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The Lyon Assets’ website does not disclose the place and date of incorporation of the company. Apart from that, there is no information about its license or links to any regulator that protects the rights of clients. Meanwhile, the brokerage company indicates 8 branch addresses and phone numbers for contact around the world – from South Africa to Canada. However, the button for direct contact via WhatsApp does not work. Does this inconstancy make you suspicious of the reliability of this broker?

Trading Conditions

Lyon Assets is involved in CFD trading and offers a wide range of trading assets. It is stated that you can work from your computer or mobile device. For some reason, there is no registration form for new customers. You can log into your existing account or ask a question through a special form where you specify personal information, your phone number, and email.

There are 5 account types listed on the Lyon Assets website, and their initial deposits range from $2,500 to $50,000. However, in the FAQ section, the minimum deposit amount is declared to be $250. This information does not match what is listed under account types.

As additional services, you can use Weekly market reviews, or daily portfolio progress reports. Depending on the account type, you are available:

  • Up to 25%-100% margin loan.
  • Daily portfolio progress report or unlimited access to brokers.
  • A monthly session with a certified accountant or a daily one-on-one session with a top analyst.

The more you deposit, the more advisory services you get. For example, End of year summary with a certified tax specialist or Invites to VIP events. Lyon Assets offers personalized training and higher payouts to members who have deposited $50,000.


Would investing in Lyon Assets offer the best returns?

Working with this suspicious company will result in you losing money, not gaining it. In risky CFD trading, the broker operates on an unknown platform. You have to agree to the terms and conditions, which state that there may be problems on the site and then you will not get your investment back.

Does Lyon Assets carry out withdrawals?

The site has no information about the withdrawal of funds. There are very few reviews of the broker so far, moreover, they are negative.

May I be scammed on

The risk of fraud is high because the broker has no license. The domain is fresh (created in October 2022). Finally, the Lyon Assets website is very bad and does not provide for registration. You will have to contact the organizers through a special form and provide your personal data.

What's the best way to share my experience with Lyon Assets?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Lyon Assets is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

18 reviews about Lyon Assets

  1. Maurice
    September 20
    I swear these are shameful scammers
    How can anyone trust these scammers who just call over the phone book in order and persuade people to transfer all the money to them?? Oh yes, along the way you supposedly have to make some trades, but it's all a LIE, a LIE! I was completely furious when I found out that my mother began transferring money here in the hope that it would increase. Fortunately, little was done and I managed to prevent her accounts from being depleted. Don't even think about doing business with them, because this is an anonymous site that cannot be prosecuted for a crime!
    1. msthangct
      November 8
      scammers - professional liers
      such professional liers. first guy supposedly died in a horrible accident, then the next guy also had a horrific accident , then the one who died first was fired. i had their supposedly personal contact numbers, but when i made a nuisance of myself they died. then one that made contact had a name which was different from the name that came up when i saved the number. i am halfway on the street due to these scammers. may they rot in hell
  2. Frikro
    June 6
    It all makes sense to me
    I don't know yet, and this is the first broker I'm working with but the analyst explains everything very well and it doesn't take a lot of time to work with him even though my schedule is quite tight. I have not withdrawn money from Lyon Assets yet, not much time has passed.
  3. Maven
    June 4
    Attention everyone! With this broker it is neither possible to generate income nor to take money back. Scam!!! I can't get my money, what should I do?
  4. Viceng
    June 1
    Unreliable trade
    If you are planning to take your first steps in stock trading, I do not recommend you to start with this particular company! Because it has no clear terms and an unknown platform.
  5. Chiong
    May 30
    Fraudulent activity
    Why did I invest and not check online reviews? Now I'm having trouble connecting to Lyon Assets.
  6. Jernis
    May 24
    You will lose your money $2,000
    All this is built to bilk you out of the money! Their analytics for the same instrument may be different, and quite the opposite. There was a lot more, but I am not going to write anything else. As long as you make a deposit, they will talk to you about when and how much (advise you to deposit more money!) and when you want to withdraw, your account will be blocked.
  7. Metan
    May 20
    No refunds
    I started trading with this company not so long ago. At first it was going well and I was withdrawing small amounts of money I had earned. But then I got lucky and managed to make quite an impressive amount of $6,500. So, I logged into my account. And it's locked. With all the money. I then received an email that Lyon Assets no longer wanted to work with me (without explanation) and allowed me to withdraw $2,250 and they were withdrawing the rest as compensation. Compensation for what, of course, was not explained to me! But when I had asked them how I could withdraw at least these 2250 dollars if the account is blocked, the technical support department told me that they were mistaken. It turned out that I could not withdraw a cent because I had already withdrawn money before. I got 2250 dollars in total! What a surprise! That is, first they writes me an official letter, sends me a scanned copy with a signature indicating a withdrawal amount of $2,250, and then explain that they "made a mistake". And I can't withdraw anything! There are simply no words here. This is fraud. Stealing money. That is, you can lose money in Lyon Assets without any problems and nobody will "compensate" you for that. And when one gets a profit, nobody will give it to him and he will immediately have his account blocked! They cheat beautifully, I can't add anything. This company has no principles at all. They do not give them any profit, no way, they will not let you withdraw!
  8. Nevi
    May 13
    Supporting the analyst
    During 2 months of active work with the broker I have come out in the plus by about $800, 400 of which I would like to withdraw. But the manager convinced me that it would be better to add another $2000 to my account to take part in profitable forex trading. So far we are steadily turning a profit. I don't have much experience with brokers, so I cannot say how good this company is compared to others. But so far I'm happy with it all and I can say that without such quality support from the analyst, I never would have figured out how to make so much money in this area... I haven't withdrawn any money yet, but I think I'll be fine.
  9. Bevitas
    April 24
    This broker may be a scammer
    Hi all, the offers on this website are amazing. Lyon Assets only works for people! ‌Well, keep up the good work guys. Of course, if you don't cheat us.
  10. Viaril
    April 7
    Good trade
    When I left a question on their website about registering, giving my details and phone number, the manager called me within half an hour. Communication with the manager went well, the specialist asked the right questions to find the best earning format for me. I funded my account for $2500 and asked the analyst to call me the next evening because I had some important meetings scheduled on the day of registration that could take a while if you know what I mean :) analyst called strictly on time and we immediately proceeded to open a trade prepared for me on several currency pairs, in total I earned about $145 in the first 2 days on them. After that, for a month, we traded on different assets, mostly cryptocurrency.
  11. Bone
    March 28
    This is a FRAUD
    LYON ASSETS CHEATED ME and did not give me MY MONEY BACK!!
  12. Tonio
    March 21
    My questions to Lyon Assets about withdrawal remain unanswered! What happened? I'm in a panic.
  13. Maincha
    March 21
    Advice for the novice trader
    Never Never! Why am I a fool who read the reviews and went there? Lyon assets is a fraudulent broker, they sign you up for traders and when you ask for the logs of transactions and entries they block your account. As a result - all funds burned with the trader they signed up.
  14. Ondet
    March 15
    Spam Calls
    It was impossible to register. I wrote some questions in the chat room on their website and provided my phone number. Nothing reasonable was answered to my questions. I realised I shouldn't open a deposit here. I am now getting spam calls from the company.
  15. Khenis
    March 15
    Bad broker
    I don't recommend you contact this broker! ‌And if you have already contacted anyway, my condolences: - the pending orders disappear. When you have a pending order and a suitable price comes but the order disappears, it is simply not there, not in open prices, not in orders (like, the price was not reached out a little, it happened too and on two other platforms this price was, but in this one, it was not reached out for some reason), not in closed. Contacted technical support - no help. On the "trading signals" platform, this is drivel, you can only work on them in the negative.
  16. Sisa
    March 14
    You will never get your money back
    I want to share my experience of working with Lyon Assets. I went to the website for interest, looking for extra income. I had my phone number there. Employees of the company called me every day, with pretexts that it is time for me to start earning, they promised me a profit from the first day, about $100 a day. The calls were constant, from morning to evening. I made a huge mistake when I made a deposit of $2,500. After 1.5 months my balance has increased to 5000$, but when I decided to withdraw 1000$ for personal needs, the answer was: You can not withdraw that amount (they said you have to do some more trading). The next day after the withdrawal offer, I lost 2500$, I had 2500$ left. I traded for three more days and my balance increased by 850, after which I lost everything to 0. But, it would seem that all in my hands, in general the picture is clear! A scheme that bodes well for you, a boost of vitality and spirits, but in reality it's not your money anymore when you have transferred it to your account. The rest of the money is in the account, the Lyon Assets staff decide for themselves what they need, and encourage you with calls. And so on, you end up losing your real money the moment you put it into the account. I advise you not to make any huge mistakes. Be vigilant and prudent. Regards to another person who has suffered financial losses!
  17. Mike Gein
    March 6
    Is this broker legitimate or not? requires too many documents for verification. Can you please tell me who knows this: where is this company regulated? I don't want to give my money to brokers if they are not legit. Thank you

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