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LumineTrade provides its clients with proprietary trading software for various assets. It is claimed that the company’s office is located in London, however, we have not found any confirmation of this information. Judging by the age of the domain, the broker has been operating since July 2023. The company’s website does not provide any information about registration or regulation. Do you consider this firm to be reliable enough?

Trading Conditions

LumineTrade offers various educational materials to its clients. Market analysis, news, and regular performance reports are also available. Users who invest a large amount for trading will be offered discounts on swaps, personal manager services, accountants, and analysts. The minimum trading amount is $250. The broker offers the following types of accounts:

  • Basic.
  • Gold.
  • Platinum.
  • VIP.

The platform can be downloaded on a computer or any mobile device. It is also possible to open the web version of the terminal and trade directly from the browser. Trading is available for currency pairs, as well as CFDs on cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and indices. Novices are offered remote access programs for assistance, such as TeamViewer and Anydesk. Technical support can be contacted by phone, email, or through a feedback form.


Would investing in LumineTrade offer the best returns?

CFD trading on an unreliable platform is likely to result in losses rather than profits.

Does LumineTrade carry out withdrawals?

Despite a short period of operation, there have already been complaints about withdrawal issues. What has been your experience?

May I be scammed on

Yes, you can. The website is new and can be blocked at any time.

What's the best way to share my experience with LumineTrade?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if LumineTrade is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

28 reviews about LumineTrade

  1. DanChu
    March 3
    It's a Scam! Avoid it at all times!!
    Hi, I was in the same boat as LynK11. After countless calls and emails, I have completely lost hope and faith on Luminetrade and any chance of recovering my money. This company is a scam and everybody must avoid dealing with it! If only I could report this to an authority to arrest them!
  2. Diepstraten
    February 28
    I LOST 63K! These are scammers. I've spoken a lot with RAY MITCHEL and he fooled me into transferring money to his bitcoin address. These are the bitcoin addresses he is using for transferring the money to him:


    RAY MITCHEL ray.mitchel@luminetrade. com uses very aggressive technics to seal your money. BE WARNED!
  3. Fraud scammer
    February 26
    Pls don’t use it You can deposit but never withdra
  4. Crystal
    February 23
    I lost a significant amount of money. Don't not invest with their company. They are completely fraudulent.
  5. Sandi Goertz
    February 14
    Total Scam
    I am in the process of trying to withdraw my funds and have hit one brick wall after another. I too was tricked by an article I read regarding this company and a certain Canadian celebrity.

    I only deposited $1500. US but as a senior on a fixed income it is still a significant amount of money.

    Sad that the people who work hard or have worked hard for their savings to be swindled by people who have no idea what that concept means.
  6. LynK11
    January 17
    I recently had a very bad experience with LumineTrade after reading an article online supposedly endorsed from a very well known TV personality. He spoke about investing as little as $250 and having access to a company who had financial people that invested the money for you.
    I received a call as soon as I said I was interested from a very pushy man who I stupidly eventually gave my cc details too to start my account. He was able to convince me that I could earn money and they were legit.
    I did log into my account once and saw the money was there but since the I have tried to obtain assistance, it seems the broker has mysteriously disappeared. I have sent many emails and have not received a response.
    After the last couple of weeks I have been constantly bombarded with hundreds of scam calls.
    They have called from different mobile telephone numbers that you can’t call back and also overseas numbers.
    I have tried to block them and registered on the no call website to no avail.
    Two days after joining the scam I called my bank and cancelled my cc.
    All this is so upsetting, frustrating and disappointing.
    I have now written this off as a very stupid thing to do on my behalf and will learn by my mistake.
    The $250 was in US Dollars so it ended up being about $375 that was taken from my account, I don't hold any expectations about getting the money back through my bank.
  7. Christina
    January 8
    Constant pressure for more money…hundreds of phone calls from different numbers..had to cancel my credit card because money kept disappearing..
  8. Coen
    December 21
    How to close the account???
    How do you close your own account at this stupid organisation??
  9. Lifemodel
    December 9
    Scam site beware
    No country of origin license
    No details of company owners
    The website numbers are unavailable
    They call you from different telephone numbers that you can’t dial back
    There downloads contain malware so they can see your banking details
    BEWARE they are crooks
    1. c
      December 21
      Helpt me out
      Do you know how to close your account??
  10. Cane
    September 8
    It was awful…
    I recently had a truly unpleasant experience with LumineTrade who constantly bothered me with incessant phone calls. I didn't want to register for a long time, but I finally did it. They were able to convince me that I could earn money here.

    However, the moment I actually needed assistance and had questions, this broker mysteriously disappeared and became absolutely unreachable. It was incredibly frustrating and disappointing. Seems like they are not interested in my success, they only need my money. The lack of professionalism and integrity displayed by the company is simply unacceptable. I strongly advise against dealing with such untrustworthy individuals.
  11. shar2000
    September 7
    So far, I'm trading without any major issues
    I think working with LumineTrade is quite safe. I have already successfully withdrawn money once, so there is no reason to doubt that it will continue. I haven't had any problems communicating with the staff either, they explain and show everything. So far, the company is meeting my expectations.
  12. olgfh
    September 6
    Where is at least one document?
    Decent brokers have certificates, licenses, and registration certificates on their websites. What does the LumineTrade website look like? I'd better keep quiet…
  13. phenix
    September 1
    Everything is fine.
    I enjoyed trading with LumineTrade. They provide comprehensive service with multiple specialists, which is hard to find elsewhere. The training is also good, and I found something for myself even though I am an experienced trader. Overall, they deserve 5 stars from me…
  14. zilly
    August 29
    Well, the withdrawal situation is definitely not good here
    I've been waiting for my money for about three weeks now. Either there are serious delays with it, or I won't see the money at all. Both scenarios don't reflect well on the broker.
  15. StuartН73
    August 29
    Deception, and a very brazen one at that
    I'm not personally into trading on the stock exchange, it's my sister who is involved in it. And she recently told me that scammers from Luminetrade have become active. According to her, they are actively calling her and her trader acquaintances, coaxing them to deposit money, even pressuring them to take out loans. Of course, she is experienced and doesn't fall for it... I was extremely surprised that such a method of communication with people is still prevalent. I even specifically found your review and decided to warn you.
  16. ELauD
    August 29
    Where is the regulator looking?!
    Block these luminetrade already before they have too many victims. There are clear signs of a scam: no licenses, an obscure platform, and most likely fabricated quotes. The leverage is excessively high, regulated brokers cannot have more than 1:30. They even suggest installing programs for remote access, which can be used to steal all the information…
  17. jimjims
    August 24
    How did they get my number?!
    I'm not even interested in trading, yet they’ve called me, and they've already called me like 10 times. It seems like they bought a database of numbers and are looking for suckers who will believe them :)
  18. USAFON
    August 23
    I don't know about you, but my friend was deceived.
    I was told that LumineTrade simply convinces people to deposit money and then doesn't allow them to withdraw it. This happened to someone close to me, and it seems like they are not the only ones. Think carefully before trading here.
  19. smoker
    August 20
    Can’t trust them
    I find Luminetrade very suspicious. They appeared just recently, and I have a hard time trusting them. I seriously doubt they have a real office in London, especially since we don't even know their legal information. They don't have any licenses either, and with these conditions, it's unlikely they will ever get one. I mean, no official permission will be given to a broker with such conditions like here.
  20. qamal
    August 19
    All my money was stolen by LumineTrade, and I didn't even make any transfers. They simply obtained all the information from my bank card through a remote access program and withdrew everything I had! They are no different from regular phone scammers! I'm going to get a new card and file a report against them. I advise you to NEVER fall for it if someone offers you to install anydesk or a similar program, as they can easily steal all your information through it. Luckily, I didn't manage to send them any documents for verification, so at least they didn't know my address.
  21. Pierre
    August 13
    All the information is fake.
    You can't reach LumineTrade by phone, they don't respond to emails, and their office probably doesn't even exist in the specified location. They've just made up a story, but in reality, this company will close down in a month, mark my words.
  22. spkyle446
    August 12
    I can't withdraw my money
    I'm having issues with withdrawal too! Customer support is not responding to the situation at all! What should I do? Is there any way to save my money?!
  23. neofacon
    August 2
    Everything is good
    LumineTrade is a versatile broker that is suitable for both beginners and professionals. There is a wide variety of assets available, with training programs for different skill levels and high-quality assistance. You can start with a very small amount, but of course, the more you invest, the more you can earn... The managers never call without a reason, they always talk about business matters. In short, if you want to trade, this is the place to be.
    1. Gul
      November 13
      These are false reviews!!! It’s a scam!!
  24. Justname111
    August 1
    If you lose your money, you won't be able to recover it.
    LumineTrade is an unregulated broker and completely anonymous. This makes it immune to any legal consequences, and you won't be able to retrieve your money through the police. Furthermore, this company explicitly states that it disclaims any responsibility for any financial losses. And there is a considerable chance of encountering problems, as CFD trading is very risky.
  25. iris17
    July 31
    I can't really say anything good about the platform
    Trading on LumineTrade is constantly experiencing freezes, issues with quotes and spreads. It's not a comfortable place, and it's really hard to make a profit here. And they advertised themselves so much, claiming that their platform is much better than MetaTrader. But it's all lies.
  26. trsteep
    July 31
    I have no problems with trading, but I haven't tried withdrawing yet
    I haven't tested the withdrawal on LumineTrade, so I can't comment on it, but trading is going well. I haven't seen such good profits in a long time. I hope I can withdraw them after trading a little more and changing my rating. For now, I can't give it the highest score, but I just want to inform you that it's possible to earn here if you want to.

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