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The site is owned by Ixxen Ltd., which claims to operate legally and has its business residence ‌in British Columbia, Canada. Even though the brand positions itself as a safe broker trusted by “hundreds of traders,” it does not show any facts about the history and owners of the project. As for the domain, it was registered in June 2020 and renewed in August 2023. In addition, the company does not have a license. Is it safe and profitable for you to trade here? We will answer this question in our review of the broker’s activity.

Trading Conditions

Ixxen offers clients its own proprietary platform with access to international markets on any mobile and desktop device. You can trade online CFDs, including digital currencies, stocks, and other products. The broker provides more than 900 different tradable instruments.

Ixxen has developed 6 types of tariffs, which differ in the amount of minimum deposit. Each subsequent level includes all the offers of the previous one. We will take a closer look at the lineup of trading accounts:

  • Beginner from $10,000 – Basic access to trading tools, One-click trading included, No additional transaction fees, Mobile trading.
  • Standard from $50,000 – Islamic trading without swaps is possible.
  • Intermediate from $100,000 – Financial markets coverage.
  • Advanced from $500,000 – Exclusive market updates.
  • Integral from $1M – Key markets SMS and Push notifications, Personal Account Management.
  • VIP from $5M – Exclusive events and promotions, Prioritized real-time support.

Ixxen guarantees transparent pricing, ultra-fast execution, and reliable funding methods for all traders. Deposit and withdrawal methods include online digital coin wallets, credit/debit cards, and bank transfers.

Ixxen states in the Terms of Service that it is not responsible for client losses, including account hacking. That is, the trader must independently control their account. 

Ixxen provides additional services – free training tools, economic calendar, and daily market analysis. Tech support advises clients via online chat. You can view broker accounts on social networks such as FB or Instagram using the links on the website.


Would investing in Ixxen offer the best returns?

You will unlikely make money on a platform with secret trading conditions and huge leverage. You will have more chances to lose your own funds in risky CFD trading on a dubious terminal.

Does Ixxen carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis showed that the firm does not inform about the processing time for withdrawal requests, does not indicate the amount of fees, and does not guarantee the safety of the deposit. You should pay attention to reviews where clients complain about the inability to withdraw funds. Share your experience, please.

May I be scammed on ixxen.com?

We have not found any direct evidence of fraud, but there are many indirect signs of the company's dubious work. The lack of a license, inadequate minimum deposit amounts, and cheap interface indicate the risk of fraud. The site's owners hide their names and even the period of activity of the offshore organization.

What's the best way to share my experience with ixxen.com?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 10000$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

17 reviews about Ixxen

  1. Nico Gor
    March 11
    The scammers are top-notch!
    I invested $10,000 but it was just drained in 3 months :( I have no profit, the broker gave no guarantees. It's a money trap. The manager said it was "my fault", he asked for another 40k first for reliable trading, but that's too brazen a lie.
  2. kaptain
    March 10
    Money is not withdrawn
    Managers promised me huge profits, but as a result, I lost €25k here. Fraud in its purest form. I hope my feedback will help others to avoid losses
  3. b05042001
    February 25
    Unprofessional service
    I sent a withdrawal request 2 weeks ago but no one is processing the request. I have experienced several times that the withdrawal has been cancelled because ixxen never clearly informs customers about the cancellation policy. I got the impression that operators were trying to delay payments. I received an email response from the broker confirming that I could withdraw profits via bank transfer, even though I had never used a bank transfer to make a deposit before. But when I sent a request to withdraw by bank transfer, the administrators rejected the withdrawal because "you need to withdraw by the same method you deposited". This means that every employee of this company has their own ways of handling the request and there is no standard rule for them. The withdrawal service is below professional standards, even their rejection email looks amateurish.
  4. July
    February 20
    I did not like the service
    I decided to try my hand at ixxen.com after my thorough analysis of the broker market. However, my experience was extremely negative. From the very beginning there were problems with account verification which took an unreasonable amount of time. Then, when I started trading, I discovered a lot of hidden commissions that were not mentioned during registration. In addition, the platform was running intermittently, which resulted in a loss of funds due to delays in order execution. Their tech support was completely unhelpful. Very disappointed!
  5. krut
    February 16
    Not the best forex platform out there
    First of all, I do not like the very time-consuming procedure of conducting deposit and withdrawal of money, as well as multiple checks while doing so. Also Ixxen has a large spread of 3 pips when trading crypto, which makes me sad, as on other similar platforms it is set at 1-1.5 pips. On the plus side, I can highlight the convenient trading terminal, which has all the necessary tools for long-term trading. Also to the pluses can be attributed honesty service, it pays everything earned. In general, I like the project quite well, but you can find a few others even better.
  6. ara
    February 10
    Unstable work
    The platform constantly crashes at the most important moments. Today, when an important announcement was made, the platform froze and I was unable to complete a transaction on ixxen.com. I lost a chance to make about $4,500. Unprofessionalism and technical glitches are what you will get from this broker!
  7. Axilka
    February 8
    Up-and-coming project
    The choice of instruments is excellent, the platform is clear and easy to use, analytics is laid out well. Spreads are relatively low, execution speed is decent. I know that traders occasionally have problems with withdrawing money to Ixxen, but I have never encountered delays, the money is instantly transferred to my e-wallet. I sometimes have minor technical glitches, but the support solves everything promptly. I recommend the company to everyone, as it is a really proven quality broker, of which there are not so many in the network.
  8. Nisi
    February 4
    Good resource
    I have been trading here for a short time, about four months, however, I got used to the interface of the terminal for about a month, at first it was somehow difficult for me to get used to and the functionality seemed illogical. Ixxen has the highest commission on payments, but the spreads here are favourable, very low, although the deposit sizes are very high on the contrary. Deposit and withdrawal of funds is fast, the broker works with almost all the most famous payment systems. I usually withdraw money from here to my bank card; this is the fastest and easiest way for me. Technical support always pleases me; they are good, answer within half an hour, and help solve any questions until the situation is fully resolved.
  9. aksel
    January 31
    Horrible broker!
    Unqualified technical support, which responds with great delay, and system failures - these are the main differences of ixxen. They stopped withdrawing money almost immediately; operators attributed this to technical difficulties. I can't get into my personal cabinet, the technical support can't say anything intelligible. I'm very angry. I need my money urgently, and the company doesn't return the remaining $5,647, although we are not talking about earnings, but about my deposit.
  10. Vadi
    January 21
    I did not dare to open an account
    I was considering this company as a possible broker, but I decided to check information about ixxen's work, especially since lately there are a lot of negative reviews written online about forex and CFD traders. I found out that the ixxen.com website has a lot of unclear trading conditions. The registration of the firm in British Columbia makes me suspicious. Where is the license to be able to operate in Canada?! Legal documents and rules are written only to protect the broker, the company can do whatever it wants with your money and denies any responsibility to the client. I have many unanswered questions 🤔 What should I do if a dispute arises that cannot be resolved by contacting support? Where to file a lawsuit - only in BC?!
  11. Shami Ulet
    January 18
    Self-deception and losses
    Deceived me for a large amount, 35K euros. No response from the broker to my appeals about the unjustified blocking of the account, and my funds went into the pockets of crooks. Never trust such false brokers!
  12. Alex Pishman
    January 16
    All promises are a trap
    It should not be forgotten that companies such as those at ixxen.com have the most unreliable activities of all possible. Registration in British Columbia is only indicated on the website and is not confirmed by anything, there are NO scans or links to the registry. So this sign tells you that you are likely to be scammed, have your money stolen, and be treated inhumanely. If you don't believe me, then invest a lot of money here and say goodbye to it. I've warned you, so don't complain later that you've been treated badly. I know what I'm talking about as I've been caught offshore twice before and I don't believe any sweet promises.
  13. test
    December 26
    Withdrawal request is not processed
    The company has forgotten how to respond normally and quickly deal with clients' claims. I can't make a withdrawal from my account for the second week, I'm tired of dealing with the broker's staff - they asked me for the history of transactions, I sent to the pre-agreed email address - and there's no answer, silence. Operators write in chat that they don't receive anything, they ask me to send it again - I sent it for the second time. As a result, I got the answer - "the enquiry is transferred to the financial department", from which the information again does not come, there's no result, I am sitting, waiting for an intelligible answer to my enquiry, but the operator writes as a robot that my question is in the process of consideration. I'm already tired of demanding my money, the amount I've left is small, about $1,700, but I'm still offended. If Ixxen does not want to lose clients, then the broker should be more careful about the quality of work!
  14. ketsto
    December 15
    Scammers will cheat you
    I thought ixxen would help me expand my investment portfolio, but it ended up being the worst decision of my life. Sudden requotes and platform freezing at times of important news resulted in instant losses. Goodbye, my $13,500. I advise everyone to stay away from this scam.
  15. Ungrund
    December 14
    Don't believe it, SCAM!
    The administrators told me that I could easily earn money, but it was a lie. After I invested $20,000, my account suddenly went to zero. I can't get any explanation, support is silent. I lost all my savings because of the fraud of this company.
  16. German Pacvald
    December 8
    I do not doubt that you will be scammed
    This site is created by scammers for rich fools or adventurers. The company has no right to operate in the USA (read the CFD trading law), the registration in British Columbia makes me smile. Does anyone believe they were going to get a license there?!! Look at the 1:400 leverage, it's limited to 1:30 in Europe, and the deposit starts at $10k!!! If the minimum was 10 dollars, as in all adequate brokers, I could deposit little by little in ixxen and have fun in some dubious terminal. But you need to deposit $10,000 at once and then you will suffer when your deposit is blocked.
  17. olaj
    December 8
    The company has both advantages and disadvantages
    Overall, this is an adequate broker. At least the platform suits my strategy. I withdraw money within 24 hours and without commission. Spreads are average, so there are profits all the time. I trade usually in MT4, as the author's terminals do not suit me. Although, perhaps, it is a matter of habit, but I liked the trading software of this broker.

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