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Luxtious is owned and operated by INTERMARKETS Corp. Ltd., registered in the Union of Comoros.. In addition, the company is accredited by the Financial Market Regulatory Agency of Mwali, it has license No. T2023299 of the Comoros Union. It is worth noting that the brokerage organization, which “prioritizes transparency” does not disclose information about its owners and managers or the history and date of the project’s foundation. As for the domain, it was only registered in October 2023.

Is this company so reliable, successful, and promising? We will check these claims of the site owners, and conclude what their project is all about.

Trading Conditions

Luxtious invites clients into the world of global markets and provides an authoring terminal for trading more than 500 assets. Traders have access to stocks, digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, Forex currency pairs, and other instruments. The broker promises ultra-fast order execution of 20ms.

Luxtious has developed 6 trading plans, structured by the minimum deposit amount and the number of services. You can choose the plan that suits your budget from the following offers:

  • Beginner from $2,500 – One Click Trading, Daily Analysis, Swap Free/Islamic.
  • Standard from $5,000 – Special Event Invitations.
  • Intermediate from $25,000 – Trading Strategies Allowed.
  • Advanced from $50,000 – Special Event Invitations.
  • Integral from $100,000 – Private Instant Support.
  • VIP from $250,000 – VIP Personal Manager.

Withdrawal requests are processed in up to 5 business days, the time depends on the withdrawal method you choose. The company promises low trading commissions but does not specify their size.

Luxtious enforces a minimum balance of $100 to trading accounts. The company will close your account if the deposit falls below this amount.

Luxtious offers educational resources that include trading guides, tutorials, market news, and technical analysis. Live chat ensures that the client can communicate with the technical support team 24/7. The broker does not provide services to residents of the USA, Iraq, UAE, and some other countries.


Would investing in Luxtious offer the best returns?

You should not trust the broker's promises of possible profits. You are more likely to lose your money on an offshore company's platform when trading risky CFDs with high leverage and unknown fees.

Does Luxtious carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis of the services and checking online reviews about the broker shows that withdrawals are not obvious. Clients complain about unreasonable refusals of administration and blocking of accounts. You can also comment on the company's work if you have experience of cooperation with it.

May I be scammed on

It is risky to cooperate with an offshore broker, since the client will not have the rights and guarantees of authoritative regulatory bodies of the highest level. Besides, the company is very young, judging by the fresh domain. Finally, the site itself is very cheap, such template projects do not last long, as their owners do not see the point of investing finances in their dubious business.

What's the best way to share my experience with Luxtious?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: other
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 2500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

11 reviews about Luxtious

  1. Ex
    February 11
    I became involved in a scam
    I started counting my financial losses on luxtious, and my mood became incredibly disgusted. I realized that I had simply given my funds to scammers who had deceived me as a naive simpleton by providing me with disgusting trading conditions. I saw constant glitches on the luxtious platform, predatory CFDs, and other unfavorable trading conditions. The scammers did not return me a single cent of the invested €27,000, they helped me lose more than half of it in a month, blocked the rest of the money and stopped contacting me!
  2. barsu
    February 11
    My silly story
    I didn't leave any requests to open an account on this site anywhere, the analyst of the company himself came out to me. He showed me a plan of my further actions and convinced me of profitable trading. I made a deposit in dollars - $8,500 to avoid conversion fees - and we started working. I was trading on my own, but the analyst gave good advice and observed. He asked me to wait, when I decided to withdraw 1,700$ profit, the analyst told me to wait until one of the trades closed. After that, I left a withdrawal request in my cabinet on luxtious. I got a call from a financial department employee after 5 days informing me that I could not withdraw the money, as the security service requires a thorough check due to the illegality of some trades, the history of which could be traced. The broker recommended me to change my account to a new one. To do this, I should have paid 15% of the total deposit amount through the company's reserve account, and then the whole amount would be withdrawn after payment. I told the specialist that I didn't have the money. He started to persuade me, saying that there were no other options for withdrawal. He left me and advised me to take a loan. I started searching the Internet for more information about this company and realized that they were scammers who launder money. I turned to a law firm for help. I still have access to my account at
  3. yuk
    February 8
    The broker fulfills its obligations
    The company offers good conditions and a great choice of trading instruments. I deposited €10k into my account at the start and made a profit of €674 within a week. The terminal worked perfectly. I replenished my deposit up to €100 thousand. I did this after thoroughly analyzing the market. I earned more than €13.5 thousand in a month and ordered all the money for withdrawal. Here, of course, the broker started new checks, and the staff demanded from me ten times a scan of my ID card, each time it was rejected because of the quality, asked me to take selfies with my bank card, etc. BUT... the money was given back😂 I didn't understand how luxtious works, seems to look like a withdrawal scam, but more than €100k was given to me honestly. You have to think for yourself, Is it worth the risk - on small amounts you can test this platform, but you should not do it on large deposits.
  4. Jey
    January 29
    Unsuccessful trading site
    I chose for myself a site that shows a willingness to help me ‌drain all my money, this resource is run by a common cheater. I'm extremely negative, because in three weeks there's less than $100 left of my $2,500 deposit. Now I understand exactly who I am dealing with, what these crooks are capable of and what amounts they steal from clients ☹️ If we talk about how quickly you stop making profit here, it happens after 2 weeks. This is a standard interval of time, and after it total money drains begin, and on your balance in luxtious you have less than a hundred dollars, which, like all other funds, go into the pocket of the administration. I briefly told you about my experience, based on which I concluded the mechanism for draining money on this site.
  5. Ka2014
    January 27
    Is it worth trading here?
    I could safely trade on those proven resources that rank first in the ratings of authoritative review sites. Such lists consist of brokers and cryptocurrency companies that pay money to investors and traders. However, I try to expand my portfolio and find new projects to invest in to increase my active income, as well as passive. My total income is 4,400$ per month and I want to increase this mark to at least 5,000$. So I asked many analysts and experts about I did not get an unambiguous answer: some experts praise this platform, saying that it is a young promising resource that has low spreads, while others criticize this offshore service, noting that it provides too much leverage 1:200. I'm still thinking, who should I listen to!?
  6. SCR
    January 5
    My account was blocked almost immediately after opening it
    I am unable to withdraw funds from this site. The scammers were happy with my money, they took over $3,000 out of my wallet!!! Do you think I should contact the offshore regulator or will all this only lead to a new loss of funds?
  7. lfstrat
    January 5
    I see that luxtious is an incomprehensible, most likely fraudulent project. I think this company can't even be called a broker, especially since I would prohibit trading here if I were a European regulator. You will decide for yourself, of course, whether you should invest your funds here or not. But still, I will express my opinion that trusting a firm with such a shabby official site, without a license from decent regulators, without a reputation in the network and other guarantees is somehow stupid, do you agree with me?
  8. Ramis
    December 27
    I have a negative attitude towards CFDs
    CFDs confuse me, this method of making money is present on I will admit to you that I am a bit wary of using this tool. I have read much about CFDs on traders' forums and this information is not positive. I even have two colleagues who lost money working with CFDs on gold and platinum. One lost about 12k dollars and the other about 8k. So, my concerns are based on the practical experience of those users that I have seen with my own eyes. Another thing that stops me is the fact that the minimum deposit is 2.5 thousand dollars. However, on the other hand, the site looks very decent, there are adequate managers with whom I communicated, and there is an option of zero spread for Islamic accounts and other useful features :) Do I have enough reasonable arguments to make the right decision? I don't know yet, I'll think about it some more…
  9. Natico
    December 25
    I am disappointed with my choice
    I lost £7k in three months!!! Platforms like luxtious are only good for luring money from users. Trading manipulation, canceled orders, missing money - everything is there except profit! Only the owner of the site can make money...
  10. anjali1
    December 17
    There are more than 500 instruments!
    I never once asked myself whether I should trade on the world financial markets using such a wonderful and functional site. That is, I was sure from the very beginning that I would earn a lot and constantly. I don't regret my choice, so far I haven't had any problems with the technical part of the resource, and everything was also more than good with the payments. Developers Luxtious as if specially created the most convenient system, which seems to be automatic, I don't even know for sure. Otherwise, I can't explain the very fast execution of orders. I easily earn profits and the speed of processing withdrawal requests suits me too. For example, I withdrew about 2,100 dollars yesterday for the last time and all this money was transferred to my Visa card without any delays, it came within 24 hours! These guys who manage Luxtious know their business well, and they have all the tools for trading: charts, indicators, very deep analytics. Meanwhile, earning profit depends solely on my decisions, I just needed to understand what to do, for example, in moments of market collapse, in moments of 20% correction, flat and so on. And when I found the best option, I saved most of my money and sometimes even earned it. I realize that I should promote my strategy more actively, and I work at my PC not 1-2 hours, but more than 6, and that's why my income is gradually growing.
  11. dearman
    December 17
    Terrible amount of leverage
    You can open an account on the site very easily. But I just have a simple question: is there any point in doing this? I can't say for sure that such a platform will bring profit, there are only a lot of online reviews about using leverage 1:200, which leads to huge losses and the broker violates the restrictive norms of trading in the forex market that protect beginners from losses when trading CFDs.

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