allowed to use this platform.

InteracInvestor provides customers with access to the Education Center, which has more than 60 animated videos. The interface supports English and Russian‌. 24/7 support is available via chat, phone, or email.


Would investing in InteracInvestor offer the best returns?

The broker offers risky trading in cryptocurrencies and derivatives with unclear conditions. Therefore, the probability of losing money is much higher than earning profits on this platform.

Does InteracInvestor carry out withdrawals?

The company does not set withdrawal deadlines and limits on the available withdrawal amount, transaction fees are unknown. Judging by reviews on the Internet, traders may not even get back their invested funds. Leave a comment if you have experience with this platform.

May I be scammed on

Yes, there is a high probability of scamming on this site, which has a very fresh domain and cheap design. The broker does not provide copies of legal documents and financial licenses. It is possible that the company operates without regulation by state authorities, and therefore it cannot be considered a reliable partner.

What's the best way to share my experience with InteracInvestor?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:600
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Introducing Broker
Minimum deposit: 500$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5, WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

9 reviews about InteracInvestor

  1. money-out-in
    December 27
    I don't know who could be interested in this broker!!!
    Trading conditions there are completely unfavorable. I very much doubt that the company is regulated (it can write anything on its website, but where is the proof?). I would never choose this company to work with, and reviews about InteracInvestor are negative everywhere.
  2. million83
    December 14
    I have a very sad experience with this trading platform
    I traded here one month and spent a lot of nerves, I did not get any profit, but only lost 2 thousand euros :( all my trades were unprofitable, although the charts were on uptrends! The broker has no protection against debiting accounts, all transactions are at the discretion of interacInvestor employees. I do not recommend this service, it is very dangerous to work with, it is a scammer....
  3. kim
    December 12
    Unclear trading conditions
    How can you trade on the platform if you have no idea how the spread is formed!!!? With interacInvestor I was constantly faced with unpredictable and unreasonable spread changes, which ate up my profits. The broker deliberately hides information about how prices are set. I lost more than 3500 usdt because of these manipulations!
  4. Appo
    December 10
    Tech support won't help you
    I contacted the broker's technical support with a question about the problem of platform freezing, I asked them to check the program. The response I got wasn't what I expected... It was mostly accusations against me that I have a bad computer, unstable internet and connection breaks, and that it is only my problem. On top of that, the manager acted quite rude and spoke to me in a disrespectful manner. The company may lose all customers with such attitude... I advise you to think twice about registering an account with the unstable
  5. Mazya
    December 9
    I'm satisfied with the cooperation
    I don't see the point in looking for another broker. I consider this company reliable, as the money is always withdrawn from the account 👏 There is a great bonus program "Bring a friend". The rewards are quite high, and there are no limits on the number of connected clients. I lack the service of automated trading. I think such a service is necessary, because now live people form portfolios of assets here, which, as we know, can be wrong with forecasts. However, I have not yet found a broker with ideal conditions 😀 so I trade with InteracInvestor.
  6. Solo
    December 9
    I can't call the terminal advanced
    The platform offers standard market conditions for the UK. The trading platform is adapted to long-term strategies, so investors will feel comfortable here. In general, the monthly fees are not very large, but the commission for trading is higher than other brokers. It was for this reason that I started working with another company. This broker deducts £7 on average per share trade, and that's a lot. A trader can reduce the rate to £3 if they trade small volumes, but for those who trade big, this is the limit. InteracInvestor will suit beginners more than professionals.
  7. Nursen
    December 7
    I was left disappointed
    I tried to trade on, but I immediately disliked the support in this company, the staff is incompetent and unpleasant in communication. Consultants can not answer any question clearly, moreover, they disconnect all the time. The broker obviously does not know that the support is the face of the company! Keep in mind that InteracInvestor has a terrible face!
  8. tsiremp
    December 6
    I had a serious problem with a withdrawal of funds
    I opened an account with them in November 2023 with a relatively small deposit of $3,000 and then the account manager convinced me to deposit more and I transferred another $27,000. I made some good cryptocurrency trades on my own. But now that I needed the money and applied to withdraw the entire amount, the managers don't want to communicate with me. InteracInvestor refuses to give me my money back, after my request to withdraw all $35,000 (with profit), the security service of the broker started checking all my transactions and trades, the employees canceled half of the trades, they informed me that the application doesn't meet the trading conditions for withdrawal, and when I requested this trading agreement for review, I never received a reply, how can these actions be called if not a scam?
  9. AnyBT
    November 24
    This is a fake company
    The broker made up a good name for itself, and in fact, the platform doesn't have much popularity. The managers bored me with their calls, I think they were looking for clients that way. I don't know where they got my phone number, probably they are looking for traders who have money and can be persuaded to cooperate. They showed me such a high level of forex knowledge at the beginning that I, as a person who doesn't fully understand everything in trading, thought it was very cool. InteracInvestor managers helped me to earn 200 dollars in the first week, and then they explained to me that if I hadn't the minimum amount on my account as I do now, my earnings would be several times higher. I naively believed in their promises and deposited $25,000 and started trading for large sums, and I immediately started having problems: after a trade that the manager didn't process as it should be, I got anxious and started interfering myself in the process, of course, I'm still trading in the red. After that the manager persuaded me to deposit 10K dollars more. I was nervous at that moment, and I thought he knew very well what to do, but for me, the only spectator, it was just a performance. The scammers were playing tricks on me, their victim, trying to drive me to a nervous breakdown. I didn't earn anything, I drained almost the whole amount, and the broker wrote off the remaining money for fees, and that's all... That's the story of cooperation I have! Interacinvestor is a fraud.

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