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IQCent is operated by Wave Makers LTD, a Marshall Islands registered company. It works with traders around the world but does not provide services to US residents. The broker claims to be licensed for financial activities, but this is not supported by legal documents. The domain has existed since 2017, its registrar is an unknown person from the USA.

Trading Conditions

The financial company offers users the income that its proprietary terminal provides. IQCent claims that with it, you earn up to 98% profit in just 5 seconds. The trading platform is available for desktop and mobile devices. The demo account here is only for registered clients who have deposited real funds.

Types of rates:

  • “Bronze” – $50
  • “Silver” – $1,000
  • “Gold” – $5,000
  • “VIP” – $50,000

Rate plans differ in the number of free rollovers, bonus amount, additional options, and time to withdraw profit (up to 8 hours).

Customers can participate in the lottery. Every month the broker draws mobile phones, gadgets, and other prizes.

The Company may suspend or terminate the Client’s access to the account. Disputes for some reason will be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Seychelles.

There is a weekly competition on the IQCent website. The first 4 places get $20,000. The broker has a referral program “Invite a Friend” on the site, in which you are rewarded with 20% of the deposit amount of your referred clients.


Would investing in IQCent offer the best returns?

Risky CFD and binary trading usually brings platform users only losses. We recommend that you look for a better and more reliable financial partner.

Does IQCent carry out withdrawals?

You will find real reviews of the broker on independent resources and almost all of them are negative. Most of the clients of this company never made a profit.

May I be scammed on

You will not find any reporting on the website regarding the profitability of the trades. The company does not have a license, which suggests it is operating illegally.

What's the best way to share my experience with IQCent?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if IQCent is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2017
License: No license
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Referral
Assets: Commodities, Index, Shares, Crypto, Metals
Minimum deposit: 50$
Bonus: 0.2%
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Wire/bank transfers, Cryptocurrencies

26 reviews about IQCent

  1. alker
    July 20
    There is no contract enforcement
    A broker simply cannot be trusted because there is no guarantee on their part to fulfill their own obligations under your contract. In just one month of cooperation, I have found so many mistakes here that it would take them more than a year to fix everything!
  2. David Sullivan
    July 13
    You will be cheated here
    If you haven't already lost your mind from the sweet terms of cooperation with IQ Cent - stop immediately !!!
  3. Cindy
    July 11
    I love binary, especially with this broker
    It's risky, I agree. But you can make a lot of money in a day. And you can lose everything in a second...
  4. fossil
    June 27
    Good Company
    I never had any problems or delays with the withdrawal of my earnings. Easy enough and easy to use platform, in case you need to open several trades on several currency pairs at once - no time lost. No refund in case of closing an option at the opening price - minus compared to other companies. But all in all, for me Iqcent is reliability and fast payouts.
  5. Gregory Johnson
    June 25
    Cheap Scam
    This is another scam and scammers
  6. Vladis
    June 18
    The dumbest scam
    A broker uses marketing tricks aimed at attracting newcomers, who often succumb to the promise of huge profits and prefer not to go into the details of cooperation. Many of them fall for the swindlers and cannot protect their financial interests afterwards.
  7. Dina
    June 8
    My friend lost his deposit
    Unfortunately, the company is not responsible for customer losses using unethical methods. My friend was a victim of IQcent, however, as he agreed to the terms offered, the claim against the broker does not make much sense.
  8. enigma
    June 4
    They stole all the money!
    I'm not surprised to see so many negative reviews at all. Every one of them is deserved and I am personally ready to confirm all these words! I have never seen such an attitude towards customers and brazen theft before. Even phone scammers do not have the cheek to such an extent as iqcent. At the beginning everything seemed normal, I was making trades and was happy until I was offered to increase the account to $1000 to increase my profit. As soon as that large amount was in the account, they blocked me. That's the minute. This is just theft! I won't leave this theft so easily, rest assured of my determination.
  9. maxell
    May 20
    These bastards stole all my capital! They have been sending signals I knew would fail, and they have also charged my last money with commissions!
  10. ANDRE
    May 17
    Convenient platform
    With the broker you can trade fast options as well as longer term options. ‌For all instruments trades are triggered correctly, and there are no delays or false quotes. Closing trades, which is very important, also happens without manipulation by Overall, a working and transparent platform.
  11. android
    May 17
    It's a scam
    This is not the first time I have come across these fake companies, trust me, this unscrupulous broker will not rest until it takes your last cent.
  12. User
    May 3
    No support for crypto withdrawal problems
    This company only says pretty words and when a trader has questions on the financial part, the support department just stops communicating. How am I supposed to keep trusting them?!!! I am glad that I have not had time to deposit all the money in my IQCent account, but I have checked it all first with $20 :))
  13. Maximum
    April 28
    No official documents
    I don't see the point in working with a broker that is a complete failure in terms of their legal documents. There is no way to trust a company that does not disclose its real name and real office address and a lot to do with it. Not only can this platform take on all the savings, but it can also lead to a lot of debt.
  14. Brandon
    April 27
    A primitive scam scheme
    Some people don't realize that this is a fake platform that isn't going to deliver on its promises until you try to withdraw your money. This is the most common scam scheme, but people still fall for it. iqcent creates the illusion of successful trades when they simulate trading, but when it comes to withdrawing profits, such services disappear.
  15. Alexman
    March 30
    You won't be able to withdraw money on this scam. Because of the fact that you can trade here even from 10 dollars, those who will deposit it - will never get it back. The scammers do not care how much money they invest, the main thing is that it remains in their pockets. I checked it out :(
  16. OllaOs
    March 17
    I can see that it is a common scammer
    I wouldn't advise anyone to contact this "broker" for a simple reason - they are scammers. If you delve deeper into their history, you can find many facts of cheating clients, new domains and stories of fraud. Thank God I have already learned from experience and am not caught on their hook. But in general, you only need to read reviews about iqcent and verify my words.
  17. Shalf-0d
    March 4
    All binary brokers are scam
    I think all of these platforms are scammers whom I do not start checking on google reviews, it is the same everywhere...scam scam
  18. JudgeM
    February 25
    Don't trust these thieves
    At first you'll be fine until you try to withdraw your profits (if there are any, of course). I invested $3,000, raised about $400 in a week, made a trial withdrawal request but it was never approved. I then talked to the managers, they all had the same answer - problems with servers. Solid excuses and absolutely no responsibility from IQcent. If you don't need your money, then trust these scammers…
  19. Pitirim
    February 19
    It's just another internet scam
    They pass their stock traders to scammers in the OTC market Forex. If you suddenly decided to try their fate, trading on this international trading platform, then at least find a more reliable dealer, and IQCent Com, which I advise to bypass at a mile, because nothing but the loss of the deposit in joint cooperation with this dealing scam office you will not have. BE CAREFUL!
  20. mesergal
    February 15
    Why did I fall for the advertisement?!!
    There are a lot of good reviews on the Internet about this company, so I decided to go for it. I have to be honest, this is the first time I have come across such blatant dilettantes with a spiteful attitude towards clients. IQcent first begged me for $1000, then unbelievably surprised me with an unstable terminal that constantly gets blocked and quotes are displayed with delays.
  21. AlexTh
    February 13
    I like the service
    I have been working with them for a month now, no complaints so far. I think it will be even better in the future if they don't close soon. ‌Binary brokers are not eternal(.
  22. wendeskle
    February 10
    You should not sue
    Suing offshore fake brokers is pointless. If your money is currently being stolen, the only way to get your money out is through a bank chargeback procedure. This allows the payment to be forced back to the sender's account from the iqcent account
  23. kirin
    February 9
    Rude support
    I have been criticized for the unstable terminal and I have been criticized for my intellect as if I had to listen to that!
  24. Greysmith
    February 2
    Another fraudsters
    If you want to be disappointed in trading and in online earning in general, ask this company for help! They will help you with this problem very quickly, but not cheaply. They do not refuse anyone in this matter, they will be glad to disappoint you and cheat you :) I guarantee you quick results, it happened to me and many other traders with Naturally I do not recommend anyone to mess with these scammers.
  25. nikola
    January 31
    Guys, relax
    "What $100 profit can't you take out from us?" Yeah, that's how tech support responds at first, and then a powerful manager gets involved and starts handling you. All I hear is gimme gimme gimme. I want them to withdraw my deposits as diligently as they extort them.
  26. Ima
    January 15
    Left me without money!
    These companies are counting on beginners in this field. They lure inexperienced traders with various prizes to practice, but then they take all the crypto for themselves. As soon as you fund your deposit account, your money will be lost and these crooks won't let you withdraw a cent. By the way, these scammers have already updated their scheme, I got into them 1 year ago.

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