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Main Group FX is owned and operated by the Australian company MGF Capital Pty Ltd, headquartered in Chatswood, New South Wales. In addition, the broker informs that the brand is part of a group of companies founded in 2018. As for the domain, it was updated in March 2023. However, the project has no information about its leaders. How reliable is this platform? We will draw conclusions about the safety of cooperation with this broker after we have studied its services and legal documents.

Trading Conditions

Main Group FX provides clients with the opportunity to trade contracts for differences in prices for currencies, stocks, precious metals, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The broker guarantees traders protection from a negative balance, low trading commissions, and no requotes.

There are 5 types of tariff plans available on the platform, but the minimum deposit amount is not specified. You can choose the appropriate option from the list:

  • Basic – 1 point commission, 1 point spread.
  • Standard spread – 0.9 point commission, 0.8 point spread.
  • Advanced – Commission 0.7 points, Spread from 0.5 points, Access to the Mall, Weekly market analysis.
  • Premium – Commission 0.5, Spread from 0.3, Unlimited withdrawal of funds without commission.
  • Pro – Commission 0.3, spread from 0.0, Unlimited withdrawal of funds without commission, Portfolio assessment with a trading analyst.

You can use the services of a personal manager. The Visa Main Group FX card provides you with the opportunity to withdraw funds at lightning speed.

The Company will respond to your complaint within two months. You can contact the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) if you are not satisfied with the broker’s response.

Main Group FX offers an educational program and live webinars with a trading analyst. You can contact the project representatives via a special form and WhatsApp, technical support is available 24/5.


Would investing in Main Group FX offer the best returns?

Cooperation with this broker is more likely to result in a loss of funds for you, rather than the acquisition of profit. This is risky CFD trading with unknown conditions, and it is possible that transactions are not being brought to the interbank market.

Does Main Group FX carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis shows that the withdrawal of your funds is not obvious. Clients complain that the organization refuses to fulfill its obligations. You can share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The risk of fraud is high for several reasons. Managers cannot clearly explain why there is no scanned copy of the license and registration certificate on the site. In addition, the start date of the project does not match the domain date, and the site design is very cheap.

What's the best way to share my experience with Main Group FX?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: ASIC
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4
Assets: Forex, CFD

16 reviews about Main Group FX

  1. Picklehof
    February 7
    I have been blocked … cannot even send an enquiry for contact with Maingroupfx.i am elderly and thought these guys could help me keep my head above water. Not so. Can’t contact them in any way! They say they are based in Cyprus ( tax free)
  2. adcat
    December 8
    I work on a referral program
    I have social media profiles, so I earn money through an affiliate program. I post links to on FB, on YouTube, on the Telegram channel and on other platforms. I earned a little money, since this broker is not transparent, and there is practically no information about business owners on the site, which worries experienced traders. Such brokers often work on the market using the same program – they drain money from clients and therefore more than half of my subscribers on social networks have a negative attitude towards such resources. Although many people do not want to work, but want to get rich quickly on forex with $500, however, this does not happen, you need to learn profitable trading for a long time.
  3. RomR
    December 7
    I do not recommend it to anyone
    You do not need to top up your account on Main FX. This is a fake legal entity, scam, I have already checked it on my wallet ☹️
  4. serk
    December 5
    You will be deceived
    As it turns out, the broker does not specify the minimum deposit amount in trading accounts for an insidious purpose. The managers of Main Group FX approach each client individually. I couldn't have thought that they would teach me how to trade just to steal my money… I invested $4,300 in this scam. I didn't earn a cent! How can I get my money back now??? what should I do??
  5. venetonn
    December 1
    I am almost completely satisfied with the result
    I have no big complaints about the broker in 3 months of cooperation!
  6. Xtra
    November 23
    Scammers will deceive you
    These are specific psychologists who know how to put pressure on you, how to manage you, and how to convince you to deposit more money. I lost $2,300, but the managers have the audacity to call me again and impose their services, and at the same time they try to convince me that this is an honest company!! I wish them to answer for their scam!!!
  7. found
    November 21
    Representatives of this company have extorted $14,800 from me! According to their recommendations, I drained the entire deposit. When zeros formed on the balance sheet, I learned that, it turns out, the company does not bear any responsibility for not bringing transactions to the interbank market and is not responsible for the predetermined inefficiency of trading. I wouldn't have any questions for these managers if they hadn't initially been denied the possibility of losses when I asked them about it. However, their guarantees are not documented. According to the letter of the law, it's my own fault, I shouldn't have listened to incompetent people.
  8. Leo Torn
    November 13
    I do not recommend this broker
    I have just made sure once again that I do not need to trust money to those brokers whose activities I have not checked with a lawyer. This company seemed reliable to me, the manager advised me to start working with 20 thousand dollars in order to almost completely remove commissions, and nothing prevented me from making a profit. However, the company's employee forgot to mention the non-working terminal and the inadequacy of support. I constantly suffer losses due to the unstable operation of the terminal, and technical support subtly hints to me that my equipment is not working. But you and I know what the problem is... In general, I strongly advise against contacting these scammers, it can end badly.
  9. suzzio5
    November 2
    Show me at least one person who has really earned something on Main FX! I doubt that such happy traders even exist. Even if you do not pay attention to the glitches of this stupid software, and you can earn money, then you will see that elementary applications for withdrawal of capital do not pass! I tried to withdraw different amounts from the deposit, both £1,000 and £100, but it didn't lead to anything! I am currently working with a lawyer on the possibility of a refund, but due to the forged documents of this company, this may not be possible.
  10. Mehmet Aydin
    October 27
    Pass by, it's a fraud
    I have left half of my annual salary on this platform. The broker promises a lot of good features, but this company is not going to fulfill its obligations. I contacted a lawyer, he confirmed that this broker is working illegally!
  11. ART
    October 13
    It's obvious, these are scammers
    I had a very short conversation with tech support at . I asked to see the registration document and license. The operators couldn't do it because there were no documents, so they just blocked me. What else do you think you can talk about with an anonymous and non-existent office??? I don't even think about investing and making money with these cheaters.
  12. Patas
    October 13
    You need to remember your own responsibility
    You don't need to make deals at random - you need to delve into the forex system. Main group fx is a trading platform that does not work on luck, you need knowledge, experience and money to make money. I have been familiar with this platform for more than six months, I started trading just out of curiosity – will I be able to make money or not? Now I'm doing this almost professionally. Everything is simple in this terminal – you log in, register with an email address and phone number without any problems, try to make forecasts for free, and then top up your deposit (at least $ 150) and start buying and selling assets. The deal may be successful and then you will become richer, or your calculation will be incorrect and then your balance will decrease by the amount of the transaction. There is no third option, this scheme is simple. However, the most difficult thing is to make these deals, predicting the movement of the chart. This requires knowledge, experience and the ability to analyze.
  13. Maz
    September 28
    I'm in no hurry to register
    I'm looking at new brokers because the last one let me down a lot by changing the service policy without notifying users. Main group fx looks quite promising, especially if we take into account the accelerated pace of development of the company, and the MT4 and MT5 terminals are the most advanced. The only thing that is confusing is the absence of a European regulator, it is unlikely that I will be able to resolve the controversial issue (if any) in Australia. So, I'm waiting for the company to have permits to operate in Europe and when it will officially show its documents on the website.
  14. mami
    September 8
    I trade carefully and profitably
    I initially transferred €5,000 to the account.
    I won't say that my trading on Main Group FX was smooth right away, because I immediately lost some of the money. After that, I stopped, thought about it, and took a break. I started trading again after a few days and slowly the money began to go more into the plus than into the minus. I made my first withdrawal in 3 weeks – €870. The money was credited to the bank card a couple of days later. In total, I have withdrawn 4 times at the moment, according to the principle – if I have earned, it is better to withdraw immediately so as not to spend too much. Now I have more than 8 thousand euros in my account. I plan to earn a record €10,000 from trading and withdraw it from my account. I'll honestly tell you that it's not that simple and it's not every day that I'm so lucky :) Sometimes I trade in the red and I can't get out of this situation. Then I need to pause and come to the computer later. Taking a break sometimes helps. By the way, you can also trade from your phone. The same profile works with both a PC and a tablet or smartphone, no problem :) I prefer not to do such money matters on my phone, so I only log in from my computer, it's more convenient for me. Overall, I recommend this terminal.
  15. Alexandr
    August 8
    I couldn't withdraw the money
    Today, the broker blocked my trading account, which had more than $4,000 in it. I managed to distribute the deposit pretty well, I started trading with $300, and then I replenished the account for 3 months. Everything was fine, but when I applied for a withdrawal, tech support stopped responding to me. The politeness of support has disappeared at the moment, ignoring has turned on :( My withdrawal request has been hanging for 3 weeks now. Probably, the service will not return anything to me – neither my own money nor profit.
  16. Ferrero
    July 28
    A good terminal
    CFD trading provides investors with an additional opportunity to make money on changes in asset prices. My experience of using this platform has left a good impression. The positive side of Main Group FX is their simple and intuitive interface. Even a beginner can easily master the platform and start trading. In addition, the brokerage company provides an extensive selection of assets, which allows you to diversify your portfolio and choose instruments for your investment needs.

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