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Kloredex does not reveal any information about its creation date. As for the domain, it was registered only in February 2023. ‌Moreover, the project has no legal address or license. ‌However, the client agreement states that the parent organization (CRYPTO ARBY TRADE LIMITED) is registered in the UK. Finally, there is no support for non-registered clients on the website.

Investment Conditions

Kloredex, a cryptocurrency exchange, offers users tools for trading digital assets. To get started, crypto traders are invited to register on the company’s website and get verified. Next, they need to deposit in the selected cryptocurrency.

In addition to storing, exchanging and trading cryptocurrencies, users can choose one of the proposed investment periods – from a week to 3 months. The minimum deposit amount is not specified.

Once an account is activated, traders are given access to trade digital assets. Some of the main trading parameters are as follows:

  • Leverage of 1:100
  • Access to over 150 cryptocurrencies
  • Possibility of both swap trading and P2P
  • Crypto wallet for crypto storage and transactions

Kloredex promises an approximate yield of 10% of the invested amount to its clients. For trading, the exchange provides auxiliary tools – technical analysis, market screening, a currency heat map, and others.

For additional earnings without investing money, Kloredex offers clients a “Bug Bounty Program”. For those users who discover vulnerabilities for hackers on the website pages, the company owner promises to pay from $500 to $10,000.


Would investing in Kloredex offer the best returns?

You can never make a profit here. The exchange runs on an unknown platform which is not tamper-proof. Therefore, the likelihood of losing money for Kloredex customers is very high.

Does Kloredex carry out withdrawals?

The crypto exchange operates illegally and initially misleads users. Kloredex's main goal, according to online reviews, is to get its own customers' money. Share your experiences in the comments.

May I be scammed on kloredex.com?

The website operates out of the law and the company has no proof of financial solvency. Kloredex has no license and no legal documents. It is likely to be a short-term project that does not plan to operate for a long time.

What's the best way to share my experience with Kloredex?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Kloredex is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2023
Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Leverage: 1:100
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Cryptocurrencies

22 reviews about Kloredex

  1. Winson
    July 11
    I don't recommend you to mess with these scammers
    This company only looks normal, but in reality, it is a competent fraud scheme for naive traders who took the bait! There are a lot of them, as it turns out. I also fell for it, threw $2,000, and tried to work. They started to ask me to double my deposit, but I did not agree, because there was no reason to. Then they started threatening me and I did not believe them. Finally Kloredex blocked my account!
  2. Ronald Santiago
    July 2
    100% it is cheaters
    They write correctly in reviews, you can transfer crypto there, but take it back - no. Employees of the exchange called me in an attempt to extort more money from me. Never contact ‌Kloredex, they are real thieves!!!!!
  3. Dennis Scott
    July 2
    I want to know the traders' opinions
    I have never contacted this kind of projects before so I have my doubts. I am confused by the fact that no one can guarantee a profit. If you don't have the right skills, cooperation with Kloredex may turn out to be a financial disaster. Tell me, are there any pitfalls when trading on the platform? Maybe I should first learn all the features of the site, the experience of crypto traders, and only then move on to specific ways of trading? I would be grateful for your feedback.
  4. Debra
    June 12
    The crypto exchange is worthy of investors' attention
    Among the many untrustworthy companies, this one stands out for its honesty. Moreover, the programme is stable, I make excellent profits in Kloredex :))
  5. MVay
    June 8
    Definitely a crook
    This website is poorly designed. ‌It does not contain elements in its metadata that would contribute to its online presence. As a result, it loses credibility and shows that its quality is questionable. Under no circumstances should you transfer crypto there. I tried to withdraw my Ethereum but to no avail. The first time they paused the withdrawal supposedly to verify the information. After 4 days I tried again, the second time they put it on pause because I don't have user verification. After 5 days, I tried again and here I finally got the following message: "Hello, some of the money users Kloredex got into HODL, which was imposed by the European bank on the official account of our company. This is due to the fact that the conversion and transfer of our users' funds to the official account of the company - the bank is required by European legislation to conduct a thorough check and make all necessary arrangements. The funds are now in the company account; we cannot use them until the bank does all the required checks, which can take one month to 180 days. We are working on a solution to this problem but it is largely out of our hands. Please be sympathetic to the situation and wait for the withdrawal.
    I have no doubt that no one will get anything
  6. Grek
    June 6
    Refilled my account with 365 usdt and 20 minutes later they blocked my wallet. I believed in Kloredex as if I was stupid.
  7. David
    June 6
    Crypto exchange scam
    I finally got my money back which was deducted from my account without my knowledge. Many thanks for the professional approach and prompt assistance from my lawyer. This is who I would recommend.
  8. Durel
    June 6
    They just cheat people.
    I don't know how this platform can even be called an exchange. Its owners don't invest in assets, they just swindle people out of their money and move it into their pockets. That said, kloredex has a strict penalty system, which can also result in losing all funds.
  9. Dimitar
    June 5
    The resource is taking the money
    I decided to use a crypto wallet and I bought crypto on this platform in March for the amount of $150. Since then I haven't used the account, periodically logging in to Kloredex and watching my account grow by 10% and watching me get rich :))
    Today I logged into my crypto wallet again and see that my account is zero! In the transaction history, the sale of my crypto in June this year, and then some monthly debits.
    I wrote to the support team, and they told me that if you do not use your account for three months, they write off the commission of $50 monthly. That being said, Kloredex will sell as much of your cryptocurrency as they need to do so. Great!!! No one warned me about this. Support claims they wrote an email, but I checked my email and their last email was in April this year with some survey.
  10. Yanoo
    June 4
    A plea to newcomers to the trade
    Don't let someone take advantage of your inexperience and gullibility and don't invest in this company.
  11. berserk
    June 3
    I do not understand the point, is it a scam?
    I registered about a month ago, I poured in $1000 to start, I could not afford to pay more. I traded with varying success every night, nothing foretold bad luck until I tried to withdraw my earnings to my wallet. The amount was paltry (in the context of the company's turnover), only $200. But as soon as I managed to submit my withdrawal request, my account was frozen and I could not withdraw any more. What I can not understand is whether Kloredex really is a scam? Is it such a new scam or was there some reason for blocking?
  12. Ray Davis
    May 12
    The crypto exchange is definitely worth a look
    I look at least at the solvency of the company. Among a lot of unreliable platforms, this one stands out because at least it pays. All the more, the program is stable, nothing prevents me from getting a decent profit. Everything is safe and reliable here, you do not have to worry. I am planning to build up volumes on kloredex.com for now, I might quit my job soon.
  13. Michael
    May 11
    You don't have to worry about your investment
    This crypto exchange has everything reliable and safe, I checked on my experience!
  14. zibach
    May 11
    They're lying bastards
    They robbed my sister who lives alone with two children! They took her last savings, and dumped her into huge debts! Shame on them! They knew what kind of trouble she was in and what it could cost her... Could you advise friends, is there a way to get at least some of the money back?
  15. Smith
    May 6
    Damn crooks!
    They haven't paid me a cent, at least they processed one of my applications, the scammers!!!
  16. Arthur T.
    May 2
    Quick transfers
    Exchange supports investing, cryptocurrency trading, there is even a cryptocurrency wallet and card. For now I don't own this card, but I want to register it soon, it's interesting to test it and see what benefits it gives when using an exchanger. Another big advantage of kloredex.com is the huge selection of cryptocurrencies and even more trading pairs. Funds transfer is fast, but you need to understand first how to transfer money and which tools are better to use.
  17. wapo
    April 28
    Pure deception
    As soon as you put more or less significant amount on deposit, your account is blocked on exchange ... and ALL! Withdrawal of funds is impossible, and they try to lure money by any means. Professional scammers!
  18. Bernard
    April 26
    There are virtually no deals
    The company is in the business of "luring" customers with various bonuses and promotions. Kloredex, if you follow the logic of the management, does not work with real money, but with "virtual" money. That is, in fact, investors give their deposit to kloredex and receive a profit on it, but they do not see the assets trading. As a result, kloredex can stop paying out at any time, letting you know that the market is down.
  19. alkor
    April 25
    There is some truth in all this trading
    The company does operate on the principle "participants make money".
    And as practice shows, it works for Kloredex.
  20. Robert Green
    April 19
    I would never recommend this crypto exchange to anyone. Kloredex is a fake crypto exchange. They fool their customers and take money out of their wallets. I lost $600.
  21. mstij
    April 18
    My account got frozen
    My "friend" on the social network advertised trading and in particular this "exchange". I ended up and lost 1100 usdt. They blocked my withdrawal. They asked for 300 more coins supposedly to unlock (what I actually earned from them), and then my wallet is blocked.
  22. Luden
    April 16
    Counterfeit Exchange
    This resource has no guarantees and can be too risky if you invest. Don't visit the fake crypto exchange Kloredex, it's a trap. My losses amounted to $400. What's yours?

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