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LEMAKEN claims to be registered in the UK, but there is no confirmation of this. Meanwhile, the website shows the address of the office in London (UK). It is worth noting that the broker positions itself as a leader in online trading with about 3 thousand clients in 180 countries. However, the firm does not disclose the launch date of the project. As for the domain, it was registered in January 2021 and renewed in June 2023. Besides, the project does not have a license to provide financial services. In addition, the bilingual interface supports English and French. Finally, the site does not open legal documents on the terms and conditions of the organization’s interaction with clients.

Can this broker be trusted? How safe is it to trade here? We will conduct a thorough check of all available data about the company and will make a conclusion on the results of the analysis about the reliability and legality of its work.

Trading Conditions

LEMAKEN offers its clients the opportunity to trade on its own author’s terminal. Traders are served on a desktop computer or mobile device. You can use more than 200 tradable instruments on Forex, spot metals, cryptocurrency, futures, and stocks. The broker promises easy access to chart analysis and advanced indicators.

Once you sign up for an account, you will get instant execution of all trades. You will be able to open pending orders, manage risk, and set limits. There are 4 types of accounts available with different minimum deposit amounts:

  • Beginner, from $200 – for beginning traders.
  • Standard, from $500 – includes “Starter Plan” service.
  • VIP, from $1,000 – does not offer any other options.
  • PRO, from $5,000 – includes a set of services of the previous level.

All LEMAKEN clients receive FREE Daily Search, dedicated account management, premium spreads, and leverage. You will receive informational alerts via SMS (Whatsapp), a premium daily scan.

The broker warns Margin trading involves a high level of risk. The leverage service can both benefit you and work against you. 

LEMAKEN offers clients to view real-time quotes and market updates on its platform. Educational services include 1/month online seminars and 1-on-1 training with a trading expert. The website has an Economic Calendar and an online contact form with the broker via email.


Would investing in LEMAKEN offer the best returns?

Before you start investing in risky CFD trading, you should consider your level of experience. Most likely, working with a company that lacks transparency in its brokerage activities will result in you losing money rather than gaining it. 

Does LEMAKEN carry out withdrawals?

The broker's promises of easy earnings and withdrawals by traders do not deserve your trust. Reviews about the company say that it is an unreliable service. Please share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on lemaken.com?

The absence of any legal documents and regulations, such as license and client agreement, raises serious doubts about the honest work of this company. These facts have an extremely negative impact on the reputation of this service. Many former customers assume that the site is owned by fraudsters.

What's the best way to share my experience with LEMAKEN?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if lemaken.com is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 200$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

13 reviews about LEMAKEN

  1. bredless
    September 29
    Analysts surprise me with their work
    Managers are trained to interact with traders. But sometimes they say such nonsense that I start laughing. The employees use the psychological method perfectly, they speak confidently, and knowledgeably, as if they were Warren Buffett or Peter Lynch put together. But if you think about what they say, it's the ravings of a madman. Most likely, the broker has a smart analyst or even a big group of analysts, who tell managers about the main trends at the beginning of the day or week, and then they distort everything according to their level of knowledge. Why am I talking about a group of analysts? Because the signals they sometimes send are very clear, understandable and fully described instructions. Managers copy only what they have memorized, add their opinion and present you with all this information in a distorted form. For this, I give the broker a minus. I give another minus to Lemaken for long withdrawal. The terminal works without failures, requotes, and glitches, for this plus. A huge choice of instruments, both classic and crypto. No hidden commissions on withdrawal. Not bad analytics - a plus. Quite adequate fast working support. Money is withdrawn if there are no violations of the client agreement - a plus. The contract is ambiguous, part of the clauses are aimed only at the broker's protection, the company considers each client as a potential thief or fraudster, and works with each trader as a cool arbitrageur, set up to pump out money - minus for this. In total, the broker is quite adequate, but you should always be on the alert with them. I have been trading here for many months, I have not been cheated once.
  2. Niko
    September 17
    The terminal is not recommended
    There used to be good conditions for trading on this platform. But now everything has changed at LEMAKEN. You should look for another broker for trading.
  3. koro
    September 10
    The broker has come up with an interesting method of deception - they claim that you can use their services without going through KYC. You deposit your funds and enable two-factor authentication. And although it is successfully added, it does NOT work (it works everywhere, but here it doesn't!!). And without it, you won't withdraw your funds. To reset two-factor authentication, you need to pass KYC, otherwise, there is no way!!! So, if a person does not want to go through KYC, he just gives his funds to the broker. The support team refuses to give any help. At lemaken they simply blocked my account with 648 euros after several of my appeals for help in withdrawing funds
  4. julio fernando
    September 8
    Trading conditions suit me
    I will not argue with those traders who say that there are better terminals. But I am personally satisfied with the conditions of LEMAKEN. It is quite possible to trade here with profit. I also agree that withdrawing funds on this platform is a difficult quest, but it can be done. Nevertheless, I believe that there is no need to be biased towards this company. I always withdraw money from this broker. I have already 6 payment operations of withdrawal from my account. It is safe to trade here and the company pays money regularly.
  5. savesh
    September 1
    My account is blocked
    I asked tech support: how can I withdraw my money and delete my account? explaining the reason that I registered with a new broker and want to urgently deposit money to another service. I asked to withdraw my money, more than 3 thousand dollars, as soon as possible. In response, I found my account blocked :)
  6. TRUSTc
    August 29
    It's a wild-ass scam
    I chose Lemaken because of the possibility of trading on crypto futures. The broker doesn't execute pending orders, and also can execute an order at a different price, I think it's impossible to execute my orders here at all :(
  7. Keiran
    August 26
    Broker is playing unfair game
    At lemaken.com you are cheated with the real readings of quotes, they are simply customized at the discretion of the broker, based on the maximum indicators of its benefit from this action. With the withdrawal of funds (about 2 thousand dollars) I was delayed for two weeks, but I did not file a lawsuit, although I know in what order it is done and I warned them that I am ready to file a complaint if the money is not returned.
  8. memeplex
    August 22
    Unfair service
    I was not paid the $270 I earned. The administration of Lemaken canceled all my requests and all attempts to withdraw funds. I was refused under completely different pretexts. Do not contact this broker!
  9. Alex Gold
    August 19
    Do not contact them under any circumstances!!!
    This is not a brokerage company, it is a usual pseudo-financial scam. Lemaken has no documents!
  10. SanoBoy
    August 13
    This site is run by scammers!
    Swindlers do everything so cleverly that it seems to you that you did something wrong yourself and that the current situation was caused by you and not by their thought-out plan. Only when you carefully analyze all the steps you have made, it becomes clear that it was Lemaken employees who led you to this situation, but after that, there is nothing you can do. My broker has drained $1,250! Be careful!!!
  11. SuperBiker
    August 10
    I am satisfied with everything, we work in the same team
    Profitability is excellent at this broker, and the main thing - there is no limit to earnings, as everything depends only on your cold calculation and analysis. I immediately started trading in lemaken on PRO account and deposited $8,000, because there are really great trading conditions and I quickly doubled my money. I used indicators and a candlestick chart. I had experience before cooperating with lemaken, this broker gave me the opportunity to fully reveal my trading talent. I will especially note that the company emphasizes on stocks and cryptocurrencies. I have the best understanding of these topics. Now I advise everyone who is looking for a terminal with favorable conditions. This broker you can rely on. It works honestly, and support tries to quickly solve all your problems, so as not to upset the client. By the way, tech support works very competently, consultants did not let me down once at the right moments.
  12. Therion
    July 10
    This site does not look like a scam to me
    I invested $200 in this company, but managers quickly explained to me, that even the starting account of $500 works not for profit, but for familiarity. Well I understand this logic, to make money you have to invest money. So I invested another $300 and started trading. In principle, the trading system is clear to me, I open transactions to buy or sell, I pay a commission for using the platform. I did not find any negativity on the terminal, apparently, lemaken practices an honest way of earning money. Yes, I lose my deposit little by little, but it is more on my own risky trading strategies. I am not particularly happy about it:( I have not withdrawn the profit yet, I realize that it is too early.
  13. ratatu
    July 3
    Do not trust your funds to this company
    I deposited 350 dollars in lemaken, and soon I was left without a single cent, the broker brazenly drained everything to zero! Support at first began to calm me down, the manager tried to prove to me that: "this often happens with inexperienced traders, you are not the first loser, but you are not the last fool to leave without earnings, it is better to deposit more money and try again, with your experience will grow and profit", etc. Do not believe in these entreaties in any case, there are experienced scammers and good psychologists working here.

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