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The company KLG-ctx offers various types of working on the exchange, from traditional and algorithmic to NFT trading. The project was registered in the Republic of Vanuatu in August 2023. According to the founders’ statements, the organization’s office is located in Triesen. It is claimed that the broker’s activities are regulated by independent organizations, but the name of any of these organizations is not specified. Do you consider this platform to be reliable and safe?

Trading Conditions

KLG-ctx offers trading CFDs on indices, currency pairs, cryptocurrency stocks, and other assets. Trading is available on a proprietary platform, and there is an economic calendar for getting financial news. Each trader is offered a financial plan. The leverage can reach up to 1:50, and the minimum deposit is 1:500. There are three types of accounts available:

  • Starter.
  • Standard.
  • VIP.

Depending on the amount of money invested, clients may have access to deposit insurance, deposit protection, and additional services. Technical support is available 24/7 and can be contacted by phone or email. To register in KLG-ctx, you will need to provide your name, surname, contact information, and referral code if applicable.


Would investing in KLG-ctx offer the best returns?

We don't think so. Most likely, you will lose money because trading CFDs is highly likely to result in losses.

Does KLG-ctx carry out withdrawals?

The company is young, so there are few reviews and we cannot form an objective impression. Help us and share your experience.

May I be scammed on klgctx.com?

Yes, the risk of scam is very high. The domain was recently created, so we cannot fully trust the company.

What's the best way to share my experience with KLG-ctx?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if KLG-ctx is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:50
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about KLG-ctx

  1. Usitek
    September 26
    They tried to convince me to sign up and made a mistake
    Recently, a representative from KLG-ctx called me and told me that trading is profitable and I should open an account with them. But I am legally savvy, so I didn't believe their lies. I decided to ask them leading questions. And I was disappointed.

    When I asked where they were registered, KLG-ctx started talking about their office. I clarified if the actual address matched the legal one, but they dodged the topic. Then I asked which regulator issued them a license, and they said "international." I asked them to provide the specific name, but they didn't. Well, finally, I decided to ask them a couple of simple questions, to which they also answered inaccurately. Overall, I uncovered their deception and I am satisfied.
  2. Criwen
    September 25
    I like everything
    There are real professionals working at KLG-ctx... I received a very detailed action plan and it is helping me to make money so far. If anything, I can always contact the traders and ask for their advice. I hope to visit their cozy office someday, I really liked it from the photos.
  3. naum
    September 15
    I can't log into my account
    I topped up my balance and sent the required documents for verification, but now my account access is restricted, even though I'm sure I haven't violated any rules. Did they only need my money and information? I'm horrified…
  4. vo21
    September 14
    My experience was negative
    Ah, I wish I had spent my saved money on buying a car right away instead of investing some of it in trading with klg-ctx. These scammers called me and said that I could earn a lot here. But I didn't like it because of the weak software. The managers keep calling me with strange offers, sometimes asking me to bring friends through the referral program, sometimes asking for more money to deposit. I really don't like all this, it's quite pushy on their part. I decided to withdraw my money because I'm only losing money here, not earning it. I hope they will at least pay me.
  5. invest
    September 10
    I have a nice impression
    I really enjoyed trading with klg-ctx. Here you can really work with assets in different ways, the developers have made sure that traders are interested. I have withdrawn a small amount, but haven't tried larger ones yet. Overall, no problems so far and I hope there won't be any.
  6. Gara
    September 7
    They're not inclined to help people
    Various scammers like klg-ctx are focused on working for a few months, deceiving as many inexperienced fools as possible, and then disappearing. I believe that such people belong in jail. Just think about it, they call themselves a company with a rich history, but where is any evidence of their achievements? Where is the name of even one employee? Exactly, there is none and there can't be, because the company was recently founded. I believe that it is necessary to explain to people in as much detail as possible that they shouldn't invest in such projects, as it's a sure way to lose money.
  7. asddsasa
    September 6
    Klg-ctx tricked me into depositing here, and now they are draining my money! It's awful, never trade here!
  8. Angry Bird
    August 31
    Can you tell me how comfortable it is for beginners here?
    I was recently offered to start trading with KLG-ctx, but I'm still hesitant... I don't see any information about whether they provide training for beginners. Can you tell me if they explain anything there? I'm a complete beginner in it and I don't know if I should start doing anything…
  9. Cripto
    August 30
    tech support is silent
    i can't trade properly because of the klg-ctx platform. i stick to my financial plan, but still lose money because the software is very slow. i have sent them many emails describing this situation, but haven't received any response. should i continue working with a broker who treats people like this? i doubt it…
  10. FNSD
    August 30
    Yeah, I've run out of money
    In my financial plan from KLG-ctx, they suggested trading as much cryptocurrency as possible. However, they didn't consider that it is a highly volatile asset and the price can change drastically in a matter of seconds. Especially if the platform is slow like theirs (yeah, there's no instant trade execution there whatsoever). In short, I lost money instead of making it, and they told me not to get upset and just invest more funds. No thanks, I'll manage somehow.
  11. vanklif
    August 29
    I'm scared to invest here
    KLG-ctx didn't bother to create a proper website. They just decided to make a simple one-pager and that's it. Probably, they don't expect their project to last long. I don't even think I can count on a good platform. So, let them praise themselves all they want, I don't believe them.
  12. gwer
    August 27
    Traders here are not protected
    I'm just telling you that in the KLG-ctx user agreement, it says that they are not responsible for anything at all. Lost money in trading? It's your problem, you can't get it back or receive any compensation. Also, notice that they are not regulated by anyone... which means that nobody can influence them at all... they do whatever they want until they get caught.
  13. Pavlo Rukh
    August 25
    The platform is awful
    I tried trading on the KLG-ctx platform and I'm disappointed. I constantly get kicked out during trades, and then when I log back in, I find out that the transaction was completed, but I have less money, even though it was obvious that I would profit from that trade. I can't trade like this.
  14. sheffcov
    August 25
    How can they not be ashamed of deceiving people like that?
    These KLG-ctx guys are just another offshore organization, nothing more. They've only recently appeared and already claim to have gained the trust of traders worldwide. But all my trader friends say they're a bunch of nobodies, and their poorly-made website is nothing but a joke to them. I don't understand why they're misleading people, it's so easy to expose their scam.
  15. cg-artist
    August 22
    I laughed when I was studying their website, honestly
    I don't even know what amused me the most on the KLG-ctx website. They call themselves a company with a rich history, but for some reason, their website was founded in August 2023. They boast about an office in Triesen and even post photos, but damn, it's photoshopped. A young company couldn't open an office that quickly. They carefully hide their real place of registration, and I barely found in their documents that they were registered in Vanuatu. And, by the way, the document is uploaded in a PDF format, probably to make it more difficult and inconvenient to obtain this information.

    And finally... regulated activity? Why is there not a single document or even a specific mention of a regulator? Are we supposed to believe KLG-ctx just based on their words?

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