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London Bridge Cap does not disclose any information about the company that owns the website or the date of its creation. As for the domain, it was registered by an unknown person in October 2022 in Iceland. In addition, the broker has neither a legal address nor a financial license. However, it is written in the Bonus Policy that the company’s activities are regulated in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia. Finally, the Anti-Money Laundering Regulation says that payment transactions are regulated in accordance with the laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Is it worth opening a trading account here? How safe is the platform? We will review the services of this broker and determine which parameters are flawless, and whether there are such indicators that raise doubts about its reliability.

Trading Conditions

You can start trading on London Bridge Cap after registering an account. During this procedure, you must select the currency: US Dollar, Euro, or Pound Sterling. The broker offers payments by bank transfer, credit card, as well as through several forms of electronic payment systems. Transfers from exchange offices, third-party transactions, or Western Union transfers are not accepted. The minimum deposit withdrawal amount is $100.

You can choose from the following five account types:

  1. Self-Managed from $250 – 200+ tradable assets, flexible leverage up to 1:100, market review
  2. Select from $10,000 – spreads from 1.5 pips, trading room analysis, and priority Level 3 profit withdrawal, monthly webinars, special venture promotions, bonus funds, dedicated senior manager
  3. Personal from $50,000 – spreads from 0.5 pips, leverage up to 1:300, trading room analysis and prioritized Level 2 withdrawals, weekly webinars.
  4. Honors from $250,000 – ultra narrow spreads from 0.0 pip, powerful leverage up to 1:400, access to complete analytics and webinars, priority level 1 withdrawal, invitations to VIP events, $5,000 gift.
  5. Wealth Management from $250,000 – on application exclusive offers for a personalized solution.

The London Bridge Cap website has a special VIP program that offers you an introduction to the Forex market through personalized coaching. You will get access to ultra-tight spreads from 0.0 pips and other exclusive options.

The Company states in the terms and conditions that it may cancel or suspend your account, block any pending transactions, or cancel any payment already made to or from your account. This will happen if criminal activity by the customer is suspected.

You will have $99 automatically deducted from your account if you have not made any transactions for 30 consecutive days. The broker multiplies the overnight fees by three (x3) on Wednesday around 00:00 GMT to offset its charges for the upcoming weekend.

On the website’s “Resources” page, you will find 12 e-books to increase your knowledge of the forex market. There are also sections to help clients: FAQ, Glossary, and Asset index.


Would investing in London Bridge Cap offer the best returns?

It is likely that for you the cooperation will turn out to be a loss of funds rather than their acquisition when you participate in risky CFD trading. Please note that this broker does not accept clients from the USA and other countries where there is strict control over the work of financial organizations.‌

Does London Bridge Cap carry out withdrawals?

Before you deposit money, read the reviews. Many clients write that the purpose of the broker is not trading, but cheating and misappropriating the funds of its users. You too can share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

If you carefully read the legal documentation, you will realise that this firm has nothing to do with real brokers. A lot of evidence shows that the service is not structured in good faith - no license, very poor website, and different regulators in Estonia and St Vincent are listed.

What's the best way to share my experience with London Bridge Cap?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if London Bridge Cap is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

12 reviews about London Bridge Cap

  1. bartimeus
    July 25
    This is some kind of fraudulent platform!
    Trading here is simply impossible! London Bridge Cap constantly tweaks the charts and takes out in losses on stop losses! Other crypto brokers do not have such deception! The impression that the managers of London Bridge Cap professionally engaged in this!!!! And when I wanted to withdraw cryptocurrency to another wallet, they immediately blocked my account!!!! And I have $12,000 left there! The support service does not respond to my emails. They have no regulator, as I realise now. I am very disappointed in this company, I probably lost my $12000 forever....
    July 18
    The company deserves a high mark
    I have been trading not so long and I have already formed a positive opinion about the broker, I have dealt with almost all services that are provided here and was completely satisfied. I can recommend London Bridge Cap to all traders, there are good options for co-operation.
  3. Martin
    June 8
    The service is terrible...
    Long turnovers, ridiculous interface, verification time - 3 days. The broker is definitely not suitable for those who want to earn normal money. I made less than $500 in a month. I do not recommend trading crypto on London Bridge Cap.
  4. snapjob
    May 30
    I paid dearly for my experience
    I decided to start learning about the financial market, I chose London Bridge Cap because they have a nice advert on the internet. The manager helped me to register on their platform. To start, I deposited $500. The manager promised me that he would teach me how to trade on the Forex market. But I can say that it is not easy. I have a lot to learn. In fact, the manager did not help me in any way. Instead, my deposit was constantly decreasing. It is not profitable for a broker to teach you anything. The task of their employees is to persuade you to invest more money in trading. Then I deposited two more times at a thousand dollars. I'll tell you, it's a good thing I stopped quickly. I was quickly sucked into the process. Ended up with zero deposits after two months.
  5. seoin
    May 24
    I am not allowed to withdraw money!
    I deposited my balance, earned about 4000, decided to withdraw, and the broker writes to me that withdrawal is impossible at this time, and so constantly for several days now.
  6. 0w0
    May 13
    I am still studying the broker's offers
    Mobile versions are inconvenient, it is better to work on a PC. It is better not to consult with London Bridge Cap managers, but to work independently.
  7. Paul
    May 13
    I have never met a better broker
    I have been trading on this site for six months, and everything is fine, I have not found any sharp disadvantages, stability is the main plus. There were no problems with payments, orders, or withdrawal requests. They always fulfill everything quickly - both deposit and withdrawal of funds :). Although the evaluation of the design is always subjective, but I want to note that I personally liked the interface of the platform, everything is well done. Rarely, but I can navigate on the advice of the analyst on different orders. I also often go to DeFi, it is convenient to trade bitcoin in London Bridge Cap. I really like to trade on my mobile phone, for me, it is the most convenient option on Forex. I can't say anything bad:)
  8. Zearre
    May 11
    A scam, that's for sure
    The amount of 100 dollars, most likely, the first time will be withdrawn from your deposit, but the second time - it is unlikely that you will get anything, first the manager will start demanding proof of the absence of your criminal actions, and then he will stop responding to claims. In general, I categorically do not recommend these swindlers, here you will definitely be taught a lesson in vigilance.
  9. nonsen
    May 5
    Beware!!! These are real scammers
    I worked on currency pairs for a few days and then applied to withdraw $100. I still haven't received it. Although a week ago I had 1,582 dollars on my balance and I submitted another application for withdrawal of 200 dollars. And here the worst thing started, first I was automatically debited 218 dollars, and in the evening some automatic programme was switched on at London Bridge Cap, which started to reset my balance and I could not do anything. I tried to contact my manager but he deliberately did not answer me. I started emailing complaints and got no response in return. Then I got a message on my computer that my balance was zeroed and I had to pay another $1000 to my deposit.... My conclusion is that you should never cooperate with this broker.
  10. blames
    March 8
    Withdrawal of deposits here is bad
    The site is slow in withdrawing funds, delaying the process for two or three weeks. And while you are waiting for the execution of your request, your deposit can decrease almost to zero.
  11. Alex A.
    February 24
    This broker wants to get rich on inexperienced traders
    I had the indiscretion to start learning how to trade crypto with London Bridge Cap with a manager and ended up investing about $1,500. I will learn forex market but without this broker. It is not honest and you can't expect help, you will only lose time and money here. I saw that there are normal brokers who value their reputation, but they immediately talk about the risks in the financial market and do not force anyone to constantly replenish the deposit, and do not persuade people to stay on the platform.
  12. dile
    February 12
    Scammers who don't refund your money
    This is not a legitimate company, and this is a regular pseudo-brokerage scam. Swindlers only promise a good terminal, in fact it is a cheap MT4 knockoff, be careful. Traders, do not get involved in trading with this broker under any circumstances. London Bridge Cap does not have any documents, but it has bad reviews, which means that the project does not return money to clients. There are incredibly many such sites on the network, and all scammers work according to the same scheme.

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