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Invest2see claims that it is registered in Switzerland and has its headquarters in Geneva, but there is no confirmation of this, as well as the office number at the specified address. In addition, the company does not provide information about its owners and employees. It is worth noting that the website of the financial organization does not indicate the license and does not even have the start date of the project. As for the domain, it was registered in September 2023.

Is the platform not based on deception? How reliable is it? We will analyze the available information about this broker and make our conclusion about the safety of trading on its terminal.

Trading Conditions

Invest2see offers clients to open an account and trade from a desktop terminal, mobile app, and WebTrader. However, there are no versions for iOS, MacOS, and Linux on the website, and you need to download the mobile app from the website as an APK file, as it is not available on PlayMarket. On the terminal, you will find 9 timeframes, more than 30 indicators, and drawing tools. Invest2see promises to provide access to CFD trading with different assets, including hundreds of types of cryptocurrencies and rare altcoins.

The company has developed 3 tariffs, in which the range of services and the minimum deposit amount increases at each level. You can choose the best account from the following list:

  • Bronze, deposit from $250 – leverage up to 1:100.
  • Silver, deposit from $3,000 – personal manager, leverage up to 1:200
  • Gold, deposit from $10,000 – 25% exchange discount, leverage up to 1:300

Invest2see guarantees that registered clients will receive narrow spreads, deep liquidity pools and no transaction fees. The company claims to provide liquidity from leading exchanges and that client funds will be held in segregated accounts. In terms of partnerships, owners invite introducing brokers who will receive high commission payments.

Invest2see offers you to enter a Promo Code when registering an account. You will probably be offered it after you contact the operator via the callback order form and provide the broker with your phone number. 

Invest2see gives users bonuses that need to be worked off with the amount divided by 4, within 60 days. You will not be able to withdraw funds from your account during this time. You can analyze the crypto market, use stock tickers, and consult via online chat.


Would investing in Invest2see offer the best returns?

The prospect of earning is not high: rather, cooperation with this company entails risks of serious financial losses. The broker offers an unknown terminal and leverage, which is 10 times higher than what is allowed by European regulators.

Does Invest2see carry out withdrawals?

In the review of the broker's functionality, we did not find a description of the details of financial transactions: terms, limits, commissions, and this indicates the absence of obligations to clients on withdrawals. In their comments, traders complain about unreasonable refusals to withdraw money. Please share your opinion in the review.

May I be scammed on

You may be a victim of scammers who offer such a poorly structured site and are not licensed. In addition, a fresh domain and the absence of certificates of registration of a legal entity should arouse suspicion among a potential client.

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:300
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Introducing Broker
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

12 reviews about Invest2see

  1. casteri
    February 24
    I am disappointed
    I am writing this review to warn those who have not yet "got into trouble" like me. My experience with invest2see is my bad experience and I am very sorry that I lost $1,800 on this terminal so ridiculously. As soon as the broker realizes that you have started earning well, then immediately, for some reason, it starts raising the spread. Yes, technical support responds instantly, but the operator does not solve problems, the administrators simply set up a robot that generates the same messages to all traders with brief general information for all occasions. You will not be able to work on the terminal with profit, I thought it was a malfunction with the site, but then I guessed that it was a deliberate manipulation of quotes. Do not go to this site, save your savings and nerves, my advice to you.
  2. ztar
    February 9
    I was a victim of fraud
    А month ago I had to quit my main job and started looking for a remote job. I posted my CV on different sites and representatives of invest2see found me in this way and called me with an offer to earn money remotely on Forex. I had not been trading before and decided to give it a try. I deposited almost all the money that I had put aside while looking for a job and I started to carefully follow the manager's recommendations. The result is sad... Even though at first I managed to earn money, after 2 weeks I lost 4,320 euros. The employees of the company helped me only to drain my money! I think they are swindlers who find people looking for work on the internet to lure them with promises of big profits in forex. But I didn't know the risks and believed the scammers...
  3. Mery M
    February 8
    I have no complaints
    I have been looking for a long time for a forex broker that will give adequate CFD assets without excessive fees. I found it on, however, at first I suspected this platform of dishonest work, but then I found out information about liquidity providers and I calmed down. In general, the service functions well - I regularly use analytics and the help of a personal manager. What pleases me the most is that there are no lags and requotes on the platform, as is often the case with other popular forex brokers :) I also like a very convenient deposit system and fast withdrawal of funds. I recommend this broker to everyone who knows how to trade. If you do not know how to trade, then naturally you will quickly lose your balance, and it will be your fault, not the team of this resource. I thank all Invest2see employees for their honest work!
  4. Antony
    January 25
    Unattractive conditions
    High spreads, a large minimum of the first deposit to activate a trading account, and no demo account - this is not suitable for anyone to earn profit.
  5. ddu
    January 25
    This is a sleazy scam
    I lost $12,000 on due to my own stupidity and naivety. I am a beginner and this fake forex broker took advantage of my incompetence.
  6. tasker
    January 25
    The scammers did not give me the money
    I deposited 1000 euros and wanted to trade in crypto. I declined the welcome bonus in my cabinet for my first deposit. I started trading and soon saw that trading was not going very well because of the quotes, I was draining more money than I was earning, so I decided to withdraw everything that was left on my account, and there was about 700 euros left. Invest2see operator replied to my enquiry: "we gave you a welcome bonus - you have to work it off". I wrote that I did not take any welcome bonus, that is, there is no money in my account except for the money I transferred at the beginning. But the broker doesn't give back my funds - the operator once again proves that I took the welcome bonus. I got tired of arguing and decided to trade their crazy odds on the welcome bonus - and lost all the money. SCAM!!!
  7. m2m
    January 20
    The company operates honestly
    I started trading forex but later switched to metals and commodities. I would like to draw your attention to the key feature of this broker - its conditions for clients on the Silver tariff. The intermediary provides managers and trading analysts to those traders who have three thousand dollars or more on their account. I tried it and realised that it is possible to earn much more with their help. I also think Invest2see's high leverage is a plus. However, if you have no experience, I do not recommend you to work with leverages higher than 1:30. Such self-restraint will save you from large losses and will not allow you to instantly lose large sums.
  8. Navak
    January 9
    I don't understand what happened
    I've been trading on this platform for more than 4 months and I haven't had any problems or misunderstandings, but a week ago I tried to withdraw $800 to my Visa card, but I still have no money... I've always traded small amounts, but recently I decided to add more money to my deposit for trading, and now I wanted to withdraw my profit of 12% of my balance for the last 2 weeks, but I can't wait for my funds for 5 days. The technical support operators are silent, they don't write anything to my requests, I have contacted them by all means of communication. All my past requests for withdrawal were processed almost instantly and I received the money within 2-3 minutes ... I will wait for the transfer further...
  9. Lark
    January 8
    The scam has many questionable charts
    I was able to make a profit of 138 euros on a minimum deposit just because I didn't look at their predictions, but I couldn't withdraw my funds, invest2see blocked my account. I started looking for their license and found out that this scam company is not even registered anywhere! I got to the scam site.
  10. Tiger-V
    January 7
    I can not recommend this service to anyone
    This is a scam!!! I deposited 550 dollars and thought I would start trading with profit, but my hopes were not fulfilled, I started to lose money immediately because of manipulation by false broker.
  11. anov43
    January 1
    I'm not satisfied with the verification
    I went through the registration, I did not like that the broker took a long time to confirm the account, about a day and a half. On the other hand - training, analytics, pleasant service, no commissions for deposit and withdrawal - these are pluses. And from the minuses I didn't like the delays on the trading platform. However, taking into account all the disadvantages, it's possible to work on Invest2see. Although the platform is not the most stable, ‌I have no special remarks with the withdrawal of funds to the card. All my withdrawal payments were processed within two days at most. You can earn here if you have experience: the main thing in Forex is your trading strategy and ability to read charts.
  12. asket
    December 31
    For the past six months I have been constantly searching for a way to generate additional income from investments. I recently found a brokerage platform called invest 2see, which bribed me with the fact that the company's office is located in Switzerland. The administrator promised me an experienced consultant and at first everything was good, the analyst helped me and my trading was going well. I deposited €3,200 and made at least €280 profit every week. The only thing that confused me a bit was that the broker was not licensed, but the analyst explained to me that licensing is a long process and many forex startups operate without regulation. I thought that if there are no problems, it would be ok to work with these guys. And then the trouble started :( it was impossible to withdraw money from the platform - invest2see had a software failure, I started having problems with account verification, or I needed to replenish my deposit. I requested a withdrawal of €4,327 seven times, but the operators canceled it each time. I wanted to resubmit the request for the eighth time and then I found out that I was blocked :( that's how "well" I made money with an unregulated broker!!!

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