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Lovacrypto offers its clients the opportunity to develop their business in the trading industry. Judging by the age of the domain, the broker has recently appeared in 2023, although their official website displays awards from different years. We couldn’t find any information on the site about where this company is registered. We also couldn’t find any licenses confirming the regulation of the firm. Do you think it is advisable to trust this organization with your money?

Trading Conditions

To start working with Lovacrypto, the client will need to create a real or demo account. In the latter case, a minimum deposit of $250 is required. The broker offers trading on its own platform, available as a computer application, web version, or mobile app. The leverage during trades can reach up to 1:200. Users are offered to trade CFDs on assets such as:

  • Currencies.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • Stocks.
  • Indices.
  • Commodities and more.

Lovacrypto offers clients education, analytics, personal manager advice, and 24/5 technical support. After registration, the account can be funded using a card, payment system, or cryptocurrency wallet. No commission is provided for the first withdrawal of funds.


Would investing in Lovacrypto offer the best returns?

We believe that it is highly likely that you will lose money because the company offers a rather risky CFD trading.

Does Lovacrypto carry out withdrawals?

There is little information about it so far, as the company is quite new. If you would like to leave feedback about the project, please write to us.

May I be scammed on lovacrypto.com?

Yes, you can be deceived since this is a new, unregistered, and unregulated company.

What's the best way to share my experience with Lovacrypto?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

13 reviews about Lovacrypto

  1. dezert11
    February 15
    Cold calling is unacceptable behavior for a company
    Instead of honestly attracting customers to their project, Lovacrypto engages in cold calling. This is unprofessional behavior for a company. They call at inappropriate times, even during the night, offering trading opportunities. This is unacceptable. They even try to convince people of the urgent need to register an account. This is manipulative and can lead to terrible consequences for customers. Cold calling is intrusive and unpleasant, especially if a company doesn't adhere to ethical norms and privacy rules. Customers should have the right to personal space and decide when and how they want to receive information about the offered products or services.
    Companies should focus on transparent communication and providing information to customers in a comprehensible manner. Only such an approach builds trust.
  2. Testmen
    February 2
    All is good
    Lovacrypto is an excellent company with high-quality education. I really liked it here. They provide top-notch educational materials and the opportunity to start trading with a small deposit. They also have a referral program. Additionally, they offer a demo account, which allows beginners to try their hand at trading without risking real money. I believe there are very few companies like this, but they are reliable, trustworthy, and truly excellent.
    I can prove this with my own experience because thanks to this broker, I was able to learn the basics of trading and start making money in the cryptocurrency market. I had access to quality materials and instructional videos. Thanks to the demo account, I not only learned how to execute trades but also tested my skills in a risk-free environment. Furthermore, the referral program allows me to earn additional income by bringing new clients to the company.
  3. sasлу
    January 24
    The commission caused losses
    I was able to withdraw money from Lovacrypto, but I encountered a problem — a huge commission. The first withdrawal was without a commission, but when I tried to withdraw for the second time or later, the commission turned out to be enormous. As a result, after spending time and effort on trading, I am at a loss. I see no point in continuing to cooperate with such a company and wasting time working with them.
  4. chabrik
    January 23
    The lack of support and rude responses to clients
    My work with Lovacrypto was negative due to the lack of support and responsiveness from their staff. When I reached out for help and answers to my questions, I was ignored for a very long time. And when I finally received a response, it was rude. I don't see the point in working with a company that has such terrible customer service.
  5. Corina
    January 14
    The platform deceived me and took my money
    I was not given any proof that the Lovacrypto platform is reliable. I can prove the opposite based on my own experience. I submitted a withdrawal request three weeks ago, but I still haven't received any response about my money. It seems to me that I have been deceived and my money has been taken, leaving me with nothing. I believe that such companies should not exist.
  6. 51
    January 4
    Trading has increased my income
    I am very satisfied with working with Lovacrypto as my income has significantly increased thanks to the additional earnings. I am glad that they help me here and that I get answers to all my questions. Overall, everything is good. Thank you for such a wonderful project.
  7. inspektor
    January 2
    I was deceived and my account was closed after trying to withdraw money. It's awful because I didn't break any rules. I wouldn't recommend anyone to work with them.
  8. kuz
    December 31
    Scammers without registration and license
    It's obvious to me that the people at Lovacrypto are scammers. Firstly, the project is relatively new, but their website claims to have received awards a long time ago, which is a clear sign of serious deception. Checking the domain age is easy, and fraudsters often overlook this. Secondly, the company lacks proper registration and a license, even though they claim to be registered. It's unclear why they would lie to customers, knowing that they will eventually find out the truth.
  9. Atomsk
    December 19
    I'm having issues with withdrawing
    My experience with Lovacrypto has been the worst of my life. I used to have no problems with other brokers, but I didn't learn how to distinguish honest companies from dishonest ones, and now I've fallen into the hands of scammers and I'm having issues with withdrawing money. And I want to withdraw them because the trading conditions on this platform are unsatisfactory. I don't recommend starting trading with this broker, there are many other good companies out there, so always rely on reviews.
  10. Vik
    December 18
    The trading terminal is running slowly
    I'm not satisfied with the Lovacrypto trading platform. It performs very poorly and slowly, especially on a mobile phone. Speed plays a crucial role in trading as it affects the trading results. Due to the low speed, I am also getting poor results. I regret spending my time on it, even though they promised good returns.
  11. Legio1984
    December 11
    It's risky, and this risk is unjustified
    Despite the name Lovacrypto, they have nothing to do with cryptocurrency. They are simply trading contracts for difference, which is highly risky. Those who want to work with them should carefully review their terms of service. In this agreement, they disclaim any responsibility, so if you get cheated, you won't be able to seek help because they have no registration or license. They operate completely anonymously and can be closed down without any consequences. If you report them to the police, they will just laugh at you. That's the situation, so please think about what I'm saying.
  12. mantis
    December 3
    A very bad experience
    I'm disappointed with Lovacrypto. I expected to make a profit based on the success of the demo account. However, after creating a real account, I experienced slow platform performance and slow trades. I don't understand why they would create a trial account if the conditions on the real account are so terrible. Why mislead customers like that? I just don't understand the logic behind it.
  13. movsun
    November 23
    My friends lost money here…
    I am always amazed by fraudulent projects like lovacrypto. It's obvious that something is not right with them because... where is the evidence of their reliability, registration, and license? Where is information about the company creators?.. Despite these red flags, my friends believed in them, invested money, and spent a lot of time trading. It's terrible. I don't recommend dealing with unofficial brokers.

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