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The website is operated by Mayfair Wealth Ltd, which states that its headquarters are in Ottawa. Furthermore, the company claims to have launched brokerage services in 2019. However, in the “Our History” section, the intermediary provides the information that this firm has been operating in the Canadian forex market for “more than two decades” and the brand was founded “in the late 70s.” So what is the actual period this company has been in business? Judging by the domain, it started operating only in February 2024, besides, the project does not have a brokerage license. We will check the legal and other aspects of this service and give an opinion on its safety.

Trading Conditions

Mayfair Wealth Ltd positions itself as a major global player in financial services. The broker offers customers a cloud-based platform that allows trading from any browser without downloading. You can take advantage of a mobile trading solution. The range of options by asset class includes more than 200 CFD instruments that provide clients with forex earnings, commodities, equities, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrency. Mayfair Wealth Ltd applies spreads from 0.1 pips and competitive commissions.

The brokerage company has developed 7 main trading plans that differ in the size of the minimum deposit. The set of services of each tariff includes all the offers of the previous level. You can choose an option at Mayfair Wealth Ltd from the following:

  • BRONZE from $2,500 – Limited access to stocks, Access to commodities, 1 insured trade, 10% bonus for the first deposit.
  • SILVER from $5,000 – Access to credit from the company, Access to the stock market.
  • GOLD from $10,000 – Access to indices.
  • PLATINUM from $25,000 – Arbitrage, Lower Swap Discount.
  • PREMIUM from $50,000 – Company credit card, Even lower Spread/Swap discount.
  • DIAMOND from $100,000 – Access to Swap (interest rate).
  • VIP from $250,000 – Face-to-face meeting with your account representative.

The additional three accounts labeled “PLUS” include increased bonuses of up to 75% and an increased number of insured trades. A client may request Mayfair Wealth Ltd to execute a trade on their behalf or for them.

The company reserves the right to suspend a client’s funds withdrawal if the administration notices suspicious activity on their account. 

You can deposit with Mayfair Wealth Ltd via cryptocurrency, bank transfer, or credit/debit card. The platform uses automatic methods for instant withdrawals via cryptocurrency. The broker promises that you will get access to news, current prices, and economics after registering an account. Tech support functions through a 24/7 feedback form.


Would investing in Mayfair Wealth Ltd offer the best returns?

You can be sure that you will lose your money when cooperating with this company. Anonymous owners of the project offer CFD trading with huge leverage, which is prohibited in the USA and limited in Europe to 1:30. In addition, the trading conditions on the platform are not transparent, fees and other important parameters are not specified.

Does Mayfair Wealth Ltd carry out withdrawals?

We analyzed the rules of the project and did not find any guarantees for the withdrawal of client funds. Traders can lose their money due to account blocking or due to manipulation of quotes by the broker. We invite you to express your opinion or share your experience of trading on this platform in the comments.

May I be scammed on

Yes, there are indications that this site is not safe. The company is not a trusted broker as it is not regulated by any financial authority. The information about the start date of the project is inconsistent and most likely unreliable, as there is no information about the domain transfer. In addition, there is no information about the platform owner, no copy of the company's registration certificate, and no license.

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 2500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

6 reviews about Mayfair Wealth Ltd

  1. 2009
    March 7
    Very suspicious intermediary
    I don't advise you to register here. First, they don't have any real, verified information about the regulator. Secondly, the site owners use various false information to improve their reputation, which includes blatantly misleading customers. For example, the company claims to have been in the market for dozens of successful years, but in fact, judging by the domain name, it has been in existence for less than a month. There's no exact data on the types of accounts, or rather there is no how these accounts are applied in reality. There's nothing concrete at all, just informational garbage. I'll repeat that this is a very suspicious site.
  2. Capablet
    March 5
    Fake Broker
    The organization is a so-called "clone firm", that is, a company that fraudulently copies the information about a legitimate broker to trick inexperienced people into parting with their hard-earned money. You can even predict the actions of these crooks. At the beginning, they will tell you that they are guaranteed to help you make quick money on Forex, that they will provide any help at the start. Next, scammers say that they are ready to take your money into trust management and multiply it. After the swindlers will constantly demand to make a new deposit to your account and demand that you pay for incomprehensible services and commissions. In the end, you will have no more free money left to fund your deposit, after which the scammers from will simply stop responding to messages and will not return anything. And where will you find them?!!
  3. Turgaud
    March 1
    This is where you can trade and make money
    There are many different brokerage companies, but I stopped at because everything is simple, clear and reliable. The platform never freezes, and I analyze charts in another service. Quotes are exactly the same on the platform, that is, there is no difference. I only trade bitcoin, 2-3 trades a day, no more. My expiration time is 1 hour, so short-term fluctuations in cryptocurrency do not affect the result. I usually trade in the morning. I get up, analyze the market with a fresh mind, trade, and then go to work at my main job. It is psychologically easy for me to be in this mode. At the main job I earn a little 1200-1400$, and trading on Forex I have additional 1100-1300$, I plan to leave money on deposit, and part of the profit will be withdrawn and put in the bank. Thus I reduce risks. The company gives to earn, almost everything functions well. I am a little confused by the lack of a license at the broker Mayfair Wealth Ltd, but otherwise, everything is good.
  4. serg
    February 28
    Interesting project, but risky
    The company has come up with a very beautiful legend about working in Canada since the 70s, and a beautiful website with a pleasant interface, where everything is detailed and shown, there are interesting and favorable trading rates. But, of course, this is a HYIP project, not a real broker. I treat such HYIPs as opportunities rather than as scumbags. You can make money here if you use risk management properly :) Someone has earned here, someone has lost or will only lose, I do not know, the firm is still less than a month old and you have a chance to make a profit at the start. I have already invested in several HYIPs, and I would invest money here too, except I can't do risk management anymore, I have a portfolio full of a set of similar projects. If I had the money freed up right now, then maybe I would invest in MAYFAIR WEALTH LTD. However, the planned release date of my part of the capital is only a month away, and I know from experience that it will be too late to invest here then.
  5. ryken
    February 27
    Don't believe it, it's a SCAM!
    This broker brought me a big disappointment :( like the rest of the scam victims and I lost $5,000. I hope these scammers from Mayfair Wealth get what they deserve.
  6. Tasch
    February 23
    You need a large deposit, which is not available to many traders
    I believe that this is a very specific broker, cooperation with which is not suitable for everyone. And the issue is not only that this company serves US residents and CFD trading is prohibited in the country, but also that a small investor has nothing to do here. For example, those portfolios, that provide access to some interest rates, have a deposit size of 100 thousand dollars, and they do not even specify risk parameters. Although the company has some positive aspects. For example, I liked the fact that Mayfair Wealth uses cryptocurrencies for transactions and issues own credit cards. The service is convenient to use, it has everything in one place: you can pay bills, top up your credit card, invest, and make automatic payments.

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