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Lasbert offers customers wide opportunities when working with cryptocurrency. The company’s activities are regulated by FISEU. It is claimed that the project was founded in 2016, but its website only appeared in 2023. We have no information about the organization’s place of registration, although it is reported to have an office in the United Kingdom. How reliable do you think this place is for trading?

Trading Conditions

Lasbert offers a few options for what customers can do with their cryptocurrency after they buy it. They can just leave it in the wallet and watch it grow. They can also exchange their tokens, use them to make purchases, or send money to other people. Finally, they can trade. To do this, consumers can open one of 7 account types:

  • Trial.
  • Bronze.
  • Silver.
  • Gold.
  • Platinum.
  • VIP.
  • Prestige.

The broker claims that there is no minimum deposit, but they recommend depositing $250 or €250. In addition to cryptocurrency and currency pairs, consumers can trade CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities, and metals. Lasbert clients have access to educational materials, expert support, and a financial calendar.

The maximum withdrawal time is 2 days, and the limit depends on the account type. Users can contact customer support by email or through a feedback form.

Would investing in Lasbert offer the best returns?

Working with cryptocurrency is very risky due to the volatility of this asset, so it is difficult to call the conditions favorable.

Does Lasbert carry out withdrawals?

For the time being, we cannot confirm the withdrawal of funds. If you were able to get your money, please write about it in a review.

May I be scammed on

Yes, the probability of fraud is quite high, as it is a fairly new company without registration.

What's the best way to share my experience with Lasbert?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: other
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

13 reviews about Lasbert

  1. seboy
    December 12
    The training is really bad
    It will be a challenge for beginners traders to get the hang of it as the educational materials provided on are of poor quality and lack the necessary details. The explanations are difficult to understand without prior knowledge of trading, and I doubt the effectiveness of personal manager support. I recommend choosing a platform where employees are more attentive to their clients.
  2. Luza
    December 12
    Suspicious project without registration
    I'm skeptical about trusting projects like Lasbert that have no legal registration information. After reading their terms of service, I didn't find any useful information. The London address listed doesn't convince me that the company is registered anywhere, and there's no confirmation that the company is actually based there. The license they provide looks like it was issued by a fake organization, and I've heard bad things about FISEU. Plus, even though they claim to have been operating since 2016, their website only appeared in the fall of 2023. Could a broker really have operated without a website for 7 years?
    In general, to avoid losing money, it's best to avoid doing business with this company. There are many licensed and reputable firms out there that deserve your attention much more.
  3. aa-nova
    December 12
    I lost all my money
    I fell victim to scammers Lasbert, like many others, judging by the reviews. They convinced me to invest a significant amount of money with the promise of quick earnings, and I believed them because I was saving up for repairs and could use some extra income. I only invested a portion of my savings, thankfully not everything, because the profit situation on this platform is horrible, and I started losing money. Attempts to withdraw funds have been useless for three weeks now, the promised quick withdrawal didn't happen, and it's impossible to reach them, they ignore my emails. It seems like the money is lost, but at least not all of it.
  4. coininvestor
    December 9
    I'm really happy with the referral program
    I really like lasbert, especially the opportunity to get a promo code after registration to invite friends. Thanks to this, I attracted my acquaintances and earned some extra money. Overall, I don't have any issues with trading, there is income, and it's good. There is a wide selection of cryptocurrencies here, better than in other places, after all, the company specializes in this.
  5. TheGOLDskull
    November 27
    This project is great
    This project deserves attention because it has a license and is transparent about its management. This speaks to its reliability and transparency. In my personal experience, trading with lasbert is comfortable.
  6. InInFund
    November 25
    I lost access
    Can you please help me solve the issue with the blocking of my account, which still has almost $1000? I haven't violated any rules, but I lost access to my account. My attempts to contact support via email have gone unanswered, and there is no phone number provided for contacting them. I'm in a difficult situation and don't know what to do next.
  7. Paul Peterson
    November 10
    Some kind of scam
    This project doesn't really have anything to do with cryptocurrency. Crypto professionals don't know about these scammers. They offer trading in contracts for difference on their platform. These terminals are usually not honest. They often manipulate the prices of assets, misleading customers, which makes trading uncomfortable.
  8. galaxer-t
    November 7
    Investing with even a minimal amount of money platform is suitable for me as it allows me to invest even small amounts without any problems. If you negotiate with the staff, you can even invest less than $250, making it ideal for those with limited finances. However, I still advise investing more to achieve higher returns.
  9. killer
    October 31
    How to get my money back?!
    These people from Lasbert scammed me by not paying out my funds. What steps can I take to resolve this? Can the regulator help, or will contacting them not yield any results?
  10. sundars
    October 26
    Registration without identity verification
    The security of these scammers at lasbert leaves much to be desired. Registration does not require identity verification via email, which immediately raises suspicions. At the same time, they request a lot of documents for verification. This seems unfair to me and raises doubts about the reliability of storing funds on their platform.
  11. Gman_
    October 11
    This company is a scam…
    I have been involved in trading for a long time and I am convinced that Lasbert is a scam. There is no information about the project's registration. They only have a license from a fake company called FISEU, which is not recognized among legitimate traders. No legitimate regulator would grant a company with such a high leverage a proper license. The claims of a real team, backed by names and photos, are unconvincing — they might have used stock images and fictional names. The authenticity of the office address is also questionable, as it could be a random place without real companies. And finally, the domain is only a few months old, and such fake companies are regularly created and are essentially worthless.
  12. piligrim
    October 3
    Promises of passive income and good profits are an illusion
    Representatives of Lasbert called me and persuaded me to register. They convinced me of the opportunities for investing in cryptocurrency and trading assets, promising me profitability even without active actions. Everything was explained so convincingly that I invested, but the promised passive income turned out to be an illusion.
    I asked what was the matter, why there was no way to simply invest money, as they promised. The support team responded slowly and evasively, and did not answer a direct question. Instead, they offered me to focus on trading, which, contrary to their words, was unprofitable. Now, faced with delays in withdrawing funds, I am afraid that I have become a victim of fraud. They promised that they would withdraw all the money within 48 hours or less. But I've been waiting for over a week.
  13. sserg
    September 15
    They are fraudsters
    My friend has become a victim of fraud by Lasbert, losing a significant amount of money. They promised him extensive opportunities, quality education, and professional support. However, he encountered completely opposite conditions. According to him, the platform is inefficient, and it is simply impossible to trade positively on it. Furthermore, customer support ignores his questions. He decided not to continue trading and attempted to withdraw his funds. However, they refused, citing that there will be profitable deals in the future. And then they completely blocked his account after persistent demands to withdraw the money. Such treatment of customers is unacceptable.

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