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Metogence is originally from the UK with a registered office in London and is positioned as an investment firm. The domain was registered in April 2023 and details of the Belgian registrar are not disclosed. The company’s website posts pictures and career descriptions of 5 employees, including CEO Eva Cartwright. The company’s organizers provide copies of legal certification documents for the service in the UK, US, and Uganda, dated May/June 2023. They promise to open affiliates in other countries, which will soon be registered.

Investment Conditions

The project is engaged in investing in artificial intelligence. Transactions in Metogence are conducted through “crypto trading bots” that trade on reputable platforms (Binance,, Kraken) automatically. They perform services for the project’s client. The programs buy and sell assets whenever the price of the cryptocurrency specified by the client is the most profitable to earn.

Registration on the website is done solely on the recommendation of a platform resident, the applicant needs to provide a referral link in the registration form.

A registered user can earn income without investing any money in the following 4 programs:

  1. Trading Bonus.
  2. Referral bonus.
  3. Binary bonus.
  4. Reward Bonus.

Potential clients are provided with passive ways of investing. The investment company Metogence presents five tariff plans. You can start investing from $25 with a maximum deposit of $100,000. All plans are intended for 200 days.

The site is full of buzzwords about leadership in the crypto industry, innovative technology, and the most reliable and convenient ways to make money. Robots with beautiful designs in golden shades remind us in every section about artificial intelligence. However, the trading mechanism itself is not specified, and it is not clear how the company earns profits.

Metogence recommends that users use SSL certificates and encryption to fully protect personal information. The platform uses an API to protect against DDOs attacks. The service points to the site’s protection against the risks of Sectigo, Scan Verify, Site lock, DCMA Protected, etc.


Would investing in Metogence offer the best returns?

It is an HYIP with a high risk of losing money rather than gaining it. Apart from self-praise and promises, the company has nothing, no concrete guarantees.

Does Metogence carry out withdrawals?

You will find only cryptocurrencies for deposit and withdrawal on the platform, which is an indirect sign of the unreliability of the project. Read the reviews and you will see that customers here are more likely to lose money and cannot withdraw even their small deposits.

May I be scammed on

The site has a fresh domain and no license. The project promises a yield of 1.5% per day. A service like this is most likely a scam.

What's the best way to share my experience with Metogence?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Metogence is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2023
Minimum deposit: 25$
Affiliate program: Referral
Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies
Yield: 1.5%
Legend: cryptocurrency, crypto trading bots
Investment term: long
Payment period: monthly
Automatic reinvestment: No

11 reviews about Metogence

  1. Scott
    July 22
    I was cheated
    At first sight the site seemed great with favorable terms and a user-friendly trading platform. To be honest, I believed the advertising and thought I would be working with a reputable company. But it turned out to be a pseudo project that cheats. It's a scam like many other HYIP traps.
  2. Richard
    July 22
    A scam for gullible newbies!
    Do not believe the phony promises! They promise, as always, very big profits, but in the end do not give anything to withdraw, and you stay in one pair of pants. You better believe it! And you want to check it‌ out!
  3. Paul
    July 21
    SCAM, SCAM!!!
    They gave me a small deposit at the beginning to convince me to withdraw, but after the deposit of 1500 dollars my requests for withdrawal in metogence are ignored, no one gets in touch :(. Too late I realized that I fell for a scam, these are professional scammers trained to cheat and we need to get smarter so they don't have more work...
  4. Michael Mann
    July 21
    Be careful!
    Just another scam in a pretty wrapper!!!
  5. BlackLotus
    July 20
    I can see the outlook
    In general, yes - you can see that all the coins they are trading are increasing in value, generating profits. That's a good thing, and people can actually make money by following Metogence's recommendations.
  6. Frost
    July 20
    I only invested a small amount
    Although I'm glad I lost some before I got blocked, I'm still sorry I was here. The fact that a lot of time was wasted is very disappointing to me. Now I don't even know if I can trust anyone.
  7. Charles
    July 19
    The firm is cheating
    Hard to believe, but I actually lost $3,000 I fell for a fraudulent service. It's discouraging, really... Who'd have thought this metogence was a scammer!? It seems to be my lot in life to run into scammers.
  8. Jennifer
    July 18
    This is a bad site for investment
    They attract you with beautiful promises, and the first time they let you withdraw a little, and then when you deposit on the big account, you do not get the money back. The whole scheme of trickery is worked out to the smallest detail. When there is nothing to get out of you, the scammers stop contacting you and answering your letters. All the offers are bogus and the one-time withdrawal only baits. It's a shame I'm so naive and gullible, I lost 10k in one week.....
  9. James W
    July 17
    We are being invited by scammers into their delusional project
    Artificial intelligence that offers everyone easy and big earnings on the Internet is absurd. Allegedly on this site, we will be able to get profits from cryptocurrency investments much easier than in life. In fact, all the promises in the project sound like nonsense belonging to a scammer. Most of the reviews of people who lost money in Metogence are a great example that confirm my opinion. You should remember that even if it seems to you that the HYIP honestly works, it is not always the reality. The project conducts fraudulent work in a rather original way. We need to be always on the alert and carefully study any schemes for profit, otherwise, we will not avoid encountering such scammers as this HYIP Artificial Intelligence...
  10. Barbara
    July 17
    I don't advise anyone to invest
    I can see straight away that this is a Ponzi scheme. The project will disappear very quickly with the simpletons money.
  11. Adam Green
    July 17
    Great offer
    I've met all sorts of HYIPs. I'll be honest, most of them are total crap, but there are still diamonds amongst the whole pile. Metogence is a rare case. You can immediately see the real professionals here. I know it's not just one person, but a whole skilled team. I know for a fact that they provide quality AI programmes with which you can really make money. I do not care if you are a beginner or not so beginner.)

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