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This website is owned and operated by JP SHARES LTD, which claims to be based in Liechtenstein, but this is not documented. Meanwhile, the company claims to be a licensed financial services provider. However, the broker indicates in the User Agreement that all business relations with the client are regulated by the legislation of Saint Lucia. As for the history of the project, there is no information on the official website, even about its launch date. It is worth noting that the domain was registered only in November 2023.

Is it safe for you to cooperate with this intermediary? We will analyze the working conditions of the service and its legal documents, and then conclude its reliability.

Trading Conditions

JP Shares offers to work with CFD contracts. The web terminal is used for trading derivatives and leveraged products. Clients can trade on Android/iOS smartphones and desktop computers. You can deposit to JP Shares using Visa/Mastercard bank cards, e-wallets, and wire transfers.

In the brokerage company’s portfolio there are 5 classic types of trading accounts and 1 special one for those traders who observe Sharia law. Tariffs differ in the size of the minimum deposit, spread, and number of services. You can choose from the following account levels to suit your budget:

  • Student From €250 – Minimum Trade Size 0.01, one training “How to use trading indicators”, Spread 3, Consultation once a week.
  • Standard From from €5,000 – Minimum Trade Size 0.1, 3 training “How to use trading indicators”, Spread 2, Consultation twice a week.
  • Islamic From €10,000 – Minimum Trade Size 0.5, Spread 3, No commissions/fines and no hidden interest.
  • Investor from €100,000 – Minimum Trade Size 0.5, Spread 1.7, Additional: two-week training “How to use trading indicators”, Dealer Mode.
  • JP SHARES VIP from €500,000 – Minimum Trade Size 1, Spread 1.7, Consultation 4 times a week, personalized trading strategies, PAMM account, Dealer Mode
  • JP SHARES VIP Platinum from €1,000,000 – Minimum Trade Size 5, Spread 1, Consultation 4 times a week, 24/5 support by a personal analyst, PAMM account, Dealer Mode, Personalized daily market analysis, Leverage for trading on cryptocurrency 1:5.

Each client of JP Shares is entitled to use 4 bonus offers – welcome, no deposit, insurance, standard. The company may change the Terms and Conditions of the bonus promotion without prior notice to the user.

JP Shares declares in the User Agreement that it is not liable for any damage incurred by the client, including as a result of unstable operation of the terminal and errors in its program. When you register an account, you acknowledge that access to the trading platform may be restricted or permanently blocked by the broker without your prior notice. 

JP Shares offers clients Skype training with a collection of trading videos, Economic Calendar, and Glossary. You will find the Currency Ticker displayed at the top of the site, as well as trading indicators and breaking news on the terminal tab.


Would investing in JP Shares offer the best returns?

This CFD broker offers its clients an unstable platform where profits are not guaranteed. You are more likely to lose your funds when trading with the condition that your account is suddenly blocked at any time without explanation.

Does JP Shares carry out withdrawals?

After reading reviews from ex-users and the Terms of the platform, we have concluded that the broker can refuse your withdrawals at its discretion. If you have experience trading on this terminal, please share your comments.

May I be scammed on

The brokerage company operates without a license, it does not inform clients about the date of project creation, its owners, and managers. Fraud is very likely on the part of an anonymous intermediary, which can block your account, citing its own rules stated in the "Client Agreement".

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:5
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 275$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

9 reviews about JP Shares

  1. PCr
    January 28
    Broker steals clients' funds
    Unfortunately, my experience with jp shares was negative :( The company is engaged in fraud and creates such conditions in which you lose everything and earn nothing. You will not be able to close/open an order at every market movement. The broker did not close my stop-loss very often. This broker is engaged in dishonest practices, I am sure of it, as I had 582 euros stolen from me in just one day :( My contact to support did not give any result and managers could not explain clearly what happened. The lack of normal regulation and license probably contributes to such brazen behavior of the owners of this company and constant cases of fraud on their part.
  2. sun_mate
    January 26
    The company doesn't deserve your trust
    Jp shares manipulate the quotes at will! I was trading on the news and suddenly the price heads sharply in the opposite direction and I lose $1,500 in a few seconds. Is that a fluke?! NO, it's a scam!!! I checked the market performance on other platforms - the prices are completely different there. Scammers!!!
  3. Dariij
    January 2
    It is impossible to withdraw money from here
    You can be confident in the broker you choose, but only when it has a license, representation in your country, real access to the market, and a long history of work. Unfortunately, I learned how to choose the right company for trading only after I lost 362 euros on, I could not withdraw this money only because the tech support did not approve my withdrawal request. The operators did not let me withdraw the funds because I did not pass the verification. And how can I pass it if no one checks my documents?!! I upload them through a certain form in my personal cabinet, and the operator writes to me that there is an error loading. Tech support can not solve this problem. I cleaned cookies, changed the operating system, and tried on another computer - all the time the same negative result. You won't be able to withdraw money from here!
  4. Henry
    January 1
    Trading does not bring profit
    I'm not happy with cooperation with this broker: asset indicators here do not correspond to official data, so there is minimal earnings. At the same time, the broker persuades clients to invest constantly. Thanks to the developers that at least the site does not glitch. I will also note the good work of technical support: the operators respond to requests promptly and know the topic of forex. However, I can't give this platform more than three points.
  5. tiran23
    December 21
    I advise you to choose the Standard rate right away
    Trading plans here are not cheap, but JP Shares is focused on wealthy clients, which once again emphasizes the seriousness and professionalism of the company. Low-income people have nothing to do with Forex trading, they need to find a stable source of income first and create a financial cushion, and then try to invest free money in high-risk investments because that is what trading is. That's why 250€ is the minimum investment threshold, i.e. the conditions are designed for those traders who are already financially secure and can afford to risk a considerable amount of money because margin trading can lead to a complete loss of all capital. I suggest starting with the Standard tariff, where the minimum deposit is 5,000€, in this case, you can use the comprehensive features for profitable trading, which will be a huge advantage for you in trading. I also recommend the platform because it has a friendly and professional staff with a lot of experience.
  6. Oly-Oly
    December 11
    Don't believe these scammers!
    I analyzed the market thoroughly before investing $15,000 but this platform turned out to be manipulative so I lost everything within a month. Jp shares use sophisticated tactics to convince you of their "reliability", but in reality, it's just a beautiful bait to deceive gullible investors.
  7. goll
    December 10
    My service analysis
    Dear friends, I want to say at once that I have not found anything remarkable and successful in this company, yes, jp shares has analytics, and yes, there are forecasts for investors. But trading conditions on this site are terrible, if you can call them conditions 😀 I have never seen that the commission for the executed order was 0.7% of the investment volume, and for withdrawal of money you will be charged 7 percent when using the VISA payment system, the lowest rate on the commission is 3.5 percent, but this is for the North American payment system. I don't think the broker is set up to cooperate with EU countries in good faith.
  8. setter
    December 7
    Professionally stealing your money
    I couldn't make money on the jp shares site, although managers promised me when registering an account that I would earn good profit. I traded together with a personal manager, and everything seemed to be profitable at first, even the first month there was a small income, and I was even allowed to withdraw 100$. And then the manager sweetly persuaded me to add more money to the deposit, saying that now he will work with me on all the functionality and profitability will increase several times, that this first month was a test. In the end, I invested more money, my deposit became 5,500$, while it was 400$ including profit and withdrawal. I did not expect such meanness, but the deposit was safely drained, or rather I entered loss-making positions, and my personal analyst advised me to enter the average values so that I could lower the entry price and enter the breakeven trades when the price returns to the average. But the price never came back and my trades were closed on margin, I was left with 558$ on my account, on which I tried to trade on my own to work out at least half of it, but it didn't work out, and I lost this money too. In the end, I easily lost 5,500 dollars :( This is how jp shares steal money from traders. I also know that broker cheats through signals, through trading strategies, scammers have a lot of techniques in their arsenal with which they steal money from clients :(
  9. DamienThorn
    December 1
    Requests for withdrawal of funds are not processed
    My attempts to withdraw 2000$ continue for a month! Tech support service does not answer my e-mails for more than two weeks. And all this time my withdrawal requests have the status "under processing"!

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