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Korata is managed by Prosperity Peak Investments LTD, registered in 2023 in St. Lucia, where its head office is located. However, the broker does not disclose any information about the heads of the organization or the history of its creation. As for the domain, it was registered in 2020 and renewed on September 17, 2023. Meanwhile, the site is inaccessible in some countries. For example, the restricted zone includes organizations and citizens of the USA, Iran, UAE, Iraq, and Brazil, who are not allowed to use the services of this company.

Can this broker be trusted? How safe is it to trade here? We will examine the service from the technical and legal sides and tell you how reliable this company is.

Trading Conditions

Korata enables clients to trade around the clock on international stock exchanges and Forex currency markets. Traders can use more than 80 minor, major, and exotic currency pairs. The broker provides access to options contracts, indices, cryptocurrency, and other instruments.

Korata offers 6 account options for traders to choose from, sorted by the minimum deposit amount. Each successive level includes all the possibilities of the previous one, familiarize yourself with them:

  1. Beginner, from $500 – 0.01 lot minimum trade volume, hedging, 1:500 leverage, one-click trading, fast execution.
  2. Intermediate, from €5,000 – advanced trading tools added, all strategies allowed.
  3. Advanced, from €50,000 – you will have full access to the market with information on its daily updates.
  4. Premium, from €100,000 – additional trading tools, daily technical analysis.
  5. Platinum, from €250,000 – plus priority support, fixed price.
  6. VIP from €500,000 – exclusive promotions, personal manager for private clients.

The broker offers Muslims an Islamic option with no swap and no commission. You can register up to 5 accounts with different trading conditions. All financial transactions are conducted in euros or US dollars.

You can authorize your close relative to perform actions in your Korata profile. These transactions will be possible subject to the approval of the candidate with the broker.

On the platform, you will find various ways to deposit and withdraw funds, such as bank transfers and cards, and electronic payments with crypto. You can follow market news on the website, and subscribe to the email newsletter for announcements and stock updates. The broker has a live chat to connect clients with tech support.


Would investing in Korata offer the best returns?

You can lose all your investments made on this platform rather than earn profits on risky CFD trading. Besides, the broker is not responsible for anything, according to the terms of the Client Agreement.

Does Korata carry out withdrawals?

It is unlikely that you will be able to withdraw your funds, as the rules state that the broker can block your account at any time. There are negative reviews about withdrawal problems on the web. Share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on korata.com?

We characterize the web resource as extremely dubious. There is no information about the regulator on the site, the organization does not have a license for brokerage activities. We assume that this company is most likely a fraud.

What's the best way to share my experience with Korata?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Korata is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 100$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about Korata

  1. Alex Merz
    September 22
    I lost my entire deposit
    I found it very difficult to work with Korata due to the unscrupulousness of the broker itself. Of course, I was disappointed, but it is my fault - I should not have been so gullible from the beginning, never take brokers' word for it, it is better to ask your colleagues about its activity on the market. Trading conditions and the platform itself, and the website, and tech support, and managers, the whole team works well. Guys provide service at a high level. Only one minus - as soon as I tried to withdraw an amount of more than a thousand euros, I was immediately blocked in suspicion of active actions with the account.
  2. pros
    September 22
    Highly do not recommend
    The broker plays unfairly. Quotes in the terminal are fake, periodically there are slippages, and all the other charms of a bad broker are present!
  3. yinhuazhiyi
    September 19
    I am constantly blocked from receiving payments
    Sometimes I want to write rude words to tech support, but still, I restrain myself, although I don't know if I will be able to do it for a long time. The thing is that these operators are banally mocking me, telling me frank nonsense about the fact that they have a lot of overloads and so on. And that it is impossible to process withdrawal requests. So my request is not executed in Korata for the second week, and there is a transfer to a Visa card, only 800 dollars, and why do you tell me such interesting stories here?!! This is just some unbearable nonsense! I see that the administration works very badly.
  4. John
    September 16
    My experience was very disappointing
    I came across an advertisement and decided to give it a try. I tested it for a couple weeks on a minimum deposit. The main thing I was not satisfied with was the platform. The site is poorly designed, support responds like a robot, if at all, and the site regularly slows down. Withdrawal of money is very expensive and long, I waited much more than 2 days. When trading I was canceled a couple of trades that lasted less than two minutes, and when withdrawing cut off 30%. Of course, if you work in Korata only with a balance of $100, you can somehow put up with the shortcomings. But I will not risk depositing a large amount of money here... My impressions are extremely negative, I feel sorry for the time spent.
  5. tegra
    September 12
    I believed in advertising
    I learned about this company from the mailing list and decided to work with them. Here the conditions were too favorable. As a result, my money, 2,530$, has not been withdrawn for almost a month (even though I was able to make a profit). And if they don't withdraw it to me at all in Korata, I won't even be able to turn anywhere for protection, because to sue an offshore company without a license is a dubious and useless business. I will never work with a broker from the newsletter again.
  6. mr.Smile
    September 11
    Unique amount of problems in this company
    I started trading here without paying attention to the lack of a license and the terrible design of the site. I did it in vain, here you can encounter delayed payments, with 15 minutes to load one page, a couple of times I had money disappeared inexplicably, although I did not conduct any operations, the terminal korata - it's crap, I do not even want to talk about it. I traded small amounts, my deposit was only $160. The company tried to make people work with it as little as possible, because, for example, I was sick of working with these guys after a week.
  7. Huperial
    September 10
    The platform is just awful!!!
    I am alarmed by the non-fulfillment of the withdrawal request! I can not withdrawing 16,000 euros! My application has been pending for two weeks now! Support service tells me: you need to wait a few more days, and then a couple more working days!!! And the broker does nothing else. It is already the third week, and korata employees write me the same thing! They were provided with all the documents for verification! Every support operator just drags time and that's all!
  8. Romenski
    September 7
    Offshore guys are not serious
    I have always had, have, and will always have a predominantly negative way of thinking about offshore companies and all the unpleasant experiences associated with them. It is at the address listed on the website that many of the scammers' headquarters are located. You will not get your money back after you have sent a certain amount of money to the balance, so it will remain there. Swindlers do not withdraw anything neither to a bank account nor to a card. Already checked many times by me and my colleagues. On the site korata.com are written fairy-tale promises for fools.
  9. Gulzat
    September 2
    I do not recommend this broker
    The functionality on korata is weak - everything slows down, and the frequency of updates is low. The design of the trading terminal is somewhat outdated, but this is my opinion. Orders are executed slowly and sometimes there are errors in rates, which is more like fraud. I do not recommend trading here, there are many better options.
  10. Scooby
    August 30
    You need to prepare yourself and trading will go
    I steadily earn on this terminal on 300$-400$ a week. You first determine for yourself, what exactly are the goals you want to achieve. That is, how much you want to earn per day, per month, and how much time you are ready to spend on trading. After you can put it all together in a single strategy and distribute it, only then start trading. Use the available toolkit of indicators and additional options to determine the price movement as accurately as possible, do not miss anything, even the smallest details.
  11. Bunny
    August 22
    I personally checked the service
    I used to think that all these stories about the possibility of trading on the world's financial markets - it's all untrue. I heard a lot of negative things about Forex. All my acquaintances did not recommend me to take risks, but I like experiments. That's why I didn't listen to anyone and decided to take a risk, having invested 6,500$ on my account, which very soon I was able to turn into 9300$. And so it happened several times :) my balance in Korata most often increases, and I sometimes withdraw profits to my card. Before I could not even dream of such earnings!
  12. maxnlo
    August 17
    Beware, they are scammers!
    I traded with Korata for a short time, and now the broker blocks my account and does not let me withdraw my earnings, but I have not found any violations of the rules or anything like that. Looking carefully through the history I realized that the manager independently concluded transactions without informing me as an account owner! Now I work with another broker and it takes me only 2 days to withdraw money there.
  13. klaus
    August 15
    An offshore office where you should not trade
    I am looking for a service to trade crypto so I researched the terms and conditions of this broker, however, I didn't see enough information to open an account. Offshore registration and lack of licenses give traders nothing but empty hopes. There is no information about where the quotes come from, or about liquidity providers. I think that Korata is actually created by swindlers for illegal enrichment.
  14. GRANDman
    August 8
    Recently tried trading here
    I traded for a month on the news, deposited 680 dollars, I had a small but stable profit.
  15. mimino
    August 5
    Not the best forex broker
    I worked for about a month and left with a small profit, totaling about 200€. I did not like the poor support of the broker, it is difficult to contact, financial transactions are very slow, and sometimes you have to wait 3-4 days to withdraw money :( which is unacceptable to do in this area of activity. The site korata.com and the trading terminal are somewhat outdated morally, there are no convenient tools like on other services. The only plus is a small commission and full payment of earned finances, no one is trying to cheat you on korata and it is pleasing.

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