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Investus Pro claims to be registered in the UK and headquartered in London, but there is no confirmation of this. In addition, the company does not disclose any information about its history or the date of its establishment. However, the website shows various awards of the international broker dating back to 2018, for example. As for the domain, it was only registered in August 2023 in the United States. Furthermore, the language bar contains buttons to switch to Italian and German, but it actually opens only in English. However, the company does not have a license to provide financial services in Europe and other countries. Finally, the symbols of resources such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook do not actually activate the broker’s accounts in these social networks.

Is it not dangerous to open an account here and invest in it? Does the company let its clients earn on trading? We will answer questions about the reliability of the site after studying its basic functionality and legal documents.

Trading Conditions

Investus Pro offers its clients to get income from investments in high technologies. After registration, you will have access to such financial instruments as Forex, stocks, commodities, and CFDs. All popular payment services for financial operations are presented on the site.

Broker’s tariff plans are designed for different levels of users. You can open an account from the proposed options, which are ranked by the minimum deposit:

  • Basic from €250 – manager support, leverage 1:200.
  • Silver from €2,250 – minimum functionality available, leverage 1:200.
  • Gold from €10,000 – consultations with the best specialists of the project, leverage 1:300.
  • Platinum from €25,000 – assistance in developing a trading strategy, leverage 1:400.

The minimum spread on the accounts is 0.8. Clients may be charged a withdrawal fee. You can withdraw a minimum of €250.

Investus Pro offers deposit bonuses to its clients. However, the broker does not make payouts until you reach a volume that is 25 times the initial deposit. Even the most professional trader can hardly get such a profit.

You can access the terminal from your smartphone browser. The site has analytics and provides training for beginners, there are small notes with a deciphering of basic trading terms.


Would investing in Investus Pro offer the best returns?

This is risky CFD trading, which demonstrates huge losses and only occasionally very low returns. In addition, the platform is unknown and unstable.

Does Investus Pro carry out withdrawals?

It is unlikely that you will be able to withdraw money. Clients report in reviews that the platform used by the project falsifies quotes and transactions. You can share your own experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The template site looks very cheap. Moreover, in just a couple of months of existence, it has already changed its domain. The project has no legal right to provide brokerage services, as it does not have a license. Therefore, there is a high risk of fraud here.

What's the best way to share my experience with Investus Pro?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Investus Pro is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 268$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

17 reviews about Investus Pro

  1. OgA
    November 28
    Victim of Investuspro scam
    Investorpro are 100% scammers! its not about having not licensed to trade, they are not carrying out any trades at all, its all fake trading platform with made up trading information. They just take your money via crypto currency by requesting for deposits to with fake promises of releasing it back to you, etc 10%, another 13% on a different day and continuously until they have hit their collection target from you and then disappear.
    please save yourself the misery and keep your money! Am a recent victim and have not recover from the shock of losing my lifesavings to them and in/out of doctor/hospital admission due high blood pressure these guys put me through by stealing my saving in broad day light as investment trading!
  2. Arielle
    November 16
    Huge scam. They are falsely using the Toronto Region Board of Trade’s address as their fake Canadian headquarters. It’s bold that they’d target an actual chamber of commerce’s HQ.
  3. Stray
    September 13
    I do not recommend!
    I foolishly deposited the minimum amount of 250 euros. In order to start trading, I had to open a random trade with no result. Consultants told me what miracle experts they have, that I can safely use their flawless predictions. But as a result, the personal advisor accompanying me showed his incompetence and explained that I was just unlucky this time. He persistently persuaded me that I needed to deposit at least 10,000 euros more to really start earning. Good thing I didn't believe in his fairy tales.
  4. glib46
    September 5
    I don't recommend it, and bonuses are only for advertising
    You need to be an unrealistically cool trader to be able to make money on such conditions as :(
  5. shuby
    September 5
    I failed
    I tried to make money with this broker, but only got only losses. At first, I deposited 350 euros and tried to make money by trading on my own. In the end, I did not succeed. I am withdrawing my money from my Investus Pro account because it is almost impossible to make money with this company.
  6. edselurt
    September 4
    Terminal works terribly, intrusive managers
    I tested the trading strategy on minimum deposit, finalized my trading plan, and invested 3000$ for profitable trades. And what do you think? I immediately encountered the following problems: spreads are higher, twice as much as they were at the beginning; charts began to show with distortion, the closing price did not converge with the opening price, because of this candles were uneven; deviations on the chart constantly began to appear in different directions, and the chart itself acquired some atypical appearance; managers' calls with offers to replenish the deposit became annoying; the platform and orders began to hang, up to the point that the terminal hung for about 5 minutes and then disconnected from the server - sometimes I could not enter my personal cabinet and the terminal, they just did not load. And that's why I will not trade here anymore!!!
  7. vil
    September 3
    For beginners, this is not an ideal option as a start at all
    You can make money in Investus Pro, but the site has its own disadvantages: for example, it often hangs, which prevents full-fledged trading. Asset selection and withdrawal of money are also often questionable:(
  8. vado79
    September 3
    It is very hard to earn from this broker
    I usually trade on forex amounts from 2000$. Then I withdraw to the card, I advise this method, as it is the most reliable. Regarding the execution of withdrawal requests, I will say that it is very long in Investus Pro. As for the terminal, not infrequent slippages happen, but I can not help noting that they were in my direction. I recommend the site for those who already have some experience. For beginners it is better to start first in a more reliable company.
  9. slogb
    September 3
    They blocked my account without warning me, the reason was not indicated
    I have been waiting for answers to my questions for more than a week!!! I decided to withdraw the entire deposit of 12 thousand euros. Because the commission in Investus Pro is huge, the attitude to the client is terrible! It's just a scam!!!
  10. 1m1p
    September 2
    I can say that I am generally satisfied with everything
    I have been trading with them for over a year now, very reliable guys. They have proved themselves from the best sides :) I trade here calmly, as the company from the UK has quite favorable conditions for the client. As for the spread, it is quite optimal. Verification took a long time, it is a disadvantage, but against the background of all the pluses of the broker, this problem seems insignificant. But here is a fast execution of orders, everything happens without delays:) There is also a large selection of currency pairs. Withdrawal goes without delays, I have withdrawn 300-600 euros several times, and never once the operators did not let me down, and the technical support treats clients perfectly, I am satisfied with almost everything in them.
  11. bake13
    August 29
    I realized how these small crooks operate
    Orders are executed in such a way that positions are closed at the market quote, not at the one specified in TakeProfit, i.e. it is such a small bite from the client's pie, so in almost every deal. Because of the "slow" server, sometimes orders are not closed for several minutes, although the price has crossed the level I declared.
  12. Andry Gaitu
    August 28
    I am quite satisfied with this terminal
    Of course, at first, it was unusual for me to use WebTrade instead of the standard MT4 terminal, but it turned out to be much more functional and easier. So the broker cares about its users, offering the best. Otherwise, there are no problems at all - everything functions clearly, does not hang, and there are no delays in orders. Of course, I would like to withdraw faster - I usually wait for money for a few days, but they always come, which is already good.
  13. Barlena
    August 24
    I will tell you about the technical drawbacks
    The site and the trading server often slow down, sometimes there are errors in my personal cabinet, especially when the functionality changes. By the way, frequent changes in my personal cabinet are also a potential source of problems - I don't have time to get used to the new rules. Connection with the trading server can sometimes be lost. All these troubles force me to part with this broker.
  14. Key008
    August 22
    I can firmly say that the company is a scammer and you can not deal with them
    Investus pro constantly cheats their clients, I realized this when I was cheated with deals, not closing them at the specified price and constantly minus them. It turns out that I was persuaded to invest more money twice than I planned. And all stolen!!!
  15. Irokezo
    August 21
    Inexplicably long withdrawal process
    For me it is especially strange that Investus Pro checks your documents so long and thoroughly, because of this my friend trader lost all the funds - about 4 thousand euros, he could not confirm his home address, although he provided many copies of documents.
  16. AGRwz
    August 12
    Typical deceivers and manipulators
    I also thought that this company could be trusted with my money. Well, a broker with a long experience, more than 5 years, with thousands of clients all over the world, and having such a large number of awards, a lot of ‌solid partners, can not work on purpose so that their client drained money?! In fact, InvestusPro can do that! I had enough sense to withdraw the remaining funds, although with a loss of 320$. But I will not come back here again, and I want everyone to know about this bad brokerage company, and how it cheats people.
  17. Sve12
    August 11
    Beware, scammers will just steal your money!
    False broker works according to a well-established scheme - lures you with profitable deals, and virtually it all looks like trading, artificially your trades make profitable, and when the time comes to withdraw your deposit, then suddenly there is some reason for you not to withdraw it: you closed the position wrongly, you have a small volume, etc. As a result, they freeze your account and offer to add endless amounts of money, supposedly to adjust the problems! I lost $820 and I have studied Investus Pro perfectly, I advise you not to believe in promises and do not give in to the entreaties of managers.

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