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London Group Inv. is a relatively young company: judging by the age of the domain, this project was founded in the spring of 2023. Clients are offered trading opportunities in the currency, cryptocurrency, and other markets. We have studied the website of this firm, but have not found any information about its founders, license, or even its place of registration. However, the broker considers itself reliable. Do you agree with it?

Trading Conditions

The broker has its own trading platform. On it, the company provides access to Forex, as well as CFD on cryptocurrencies, shares, and indices. To start trading, registration, verification, and a minimum deposit of $250 are required. London Group Inv. offers a choice of the following trading accounts:

  • Self-Managed.
  • Select.
  • Personal.
  • Honors.
  • Wealth Management.

Depending on the type of account, training, the assistance of a personal manager, bonus funds, and risk management information are available. Wealth Management users have access to individual trading conditions, and to obtain them, an application must be filled out. Technical support is available 24/5, and customers can contact London Group Inv. through the form on the website or via email.


Would investing in London Group Inv. offer the best returns?

The probability of losing funds is 75%, so we wouldn't talk about good conditions.

Does London Group Inv. carry out withdrawals?

We consider the company not reliable enough, so we cannot guarantee the withdrawal of funds. Please tell us about your experience with the broker.

May I be scammed on

There is a risk of scam since London Group Inv. has recently appeared and doesn't even have a legal registration.

What's the best way to share my experience with London Group Inv.?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if London Group Inv. is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

20 reviews about London Group Inv.

  1. Peter
    February 6
    I initially so an advert where 2 TV celebrities were discussing crypto on This morning program and how it made easy mo ey, from the advert came a link to London group investments and the seemed very eager to help. As soon as I made the deposit, they were phoning me up a few days later to increase my deposit due to the increases it made. Very pushy within the first week, hence I started to question the company. I decided to recall my money in less than 7 days to no avail, the support email address doesn't exist and Adam has not returned my messages or phone calls. I since researched and found these reviews, wish I did my research first. DO NOT INVEST WITH THIS COMPANY !!!
  2. Anthony Armstrong
    January 24
    Joined this "Service" on 9/1/24 and when I refused to increase the investment, things changed. All of a sudden the "charge-free" account opening appears to have changed. After a few transactions and the reported balance of my account doubled, it then appears that I now owe £ 450 in various fees (awaiting further detailed information). This charge is for a 14 day period? To cap it all they won't deduct these charges from the balance of my account, nor will they release the funds. Should have been more aware of finance checks on investment businesses. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Wanted to give a 0 rating, but this isn't possible.
  3. 9136
    August 31
    Hey guys, I just wanted to warn you all about a scam
    Be careful, everyone. London Group Inv, a company that was just established a few months ago, is operating without any valid license or registration...

    Right from the start, I felt something fishy about them. London Group Inv would call me on the phone and advertise their services, promising incredibly high profits and unmatched expertise. However, upon further investigation, I found that they lacked any form of proper registration or recognition from regulatory authorities. And this leaves investors unprotected. Without proper oversight, there's no guarantee that your investments will be handled ethically and professionally. I had to dig up all this information myself because they would evade a direct answer.
  4. mary
    August 28
    It was an awful experience
    I can't believe the level of deception and dishonesty from London Group Inv. I received what I thought was a bonus from them, only to find out that it was actually credited as a loan. Now I'm stuck, unable to withdraw any funds until I fulfill their ridiculous requirements. It's clear that this broker is just trying to trap its clients and make it impossible for them to access their own money…
    1. Steve
      January 8
  5. Scott Blacke
    August 26
    Their website is not even well-developed
    When I tried to register on London group inv, I was redirected to a page with platform terms and conditions that I supposedly needed to read and agree to before creating an account. But for some reason, the page is unavailable and there's some Latin text there. I don't believe that a broker who hasn't even properly set up their website can claim to be reliable. There are other factors that indicate this is a scam, we even don’t know where this broker’s registration
  6. Signa
    August 19
    No problem
    I had a great experience with this broker. They provided excellent support and assistance with all the financial issues I encountered. They were also very responsive and accessible, always ready to answer my questions and solve any problems that arose. I highly recommend them.
  7. mnemon
    August 18
    I think my relatives were deceived
    Basically, the situation is pretty common. London Group Inv called my relatives and told them to open an account because trading would save their lives. They believed it and invested without even asking me for advice. If I had seen the terms and conditions of these scammers, I would have immediately told them not to get involved. What the hell were they even hoping for, seeing that there was a clear warning that over 75% of users would lose money? That they would be lucky? Yeah, right. Obviously, that didn't happen. They simply gave away all the money they had saved for a vacation to unknown scammers who deserve to be thrown in jail for this.
  8. arbitrage
    August 15
    Everything is OK, just a regular broker
    London Group inv. has training available, the platform is decent, and withdrawals work. Overall, trading is possible. The main downside for me is that customer support doesn't respond immediately, so I dock off points for that. But overall, it's a safe option.
  9. Nost
    August 11
    I compared the prices on the platform with the external market and was unpleasantly surprised. I noticed that London group inv has some unrealistic quotes. I checked with another broker and found out that these scammers simply manipulated the quotes as they wished. I only made a minimum deposit here, and I wouldn't recommend anyone to invest more. You will definitely be deceived :(
  10. angel16
    August 5
    Maybe the broker suits professionals, but definitely not me.
    Personally, I didn't understand much from the webinars by London Group Inv... and the manager wasn't very helpful either... I was attracted by the promise of good training for beginners... but in reality, I realized that nobody here was interested in me and nobody would help me make money.
  11. Penny
    August 4
    Where is the regulator looking?!!!
    Why hasn't the London Group Inv. been blocked yet? I believe that the regulator should restrict access to the website IMMEDIATELY, once they see such an unlicensed and non-registered broker! Otherwise, people will lose money!
  12. kapin
    August 3
    I haven't had any problems with the company…
    In the past few months, I haven't had any issues with withdrawals, communicating with managers, or anything else. So, I'm ready to recommend this broker to you
  13. Nadas
    August 1
    My friends and I are trading here, everything is good
    I was invited here by friends who have been trading for a long time, and we are all making money with London group inv together. The conditions are excellent, even for beginners. There are lots of useful features, webinars, and training. No issues with withdrawals at all. I definitely recommend it.
  14. Rick
    July 30
    It seems like they forgot about my withdrawal request
    I decided to withdraw my first profit from london group inv, but I haven't received any money. I have reminded them about my request several times, but they don't respond to my emails. I don't know where to call them because they haven't provided a phone number. Maybe someone can help me with that? Though, I don't have much hope anymore. I'm almost certain that they have deceived me.
  15. Avada
    July 29
    The platform is slow
    In short, my conclusion is that it is not possible to work with London Group Inv because the platform simply does not allow you to make a deal at the price you need. You will suffer losses no matter how great of a trader you are. These scammers do not want you to make a profit, they want to take your entire deposit or even more.
  16. Agent
    July 25
    It's not profitable to trade here
    In London group inv, there are a lot of hidden fees and commissions. So even if you manage to withdraw your money, it won't be significantly more than what you invested, and most likely even less. So be careful…
  17. Question
    July 25
    Does anyone know anything about this broker?
    I'm not totally against creating the acc in London Group Inv., but the lack of information worries me. Does anyone know the phone number to call if there are any issues? Where is the office located? Where is the company registered, after all? Do they provide this information to users who already have an account?
  18. domine
    July 16
    Can’t say anything good
    I recently had a disappointing experience with this group of scammers London inv. This company initially appeared promising, but I quickly realized that they took a rather manipulative approach. It felt like they forced their services upon traders without considering their individual needs.

    As a result, once they had achieved their goal, they left us high and dry, without any support or assistance. It is essential for brokers to prioritize their consumers’ interests and provide ongoing support, but unfortunately, this company fell short in that regard.
  19. Davis
    July 16
    I can't withdraw money!
    I noticed that the broker was not helping me earn as much as I wanted, so I decided to withdraw my money. But they told me that I can't do that because I have to fulfill the bonus requirements. It's impossible to fulfill those requirements with this platform! And when I registered, there weren't such strict rules, and they didn't inform me about any changes. I'm afraid I have to say goodbye to my money.

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