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There is no information about the creation of a crypto exchange on its official website. The domain was registered on March, 2023 by PrivacyGuardian. The “Terms of Use” states that the service is operated by CRYPTO ARBY TRADE LIMITED, this document was updated in May 2021. It contains the legal address of the company that registered the platform: Birmingham, England. There is no license for financial activity on the Larbidex website.

Investment Conditions

The project is a cryptocurrency exchange that promises users an optimal environment to profit from trading. Larbidex offers a wide range of services, including arbitrage, staking, and P2P trading. The trading platform declares the following advantages:

  • Cryptocurrency wallet with local program
  • Commission-free exchange of digital coins
  • Deep asset liquidity
  • Depth of order book
  • Social trading
  • Customizable workspaces
  • Leveraged futures trading
  • Integrated spot and margin orders

Customers can deposit up to $10,000 at 10% interest for up to 3 months to earn passive income with Larbidex. The client will receive the necessary tools to trade after registering, according to the website owner.

Crypto-exchange Larbidex specifies in the user agreement that it disclaims all responsibility for any of its actions. This can be a debit of the deposit, blocking of the account, transfer of the customer’s personal data to third parties, etc. All the consequences will be the trader’s fault. 

All the basic information about the platform is closed to potential investors before their registration. The client can appeal against the actions of the administration only by contacting the owners of the site by email.


Would investing in Larbidex offer the best returns?

The project entails serious monetary risks. We advise you to reconsider your intentions regarding cooperation with this exchange and look for a safer service.

Does Larbidex carry out withdrawals?

The platform makes no guarantees that it withdraws clients' money. ‌Before accepting client status on this website, you should carefully study all the data about the company and pay attention to client reviews about it.

May I be scammed on

We analyzed the exchange's website and saw that it was created recently. The exchange does not have a license and lacks key legal data. Crooks usually use this pattern. 

What's the best way to share my experience with Larbidex?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Larbidex is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2023
Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Leverage: Not indicated
Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies

24 reviews about Larbidex

  1. Jackie Guerrero
    July 21
    Didn't like this exchange
    They lure people with minimal deposits, but it is impossible to withdraw money later. That's such a rip-off. The program itself is terrible and slow. The money came to my account for three hours and then hung in the status "pending" for several hours.
  2. bigwashing
    July 9
    I have already met these crooks
    These are the same clones that literally piles appeared in the network a month ago)))) but this time the scammers decided to change the site design a bit, apparently people got bored with their monotonous interfaces ... What's interesting, the semantic content was fully copied from previous projects ... In short, exchanger Larbidex - is a common fake.
    July 2
    It's too bad
    I deposited $2,000 into my account at this exchange and I was blocked. Allegedly my actions seemed suspicious and I had to confirm that it was my funds. In the end, after many attempts, I could not change anything. Of course, I'm not going to leave it at that, such money doesn't grow on trees. It's a shame that the exchange is so uncaring towards new clients.
  4. James
    June 29
    I liked the description of this stock exchanger very much
    When I decided to start using it, I faced with verification problem. I sent scans of my documents, where you could see the watermarks. I struggled with this, to which I received a denial of verification. All because the photo had extra stains on it and it shouldn't have any. I regretted that I had sent my documents to a stranger.
  5. Jeffrey C.
    June 25
    This exchange is disgusting
    Even in the process of verification had problems when the system was crashing, or maintenance work, or something else. The support team‌ is not helpful in these matters. When I finally went through all these stages I started to doubt whether it was worth the risk to make a deposit. If the service starts to annoy me from the start, then my trust in it immediately disappears. I did not use it later.
  6. Jack
    June 23
    The broker is already blacklisted as a scammer
    It is also worth noting that the crypto exchange has clones with an identical design on the web.
  7. Artikais
    June 22
    I have a positive experience
    The crypto exchange accepts P2P trading for Korean users (binance does not). That's all.
  8. William
    June 14
    I had an unpleasant experience with the exchange
    The thing is, I decided to use the services of this platform and deposited a tidy sum on my balance. But when I started trying to make an exchange, the platform started to disconnect. The support team did not help to solve this problem, and after a couple of hours of research I found out that I was dealing with a cloned scammer's resource.
  9. Brian Carr
    June 12
    I searched for a long time...
    I searched for a long time for a good crypto site and finally found it, which I am very happy about. I am fully satisfied with its functionality and design, so I appreciated the exchange. It has everything you need for a beginner and also something convenient and useful for experienced traders.
  10. Ana Nelson
    June 10
    Many disadvantages outweigh the pros
    It is possible to work comfortably on this exchange because it has adequate commissions, a huge choice of coins and pairs, and transfers are made on time. But still, Larbidex has many disadvantages, among which is a lack of fiat currency settlement, lack of license, low turnover, and inconvenient interface. When you enter the site, you get lost at once, I wish everything was more coherent.
  11. utyz
    June 7
    I am just disappointed with the trading experience
    My account was blocked for 24 hours, but nothing has changed after that time. I waited for another three days, everything was the same. I wrote to the support team at larbidex and instead of the stated two-hour wait, I waited 20 hours! In the end, the problem was not resolved. I don't want to encounter such a disgusting attitude again.
  12. Wesley Wilson
    June 5
    swindlers, do not use this scam
    I had my account blocked and I got no money back!!!!!! They asked me to deposit $100 to check, then two more deposits for no reason, and then they blocked me!!! Be careful!!!
  13. OldViking
    June 5
    Trying to mislead newcomers
    Illegally operating exchanger filled with signs of fraud. The company warns in the client agreement that it is not liable to traders for blocking their account.
  14. Andrew Martin
    May 29
    Operating illegally
    The company leaks confidential information to third parties and tries to steal deposits. Working with it leads to a long-term financial hole.
  15. kixonsm
    May 26
    My experience with currency exchange
    I have been trading currencies for over 2 years and my experience was not very good. Until I tried trading on this great service about 2 months ago and now my profits have increased :) I advise everyone to use larbidex. The trading here is profitable and the service is fast. My thanks to the people in charge of customer service and I will give them 5 stars. I am very glad :) as this is the first time I got a big profit.
  16. slim
    May 23
    Highly recommend!!!
    Great site!!! Trade, invest, and exchange your cryptocurrency here.
    May 20
    And it started so well...
    When I first got to this exchange, everything was fine. Well, except that only minor problems such as incorrect translation. But as time began to appear more serious errors. I could not withdraw all kinds of coins. Payments were blocked by the system more than once. Sometimes it took 5-7 attempts for one withdrawal. There were delays in other requests as well. Then the site was rebranded, but it did not get rid of numerous technical bugs. It's a shame that this is the case. But for me, I see no reason to stay here.
  18. Robert Perez
    May 13
    Users are given to make the first profit withdrawal, because the scammers understand that after that people will want to deposit a larger amount and it happens. When they get a larger amount, the scammers at Larbidex close the withdrawal money, and cease to be in touch, respectively, such exchangers scammers should not deal‌ with.
  19. BigBG
    May 9
    This is not a cryptocurrency exchange, it's a scam!?
    It's impossible to log in to my account, I have to enter the password from the exchange. You enter it and it's all wrong, although you write everything correctly. Trying to enter a name - and also wrong. When you restore access via e-mail, gives an error when clicking on the link. You can leave a lot of your nerves at Larbidex. So I don't advise you to contact these scammers, look for something more reliable.
  20. orochimaru
    May 2
    I do not advise to use this service
    One month I used this exchanger everything was fine until the freezing of funds for 48 hours, now you sit and lose money on your account, it says you can send a complaint, but no response from support.
  21. Sherry
    May 1
    I cannot recommend this broker to you
    Its only plans are to cheat for money, manipulate prices and delay withdrawals. Larbidex company is a scam and has no right to operate in our country!
  22. Aiwengor
    April 22
    Best cryptocurrency exchange
    This is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange right now. I buy btc and profit and transfer my crypto to my bank account via P2P. Keep the site running steadily. I raised my hand in support of larbidex. You all can invest and profit. God bless you all!!!
  23. Lois
    April 19
    This broker is one of the worst
    I have been investing in bitcoins for a long time and I can see that it is a scam. I advise all traders to look into it and don't even try to enter this site. It is the worst :( Absolutely
  24. John
    April 18
    This is the worst service I've ever seen
    I've been trading for three years. The developers considered my actions in my account suspicious, for whatever reason. And I was safely blocked. I could not prove anything to the larbidex broker. Confirming the kyc was unsuccessful or useless. I left this wretched exchange angry and disappointed

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