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MaxiWyse Limited operates under the laws of the Republic of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where its headquarters is located. According to information on the official website, the company has more than 4.5 million registered trading accounts, including more than 750 active VIP clients. As for the history of the project, the brokerage firm does not disclose any facts about itself. Meanwhile, the domain was registered in March 2022.

Is this service reliable? We will conduct a thorough check on it. You can join us if you are interested in this broker.

Trading Conditions

MaxiWyse offers traders access to the forex, indices, stocks, metals, digital currencies and energy markets. The company promises low commissions, fast withdrawal of funds, and zero deposit fees. However, the broker does not disclose important information about the conditions under which the client can trade. The description of 6 MaxiWyse trading plans contains only a set of services. The number of offers increases with the minimum deposit amount. You can choose an account from these options:

  • Rookie from $5,000 – Strategy and Indicator tools.
  • Basic from $25,000 – Multiple execution orders.
  • Premier from $50,000 – Islamic Accounts.
  • Elite from $100,000 – Private Client Manager, Daily Comprehensive Analysis.
  • Elite Plus from $250,000 – Sophisticated resources, Personalized market offers.
  • VIP Membership from $1,000,000 – Discount on market spreads, Cumulative deposit bonus, Invitations to market events.

You can deposit MaxiWyse in cryptocurrency, via Visa/MasterCard, or bank transfers. The broker promises to process withdrawal requests in 5 working days, the term depends on the type of payment system.

MaxiWyse can block a client’s account at its discretion. Access may be restored after the company clarifies all issues regarding the user’s trading activity. 

MaxiWyse offers analytics in the form of market updates, the site has an economic calendar and a section of the latest news. You can go to one of the 4 company profiles by social media symbols. However, traders do not show activity in the broker’s accounts, for example, the project has only 120 followers on Instagram.


Would investing in MaxiWyse offer the best returns?

You will be trading on an unnamed terminal of dubious origin, where there is a risk that managers will monitor your transactions.

Does MaxiWyse carry out withdrawals?

We do not doubt, analyzing the documentation and customer feedback, that you will encounter withdrawal problems. The company does not make any commitments on the withdrawal amount and commissions. Besides, it can block your account at any time. Please share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

Yes, there is a risk of scamming here. The service is not regulated in any jurisdiction, so it is extremely dangerous to deal with it. The website interface is based on a primitive template, indicating that the broker does not consider its reputation.

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 4999$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

16 reviews about MaxiWyse

  1. Sashkir
    February 15
    It takes a long time to withdraw money
    I have been waiting for 2 weeks for my request to withdraw €3,450, although the trading volume per day is €40M according to the broker's information on the official website. The support operators advised me not to talk about the problems publicly or they won't withdraw anything at all.
  2. sashkar
    February 11
    Not a bad project for trading
    This terminal variant is suitable for both experienced investors and beginners. Beginning traders do not need to be frightened by the high entry threshold, it is a normal starting deposit for reputable brokers, which are aimed at a long-term game, not at stealing users' funds. The leverage is quite high, so you should not use it to avoid risking your capital. The main advantage I want to mention is the presence of a powerful analytical tool
  3. Mopnex
    February 7
    I have a good result
    The firm operates legally, respectively, open and transparent. I think everyone has already heard about MaxiWyse from traders and investors, who are the first to discover the leaders among the brokers of our time. This brokerage company provides excellent service, its commission rate is on average exactly the same as most other forex brokers. The customer service department deals with your questions no longer than a couple of hours, I contacted the project staff twice: regarding terminal lags and verification, and all issues were solved. And the most important thing is that I have earned about 16K euros for the last year. This is not a bad result considering that I do not have much experience. I hope that my income will continue to grow. I recommend this company to traders, their platform is decent.
  4. pojo
    January 28
    SCAM and nothing else!
    While I was trading on a minimal account, everything worked stably. However, when I increased my deposit much more, Maxiwyse started to have problems. The terminal froze on one of my large trades, and it did not work until the price went away. Of course, the support assured me that it was my internet problems, but that's how you can explain all the problems. I really don't recommend it.
  5. elvira
    January 25
    Offshore dump
    The client's rights are not respected by the broker at I have already lost almost $8,000 due to scammers :( How can you trade in profit when managers draw any chart here? Tech support does not respond to queries...
    January 21
    Not the best conditions for beginners here
    Firstly, I cannot talk about the variety of training materials, as they are presented in a limited number. Secondly, the entry threshold on this trading platform leaves much to be desired. I simply don't have $5,000 to start working with this broker. If the starting deposit was 200-500 dollars, I would still think about it, but so I will have to gain experience on other platforms. I might come back to maxiwyse later if I see progress in the attitude towards inexperienced traders.
  7. steve balmer
    January 14
    You can trade with profit
    This platform is not inferior to other big brokers in the financial trading industry. Maxiwyse has a lot of tools and good trading conditions with reasonable commissions :) which makes it possible to earn good money if you approach trading without unnecessary risks. All transactions are fast and I'm satisfied with this fact. The broker works honestly, you should try co-operation with it.
  8. Kk
    January 14
    I made good money
    I am new to this company, but I have already made a good profit. I immediately trusted this platform because it works with modern software. You have a wide range of trading instruments available, this variety will satisfy both beginners and experienced traders. I have earned more than $12K on this platform, I have already withdrawn funds, but not without problems - it took me a long time to confirm my identity on Maxiwyse.
  9. ceramin
    January 13
    There's a scam
    Hi! I started trading about three years ago and have tried many brokerage platforms. I can say with certainty that this broker does not deserve your attention. Even though maxiwyse writes on their website about their cool conditions, earning on this platform turned out to be quite difficult, even for me. The conditions that the managers promised me before I made a deposit are drastically different from those of real trading. This is deception and misleading traders! Therefore, if you are just starting your journey in trading, this broker is probably not the best option for you
  10. elec
    January 11
    I don't understand what's going on
    I haven't heard back from the support team in a week. Managers closed my trades at their own discretion, without my notice and my account is inaccessible to me. Scammers brazenly stole money from me - 8,952 euros, in such an unsophisticated way!
  11. Gramzilles
    January 10
    The broker is aimed at professionals
    A beginner won't be able to pay either a deposit or commissions. The terminal is suitable for professional trading - it has a lot of indicators and drawing tools. Fundamental data is also broadcast. But all this functionality is of no use if I don't have time to close trades periodically due to the platform slowdown, and there are large discrepancies in the charts because of this. I see that Maxi Wyse doesn't want to do anything with the interface and fix problems in the trading program, so all clients will run away from them very soon.
  12. vasi
    January 7
    Robber terminal!
    I opened an account a month and a half ago. The security service required a bunch of documents when verifying, they didn't make me just drop a photo of my great-grandmothers. Ok, I registered, opened an account, and transferred $5,000 into it, the minimum Rookie type deposit amount. The spread of 1.2 pips is listed in the price list in my profile, but I did not find such spreads on The spread is at least 4 pips even on EURUSD, and at night it expands up to 20 pips on some positions :( I put a stop loss according to my strategy and at this moment the broker writes off 15-20 pips constantly. I haven't withdrawn any funds yet, as I haven't earned anything here yet.
  13. safrik
    December 31
    It is difficult without knowledge of English
    This broker has a medium level, the company is oriented to the Arab world, and you can make a little bit of money on its terminal. I would characterise maxiwyse as follows: they provide good leverage, and they give you a lot of tools for trading (I have currency pairs). Overall, you can make a profit here, but I got tired of using the translator, as the site is not oriented to Spanish-speaking clients. If you are not intimidated by the difficulties of translation, you can try to work here.
  14. nick
    December 28
    Scam with imitation trading
    This is a typical scam structure in which all tricks are standard. New members deposit money to Maxiwyse, which is distributed as the managers of this company decide. The funds remain inside the system and, in fact, exist only virtually on the broker's website. Therefore, there is no information about liquidity providers, quotes and margin requirements. The actual turnover of funds remains a secret and there is no way to know how significant these amounts are. In addition, you cannot easily get money that stays inside the company and therefore large sums are almost impossible to withdraw from I asked the manager what he had to say about the lack of brokerage regulation and I heard him say an interesting phrase: "nowadays a license doesn't mean reliability"...yeah, that's funny 😀 Regulation means that your company operates under transparent conditions and there is a body that controls it, but for now, this broker is doing arbitrary things.
  15. laser
    December 15
    The initial deposit is very high
    Even an experienced trader is not ready to trade with $5,000 or equivalent in Euros on an unfamiliar platform. Maxiwyse is aimed at professional traders, but they are not fools to invest such an amount in an offshore resource. In addition, no one likes the policy of opaque terms of service and the lack of a brokerage license.
  16. Legend
    December 8
    Do not open an account here
    I'm new to asset trading, and I was "lucky" enough to get in touch with this resource. I advise those who trade with MaxiWyse to run away from them immediately, and those who are thinking about whether it is worth opening an account here, I advise you not to! All because this platform works according to B-book, in which managers help you ‌drain your funds and you have no chance to get your money back! I ordered the withdrawal of the remaining funds on the deposit, so the broker refused me, and the amount is only 2,300 dollars. The administration explains the refusal by the fact that I am not the person I pretend to be and that I logged into my profile from different computers. But these are excuses, in fact, my account was simply blocked without any reason...

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