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The website is owned and operated by Techna Solutions LTD, with its registered office in Saint Lucia. Based on the registration number listed, the company was founded in 2021. As for the domain, it was registered in 2020. Meanwhile, the project does not have a license. Finally, the broker’s services do not apply to residents of the countries of North Korea, France, Iraq, and the United States.

Is it safe to trade here? We will answer this question after analyzing the company’s trading conditions and legal documents.

Trading Conditions

Luzuna offers an authoring terminal in the web version and mobile application. You can trade stocks, derivatives, spot metals, currency pairs, commodities, and indices on the platform. However, you need a promo code to register. The support team can help you get one, but the broker doesn’t announce a referral program. Luzuna offers 6 trading plans that are structured by minimum deposit.

  1. Beginner $500 – Basic Market Access, One Click Trading.
  2. Basic $5,000 – Market Updates.
  3. Premium $50,000 – Special Support, Personal Push and SMS alerts.
  4. Premium Pro $100,000 – Personal Manager, Exclusive Market Updates, Free Installments.
  5. Investor $250,000 – Full market access.
  6. VIP $1,000,000 – Access to new features, Priority support, Better execution and pricing, VIP account manager, Exclusive events and promotions.

The broker promises all clients not to deduct any additional commissions. You will find the service exclusively for Islamic accounts in the mobile version.

You must read carefully the Terms and Conditions of the Luzuna platform. The company declares that it has the right to modify the services, the terms of use, and the client’s access to the account at any time or to withdraw access to the platform without prior notice (as in clauses 10.2., 12.15, and 12.21).

Luzuna publishes the following pages on the website: Trading Hours, Contract Deadline, Economic Calendar, and Market News. The company offers all clients free trading education and support via live chat.


Would investing in Luzuna offer the best returns?

You are more likely to lose money on a platform that provides huge leverage, which is prohibited or significantly restricted in the EU and the US. You will risk a lot of money trading CFDs with an anonymous offshore broker on unknown terms.

Does Luzuna carry out withdrawals?

The company reserves the right to block your account at any time without prior warning and explanation. Such provisions are spelled out in the User Agreement. We see a lot of bad reviews from clients who say the broker doesn't pay out money they earned and takes their deposits. Share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

Yes, we see signs of illegal activities by the company. This Forex broker does not have a license, and it cannot legally provide financial services. You can't get your money back if it blocks your account. You agree to this when you register your profile.

What's the best way to share my experience with Luzuna?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Luzuna is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

14 reviews about Luzuna

  1. Olhio
    January 7
    Do not believe in promises of profit
    A friend recommended this online platform. Not too long ago, he began working with this company on his own. Coming from a low-income household, I value every dollar and the sum of 500$ holds great importance for me. But I believed my friend. And in vain... I can't say anything good about this company now. Money can not be withdrawn... Luzuna is a scam!
  2. DogeBooster
    January 2
    Why do you open an account here?
    There is no information about the regulation of the "broker" and the crooks didn't even remember about any licenses on the pages of their website The EU and the UK are jurisdictions with strict control of any activity related to financial services. What is the reason for these fraudsters being so brazen in their actions?? I think that an anonymous luzuna company without registration and license cannot operate in these countries for a long time. We may be facing new fraudsters who are actively seeking out their targets and have not yet received many reports of their illegal actions. Sending money to such a company would be the height of foolishness on your part.
  3. kblbvf402
    January 1
    Great functionality
    I recently began trading. It turned out that it is not so easy to find an adequate platform for work. I came across Luzuna by chance on the net. I tried trading on the minimum deposit and stayed on it:) The platform is easy to work with. Operations are fast. I did not find any disadvantages. I recommend it to everyone.
  4. Serhio7888
    December 26
    The company conducts brokerage activities, but it has not received a license. The broker declares its registration and refers to Techna Solutions LTD, which is located offshore Saint Lucia. But I checked the register of legal entities of this state and I did not find a company with this name there. I also could not find the company Luzuna anywhere. This is a very clear marker that immediately catches the eye and warns of potential fraud. Honest companies, if they register in this jurisdiction, create only their main legal entity there. Then they open branches in countries with traditional taxation systems - in Asia, Europe, etc. Here there is no such thing. The owners of the site allegedly registered their brand in an offshore country, and have been working there for three years. By the way, the site's domain by date was registered before the company and they do not coincide in name. It is possible to purchase domains such as this to create a company with a start date of three days ago or one that does not actually exist. You won't be able to prosecute these scammers. Yes, unfortunately it's almost impossible. And you won't be able to find out who actually owns this fraudulent Luzuna firm. Ordinary traders will just have to resign themselves to losing their capital to this fake broker. You have only one remedy that will save you from disappointment and loss of money. You must not believe in this scam, and you must tell other people the truth so that they do not fall for the thieves' tricks.
  5. apro3
    December 18
    The platform is not ready to work
    Orders are frequently canceled. Execution is unstable, and spreads are not small ...
  6. badulov
    December 15
    Poor terminal
    I lost, thanks to this brokerage company, more than 4,500 dollars! I will not receive any compensation for losses that were not my fault. I understand my responsibility, where I opened a couple of ridiculous deals - everything is clear and I have no questions. Who is responsible for resolving issues when the terminal freezes at the worst possible time or when a deal is closed at one price but the market shows a different one? Quotes do not correspond to the market. It seems to me that managers are the ones who create them, and they clearly control the terminal. How this company was let on the market?!! I can't imagine why it is not banned in the EU!!! Luzuna's work is unacceptable and does not comply with the rules!!!
    December 1
    Technical support is very bad
    My requests are frequently disregarded by operators. The platform is also abnormal. I noticed that quotes are often purposely underestimated and vice versa. Another observation I made was that this broker consistently presents insufficiently accurate candle closes, which do not match those on the actual chart, further diminishing my confidence in their services. At the moment, my personal account with luzuna has been deleted, along with the balance of $342. It is a horrible broker. I even think it is a fraudulent company...
  8. TestInvest
    November 19
    My investment portfolio brings me excellent profits
    The company gives an opportunity not only to engage in active trading on Forex, but also to invest in securities. It is the second method that I use in my work on The broker's platform offers a large number of shares of various international corporations, including the top ones by capitalization and other characteristics. I have made my own investment portfolio from such profitable assets. And they have already brought me an excellent income, more than $2 thousand per month. I recommend this company to people who want to get stock market income easily and want a good rate.
  9. Ariana
    November 13
    How to withdraw money?
    At first I was completely satisfied with this broker, but after a short time I started to notice some strange things. If I need to make a deposit, my personal manager is in touch with me around the clock. However, when I try to withdraw 1-2 thousand dollars, the phone remains silent... I am unable to reach luzuna support. The connection has been terminated.
  10. Vikko222
    November 9
    I had losses on this platform
    I wrote a review saying this company is a scam. But people still believe this broker and deposit money, and then also lose it and regret that they did not listen to people like me. At first they think that if the review is negative, then it's all the intrigues of competitors, but it's not so. Luzuna has serious problems with withdrawals. On numerous other Forex websites, funds can be withdrawn automatically or within 24 hours without any additional fees. In this company, they delay withdrawals for weeks and take off even more commissions. It will be very problematic for you to open deals. Sometimes it happens instantly (but rarely). Usually you will see "wrong quotes" or the screen depends. Luzuna is a fraudulent company that needs to be held accountable. I wouldn't be surprised if the owners...go to jail soon. It's unacceptable for fraudulent individuals to continue taking advantage of vulnerable individuals without facing consequences for their actions!
  11. Scann
    November 6
    Not recommended
    The spreads have reached 15 points, which is higher than the usual range of 3-4 points. The website experiences frequent periods of freezing. Finally, I waited a long time for the money to arrive on my withdrawal request. Technical support answered the same thing that my request is being processed. Although I ordered a small amount, only €120, I got the impression that the broker was indifferent to my excitement. Although the money was eventually credited to my account, I don't want to trade on this Luzuna terminal anymore and I don't recommend it to you.
  12. TILITY
    October 29
    You should not invest your money here
    You will not be able to withdraw back all the money you invested in Luzuna. And even if you can earn something here, you will still lose more than you will gain. I was convinced of this based on my own experience, having lost more than 7 thousand euros on this site. Now I am smarter, and I no longer see the point of risking ALL for a small profit. It is mathematically unprofitable. You can't do that. In order to increase income, it is essential to take a small risk by making a deposit. That would be the right way to make money. However, with an investment in Luzuna, this strategy will always be out of reach. I warned you that they are scammers and criminals and you should not give them your money.
  13. sdfxgev4
    October 20
    Competent staff
    I had a moment of panic when I first opened my account - this state is probably inevitable for newbies. You're trying to understand and draw conclusions, but you have to remember that the price of making a mistake is your capital.) I am grateful to my knowledgeable personal manager who helped me in navigating and mastering the complex world of finance:)) I do not make excessive profits, but I have a relatively stable income. I am happy with Luzuna, both with the software and with technical support, and with trading conditions (rates, tools, speed of deposit, and withdrawal). I recommend this service if you are planning to invest serious sums.
    If you are interested in testing your skills in forex, this broker would be a suitable choice for you:)
  14. doanart25
    October 17
    Can’t withdraw funds
    Broker illegally deletes my requests and refuses to withdraw €675 without any reason! Do not contact if you do not want to lose all your money - it's a scam!

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