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Liberty Commercial Finance Limited claims that the management company is registered in the UK, with its head office in London, but there is no confirmation of this. As for the company’s establishment date, the broker speaks of more than a decade of experience in providing services to clients and starting to build a team in 2011. However, the domain was only registered on September 1, 2023, in the UK with a Singaporean registrar. In addition, the project does not have a license. Finally, the interface supports 3 languages – English, Spanish, and Russian.

Is it worth trusting this broker? How reliable is its service? After checking the company’s legal documents and analyzing its technical capabilities, we will find out if it is safe to trade on this platform.

Trading Conditions

Liberty Commercial Finance Limited offers customers a terminal with more than 600 thousand financial products. You can use a single multi-currency account that can be activated on any device. The broker provides access to more than 50 world markets. Trading instruments on the terminal: currency pairs, metals, shares, indices, commodities.

Trading conditions vary depending on the amount of the minimum deposit. The site has five types of accounts:

  1. Test, from €100 – leverage 1:20, spreads from 0.8 pips, low commissions.
  2. Beginner, from €2,000 – leverage 1:30, spreads from 0.6 pips, low commissions.
  3. Standard, from €50,000 – leverage 1:40, spreads from 0.5 pips, low commissions.
  4. VIP, from €150,000 – leverage 1:50, spreads from 0.4 pips, commission-free trading, personal analyst, signals.
  5. Corporate, individual investment conditions – leverage 1:100, spreads floating, trading without commission, contracts from hedge fund.

On the first 4 levels of accounts, the minimum transaction volume of 0.01 is possible. Consultations with the manager are available to all clients. Transactions are made with the help of electronic payment services, bank transfers, and cards.

You can open an account with Liberty Commercial Finance Limited only after presenting a scan of your ID card. Payments are not accepted from citizens of 8 countries of Asia and Africa, which are included in the international list of banned countries due to political restrictions, for example, Afghanistan, and Ghana.

The client can analyze the markets with the help of charting tools using more than 80 indicators. In addition, the broker offers bonuses and stop-limit orders. You can contact the multilingual support team via an online form. The company presents an Affiliate Program, which is divided into two categories: for traders and representing brokers. The terms of participation in it are not spelled out on the site. You can send your resume for employment with the firm.


Would investing in Liberty Commercial Finance Limited offer the best returns?

It is almost impossible for a trader to make money on such platforms. Cooperation will be a loss of money for you in risky CFD trading on an unknown terminal.

Does Liberty Commercial Finance Limited carry out withdrawals?

You will unlikely be able to withdraw your money from the account. In fact, the broker's activity is not regulated or controlled by anyone. Therefore, traders' reviews of the company on independent resources are primarily negative. You can share your own experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

This is an unlicensed broker from the UK that has only recently registered the domain and yet claims to have been operating for more than 10 years. You should realize that the risk of fraud on the site is very high.

What's the best way to share my experience with Liberty Commercial Finance Limited?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Liberty Commercial Finance Limited is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:100
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Introducing Broker
Minimum deposit: 108$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

20 reviews about Liberty Commercial Finance Limited

  1. Ella
    April 18
    Scammed by this company.
    Police are tracking them.
  2. EM
    March 2
    This company does not exist !!!
    They are thieves!
  3. Red S
    December 12
    After asking to send me back my money they propose to send it back on my metamask wallet. Their financial department send me the adress of the coin to had in my wallet and after handing it I realised that it was fake USDT. They now pretend it is coming from my wallet. I have all the screen shot to prove what I am saying !
  4. Luís
    November 16
    Totally scam
    Totally scam
  5. Elmutaz Gismalla
    November 14
    They ,beginning and forcing you to invest $2000, after testing their capabilities . The money you deposited will not be refunded
  6. Rina
    November 1
    Bad experience
    They pushing you to invest more and if you want to withdraw they dont let you withdraw
  7. clinton power
    October 31
    Your right they're a scam and using the real
    company Liberty Commercial Finance Ltd who has a real website for which the Scam Company Liberty Commercial Finance Ltd is using they're name with they're fake trading exchange website the "ltd" added! I joined they're site through a ad off Facebook from a post which i reported to facebook to check out as a phishing post and it came back clean! So i trusted them and sent in my drivers licence and power bill to confirm my id and they wanted me to sign a contract and kept pushing to send bitcoin to get started in trading! They even have a business address which is close to the real company's real address and a realistic trading platform. Do Not Trust them they want your bitcoin! Luckily i found this site who is looking into it deep enough to see the details! How is the UK government letting them get away with this!? They even sent me the real Liberty Commercial Finance's business' license but if you look at the address, the business addess's are different!
  8. sermn2
    October 26
    This is a SCAM, don't you realize the obvious fact!!!?
    I am not going to invest 100 euros to test this fake site. And I don't recommend you to be sponsored by scammers either
  9. Barry
    October 20
    All sweet promises are pure deception
    This organization is not a real broker/financial organization, etc. It is a gang of phone scammers who, under the pretext of investing, swindle money and misappropriate it for themselves. The managers of Liberty Commercial Finance Limited have already terrorized me with their calls! I do not understand where they found my phone number:(
  10. HyipTV
    October 19
    All transactions on this platform are fake!
    I have already worked with the broker and was very dissatisfied with the cooperation. Already after I was left here without 650 euros, I found out that the broker does not have any license from the UK. This is unreliable information :( Also, the phone number and address of the stationary central office turned out to be false. It does not drain traders at once, you just can not close trades on the platform at once, and you end up going into a minus. The support to all claims and problems of traders simply does not respond...
  11. mister_ink
    October 17
    The project is masquerading as a real company
    My friend on social network threw me a promo code for a bonus at this broker. I did my own investigation. Here's what I found out: there is one company in the British register of legal entities, the name of which coincides with this website. It was registered in 2016, its authorized activity is financial intermediation. This organization is not allowed to provide brokerage services at all. Scammers are trying to cover up their machinations with the data of a third-party, legally operating British company, which were taken in the public domain. This is quite a common practice among ‌scams.
    October 15
    At the beginning of trading everything was normal, I withdrew profit quickly, but then I started to work with the manager, and on his advice I made a deal for €3,000, the manager told me that the chart should go up and I see it, but suddenly the program changed the direction of the chart, and so I lost all the money, conclusion: the broker first lures you, and then all drains, like a casino! LISTEN TO ME TRADERS, DO NOT TRADE ON THIS SITE, EVERYTHING IS DONE HERE TO MAKE YOU LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT!
  13. Japan
    October 6
    This is a risky service
    The owners of the site draw our attention to the fact that they are subject to the European regulator, but in fact, they do not have any license. Liberty commercial finance limited was created recently, although it claims that they have been on the market for quite a long time.
  14. lil val
    September 30
    Another False Broker
    A company that keeps colossal funds of clients in its account has a website worth less than 5 euros!!! Don't make me laugh :)
  15. trash
    September 28
    The company is anonymous
    I'm now wondering - is there an office itself? Or is there just a website which is also registered to an anonymous person?
    I believe that the owners withdraw your funds to anonymous offshore accounts, from where you will never get them back and no one will pay you here.
  16. Kate88
    September 20
    If you are attracted to this scam, do not believe it!
    I have always been interested in new platforms, they offer to attract customers with good conditions for trading. And their programs are more advanced, which is very convenient. I liked this broker but did not register on liberty commercial finance limited. It provides false data about himself on its site (domain registration - a completely different date is specified), and it has such colossal leverage that any broker will go bankrupt at once, despite the large initial payment. Yes, and the lack of commissions is also unprofitable for the company. It's a fake "charity" from thieves.
  17. Shiwai
    September 17
    I don't understand if it's safe to trade here
    How legally the broker works in Germany - I can only guess, although personally, I have significant doubts about it, in fact, there are few companies on the market that work according to all the rules, this organization claims that it obeys the European regulator.
  18. Art L
    September 14
    The terminal is subject to my big doubts
    The company has no financial authorization in Europe and the US, and where is its license from the UK? There is not a single word about the regulator, and serious brokers always have one. Yes, the offer is certainly attractive (narrow spreads, leverage). And why not? After all, it is very easy to drain a trader on such a platform. The money "taken away" from the client is usually withdrawn to unknown accounts offshore. I am stocking up on popcorn :) I will watch when the fake broker Libertycommercial will be blacklisted and blocked. I think I won't have to wait long.....
  19. teldrin
    September 10
    I recommend a reliable platform to all newbies!!!
    I registered just 2 weeks ago and already made €1,200! Trading currencies with Liberty Commercial is very easy! I am located in Spain, very easy to navigate website with support in Spanish!!!!
  20. Mountain
    September 4
    A fake broker that clones many other similar sites
    Fraudsters have put on a stream their "products" of deceiving people. Some successfully stop "work", and others appear, and they do not differ from each other except for the name. Liberty Commercial Finance Limited - supposedly a company from the UK, but in fact, it is a lie and it is not worth your attention.

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