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Lyraten does not disclose any information about the date of its establishment and the location of the broker. Judging by the phone number, the tech support is located in Sweden. As for the domain, it was registered only in February 2023 in Reykjavik, Iceland. In addition, the project has no license and no legal address. Despite this, you can authorize on the site using 14 languages, including Italian, Arabic, and Chinese. However, you will not be able to use the registration form, which is missing from the platform’s functionality.

Is the broker worth trusting? Will it provide security and protection for traders? We will analyze the capabilities of the platform and draw conclusions about the reliability of work on the website.

Trading Conditions

Lyraten is web-based, meaning you can access it from any device and you do not need to install software on your computer. You can use this trading platform on an iPhone or Android smartphone. The terminal covers more than 500 assets including forex markets with traditional and digital currencies. On Lyraten, you can trade futures, indices, and commodities as CFDs.

The broker offers 6 types of accounts, which differ in the size of minimum and maximum deposits and set of services. You can choose a suitable option from the following:

  1. Basic, up to $2,499 – commissions 5%, leverage (crypto) 1:1-1:2, swap 24 hours 1.5%, variable minimum spread 2.4, leverage (forex) 1:50.
  2. Silver, $2,500-$9,999 range – 4% commissions, leverage (crypto) 1:3-1:5, swap 24 hours 1%, variable minimum spread 2.1, leverage (forex) 1:100.
  3. Gold, $10,000-$74,999 – 3% commission, leverage (crypto) 1:5-1:10, swap 24 hours 1.5%, variable minimum spread 1.8, leverage (Forex) 1:100.
  4. Platinum, $75,000-$149,999 – 2.5% commission, leverage (crypto) 1:10-1:20, swap 24 hours 0.85%, variable minimum spread 0.6, leverage (Forex) 1:100.
  5. VIP from $150,000 – fees 1.5%, leverage (crypto) 1:10-1:20, swap 24 hours 0.65%, variable minimum spread 0.4, leverage (Forex) 1:100.
  6. Private Equity Account from $400,000 – 1% fees, leverage (crypto) 1:10-1:20, swap 24 hours 0.5%, variable minimum spread 2.2, leverage (forex) 1:100

All account types provide MQL access. Lyraten provides each trader with a manager service. Tariff plans include a “robots” option for clients with a third-level account and above.

The broker warns clients that currency quotes on the Lyraten platform may not correspond to the exact rates of the real market. The company is ready to offer the presented quotes at its own discretion.

Additional services include an economic calendar and market analysis. To connect the client with technical support on the site, there is an online chat. You should specify your question and e-mail address in a special form.


Would investing in Lyraten offer the best returns?

You are more likely to lose money rather than find favorable trading conditions with risky CFD trading. In addition, the broker has an unknown and unstable platform.

Does Lyraten carry out withdrawals?

Withdrawal of funds here may not be obvious. Many traders who have worked with this broker leave negative reviews. Share your experience if you have traded with this company.

May I be scammed on

The broker provides services without a license, illegally. The website has a very poor design, no structure, and lacks important legal information. The actions of this company are highly likely to be fraudulent. 

What's the best way to share my experience with Lyraten?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Lyraten is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:100
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

19 reviews about Lyraten

  1. Jacob
    November 5
    Om te proberen begonnen met $250 . De 1e weken groeide het en er werd met klem verzocht om meer te gaan investeren. Gelukkig niet gedaan. Wil mijn geld terug maar contact is zowat onmogelijk omdat emailadressen ineens niet meer bestaan. Ook benaderd om een bitcoin account te openen omdat terugstorten op mastercard niet mogelijk zou zijn. Hoezo?? Ze konden van dollars wel bitcoins maken!
  2. Graeme Powell
    October 30
    They are fast enough to take my money but make it impossible to withdraw. Stay away from them
  3. Dan Macqueen
    October 17
    This is a rip-off…deposited 10k USD started well, but after continuing request for additional funds to be injected things started going badly. Sid refused to close losing trades and I now will try and recover what’s left, I’m sure this will not go well!! Do not get involved with these bandits!!
  4. ...
    October 3
    Tried it for 4 weeks, wanted to get out, but couldn't. They are making it very difficult to close your account and make a withdrawel. All of a sudden all my investments have a negative result while a week ago, when I did not yet tell them I wanted out, I had a positive result of EUR 700. Lyraten are thieves and scammers
  5. Tarbs
    October 3
    I sent the 250 us dollars had a account set up. Started to ask questions and asked to close out the account and I'm unable to. Unable to contact anyone account manager is not responding..Nicole Black?????? Unable to retrieve the funds!!!
    October 1
    Its likely that no trades are made by this company as their platform is cheap Webtrader, not Metatrader. Trustpilot gives them a good score, but we dont know who the recommending parties are
  7. Anny_i
    September 23
    Taking money from gullible people
    I am a victim of manipulation and have lost all my savings. In fact, it's just a trap. The owners of are absolutely unpunished scammers ready to steal your money. Do not fall for their tricks!
  8. Grimskin
    September 23
    Aggressive persuasion to cooperate
    At first I called the number indicated on the site to find out how to register and under what conditions I could trade cryptocurrency with a minimum account of $250. But the consultants did not even know how to talk calmly with the client, they immediately began to persuade me to open an account for $2,500, and when I refused, they pestered me with annoying calls for 10 days.
  9. Trinitro
    September 23
    I find the company interesting
    And it's not even about a large selection of trading instruments or the size of leverage. It's about comfort, which you immediately feel as soon as you become a client of "Lyraten". On this platform, I personally manage to earn more money. It is not only trader's intuition that helps, but also excellent analytical reviews, which are available to all clients on "Lyraten".
  10. Rupertgun
    September 10
    I am satisfied with profitable transactions
    I could not call the first two months successful. After all, I was mostly in the minus. After numerous purchases and sales of goods and stocks on the Lyraten terminal, I managed to turn the situation around. I owe a lot to the help of an experienced manager. At the moment I get a stable income of +10%, which is already much more than the interest on deposits offered by banks.
  11. Dellow
    September 5
    The company unilaterally zeroed my account
    My story is as follows. Last Monday my account was in ‌good condition, out of 6800$ deposited funds on the deposit remained about 5330$. But on Thursday morning, when the closing happened, there was only 270$ in my account. How did the drain happen? I can't get anything from technical support. I think the company is not interested in solving this situation.
  12. qqvqv
    August 24
    I made a deposit, had to understand what trading is
    I learned a little from other brokers, then got some useful advice on this site and decided to start opening trades on the Lyraten account. But I decided to venture out on my own, with no experience, and I worked with a manager first. I immediately chose metals, silver. My profit from the beginning was 8% of the deposit, about 220 dollars ‌a week. I was happy and started trading on my own. But I switched to EUR/USD currency pairs and my luck ran out for some reason, I lost more than 130 dollars. I went back to silver again and I managed to earn even more in 2 days - 160 dollars. I decided to stop and put money for withdrawal. The funds came to my bank card in 2 days. I decided not to trade anymore, I will take a break, but I will tell all beginners that you need to have strong nerves for such earnings.
  13. Hope Louis
    June 24
    Very slow tech support
    Operators answer my questions for longer than an hour! They spoil the whole impression of working with the broker. The company is decent at first glance, but these slow employees as if bring me back to Europe, where I lived for a long time and remember how everything takes a long time there. Thankfully, though, I have to wait not a month, but only 1-2 hours for a response! If the managers will sort out this misunderstanding, the terminal will be one of the best.
  14. ODS4
    June 15
    Do not believe in fairy tales - it is a scam!
    I lost all my money with cheaters from Lyraten. The manager stopped contacting me as soon as I was drained the entire deposit, more than 12,000 dollars!!! I want to warn traders - do not contact ‌scammers categorically, otherwise you will join the ranks of deceived people like me.
  15. Stiall
    June 13
    Thieves and scammers!
    I deposited $7,500 three months ago, during this time my balance has grown by 25%. Twice I withdrew amounts of 300$ and 1800$, and a week ago, I don't understand why my balance became 73$. On my question to the operator in the chat - where did the money go? I was told - you had unprofitable trades, and you were warned about the risks in the client's terms and conditions...
  16. Gophish
    June 12
    Fake broker!
    I fell victim to their persuasions, and constantly replenished my deposit, although I started with the minimum amount. As a result, I lost more than a thousand dollars on It's just a scam and I don't know where to turn for help. Broker Lyraten does not have any regulatory bodies, so it drains the money of inexperienced clients with impunity.
  17. nbs
    June 9
    I started cooperating with this broker and lost all my investments. Lyraten managers assured me of stable income and careful handling of money, but in fact, it is just a scammer. The company does not have any license or proper regulation, which allows them to scam customers freely. I made a deposit in the amount of $8,700. Attempting to refund the balance of my funds, about $3k, was to no avail, the broker simply ignores my appeals. Do not trust Lyraten, they are thieves and scammers!
  18. klimstonn
    May 2
    My experience
    Hello. I am not satisfied with the work of this broker. Managers persuaded me to deposit 2,500 euros, promised a lot of opportunities, but in fact no positive results. One thousand euros went into a minus for 3 days, I can not withdraw the rest. I can't get through to tech support.
  19. vip
    April 30
    Not very polite employees
    The company is new, young, and managers should be interested in customers. But they don't even try to help you.

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