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The company’s official office is in Hong Kong. The telephone number listed is that of a US-based operator. Lazza Capital is indicated on its website as licensed by the regulator of St Vincent and the Grenadines. However, there is no record of the legal entity with registration number 993 LLC 2021 in that regulator’s public register.

Investment Conditions

The two investment plans are available on Lazza Capital’s website. Their descriptions of how they work are brief and vague:

  • The first plan, Renta-fija, promises a fixed income of 2% per month
  • The second plan, Renta-variable, promises a variable income of 2-10% per month.

The founders do not explain how this income will be generated. It is not clear in which assets customers’ investments will be invested.

The company reserves the right to deduct fees from your account balance anytime. Its size is not specified.

Registration on the website is closed at the moment. You can gain access to the Client Portal only by invitation from an existing member.


Would investing in Lazza Capital offer the best returns?

This is an HYIP project that could lead to the collapse of the company in the long term, so its clients will lose their investment.

Does company carry out withdrawals?

The lack of transparency in the operation raises our suspicions about the legitimacy of the investment fund. Please, read the reviews of the company and see that they are almost all negative.

May I be scammed on

Its fake license and a fresh domain indicate the company's fraud. 

What's the best way to share my experience with Lazza Capital?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2014
Minimum deposit: 500$
Affiliate program: Referral
Deposit method: Wire/bank transfers, Cryptocurrencies
Legend: cryptocurrency
Investment term: long
Payment period: monthly
Automatic reinvestment: No

14 reviews about Lazza Capital

  1. Leon
    June 14
    My impression of this site, it is fraudulent
    As an investor, I always analyze offers in the financial market. There are two investment options here that I don't understand. What basis are they promising me stable profits on? I made an inquiry to Lazza Capital and the administration gave me an incomprehensible investment solution. They tried to explain to me about their equity, which will bring me the results they promised. I didn't understand why they would share profits with me. The lack of transparency is a big disadvantage for me. I don't trust these crooks.
  2. Tony
    May 15
    Scammers don't pay me back
    Hi! Due to the loss of a large amount of money, namely $9500, and burned nerve cells in dealing with them, I have an overwhelming desire to share my story with you. I had to endure a lot of worries concerning the return of the money I earned. In order to be sure of my words, I can provide you with screenshots and receipts proving this fact. Lazza Capital took my money and did not want it back. I will provide my proof of withdrawal difficulties. Be warned! It may be a scammer!
  3. trat
    May 13
    This company is a scammer
    The money is being deducted deliberately, allegedly for commissions. You will never get a refund. These scammers have one goal - to take your money and constantly offer you more profit as long as you give them more cryptocurrency. Not only Lazza Capital but also other companies such as Fx Coins and Max si Markets use this scheme.
  4. arguts
    May 10
    Unfair terms and conditions, read the user agreement
    Read the user agreement on the website before you start trading, not after. I read it afterward and lost about $4,000 because of it. The risk is that Lazza Capital absolves itself of any responsibility at all. Any losses are automatically just your losses. In any case, even a unilateral breakup with investors here happens as a normal event, and they don't refund anything. Convenient, isn't it? Breaking the connection with the client without giving a reason. And account blocking happens frequently. I made sure of that when I found affected people through their reviews. So I don't advise the site for large investor deposits and I don't advise it at all.
  5. ieges
    May 2
    Good investment site
    I use this service for investing. I advise you to use Lazza Capital. It's a great platform!
  6. Alex
    April 21
    Bad investment platform
    Unreliable company to make money. I have invested on this site before and I have not received payment as promised. Lazza Capital does not give us the service they promise to customers. I would not advise you to go on a long journey with such a dubious site.
  7. abv2017
    April 11
    Unreliable site
    I was looking for a cryptocurrency trading platform. This site seemed fraudulent to me. I've been trading cryptocurrency for several years, but I won't leave a cent on this site. I’ve looked at the reviews online about Lazza Capital - they all appeared only in March 2023, and the company claims to have been operating since 2014. All the comments that only have 5 stars each have very similar text. My guess is that they are placing themselves or the company's private partners are doing it for the sake of 10% of the investor's funds. Everything I've read from the 2023 reviews has been negative. Getting 10% per month on crypto asset trading in 2023 is impossible! These are just empty promises for gullible newbies. I took 3 hours to research and I took 3 minutes to write this review to help inexperienced people save their investment. Do not invest in this project! It's just another HYIP that pays profits to participants by involving new investors.
  8. karat
    April 5
    Fraud Alert
    Lazza Capital is a complete scam! They took my money and disappeared. I tried to contact their support but they never responded! Don't invest with these crooks.
  9. Nogurno
    March 29
    I'm investing money
    I couldn't have made more money on my investment anywhere else than at Lazza Capital. A good site where customer support is always clearly working.
  10. AlerT
    March 20
    Bad business
    Lazza Capital is already withdrawing from the market. It is a common scam with only a little time left. They don't even update the reports anymore. I can assume they have already collected money from everyone and left a small percentage for new users. For those who are still bringing in investments. But as you understand, those who have already invested will never get their money back. Save your money or invest in another company, but definitely not here.
  11. Aiamdmx
    March 19
    A senseless waste of money and time
    The Lazza Capital project resembles another HYIP. The point of which, as I see it, is to raise money. Like many such projects, there are no real guarantees of a return of money here. There is no legal entity here that bears full responsibility. I read the terms and conditions of this company when I wanted to invest in one of the projects offered, which is insured by the regulator's guarantee. The offer reflects only that the site provides paid information services, that's all. All investment risks, and others, are borne solely by those who have invested the money. What prevents you from doing the same on a crypto exchange, for example? Nothing. Why, one may ask, pay money to an intermediary, who has no legal leverage? And this company has no new methods either. From the information on the website, you can clearly see how they work. They are scammers, getting money for nothing. They do not do any good, only damage to those who appealed to them. The same money can be invested in stocks or verified cryptocurrency without any damage. Finding a business that is fun to invest in is easy. So, if you don't feel sorry for the scammer's money, then this site is the right one for you. I won't give a dime.
  12. alvers
    March 16
    How can I trust them?
    Lazza Capital is a fraudulent investment company. They have no license and their promises of high returns are bogus. Don't trust these scammers with your money!
  13. per
    March 14
    My negative experience
    I had the dubious good fortune of working with Lazza Capital until I realised that they were common scammers. They could not provide the proper quality of services provided. I lost about $500 at the time due to "program glitches". And now they have evolved into even more full-fledged scammers who do nothing but scam things. The progress is evident. You see, you can not trust them with your deposits for a long time... And who takes the risk, will get a "valuable" lesson for the rest of their lives.
  14. ByTECH
    March 9
    The risks are HUGE
    Carefully study the documents on Lazza Capital's website. It is written there in plain text that the company is not responsible for your money. At any time they can just take away your deposit. That's how many cheaters work nowadays. They would put them in jail every time they cheated people. But everything is official, you have agreed to give all your money.

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