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LeonMarkets offers users to trade currencies and contracts for difference. The trading is done through a proprietary multifunctional platform. We have reviewed the documents of this company but did not find any licenses for the provision of financial services among them. However, we are aware of the legal address of the firm: it is registered in the Marshall Islands. We have a question: is it safe to invest money here? What do you think about it?

Trading Conditions

On the platform, you can trade currency pairs. In addition, CFDs on stocks, indices, and commodities are available, as well as several ways to work with cryptocurrency. The total number of assets is over 420. Users can open any of the four types of accounts:

  • Standard
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • VIP

The platform LeonMarkets is available both in a web version and as an application for any device. The minimum deposit is 250 dollars or euros, and the leverage varies from 1:100 to 1:400. Users can receive an additional 30 dollars or euros as initial capital after passing verification. Customer support can be contacted by email or through a feedback form. You can top up your balance using a card, through a cryptocurrency wallet, an online payment system, or a bank transfer.


Would investing in LeonMarkets offer the best returns?

The broker warns that CFD trading is highly risky, so one should not be confident in profits.

Does LeonMarkets carry out withdrawals?

The reviews about the company are diverse. Help us reach the conclusion, and share your experience.

May I be scammed on leonmarkets.com?

Yes, the risk of fraud is high because we are dealing with a young offshore company.

What's the best way to share my experience with LeonMarkets?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if LeonMarkets is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

22 reviews about LeonMarkets

  1. Zuzana
    March 3
    I registered for a crypto account online. George from LeonMarkets called me as soon as I finished my registration, pretending to be calling to help me with processing my deposit to activate my crypto account. He sent me a link to process my payment, but when I received a payment receipt in an email, it turned out I had purchased a course at some company I’ve never heard of in Hungary!!! This is definitely a scam. Learn from my mistakes and do not deal with this company in any shape or form!
  2. Disappointment 100%
    January 26
    I wish that I could give 0 or negative stars to this fake company. They are the worst educated people I met in my life, if you make the error to start dealing with them you are trapped. The supposed broker don’t stop talking and if you raise some doubts about this company his language becomes highly inappropriate, even insulting, and vulgar. I had nightmares after getting into contact with them. If you put your money with them you will never recover it. It’s totally a scam!
  3. Luis Filipe Pinto
    January 2
    A real Scam Business!!! Do not invest a single coin!!!
    Disgusting of an investment platform.
    I wanted to withdraw some of my profit from this platform through the website and it's all a scam.
    I spoke to the customer support line on December 21, 2023 to protest against this situation and they told me that the "Account" (Anne Francca..if this is not also a fake name), would contact me.... until today nothing happens.
    Interestingly, today I went to check my account balance and on the same day (December 21st), for revange, they closed my positions and I have a loss of 390 Dollars.
    they don't have a customer support phone line and the "Account" only spoke to me at the time of the investment, in the meantime his phone "disappeared" or she blocked me!!
    A real scam!!! Don't erven try it!!!
  4. Mario Brochu
    December 22
    Savez-vous comment procéder pour annuler mon compte avec leonmarket
  5. Preston Barker
    July 15
    Reliable and honest guys are hard to come by these day
    Despite my cautious attitude towards most brokers, I can say that LeonMarkets is one of the most reliable firms. My friend has withdrawn more than a thousand dollars from here already, and I trust him, he won't lie.
  6. Derek
    July 11
    My account got blocked too!
    It was a mistake to trust LeonMarkets because they left me without money. I got blocked before I could deposit funds and upload documents. I have no idea how to get my money back now :(((
  7. Robert
    July 9
    One of the best cryptocurrency brokers
    I really like that Leonmarkets provides so many opportunities for working with cryptocurrencies. Honestly, I haven't seen anything like this anywhere else. Many of my acquaintances are into crypto trading, and I advise them to use this broker. So far, nobody has had any issues. However, customer service doesn't always respond promptly, which is a downside and deducts one point. But I don't really need their help that often anyway since the platform itself is intuitive.
  8. Pamela Evans
    July 8
    Left my family with nothing!!!
    At first, my brother liked trading here and he suggested that I invest as well. So, I registered here and funded my account. I just forgot to ask my brother if he managed to withdraw any money. Turns out, he hadn't tried it yet and just saw there were many profitable trades. But as soon as we attempted to withdraw the funds, they ignored both him and me. I won't let this go easily.
  9. Vincent
    July 8
    Everything seems suspicious.
    Why was the website created recently? Why is it stated that leonmarkets is managed by a company with a legal address in the Marshall Islands, but the broker's details are not mentioned anywhere? Has the company itself been registered anywhere? Or is this a new project by some old scammers who have stolen thousands of dollars from other users and disappeared?
  10. Samuel A.
    June 28
    Help me! They're not letting me withdraw money!
    They gave me a bonus and said I cannot withdraw funds until I trade it a certain number of times! But I've already earned enough as it is!!! What should I do? Do they even have the right to refuse a withdrawal?
  11. Lights
    June 21
    Too obviously a scam
    The fact that the website was created in 2023 tells us everything we need to know about leonmarkets as a broker. Where is the license? Where is proper registration, not just from the Marshall Islands? Where is the phone number and office address? If they wanted to remain anonymous, it's clear they were scammers…
  12. iBoom
    June 20
    Just another scam with a poorly-made website.
    Reliable broker? Innovative platform? Don't make me laugh! These LeonMarkets even stole someone else's licensing agreement and didn't even bother to change the company name to theirs. Seriously, go in and read the document and see that it mentions some Zoltect Solutions. Maybe they even used someone else's registration, but who cares, it's already an offshore company. In short, it's not worth relying on them at all. Obviously, if they didn't put effort into their website, they could easily just disappear into thin air.
  13. Kimberly Scott
    June 17
    The broker is young but promising.
    I recently discovered a company called LeonMarkets. They have just started attracting their target audience, but they are already impressing many people. Their trading platform is really good, there is plenty to choose from, especially if you are interested in cryptocurrencies... And I had no problems with withdrawing money, I withdrew at least $500, so I hope there won't be any issues with larger amounts as well.
  14. ketty_gold
    June 17
    Good broker, I like it.
    I have no questions about leonmarkets. There are plenty of assets and you can start with a small amount plus they will give you bonus money. The customer support is kind and responsive, they even answer at night. I also liked the platform, it seemed intuitive to me.
  15. Joy Moore
    June 16
    Their platform is not good at all
    I installed the LeonMARKETS app on my computer and I'm dissatisfied. Everything works so slowly, and the spreads are huge! I can't close a trade at a favorable price in time. And on top of that, they boast a lot about themselves... but believe me, they're not worth the attention of a regular user.
  16. Frank Barnes
    June 12
    My opinion is awful
    I'm getting kicked out of their "innovative modern platform" when trying to withdraw money. Coincidence? I don't think so.
  17. demo
    June 12
    When are they going to block Leonmarkets?
    It's such an obvious scam, like the classic offshore registration and short working period. Someone, please report these scammers to the FCA or other regulatory bodies so that their website gets blocked soon and people stop falling for it.
  18. paul
    June 10
    Trying to reach customer support.
    My mom tried to trade on leonmarkets and they didn't withdraw her funds... She wrote to them both via email and through the feedback form, but no response. I even emailed them myself, but they don't answer. And I can't call them because they didn't provide a phone number. I wouldn't have traded with an anonymous broker like my mom did, but what's done is done. Don't repeat our mistakes. Trade in trusted places if you're into it.
  19. Charles
    June 10
    They call persistently and start being rude.
    I have received at least 30 calls from LeonMarkets on my phone recently. When I started telling them that I was not interested in their offer, they snagged at me, saying that I had a poor mindset and tried to manipulate me. After that, I started being rude to them because it is just unbearable to tolerate, and then I stopped answering their calls.
  20. Patrick
    June 9
    In the crypto traders' chat, they laughed at me.
    I asked some of my crypto trader acquaintances about this broker because I read it's good for trading cryptocurrency. But they laughed at me and explained that the company has just appeared, they have someone else's terms of service in their documents, and overall they don't inspire trust. Well, I will trust the professionals.
  21. iS_
    June 7
    They're not really reliable.
    The whole homepage is filled with words about how great Leonmarkets is as a platform. But if you look at the bottom of the page, in small print that no one reads, it says that the instruments are associated with a high risk of losing money. And by the way, pay attention to the mention that CFDs are not traded on an exchange. This means that the trades are not being sent to the external market and the quotes do not match the average market prices. These scammers can quote any price they like to manipulate beginner traders more easily.
  22. Milton
    June 4
    They manipulated me during the phone conversation.
    I received a call from LeonMarkets, even though I have never been interested in trading in my life. They politely explained why trading in the stock market is great, and it made me want to invest and start trading... even though I don't have any extra money.

    All their politeness disappeared as soon as I funded my account... They didn't explain how to trade here, and I have no idea about it. I don't know how to use their platform... and they ignore me when I try to withdraw my money. If anyone has been in a similar situation, let's file a lawsuit together!

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